tagBDSMSubmitting To Stuart Ch. 02

Submitting To Stuart Ch. 02


The night my Mistress took me to meet Stuart changed my relationship with her completely. I was unprepared for what she had in mind that night. But as her slave, it was my duty to do exactly as she asked without question, without hesitation. And of course, as her husband, I was willing to follow her anywhere - to the ends of the earth if that was necessary.

Stuart, my Mistress had explained, was an old friend. When I laid eyes on him, I was immediately impressed by his stature. He was easily as tall as I was, with broad muscular shoulders, pumped up pecks and huge guns. He wore no shirt - only black leather trousers and black leather boots and a fine silver chain around his neck. His hair was dark, his eyes vibrant blue, his jaw square. He had the looks of a model, but was entirely masculine at the same time. Had I been a woman, I might have fallen instantly in lust with Stuart.

The scene at Stuart's house was very arousing. When I saw the dinner table laid out like it was, I assumed it had been set for my wife and I to dine together. I was wrong. Instead, my wife, my Mistress, instructed me to get down on my knees as she fastened a leash to the collar already around my neck. She led me to the table like a prized pet, then had me lean back on my haunches as if I were to beg. When Stuart bound my hands and tied them behind my back, and I knew at that point that things were going to be nothing like I'd imagined.

Mistress declared it was time for dessert; I was under no false misconceptions about what that meant - time for someone to be fucked. I did not think it would be me, or that Stuart would be the one fucking me. Fucking my mouth, to be precise.

Up until that point, I'd had nothing to do with my Mistress's male slaves; she'd only ever trained me in the company of her female slaves. I'd never been introduced to any of the male dominants she knew either - Stuart was the first. He was the first male dominant I'd ever met in fact, and his was the first cock I ever sucked.

That night, it took every ounce of effort I could summon not to react to what was asked of me - because the real art in being a slave, in submitting totally, in my opinion, is in doing as you're asked or instructed without ever showing fear or resistance or the slightest sign of disobedience. When that is achieved, the real training can begin. Stuart presented me with his ample cock, and kneeling there, in front of my Mistress, I knew it was my duty to open my mouth and lick that cock with as much love and devotion as if I was licking out my Mistress's cunt.

So that is what I did. And yet such a thought is impossible! A cock can never compare to a cunt. Not Stuart's cock! It was long, barrel like, the head perfectly sculpted to match his perfect face. I licked and sucked like there was no tomorrow - I knew if I didn't my marriage to my Mistress would almost certainly be over and that was an event that I wanted never to contemplate.

I had never considered what it was like to suck a cock, having never tried it before. It was not like sucking on the faux phallus of my Mistress's favourite gag. Where the phallus was hard and unyielding, Stuart's cock was hot, yet malleable. As I sucked, he responded, swaying his hips back and forth, pushing his cock deeper into my mouth and down my throat. It took every ounce of self control I had in me to prevent myself from gagging - several times the head of Stuart's cock pushed right up against the back of my tongue, that place they call the gag reflex. I closed my eyes lest my Mistress see they were about to begin to water. I made sure they did not.

Then something happened - I thought about my own cock, how I liked it to be sucked, how important it was not to be grazed by teeth, how the saliva acted as a natural lubricant, how I loved having my Mistress's tongue tickle the tip before she jammed into the hole there. I imagined Stuart's cock was my own and I sucked it exactly the way I enjoyed having my own cock sucked. In that moment, all I could think to do was to serve, serve, serve. I did so, and I did it with complete abandon.

Stuart released his grip from the back of my head, and I followed my Mistress's instructions carefully, allowing Stuart to rest his still erect cock on my tongue again. But he did so only lightly, drawing back to give himself enough room to begin jacking off. I knew where this was leading - to a facial, and I hoped I would able to withstand the humiliation that lurked around the edges of my churning stomach.

I opened my eyes and looked up at Stuart. His eyes were firmly fixed on his cock and the way his hand was working up and down the shaft. My knees were screaming by that stage - I was unsure how long I'd been in that position. But no matter how great the pain, I knew I could not move or I'd attract a whipping from my Mistress's crop - the last thing I wanted to have happen now.

All the while, I sensed my Mistress to my left. I wondered what she thought of this scene - and why she felt she must put me through it. It had been several years since I'd made my first and most terrific blunder as her slave, and I had never put a foot wrong since. I knew my abject submission was her goal, and I was convinced we had achieved it many times over. But she always thought of some new task, some new circumstance that would take me even further into my submission to her. At moments like these, I often wondered what would have become of me if she hadn't married me, hadn't made me entirely her own.

It was then that Stuart came all over my tongue. Cum oozed from the end of his cock and spread quickly over the top of my tongue, down my throat and down to my face. Its smell was warm, yet acrid, almost pleasant and yet not. Cum continued to ooze from Stuart's cock until I thought his orgasm would never end, his load was infinite. Yet it did end.

Then my Mistress told me to swallow. I did so without hesitation ensuring my face remained entirely passive, even though the taste of Stuart's cum was grossly unpleasant. She asked me to clean up, and I immediately put Stuart's comfort first, licking his cock clean, breathing a sigh of relief that the acrid taste was not so intense in the remnants on his cock as it had been when I swallowed his load. When I was done, I leaned back then ran my tongue around my own lips, licking off any cum that remained there - I did not wish my Mistress to think I was a sloppy slave. I knew she appreciated me always being in pristine condition.

"Excellent," my Mistress stated, and my heart was filled with satisfaction because I knew I had obtained her approval. It was all I could do to remain on my knees; I wanted to leap for joy at having pleased her so. Really, the task was not that hard - sucking Stuart's cock had been much easier and surprisingly more pleasant than I'd expected. He had not been belligerent in any way - he treated me as any good Master would a slave - a sex toy to be used for pleasure. And I was glad that I had been able to serve him on behalf of my Mistress. It was the least I could do for her.

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