Subservient Ch. 01


The Admiral made her announcement "Slave!! You are hereby charged with the protection and service of the Colonial Ambassador, do not fail."


Dressed again and escorted to the Airfield, soldiers every where including a few news vans but heavily restricted could've swore I saw them load up one news crew into a police truck in chains. Thankfully Nigh didn't bother with goodbyes I didn't expect nor care if she did; no doubt she was making arrangements for my coming home thoughts... Instead I busied my mind on thoughts of this Ambassador, the armed agents on either side of me, and all of this security meant something more was at stake than a simple meet and greet...but was this woman truly that big of target? If so the method of security was entirely idiotic.

I kept seeing all the angles, a well placed bomb, a sabotaged fuel tank; the worst of it was the availability of high ground overlooking the airport. This close to a city was a nightmare for defence a dream for a sharpshooter. I knew that because THAT was my favourite method.

There was nothing better than staring down a scope sighting in a target from kilometres away, nothing else in the world mattered at that point, jus a steady hand, a steady heart. The moment you pull the trigger, time fast-forwards the moment you see the target drop and the insects scatter...the chaos is fucking amazing. Those are the moments when you realize that one bullet can change the course of history...

I was trailing off, but luckily I didn't see any sign of a decent shooter setting up, there were always those little things, but if they're good enough there's no point in looking you won't know they're there until they fire that shot.

The plane was offloading; a small jet, inconspicuous little Junker at least it wasn't eye catching. One the agents spoke up as this woman strode down the steps. "Ambassador Kritten nice to see you, I regrettably inform you that the Empress could not meet you, during your visit you will be provided an escort," They aimed he attention in my direction and I bowed politely as was expected of me "We've sent all the information to your safe house, we're to see you there immediately."

She was young for a dignitary no older than 23, older than I was but not quite the political type, brunette grey eyes, fair skin, a fair looking woman by most standards, but just another bitch to me. She was surprised to see me well 'shocked' was a better word.

"Isn't he a little young?" I was 19 that was middle aged by slave standards. I stood silent and motionless as ordered not a word, not a move.

"Not at all Ambassador, he is one of our best." She just nodded, unsure of me, my experience or skill. Needless to say I was trained better than any soldier here, and that wasn't ego or pride, slaves are afforded neither.

We loaded into the car a long and quiet ride, the Ambassador obviously uncomfortable, she probably wasn't used to all the guns they way she kept glancing around at them and looking away as if looking for too long would cause one to go off.

The agent spoke up half an hour into our drive as the limo drifted to a halt. "We've arrived, you are assigned to the 30th floor, your things and that of your escort have been moved there, call the front desk for anything you need." They brought us to yet another security nightmare; a fancy hotel, locking down a place like this was impossible too many nooks and crannies sure you can keep folks in but not for long if they're well equipped, and being so high up made it worse, meant escape would take longer but I held my tongue 'seen not heard' Nigh often told me. Then there was the easy access and large staff running here and there too many people to account for every second of every day, I almost wished I was the one being sent to assassinate her, would've been an easy task but then I'd be back with Nigh's claw's wrapped around my nuts.

"Ummm, he's staying in the same room?" She couldn't possibly be this stupid...

"Yes Ambassador, he's to serve you at all times as long as you are within the borders of the Coryn Empire." I was hoping for an extended stay, meant more time away from the queen bitch.

"But can't we get separate rooms." Well I was proven wrong... she really WAS that stupid.

"I'm sorry Ambassador, but this is standard protocol, he must accompany you at ALL times, you'll be glad to have been assigned such an escort try to enjoy your stay." The Agent had a big smile on her face before she left us. I knew why but I doubted that the Ambassador caught that innuendo.

"Okay," We exited the car and into the building flashy, decorated in red carpets and pearl painted walls I was half expecting a chandelier this place was old, but expensive. I was scanning the surroundings for potential problems when I found her looking at me as if she had something to say, and I was hoping it wouldn't be more idiotic bullshit. "Sorry I don't know your name, I'm Chelsey and since you have to put up with me I should at least get to know yours." Her attempt at courtesy was a surprise. I was also starting to think she didn't realize my place in the world, and that her idiocy was an attempt to be polite...typical foreigner.

With no choice, and a life time of habit I answered her "My name is Carn Ma'am."

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