tagFetishSubservient Ch. 03

Subservient Ch. 03


Chapter 03: Gang Breeding

Well Angie's period came after her coupling with Matt and she was furious and upset. She had fucked at least 6 guys, in a total of over 40-50 fuck sessions and she still was not pregnant. She stomped around the house throwing her tampons against the wall yelling about how all the men she was fucking were 'sterile little girls'. I've seen her rage at me but never at or about her lovers.

Trying to console her I put my arm around her and told her it was OK and we would try again. This immediately infuriated her even further "Do not patronize me little boy, it's not like your little dick is much to work with either. I've only been fucking you to keep you calm and you haven't managed to make me orgasm once with that little thing. You know what? Fuck this, I need a drink!"

And with that she slammed the door and left the house. I was taken aback by how brutal and just downright mean she had been. She clearly didn't mean what she said to me, did she? She was fucking me because she loved me and wanted me to take joy in this process of life too right? I didn't know what to think but clearly I needed a drink too. I got a beer from the fridge and camped out for the rest of the night in front of the tube.

It was midnight when she came home and I asked her if she blew off any steam and Angie stated

"If you're asking if I got laid, no. I just went out and thought a bit over a couple of beers. I've decided you are going back in your cage."

She went and fetched it, came back down stairs and told me to drop my pants which I did and she fastened it back on. I hadn't worn this in such a long time I almost forgot what it feels like. I didn't really understand where this was going but if she needed me back in the cage to give her a little boost, back in the cage I'd go without complaint.

We went to bed that night without another word about it, cuddled and slept soundly together. The morning came and I awoke to her unlocking my cage. I was quite confused that she only made me wear to to sleep. With it off she began to slowly massage my cock as it grew in her little hands.

"Honey, when you are about to cum you need to let me know so I can stop. I promise if you are a good hubby and tell me in time you'll be rewarded. If you don't tell me there's going to be a punishment."

I nodded in agreement as her warm hands, her tight little grip felt so good and her fingers circled around by cock. She'd slowly massage me and ever so gradually she'd increase her pace of her strokes until she was twisting her hand up and down my shaft at a semi-rapid pace.

I'd feel myself getting ready to spill and abruptly blurt "Stop.. stop stop.. I'm going to cum."

She'd remove her hand and tug a bit on my balls as they had tucked themselves upward getting ready for my orgasm. When I was calmer and a bit more flaccid she'd start again, massaging slowly, building me up, until I'd warn her that I was about to orgasm. The third time around I yelled stop and a tiny drop of precum leaked out.

She scooped it up with her pinky and put it to her lips and said "Good boy, you almost were in trouble."

She let me go limp again and got me back in my cage. No orgasm was to be had, where was my reward I wondered?

We got up and went through our normal daily routine. At work around 11am I get an email from Angie asking "Hey, you horny?"

"Of course." I replied in the affirmative to which she instructed me to meet her at home. She beat me home and I went upstairs to where she waited. She immediately removed my pants and my cage and said,

"Same routine as before, just let me know."

She turned our TV on and hit play on our DVD player, in it was home made DVD of her and a buddy of hers from the gym, his name is George. And George loves Angie's ass. He worships it with kisses, he spanks it, and he has fucked her asshole more than any other man. Angie met George at the gym and he's a bit of a muscle bound meat headed type, but he does he fucks her well and make her cum. I watched on the screen as Angie screamed out as George slowly worked his manhood in her ass. It always takes Angie a bit to grow accustomed to his size but eventually they work themselves up into a nice rhythm. Once she's at the point she's bucking her ass back at him he starts spanking her right cheek over and over again.

She lets out some incredible moans, I find myself lost in both the tape and Angie's stroking and let her know "I'm going to cum." and she quickly removes her hands from my cock and grabs and icepack she had sitting on our bed stand and immediately applies it my cock.

The ice pack is shockingly cold and I try immediately to move away from it but she holds it firm there until my cock loses its stiffness. Just like before, as soon as I'm deflated she removes the pack and begins stroking me again. Very quickly my cock springs back to life and on the screen I see George pop out of my wife's ass and in porno fashion she quickly turns herself around and gets her face aligned with his cock and he strokes himself until he coats her beautiful face with his cum. Angie had been stroking me maybe a full 60 seconds at this point and I'm already about to pop once again and she knows it by my moans and she removes her hands. She again reapplies the ice pack and tugs my balls downward from their tucked position. When my cock is limp again she puts the cock cage backs on and tells me;

"Thanks for the lunch time amusement honey. I'm going to go now. Make sure you take whatever you need out of the freezer to thaw so dinner will be at a decent hour tonight".

Later that night we both got home from work and we fixed dinner, had casual conversation. She noted over dinner that the screen in the window upstairs had been in need of repair for quite some time and she was growing tired of asking me to fix it. Though she cracked a smile and looked at up

"If you fix it tonight after dinner though, you might have a surprise waiting for you at bedtime."

