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Submitting to Master


I was sitting alone again just like every other night lately. Somehow I felt the urge to put on my favorite red panties again. As they slid over my cock I couldn't help but be aroused. Ever since I was a young man I have felt the need to wear panties and nylons. Being 40 and recently divorced, I now had more than enough free time to indulge myself. Grabbing a glass of wine I sat at the computer planning on surfing the web and eventually jerking myself to ecstasy. Checking my favorite sites and e-mail had begun to make me hot and horny so I began to slowly stroke my cock. Beginning to breathe heavily I heard a knock upon my apartment door. Sighing with frustration I put on my robe and went to see who came calling. Spying through the peephole I saw an older looking black man who I immediately recognized as one of my neighbors. Opening the door I greeted him with a hello.

"Hi Dave," he said, smiling.

Looking at him I noticed he was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Standing about 5'7" he had salt and pepper hair and a small beard shot through with gray. He looked to be in fairly good shape for a man approaching 60 except for a protruding stomach.

"What's up Bill," I asked.

He smiled broader and said "We'll see."

As I wondered what he meant, he said to me "Did you know your curtains are wide open?"

"Uh, No," I replied.

He grinned again and said, "It's a very nice view from out there too. I especially like your choice of underwear."

I froze and didn't know what to say as he stood there and smiled.

"Red is my favorite color, Dave," he stated.

"It's not what you think it is," I said, knowing how lame it sounded.

He just laughed and looked at me with a knowing smile. Suddenly, he reached out and pulled the belt of my robe apart revealing my red silky panties to him. He reached down and softly rubbed my now soft cock and I jumped.

"What the hell are you doing?" I yelled.

He looked into my eyes and said "I am going to take what's mine."

He pushed his way into my apartment and closed the door behind him while still rubbing my now hardening cock. Grabbing both sides of my robe he pulled me close to him and kissed me with his big soft lips. I tried to resist him but his lips felt so good on mine I was almost helpless to stop him. The more his lips rubbed on mine the more I couldn't help myself and gave my lips to him. His tongue darted into my mouth and when I felt it hit mine my knees went weak and he had to hold me up.

Taking his lips from mine he said "As soon as I looked in your window I knew I would make you my bitch."

Before I could reply his lips were on mine, this time more forcefully as he kissed me hard and pushed me against the wall. He grabbed my now aching cock and squeezed it.

Pulling back from my mouth he said to me "Now you are my bitch aren't you"?

I couldn't help myself, "Yes," I whispered to him.

"Say it louder bitch," he said.

"Yes," I said to him.

"You will call me Master do you understand bitch?" he questioned.

"Yes Master," I said as my cock twitched.

"Kiss me, bitch and show me you are mine," my Master said.

I leaned forward and kissed his lips and loved it. As I kissed him my mind began to finally realize that all my late night fantasizing about older men was driving me crazy. His hands ran all over my crotch and ass as I kept kissing him, moaning into his mouth.

My Master pulled his lips from mine and asked, "do you have stockings, Bitch?"

"Yes Master," I replied. "Let's go put them on you then."

Walking to the bedroom his hands continued rubbing my ass. Entering the bedroom he told me to shut the curtains and put on stockings for him. While I pulled the curtains closed and turned to my closet for the stockings he pulled off his shirt and shorts. After grabbing the stockings I turned to him and was shocked at his nudity. His chest was covered in a light gray hair and looking downward I saw his large cut cock amidst gray pubic hair.

Seeing his cock made mine tingle in my panties. I sat on the bed and pulled up my stockings, loving the smooth, silky feeling.

When I had the last one on he moved over in front of me and said, "Stay right there Bitch."

Sitting there at eye-level with his cock was making me so hot and weak, I couldn't believe how horny this was making me.

He reached down and tilted my chin up and said, "Do you like what you see, Bitch?"

"Yes Master," was all I could say.

I had dreamed so long of an overweight older man taking control of me. I couldn't believe it was finally happening. Just looking at his face, cock and belly were making me leak into my panties. Reaching down again he grabbed my nipples and pulled me up to stand in front of him. Twisting my nipples painfully, he again kissed my lips. When he broke the kiss I was weak-kneed yet again. Pushing on my shoulders he made me drop to my knees. As I hit the floor he pushed his cock onto my face. As his cock rubbed on my face, I was inhaling his musky, sweaty scent. It smelled as if he hadn't washed recently and was making my head swim.

"Kiss it, Slut," he commanded.

I kissed the head of his cock and noticed a slightly acrid taste to it.

I must have winced because he said, "Don't stop, Bitch, I just pissed before I came over and wanted you to have a taste of what's to come."

Knowing that I was licking his urine of his cock brought me almost to orgasm right then and there. Suddenly he thrust his cock into my mouth a few inches and held it there.

"Get used to it my little slut, it's going to be there a lot from now on," he said with a mocking tone in his voice.

His words echoed in my head and I realized I was going to be enslaved by this old black man. I licked and sucked the head of his cock while he held it motionless in my mouth.

"Oh that feels so good Bitch," he moaned, "I am going to love this."

He slowly started sliding his cock into my mouth. When I started to gag he pulled out slightly and looked down.

"Not even halfway, Slut, we'll have to get you trained," my Master stated.

Slowly he started pushing his cock in and out of my mouth. As his cock slid in and out of my mouth, I was rubbing my cock and moaning.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and said, "Did I tell you to touch yourself Bitch?"

"No Master," I replied, surprised and ashamed.

He pushed my head roughly to the floor and slapped my ass hard, causing my eyes to water.

Repeatedly spanking my ass he said, "You don't do anything unless I tell you to Bitch, understand?"

I whimpered, "Yes Master."

"Kiss my feet Bitch," he said.

I reached out my head to his feet and began to kiss them. Kissing his feet felt just so right and so natural. I was in heaven.

He grabbed my hair and pulled me back up to my knees and said, "Now, Bitch you will kiss my balls and beg me to let you suck my cock."

I pushed my head under his cock to get at his hanging balls. They felt heavy on my lips and tasted wet and salty with sweat. The musky, earthy scent was much stronger and I realized I was smelling his asshole. As I licked and kissed his balls he was telling me what a good bitch I was turning out to be.

I pulled off his cock and pleaded, "Master, please let me suck your cock, oh please Master."

Once more grabbing my head he thrust his cock into my mouth and said "Suck my cock Bitch, I want to give you my come."

Sliding his cock in and out, he began to breathe heavier and heavier. I felt his cock expand in my mouth as he grabbed my head and held it. Suddenly my mouth was filled with hot, salty liquid that made me want to gag. "

Take it all, Bitch," he yelled.

The taste was almost making me sick, yet I was even hornier knowing it was come in my mouth. Slowly his cock started to shrink in my mouth, but he held my head so I couldn't pull away from him.

"Swallow it all Bitch," He said.

I swallowed all of his come trying not to gag too much. He pulled me up to my feet and placed his lips on mine again, making me even hornier...

to be continued?

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