tagBDSMSubmissive's Journey 22

Submissive's Journey 22


My Mistress commanded, "Come with me."

She took me to the bondage club.

We entered a dimly lit room, already prepared for us.

I immediately noticed the steel table in the center of the room.

My eyes were drawn to it, because three sides of it, the head, the far side, and the foot were illuminated by burning candles. These were thick diameter candles, with large pools of melted wax.

Also in the dimness of the room were a few side tables, with items on them that gleamed in the candlelight.

As my eyes adjusted, they widened in shock as I perceived many metallic objects: knives, clamps, speculum; even a neurological wheel, with its thin sharp prongs. My mouth went dry as I considered all the possibilities this room offered.

My Mistress told me to strip.

I did so, quickly and obediently, trying to keep my hands from shaking.

When I was fully naked, she said, "Now get up onto the table, my pet, face up."

I was glad that one side of the table lacked candles. I was able to scramble up without tipping any over, or burning myself. I laid back, and felt the contrasts. The cool steel along the back of my body; the gentle warmth of the candles near my head, down my left side, to my feet.

My Mistress said, "This is a sort of experiment." She handed me a blindfold. She continued, "I am going to leave the room briefly, while you decide if you want to take part. If so, you will be wearing that blindfold when I return." With that – with no further explanation – she walked out of the room.

My heart was thumping hard and fast as I sat up and again scanned the room, seeing all those metal instruments, and considering the word "experiment" and what it might entail. But after only a moment or two of hesitation, I tied the blindfold securely at the back of my head, plunging myself into absolute darkness. I settled back onto the cool steel surface.

Time passed. Not too much, but an eternity. Finally I heard the door open and footsteps approaching the table. It could have been anyone, since the club has many members. I may have held my breath, listening carefully, seeking clues.

You can imagine my relief when I heard my Mistress speak, "Very good, my pet. I am pleased. The blindfold, by cutting off your important sense of vision, will heighten your other senses."

She was very correct in this. In my darkness, I could hear my heart beating in my chest and the rush of blood to the blood vessels inside my ears. I could tell the approximate location of my Mistress by her subtle breathing sounds. I could smell my slightly acrid sweat – a sign of my nervousness – mixed with the spicy scents that I associated with my Mistress. My skin sensors along my back were practically shouting about the coolness of the steel, while those along my head, left side, and feet were highly aware of the heat emanating from the candles.

The skin along the front of my body and its right side had the curious sensation that I can best describe as standing on tiptoe. In other words, the sensors straining to try to pick up information from the environment. I had nothing to taste, but I'm sure that if I had, the flavors would have exploded in my mouth.

Mistress softly dragged her fingers down the center of my torso, from the top of my sternum to just before my pubic bone. She deftly avoided contact with either of my breasts, and with my sex, but the warmth of her fingers contrasted with the cooler air of the room which was washing over my nude form.

I heard Mistress walk to one of the tables, selecting something. She returned a moment later to my right side, and placed something high up on my stomach, just below my breasts. I almost shrieked and sat up as I realized from its weight and shape what it was. A large, flat bladed knife!

Even though I neither cried out, nor sat up, my hands did instinctively raise up off of the table surface to begin a protective gesture. Still in this utter darkness, with a force of will, I returned to my hands to my sides. My heart accelerated so much, I could feel the blood pulsing in the arteries of my neck.

My Mistress spoke. "I have not tied you down to this table, my pet. Would you prefer that I do so? Would that help you remain still?"

I thought about the implications of these words. My consciousness focused on the contact of that knife laying on my sensitive skin. Rationality finally took a hold of my gibbering mind, and I realized that Mistress knew and honored my limits, one of which is no bloodletting. So, while I had no idea why she placed the knife on me, I realized that I could trust her not to cut me.

I answered, "No, Mistress. You do not have to restrain me. I promise to try to do better. To remain still for you."

Her voice almost purred, "Excellent, my pet." She removed the knife, replacing it on a side table.

I heard the familiar sound of the chains that connected clamps to each other as she returned to my side. I could feel my nipples almost trying to decide whether to perk up and accept the clamps with their corresponding pain, or shrink up, trying to avoid them.

I was completely surprised to feel the jaws of the first clamp bite into the skin on the inside of my right arm. This pair of clamps must have had a rather long chain, because the second pair of jaws soon attach themselves to the inside of my right thigh. The skin in both areas is extremely tender; however, numbness in these areas quickly followed.

I barely had time to register the numbness, before the clamps were removed, flooding the area with a wash of pain more exquisite than that caused by the original application. She even let a few of my toes experience the sensation of being clamped, something I had never felt before.

