Submitting to a Stranger Ch. 2


‘Did you like that little one?’ he asks me.

‘Yes Sir, very much.’

‘So the next time I want to fuck your ass what will you do?’

‘I will bend over for you Sir.’

He chuckles happily at my reply and proceeds to untie my hands. Still blindfolded he leads me back to the bed where he gets in and then makes me get down on my hands and knees and start sucking his cock clean. It grows big in my mouth as I lick the delicious shaft up and down. He tells me that’s enough and asks me to lie down next to him with my legs pulled up to the side.

He starts fingering my pussy and tells me to do the same. It’s wet and hot. He pinches my clit real hard and I cry out in both pain and pleasure at the same time. He commands me to finger fuck myself as he starts pinching and releasing, pinching and releasing my clit. I fuck myself faster and faster. He asks me if I want to cum. I can only nod. He commands me to pull my fingers out and then he manoeuvres me to straddle him.

He expertly places his erect cock inside my pussy lips and places his hands on my shoulders and forces me down deep. I cry out in joy as I finally feel his cock inside my pussy. He tells me to start riding and I do so. He tells me to start kneading my tits and I do so. He tells me to grind my mound against his every time I come down and I start doing it.

I can hear his breathing getting heavier and I desperately want to cum. He can see this on my face and mocks me. He tells me that I can’t cum yet. He lifts me off his cock and gets me down on my hands and knees. He gets up behind me and shoves his cock inside my pussy. It feels so good as he’s thrusting deeper and deeper inside me. I’m sure he’s going to let me cum now. He picks up the pace and he’s fucking me furiously now.

My tits are sent bouncing, almost up to my chin with every heavy thrust of his. He grinds deep inside me and his balls squish my clit. His breathing gets heavier and I hear his roar. He’s cumming and he pulls me close to him. He’s cumming deep inside my pussy. He shoots his load inside me and I’m going crazy. I start begging.

‘Please let me cum, Sir,’ I whimper.

‘What did you say?’

‘Please let me cum, I need to cum, you’ve fucked me so good Sir.’

He laughs at me and tells me not quite yet. Then he pulls out of me places me on my back again, holds my legs wide apart and starts licking me. He licks up every drop of his cum that’s squirting out of my pussy now, mixed up with my pussy juices. Then he shoves his tongue way up inside me and I can hear a muffled ‘NOW’ and I let go.

I feel my pussy squirting all over his face and he buries his tongue and nose in my pussy. I scream out my passion and I cum in several waves with his tongue thrusting inside my cramping pussy muscles. He pulls out when I finally stop twitching. He lies next to me and kisses me, letting my taste my own sweet juices.

‘What have you learnt today, little one?’ he asks me gently.

‘I have learnt to please my Master,’ I reply.

‘That’s right little one. And what will you do next time I come around, on Monday?’

‘I’ll do exactly what you’ve told me to do, I will not disappoint you.’

‘Very good little one. Maybe we won’t have to punish you then. But you like the punishment, don’t you little one?’

‘Yes Sir. I love everything you do with me.’

‘Then lie here with the blindfold on until you hear me leave the house. Then clean the little dildos and put them in the drawer next to your bed, ready to be used on Monday. And wear that chain on Monday too, it drives me crazy.’

I hear him chuckle to himself, then he kisses me, gets dressed quickly and heads out. I hear the door slam downstairs, but keep the blindfold on for another five minutes to make sure he’s not coming back.

The next day at work I get a large brown envelope with my name on it. I don’t recognise the handwriting so I take it into my office and open it there. I pull out several black and white pictures of myself, naked in my room. There are pictures of me sucking a dick, licking cum off my lips, my pussy being licked and my ass being fucked. On none of them is it possible to identify any features of the man. I feel my pussy getting wet as I remember the previous day. I start counting down the days till Monday.

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