tagBDSMSubmitting to a Stranger Ch. 2

Submitting to a Stranger Ch. 2


Chapter 2: Learning To Please My Master

The alarm wakes me up at 8. I stretch and pull the duvet up under my chin. It has turned cold overnight. I’m just about to turn over and go back to sleep when I realise that it’s Thursday. Steve’s coming back today. Suddenly a hot wave sweeps through my body and I feel energised.

I jump out of bed and run into the bathroom and start running a bath. It’s a lovely, big old bathtub so it’ll take some time to fill up. I pour a generous amount of bubble bath into it and go downstairs to make myself a cup of tea. When I return with my cup the bath is almost full. I put my tea on a chair next to my bathtub and undress. I’m only wearing a pink silk pyjama and it doesn’t take long to unbutton the top and step out of the bottoms.

I turn off the water and walk up to my mirror and inspect myself. It’s only been a few days since I shaved, but I can see a few hairs starting to peak out so I’d better shave again. I look at my breasts. The cold air has made my nipples erect. My 36D breasts are still young and firm. My stomach is flat, apart from the belly button dip in the centre. I see my back in the mirror on the opposite wall. I have a very thin waist and a heart shaped ass. I wiggle my ass and giggle to myself.

The water is hot and the perfume of the bubble bath makes me sigh in contentment as I slide into the bath. I pick up my razor and start shaving myself. By the time I’m done there’s no unwanted hair left. I run my hand over my mound and it’s all smoothness. I smile to myself. I have a tingle inside my pussy and would love to make use of the staff next to the bath. Steve didn’t say I couldn’t and with a mischievous grin I insert it into my tight hole.

My hand is pumping my hole and my other hand is pinching my nipples that are sticking up through the bubbles. I don’t have to fuck myself for very long until I feel that familiar twitch inside my pussy. My hand lets go of my nipple and I quickly insert a finger in my asshole and I moan out loud as my orgasm hits me. Afterwards I quickly wash my hair and then I get out of the bath.

I look at the clock, it’s almost 9:30. I quickly dry my long blonde hair and let it fall down my back. Then I bring out the expensive scented oil I bought the other day and start rubbing it all over my body. I take special care to cover my mound with it. I put a gold chain around my waist and look at the time again. Only 5 minutes to go. I sit my newly made bed and pull my knees up on either side. I’m staring straight into the mirror and I can see my glistening pussy. I slowly start inserting the mini dildos into my pussy. The first two slide in easily, the third has to be coaxed, but I just cannot get the fourth one in. Only 2 minutes to go. I start praying. I rub my clit and I feel pussy juice dripping down my slit to my asshole. OK… I’m really wet. I try again.

I breathe a sigh of relief when the fourth dildo goes in. Now for the last one. I look around myself frantically, but I cannot find the lubricating gel or my vaseline. Where could I have put it? I get up and start looking around, but I can’t find either. I hear the doorbell. It’s him. I have to go downstairs and open the door. I can’t think of anything else to do so I run the fifth dildo across my slit to lubricate it with my pussy juices and then I force it up my asshole. It goes in a lot easier than I’d expected so I manage to force it almost all the way in.

I hurry downstairs and open the door. It’s Steve. He doesn’t greet me, he just walks inside and closes the door. I remember what he said the other day so I turn around and hurry up the stairs again. I lie face down on my bed and wait for Steve to come. I can hear him walk up the stairs and into my bathroom. A short while later I hear the toilet flush, followed by running water. I assume he’s washing his hands.

He walks into my bedroom and I don’t dare look up, but I can hear the sounds of clothes being taken off and carefully placed on a chair. Then I hear the sound of someone walking up to my bed. He commands me to spread my legs, which I do. I feel his fingers separate my butt cheeks and he chuckles when he sees how far up I’ve pushed the dildo. Then he enters my pussy with two of his fingers. He runs them around inside me to make sure that all four dildos are there.

He pulls his fingers out of my pussy and places them in front of my lips and tells me to lick them clean. I gladly do this. My pussy juice tastes lovely and sweet on his fingers. Then without warning he pulls his hand from me and slaps my ass. I wince as the slap drives the dildo further up my ass. He slaps me again and a shriek escapes my lips. The dildo in my ass hurts me, but the four in my pussy have the exact opposite effect every time I feel his hand slap my ass. I know I’m getting wet. He slaps me several times while telling me:

‘This should teach you not to make me wait again! Did I not tell you to be ready for me at 10? Did I not tell you to let me inside and then go straight upstairs again? Huh?’