The clamps were returned to the side table, and something else was selected. I heard sort of a flicking, whirring sound as the item was tested, and correctly guessed it was the neurological wheel. I had felt this before, rolling its way across my breasts, my tummy, and my thighs. The tiny sharp spines always made my skin crawl as they pricked their way along, leaving heightened sensations in their wake. My tummy fluttered, its muscles firing involuntarily, bracing itself as I waited in my self-imposed darkness.

I almost jumped when I felt the spines rolling across my cheek, instead. Mistress ran the wheel carefully across both of my cheeks, my chin, and even delicately along my nose and lips. Everywhere it touched erupted with sensations. When she finished with my face, Mistress briefly ran the wheel along the soles of both of my feet, and ultimately returned it to the side table, lifting something else from the surface.

My mind was working overtime, trying to deduce her actions. From the ratcheting sounds this device was making, I quickly guessed it was the speculum. My pussy reacted immediately, anticipating an intrusion, followed by a dilation. I was still speculating how wide my Mistress plan to stretch my cunt, when I felt the surprising sensation of the speculum being worked into my mouth! A few clicks from the device's ratchets, and my mouth was firmly wedged open.

The snicking sound of a flashlight being turned on followed this, and I actually could feel the heat of its beam on the tissues inside my mouth. My Mistress must have had a wonderful view of my uvula. The flashlight snicked off, the speculum jaws were released, allowing its removal, and letting me close my mouth once again. I swallowed a few times, re-wetting the lining of my mouth. I began to perceive a pattern, such as it was. Mistress was using familiar devices, but in unexpected places.

From the sounds I was hearing, my Mistress was rummaging around on one of the tables, and then she returned to my side. I felt her grasping each of my labia, stretching them to the sides, and taping them in place against my inner thighs. She has done this in the past, and I knew that this exposed both my urethral and vaginal openings. My lips curled into a smile. I hoped she was enjoying the view. Suddenly I realized that for all I knew, there could be several people in the room, if they had entered while I was distracted. I had no way of knowing, but I found this idea strangely exciting.

Mistress brushed against me as she reached across the table. I guessed she was picking up one of the candles. This was confirmed as I felt the movement of its sphere of heat as it passed from the left side of my torso to my right, where she was standing.

She spoke, "Make very certain that you do not move, my pet. I want you to be careful not to raise your arms and bump mine."

This reminded me of the deep well of molten wax that I had seen on each of the candles before blindfolding myself. I certainly did not want to cause all that scalding material to fall on my body. I held myself even more rigid than before.

With that, I felt the circular base of the candle pressed to the skin on the upper part of my belly. She was resting the candle there, I could tell. I dared not move a muscle. Hot wax dropped from a height may sting a little, but hot wax dropped this close to my body would burn me. I fully understood why my Mistress had cautioned me not to move.

After a brief pause, I felt her slowly start sliding the base of the candle along my torso down towards my pubic area, and then back up to my navel. She moved the candle in small circles around my navel. The small circles gradually widen into a spiral. My skin was so sensitive – so alive – and I was so focused that I knew where the candle was at every moment. To say that she had my complete attention would be an understatement. I was barely daring to breathe, since that might make my stomach rise and fall.

Then something changed.

The circular impression of the candle face touching my skin transformed into a crescent shape. Shocked, I realized that this meant the candle was tipping! It was touching my skin, and tipping! It was placed about halfway between my navel and my mound, and the tilt indicated it was tipping towards my cunt! Mentally, I began whimpering. I was even scared to vocalize anything, lest the sudden sound in this quiet room might startle her enough to jerk her hand. I felt my hands balling into fists, my toes slowly curling downward, my body tensing itself for the painful ordeal that was about to occur.

Then it happened!

A scalding mass of fluid spilled across my mound, and cascaded down into the valley between my thighs, where my taped-open labia left my clit, urethra, and vagina completely exposed! The molten river of fluid swept over these extremely sensitive parts of my anatomy!

It was all I could do to prevent myself from leaping upward as the fluid struck. But I could not stop myself from vocalizing. I shrieked with dismay! And, to my amazement, the blistering flow suddenly turned cool – even cold! My confused mind was still trying to work out what had happened as my Mistress removed my blindfold. She helped me sit up and look between my thighs. I was completely amazed to see the absence of any wax. Instead, the aroma of rose water wafted up from the fluid spilled in this region.

All of my Mistress's actions were geared to convincing me that she was about to spill a mass of molten wax on me, and she had doused me with cool rose water instead. It was only my body's anticipation that originally fooled me into feeling the heat as that fluid hit my skin.

She smiled at me and said, "That, my pet, is what we call a 'mind fuck' – fun, isn't it?"

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