tagGay MaleSubmitting To My Roommate...

Submitting To My Roommate...


Submitting To My Roommate: My New Gay Life

I was 18 years old when I had my first gay experience. I was at a private all male college (yes, a few do still exist), it was my freshman year and I shared a room with another freshman named Chris. It seemed that other guys could tell right away the Chris was gay but it didn't cross my mind – I was too concerned with getting settled in and getting along with others. Chris was a nice enough guy but just not the type I would hang around with – not like my other "cool" friends.

I always considered myself straight and wanted to stay as far away from associating with anyone gay as I could. But being Chris was my roommate, there was nothing I could do about being far from him – but it didn't matter – I was straight and that's all that mattered. Or at least that's what I thought until one night my whole life was changed.

One evening Chris and I were studying in our room as normal. I was at my desk (it was on the right side facing in and faced into the middle of the room and had a several rows of shelves so I couldn't see other parts of the room). All of a sudden I felt a pinch on my balls. I pushed my chair back and said "what the hell…" Looking down I saw Chris on his hands and knees at the front of the desk.

"What are you doing?" I sort of yelled – not wanting to cause a commotion that would bring anyone else into our room.

"You wear such tight pants all the time, and the outline of your balls and cock are so easy to see, that I just couldn't control myself" he replied.

It was true, my corduroy pants were tight and when I sat down in a chair my balls and cock stood out more.

"I just had to grab them" Chris went on.

I was so stunned by what happened that I did not know what else to say so I mumbled some reply about having a lot of work to do and went back to my studies.

A couple of hours later it was time for lights out for freshmen, so, I both Chris and I acted as if nothing had happened and did our normal routines before going to bed, brushed our teeth, stripped to our briefs, and then went to sleep. End of another routine day – or so I thought.

But instead of falling asleep right away like I normally do, my mind just kept racing about what Chris had done. What did it mean I asked myself? I was a shy kid and never had even kissed a girl but my hormones were raging as much as any one my age and I was very interested in sex. But with whom? As I said before, my college was all male and girls were barely a presence on campus - except on weekends when there were parties and dances. But even then, I never had the courage to talk to them – and always doubted that they were even interested in me anyhow.

Now here I was with my roommate who seemed to not just interested in me but wanted to have sex with me. I wasn't sure what to do but I do know that I was getting very turned on – my cock was hard and before I knew it my hand was moving down to stroke it. It felt good as I rapped by hands around it and started the up and down motion I had done my times before but never with anyone around – not to mention in the bed next to mine. I began to fantasize about Chris's cock, wondering how big it was, what it would be like to hold it and do who knows what else with it. My hand began to move faster and faster up and down my shaft. I didn't think that Chris was awake so I thought I could just continue on without getting caught. Then he spoke.

"Are you jerking off?" he asked.

Shaken that I was caught jerking off I made an the almost involuntary reply "ah, no, I was, ah, just scratching an itch."

"Uhuh." He replied sounding anything but convinced.

Next thing I knew I could hear what sounded like Chris was jerking off. I leaned up out of my bed to look at him and could see the raised sheets and some motion going on. He was – my limp cock immediately got hard and I started to jerk off too. But this time I lowered my bed sheets so my naked body was exposed and my jerking off completely in his view. Chris looked over at me, perhaps a little shocked by my blatant sexual act, but that was ok by me. I was always a bit of an exhibitionist and it turned me on to know he was watching me. And it was also a way of saying that yes, I wanted to have sex with him.

"Do you want to have sex?" Chris then whispered to me.

"Yes" I replied not knowing what I was going to do.

Before I had a chance to do anything, Chris got out of his bed and walked over to mine. My heart was racing at the thought that I was doing something forbidden but very exciting. I moved over and he slid into the bed next to me. It seemed we acted out of instinct and lust and grabbed each other's cock right away. I'll never forget the moment I touched his cock, it felt so good wrapping my hands around what turned out to be a long and fat cock. It just felt perfect, like I should always be doing it, and my hand began to move up and down his big shaft. I moaned. Chris moaned and said as he stroked by cock.

"You've got a big cock".

That was nice of him to say but really wasn't true, in fact, I was a bit smaller than average but pretty thick - but it didn't matter. We stroked each others cock, our warm bodies together and then Chris said "I want you to suck my cock."

He didn't wait for my reply but moved slowly up the bed until he was straddling my chest. It was dark in the room of course but what I could see with the little light we had showed the outline of his beautiful fat cock.

I leaned up and opened my mouth wide and accepted his wonderful cock as if it were the most natural and perfect thing for me to do. I had only seen a few porn magazines which showed girls sucking a guys cock but never a movie and yet I seemed to know just what to do. My mouth moved up and down his shaft, sucking and my tongue licking this incredible part of his body. When I tired I laid my head on my pillow and Chris began to thrust his cock in and out of my mouth, each time pushing it farther down my virgin throat. As Chris fucked my mouth I moaned and slurped with pleasure on his huge cock. My hands moved up to caress and squeeze his full balls – filled with sperm I thought – sperm that would soon be filling my mouth. My own cock was rock hard as I lay below my roommate, a boy like myself whom I would never normally be friends with but who was now making me his lover. I felt weak and submissive as his cock continued its work on my mouth – in and out and sometimes pushing out against my cheek and then back down my throat. I was his I thought, I'm a cock sucker, I'm gay, oh God no.