‘Yes Steve,’ I whisper.

‘Yes who?’ his voice gets louder and he slaps me again.

‘Yes Sir,’ I say.

‘Who am I?’ he asks as I feel his hand on my sensitive skin once again. ‘Who’s your Master?’

‘You’re my Master.’

‘I can’t hear you… who’s your Master???’

‘You’re my Master!!!’

‘And will you do as you’re told from now on? Will you obey your Master?’

‘Yes Sir.’


‘I will obey my Master!’

He stops slapping me and tells me that next time I can expect a proper punishment if I slip up. Then he says that if I spend less time fucking myself like a common whore I might just be able to remember to please my Master in every way he wants me to. With those words he throws my bath dildo on the pillow next to me and I blush in shame.

He commands me to get out of the bed and stand up in front of him. I admire his body and start daydreaming of the pleasure ahead of me. He slaps my face.

‘Didn’t I just tell you to stop behaving like a common whore?’

A tear escapes my eye and I lower my eyes to the floor. He sits down on the bed and pulls me up on his lap. He dries my tear away and kisses me gently.

‘I want you to be my special little one,’ he starts explaining. ‘I don’t want to hurt you. But how can I respect and adore you if you don’t behave like a good little girl?’

His hand separates my legs and gently strokes the inside of my thighs on its way up to my pussy. He slowly runs his fingers over my slit and chuckles.

‘You like the dildos in your pussy, don’t you?’

‘Yes Sir.’

‘Does it make you want to cum to have them inside you?’

‘Yes Sir.’

‘Are you going to cum now?’

‘No Sir.’

‘And why is that?’

‘Because You haven’t told me that I’m allowed to cum yet Sir.’

‘Good girl. I’m proud of you little one. You’re a fast learner.’ He runs his finger along my chain. ‘I didn’t say you could wear anything, but I like this and since you’re still learning I’ll let you get away with it this once, understood?’

I nod and he motions me to go and pick up the holdall that’s just inside the door. When I walk past the mirror I can see that my ass is shining red from when he slapped me earlier. I give him the holdall and he takes some ropes out of it. He points to the bed and I lie down on my back and let him tie my hands and feet to the four bedposts. Then he blindfolds me again.

I hear him roam around the bag and then I feel him move up to the top of the bed. I feel something gently rush past my nipple. Once, then once again. I think it’s an insect and I twitch to scare it off. Then I feel it in the valley between my breasts. And then it’s on my other nipple. I keep twitching until I hear my Master chuckling. And when I feel something soft caress me in the fold just underneath my breasts I realise that he’s teasing me with a feather.

He keeps sweeping the feather gently across my breasts and I feel my nipples grow harder and harder until I’m convinced they’re standing out like big grapes. I moan in pleasure and I want him to put his lips around them, but I know he won’t and I don’t dare ask. Then the feather starts travelling down my body. Across my stomach, stopping briefly at my bellybutton and then travelling down one leg, cleverly staying away from my pussy.

I start breathing louder and faster as he runs the feather up the other leg. Then he moves and starts tickling the sensitive skin on the inside of my thighs. First one, then the other, over and over. I start moaning louder and louder until the feather finally touches my pussy. I shriek in pleasure. He runs the feather down my slit, tickles my asshole and then up to my mound. He repeats this action several times and my moans get louder and louder.

I can feel my pussy trembling around the four mini dildos inside. It feels like the lightest and gentles fucking I’ve ever had. I grind my hips around, moaning, desperately wanting to cum, but I dare not. I don’t want to upset my Master. I bite my lip. Harder and harder until I can taste blood. He keeps running the feather gently across my pussy. This torture is driving me insane.

‘Do you want to cum, little one?’ he asks.

‘Yes Sir,’ I moan.

‘How much do you want to cum, little one?’

‘I want to cum more than anything, Sir.’

‘I want you to remember that, little one.’

With those words he puts his lips over my pussy lips and starts sucking. His tongue penetrates my pussy lips, flicks over my clit and runs down to my hole. He quickly penetrates my pussy hole with his tongue and starts tongue fucking me. I want to wrap my legs around his neck to get his tongue deeper, but my legs are tied up. I want to kneed my breasts, but my breasts are also tied up. I’m at his mercy.

