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I looked down at my girl. "You're only making it harder for yourself."

With her eyes shut tight to the pain, she flexed against the restraints, her lean, gorgeous limbs straining with the effort. "That all you got, bitch?" She knew I hated the word unless I was using it on her.

I grabbed her jaw, and her eyes flew open. "Say that again?"

An evil smile crept over her face. "You heard me, bitch."

"I think I've had enough of this for one day." I grabbed tight to her hair, feeling around for the face strap dildo. The big one.

When I finally found it under the mess of toys, I pushed the black latex top to her pursed lips. My girl clenched her teeth together, yanking her face away.

"Don't act like you weren't begging for this." I sat on her chest and pried her jaws open, jamming the false clock straight down her throat. Her gorgeous emerald eyes went wide, and I saw her body attempt to reject the thing, but I fastened the straps behind her head. She was stuck staring at the far wall, her neck and chest shivering for my touch. I strapped her legs wide and secured a monster vibe in her pussy, making her leak. Though - I brought the moisture to my lips - it probably was due to the dildo choking her.

My girl was a freak.

I could fuck her right here, hell knows my cock was good for it. But I wanted to punish her. It wasn't enough to call me a bitch, but repeat it like that? Unforgivable.

For a moment longer, I watched the small undulations of her body in time with the vibe. Her throat was working around the latex, which sent a twang of jealousy through my head, the second one.

Then I grabbed the whip.

"Remember what I told you about that word?" My girl shook her head. She was asking for it alright. I let the whip clap over her breast, welting the skin on contact. Her entire body jolted against the restraints. "Rule number one:" Again, I let the whip strike, catching the pearl of her right breast, making her writhe. "I am your master. Rule number two:" This time, I ran my tongue along the initial welt. If she could speak, I knew she'd be moaning. "Pleasure is optional, worship is not. Rule number three:" I levered up, thumbing the adorable bulge in her throat, where the rubber met esophagus. "Don't you ever, ever call me bitch."

Her eyes opened and she nodded with enthusiasm.

"This isn't another trick, is it missy?"

Her gaze bore into me as she shook her head, best she could under the circumstances.

"Hm, I don't know. Maybe I should leave you like this all night." I tousled her thick hair. "Teach you a lesson you won't forget."

The look on her face was priceless, worry streaked with betrayal, and a trace of desire along the curve of her occupied lips.

Luckily, the table I had her on could rotate, and since it was merely a large gapped grate, I already had her ass in the perfect position. "I'm going to remove the gag, now. You be good, and I'll fuck you like you want me to. If you aren't..." I didn't need to finish, she knew.

As soon as the dildo fell out, a string of curses fell out with it. "-goddammed, motherfucking son of a-"

I put a finger to her lips, which she almost bit off. I returned the nip with a solid slap, silencing her. "Should I put it back in?"

Indecision colored her features, but she went quiet.

"Now, I'm going to turn the table and give you a good boning. Hold still." I unlocked the brake and turned the handle, slowly rotating my girl to face the floor. Her plump ass was the only thing I could see of her dark, speckled flesh, jammed between two long metal rods. The ties of her restraints held, as they always did.

I stroked my cock, considering whether to go gently, and whether or not to lube up. "You think you've earned the lube?"

My girl trembled. I could see it in her feet latched to the table. "Yes!"

As I stroked myself, I massaged her plump ass, prying the cheek to expose her second hole. "I don't know. You've been a pill all day, my girl. Maybe I should go in raw, remind you why you don't fight this, hm?"

"Don't you fucking dare-" She squealed as I jammed my cock in. I curled over the table and buried myself to the hilt. Her screams of pain and pleasure reverberated off the basement walls. No one would hear her, they never did.

"Cocksucker!!' Her moaning cries were littered with curses, but she avoided the one. "Motherfucking sperm guzzler!"

I jammed in hard, our glorious sparring making for the tightest sex I'd ever had. I groaned and thrust bodily into her, pushing against the second sphincter. Her entire sheath roiled to remove the intruder, but as she was so restrained, her body could not. "Oh, my girl," I hissed through the grate, pulling back and thrusting deep, causing her to cry out. "If you'd only just submit, already!"

"No! Master, you're hurting me!"

I ignored her lies. "It's 'master' now, is it?" My speech fell into another groan as I delved to her core. "You're the bitch, here. Admit it."

As I pummeled her ass with my cock, she went quiet, refusing to give in. Her head shook on the other side of the grate. "No..." the word began and ended with heavy panting.

"I'll remember that." Without so much as another word, I worked her hole so hard, her throat went raw with the screams. I screwed her until my cock was slathered in a thin pink foam, lubricated by her mucus and blood. When I'd thought she had enough, I eased into her and simply lay on top, both of our hoarse pants echoed through the space.

Her head dropped, and she went limp.

Still buried inside her, I levered up a thrust once more, driving both points home. "Who's the bitch in this relationship?"

My girl mumbled something.

"Say again?"

She took a deep breath. "I am."

"You are... what?" I waited, massaging her ass cheek again. "Are we going to have to start over?"

"I'm a bitch, alright?!" Her ruined throat cracked. She wouldn't sing for me again until it healed. "I'm your bitch..."

"That's right." I swatted her hard, forcing a yelp out of her. "I don't want to hurt you my girl. Be good, and it will be all pleasure." Without turning the table over, I slowly undid the straps binding her and removed the massive vibe that seemed to have died halfway through.

Her limbs released to the floor one by one until she was a pile of precious dark meat on the floor. I knelt down and stroked her hair, brushing away the sweat from her brow. "Next time, ask permission before you jump on this cock. And don't call me a bitch."

She didn't respond, so I sat in my upholstered throne and waited for her to come around.

Eventually, she did rouse. Her thin limbs reached for a hand towel and mopped her face. Then, perfectly nude, she limped over to me and laid her head on my leg, cleaning my bloody cock with a warm tongue, pulling away to say, "Yes, master."

I offered her a smile. As an afterthought, I stroked her beautiful, pouting lip. "Good girl."

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