I could taste his pre-cum as it leaked into my mouth and I loved it and couldn't wait for his full load to shoot into my hungry mouth. I didn't have to wait long, we were both so horny to begin with and the jerking off earlier by each of us hastened the time when he was ready to blow. And then he stuttered out "I'm cumming."

Chris quickened his strokes and then with one last deep thrust shot the first of four huge loads into my mouth. His warm and salty semen quickly filled my mouth and began to flow down my throat to my waiting belly. He pulled out and shot his last two loads on my face smearing his cum all over my it with his cock and then shoving it in my mouth again so I could lick and suck up the rest of his cum.

After finishing with me Chris got off my chest, laid next to me and whispered "I knew you were gay from the moment I saw you."

"No I'm not" I said back trying to regain some control.

"Oh really" Chris mockingly replied. "You just sucked my cock like you were born to do it – and you were born to do it Dave, don't think otherwise."

I thought about what he said, my face covered in cum, my mouth having just been filled with his sperm and now my own cock hard as he stroked it with his hand. Then Chris moved down the bed and took my cock in his mouth. I let out a soft moan as I felt his warm mouth go down the full length of my cock and then back up and down again, again, and again. His right hand massaged my big balls while his mouth performed its work on my cock. In no time, I was shooting my load into his mouth. He took it all but I sensed that he did not swallow it.

Without a word Chris moved up to the bed and put his face next time mine, I sensed he wanted to kiss me so I submitted and opened my mouth to receive his tongue. But instead of his tongue, Chris first he let my own cum, which he had kept him his mouth, pour into my mouth. I was shocked but excited at the feeling and the thought of being made to eat my own cum.

"Swallow it" Chris demanded.

And I did. All of it.

"Now tell me that you are gay" Chris said.

I wanted to say no but I knew that would be a lie. So, I said softly "I'm gay."

"Good" Chris replied. "Now say I'm a gay cock sucker."

I wanted to stop and make him go away but knew I could not. He put his fat cock in my hand and I started to stroke it – and it felt so good.

"Now say it" Chris said more forcefully.

"I'm a gay cock sucker." And I knew it was true.

"Ok, now say I'm a gay cock sucking, cum loving whore."

There was no going back I knew. Chris's hand slide down between my thighs and I spread my legs instinctively – just like a slut would – and I felt his thick fingers play with my hole and then he slide one inside my ass. It felt so good, my cock got even harder and I stroked his big cock faster.

Chris moved his mouth close to my ear and whispered "you know you are gay, you love sucking cock and cum and you are a whore. Just look how quickly you spread you legs for me." "Face it" he continued "your not like your straight friends and try as you might, your gay, you love cock and you know you want it, and want to be my slut. Think about how quickly I got you to have sex with me."

It was all true, I did want sex but not with women but with guys. I was totally interested in cock, not pussy. I had to accept who I was.

"I'm a gay cock sucking, cum loving whore." I said to Chris.

He continued. "I not going to humiliate you in front of your friends now, this will be our secret, they'll still think I'm gay and your straight, at least for the time being. But when we are alone in this room you are my lover, my slut and you'll learn about gay life, gay lifestyle, from me. When you're in this room with me you'll act like the flaming gay sissy I know you are. Limp wrists always, a lisp when you talk, and just plain acting more fem."

All the while this was happening Chris was continuing to fuck my ass with his finger and then in inserted a second. My cock was so hard I couldn't believe it and his cock, his big fat cock slide through my slim hand.

"But you'll continue to way those tight pants you wear, but your underwear is going to be changed to panties - lace, thong, all types – just as a reminder that you aren't straight but s sissy gay cock sucker."

I was so excited, being controlled like this – yes, I knew I was gay but Chris was going to make sure that I didn't go any other way – and by the time he was done with me, I knew he would have me made into someone that was clearly a flaming gay boy. No women would want me and I would have to live a life as a cock sucking gay whore.

Chris then pulled his fingers from my ass and got out of the bed and stood in front of me – his huge member sticking straight out.

"Get out of bed and on your knees in front of me" he commanded.

I did as he told and knelt before him.

"Now repeat after me. I am a gay cock sucking, cum loving whore."

"I'm a gay cock sucking, cum loving whore" I said looking up at him.

"I will live as a gay boy as instructed by Chris and do whatever he asks" he said.

I repeated this.

"I will be his lover, I will allow him to use me, to fuck me, to suck him and eat his cum at least once a day."

Again, I repeated his directions always looking up and him and his huge cock.

"Good." Chris said. He pulled out something from the desk behind him which turned out to be a tape recorder. "Its all on tape, if you try to get out of this arrangement, I'll have copies given to students all over the school."

It was done then. I had now way out.

"But to seal things, you must suck my cock again." He said.

I opened my mouth and began to suck his fat cock. He put his hands on the side of my head and held it in place and began to fuck my mouth.

"Now think it your mind the following thought over and over while I fuck your slut mouth" Chris said. "I'm a gay cock-sucking, cum loving whore."

And I did, over and over I thought it as he fucked my mouth. Its true I knew, while I slurped as he forced his cock in and out, my cock was hard as could be, I was on my knees sucking cock and I loved it. I'm gay, I'm gay I said to myself – there is no other way for me – and I would be his lover and whore.

When he finally shot his load into my mouth, I knew in my heart that I had always been gay and was so thankful to have Chris. My life would never be the same but at least I knew who I was (gay) and what my purpose was – to please other men.

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