My pussy is cramping around the four little dildos deep inside my pussy and I moan louder and louder until he shouts to me to cum. I don’t need him to tell me a second time and I let go completely. I scream out my orgasm and my pussy is cramping hard around the dildos and his tongue. At that moment I feel that he’s moved one hand to the dildo in my ass and starts moving it around in circles. This sends a second shockwave through my body.

My scream turns into a loud moan and I’m shaking all over, pulling my restraints real tight. My pussy juices are gushing out of me and all the while his tongue is fucking me hard. He laps up my pussy juices and grinds his face against my clit. When my last wave slowly eases off, he slides his tongue out of my pussy, climbs to the top of the bed and starts kissing me deep. I taste my juices on his face and I smile.

Then he tells me that he’s going to untie my hands and let me get all the dildos out of me. He’ll be back in a little while. If he sees that I’ve been peeking under the blindfold while he’s been gone I’m going to be severely punished. I nod in understanding. He unties my hands and disappears. I put two fingers inside my pussy hole and open it wide. It’s difficult since I just came and my pussy muscles are still contracting.

One after one I manage to get the dildos out, they’re covered with my sweet juice. I want to lick them, and my fingers, but my Master didn’t say I could, so I don’t dare. I just put them to one side. Lastly I slide the dildo out of my ass and put it with the rest. I lie down and wait for my Master to come back. I don’t know where he’s gone or what he’s doing, but he’s taking a long time. Having just had my fingers all inside my pussy I’m feeling horny again. I wish I could fingerfuck myself, but I know that my Master would punish me if I did.

After an eternity I hear steps on the stairs. I smile as my Master returns to me. He slides his finger inside my wet pussy to make sure it’s empty, then he slides his finger down to my ass and penetrates it slightly to make sure the dildo is gone from there too. Then he tells me I’m a good girl and ties my hands again.

‘Do you want to taste your Master’s cock, little one?’ he asks me.

‘Oh yes please Sir.’ I reply without hesitation.

‘Tell me what you want to do, little one.’

‘I want to suck your cock, Sir.’

‘What do you want me to do, little one?’

‘I want you to fuck my mouth Sir.’

‘That’s good little one, cause that’s exactly what I intend to do,’ he chuckles.

I feel him straddling my face so I open my mouth. His cock is already big and hard and he doesn’t wait for me, but just shoves it deep down my throat and starts fucking my mouth. I close my lips around him and start sucking as hard as I can. My tongue massages his shaft as it slides in and out across my lips and he moves his hips faster and faster, trying to get deeper and deeper. He doesn’t care whether I can breathe, he just wants to cum quickly and furiously and by sucking harder and harder I try to help him. With a big roar he cums and squirts his milk inside my mouth. I swallow as fast as I can but he never stops. He’s shooting the biggest load of cum I’ve ever had inside my mouth and I’m loving the taste of it.

He grinds his cock deep inside my mouth one last time and then he slowly pulls out, leaving me time and space to lap up all his cum and lick his shaft clean. He tells me that I’m a good little girl and that he’s very proud of me. I smile devotedly at him, I’m so happy that I’ve pleased him. Still straddling my face he leans over to untie my hands and then he gets up from the bed. He moves to untie my feet and he takes my hand and gets me to stand up.

He keeps hold of my hand and we walk around to the foot of the bed. He places my hand on the bed and ties it. He then takes my other hand and ties it down as well. He moves me backwards until I’m standing there bent over almost at a right angle with my tits hanging down and I can feel the cool air on my pussy. He tells me to stay like that and he’ll be back.

I hear a sound downstairs, it sounds like someone just opened and closed the front door. I struggle to hear what’s going on, and soon I hear voices. I recognise my Master’s deep masterful voice, but then there’s another voice. Soon I hear a third voice. They sound as though they’re laughing and joking and I start shivering. I feel all cold. What is he doing? Has he brought his friends around? What are they expecting to do? Who are they?

Soon I hear several people walking up the stairs and I hear my Master as he walks into the room and tells the other men:

‘She’s in here, isn’t she gorgeous, my little one?’

‘She sure is,’ chuckles one of the strangers.

‘May we?’ asks the other.

Before I know it I feel strange hands squeezing my tits and probing my pussy. I feel uncomfortable and want to scream to them to go away, but they seem to know exactly what to do cause they’re pushing all the right buttons and I start feeling hornier and hornier. My Master walks up to me and tells me to relax and not to disappoint him. He also reminds me how I earlier promised to do anything for him to be allowed to cum.

I hear someone opening bags and taking things out and I think I can hear someone getting undressed. Right then I feel my masters tongue between my pussy lips and I start smiling. He licks me with all the skill I’m starting to get used to from him. I moan out loud and I start hearing camera clicks and I can see flashes through my blindfold. I don’t know what to think anymore. He’s giving me so much pleasure with his tongue but the photos are starting to worry me.

At that moment he shoves his tongue deep inside my pussy and I moan out loud. As I moan a body moves between my arms and shoves a hardening cock inside my mouth. I instinctively start sucking the foreign cock and smile as it’s growing inside my mouth. My master pulls out of my pussy and I hear him ask for a jar. The man whose cock I’m sucking starts pulling my nipples in different directions. I’m on the border between pleasure and pain when he lets go and they bounce back into place. Then I feel his hands cupping them and he starts kneading. I moan around his cock and I can hear him chuckling at my reaction.

Then my Master’s fingers start rubbing my slit. They slide up and down, from my clit, circling my hole and then up to my asshole and back. Then I feel something cold and wet on my asshole. It’s followed by my Master’s finger and I realise what he’s doing. He’s lubing my ass up. That can only mean one thing. The stranger who’s fucking my mouth holds my head between his hands so that I can let go. I want to tell my Master to be gentle with me, but I can’t speak. I continue sucking, harder and deeper in a vain attempt to forget what’s going on with my ass.

I can feel my Master’s hard shaft rubbing my slit. It teases my clit for a while, then it stops at my pussy hole and I pray that he’ll slide it in. He moves as though to start fucking my pussy, but then he chuckles and moves to my ass. I can feel his cock head rubbing against my tight virgin hole. The pressure builds up as he pushes harder and harder and finally his fat cock head starts sliding into my ass. I want to cry out loud, but the sounds are muffled against the cock I’m sucking on and sounds more like a pleasure moan.

‘I think she likes your cock up her ass Steve.’ I hear one of the other men laugh as the camera continues its persistent clicking and flashing. ‘Fuck her ass.’

‘I intend to,’ my Master chuckles.

My ass is slowly getting used to the intrusion and I start relaxing. Maybe he’ll just keep his cock head in there today. The minute I think this I feel that he’s starting to move his hips, slowly digging deeper inside my passage. Then he pulls out a little and shoves it deeper. It’s like he’s trying to pound a nail into wood, slowly but surely shoving his cock deeper into my ass. I cry out around the cock that I’m sucking and my Master slaps my ass.

‘You like this, don’t you little one? You want to pleasure me with your ass, don’t you little one?’

I can only attempt a nod with my head. As the pain from my ass is threatening to rip my body apart I feel the cock inside me twitch. It’s going to cum and for a moment this thought sends my juices flowing. I suck as hard as I can and then I feel it gushing into my mouth. Several squirts later the cock is pulled out of my mouth while I’m still lapping up the juices. I notice several flashes and know that the camera is on my face and I lick the cum off my lips with a smile.

Right then I feel another thrust up my ass and I cry out in pain. The flash goes again. I hear whispers and then someone sits down between my legs and starts to lick my wet pussy. When the tongue flicks over my clit I cry out with pleasure. I don’t know what I’m doing anymore, I hardly know where I am. But the persistent tongue on my pussy, flicking over my clit and penetrating my pussy hole is making me feel so good that I forget about the big shaft in my ass.

My Master picks up the pace and starts fucking my ass for real. With the help of the tongue fuck I manage to relax, but it’s still hurting. A shoot of pain from my ass, and then a shockwave of pleasure from my pussy, over and over and over. I start moaning louder and louder. I feel my pussy cramping. I hear the camera clicking. My Master is fucking my ass, in and out, thrusting against me, making my tits bounce.

When I can take it no longer I cry out for my Master to let me cum and he groans a yes. The minute I cry out in my orgasm I hear my Master’s deep growl as he cums and starts squirting his cum inside my ass. We’re crying out loud as both our bodies shake. The tongue is slowly retracted from me as my Master pulls his cock out of my ass. I can relax.

I hear my Master speak with his friends. I can hear them getting dressed. I get the impression that one of them fucked my mouth and the other one sucked my pussy. I don’t really care. I feel like I’ve just done the most deprived sexual act of my life, but rather than being ashamed I feel that I’d like to do it again. The men say goodbye to me and I hear them walk downstairs and close the door behind them. My Master comes back upstairs.

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