So without further ado, I rushed through dinner. Did the dishes and went to the hardware store and back with the screen that I needed. For the next 30 minutes or so I got the screen replaced. I jumped in the shower and got dressed for bed. She was just getting her pajamas on when she noticed I was in bed waiting eagerly for my little reward. Angie hopped on top of me and began kissing me passionately, her tongue probing mine. She kissed my neck like she was hungry with desire. My left leg was slightly propped up and she began grinding her clit against my thigh, never allowing her lips to part from my lips, neck or chest for very long.

She continued grinding on my leg with increasing pressure and speed. Eventually she had stopped kissing me and propped herself up with her hands and made her grinding on me thigh fully clothed the focus of her attention. Moments later she was shuddering with an orgasm as her arms buckled and she collapsed on top of me. She rolled off of me to catch her breath while I stayed hard, my cock pressing against the barriers of my cock cage.

"That's the first time you've made me cum in a long time. You fixed the window, you got me off, you really have been a good boy!"

"So, do I get to cum tonight?"

"Possibly, I still really haven't made up my mind. But you do look like you need out of that cage for a moment."

She unlocked me and freed my cock once again. And once again began massaging my cock with her hands. I was so turned on from her dry humping my leg, feeling her slight dampness and warmth through the cotton pajama pants and so pent up from constantly being teased and left unfulfilled over and over again, within 20 humiliating seconds I was letting her know I was about to cum. She immediately stopped touching my cock once again. I snaked my hand over to touch myself just slightly, I wasn't intending to get myself off. The movement was almost involuntary. But with that.. SMACK, she had whipped back her hand and had smacked me straight across the face as hard as she could. I lay there stunned and shocked, my face stinging.

"What the fuck was that for?"

"Don't you dare touch yourself, you are not in control of your happiness around here. Got it?"

She immediately got my cock cage back on and rolled over to go to bed. Oddly she didn't kick me out of the room, but she clearly had nothing else to say to me about this matter. When we woke in the morning she was all smiles again like nothing the night before ever transpired, and just like the day before, immediately unlocked my cage and began stroking me. And again, I'd tell her to stop 2-3 times, and again she'd put me back in my cage. We repeated this all day again today, we repeated it all day Friday as well, AND Saturday too. Not once did I get an ounce of relief. Every night she had one or two big chores for me to do, and every night the empty promises of relief, a reward, a full handjob, she even hinted at a blowjob which I had not had in a very long time. Not a single night did she let me cum.

For an entire week she continued the massaging treatment and putting me back in my cage. But each night she added a twist to it. Monday night she gave me an amazing lapdance literally bouncing her bare ass and pussy right in my face and dancing in a way she grinded her orifices on my nose and chin, she never even took me out of my cage for that one.

Tuesday she got one of her larger dildo, sat on my stomach as I lay down almost ready to go to sleep and fucked herself, her pussy facing me. Again, that night she didn't massage my cock either. She'd jack me off almost until completion at breakfast and we met up for lunch on Tuesday for the same. But the night time events were becoming quite varied. But the result was the same, every night I went to bed wild with desire to the point I was restless and couldn't sleep. Every night I went to bed with my cock pressing against it's restraints.

Wednesday she had me lick her pussy and asshole to orgasm.

Thursday night I watched as she used her Hitachi wand on herself. Every day we rarely talked about sex. She was still cooing over babies and getting pregnant but she hadn't been out with anyone. She seemed to be on a full on mission to drive me absolutely fucking crazy and it was working. Every passing day she dressed even sexier. She went to work every day in outfits that I know must have stirred up some whispered conversations in her office. She had worked me up into a frenzy of hormones. All I wanted was to cum so very badly.

Friday night she began stroking me again and she broke her silence about sex and fucking other guys. As I was hard and growing closer to cumming but not quite there she started up:

"I'm thinking of having a gang bang a week from today, what do you think about that my little cucky?"

"I would love to see you ravished again." I said through my calm and meditative breath, trying very hard not to get to the point I was going to spill as I was enjoying her stroking me.

"You know i'll be at peak ovulation starting then, and one of these men just might end up a daddy. Is that ok honey?"

"I'm, I'm not sure " I stuttered.

Was she crazy? She'd never know who the dad was?! Besides she always ended up inviting at least one black guy to these shindigs.

"Will they all be white?" I asked, trying to focus on the conversation and not my pleasure.

"I don't believe so, but you want me to by happy don't you? Maybe it takes multiple men to make me pregnant? We've been trying so hard for a baby, this is really a last ditch effort before I go to a fertility specialist. Please honey, please?"

I stuttered, "I'm ..bbbout to cum." and she let go.

We lay in silence until I was limp and she started up again. Stroking me and talking to me "I need a baby, please say yes. Just let these men come over and impregnate this pretty little pussy. "

She took my hand and guided it to her pussy , dipping my fingers into her wetness and bringing them back to my mouth to suck. As I tasted her juices she felt my hips buck slightly upward against her hand and she let go of me once again. This was getting infuriating.

My cock half limp, half hard, she strapped my cage back on and kissed me on the cheek. "Just something to think about sweetie, we'll talk again tomorrow night." and she rolled over to go to sleep.

I didn't sleep at all that night. I tossed and turned in bed, my thoughts darted from dreams of me sticking me dick in my pretty little wife and cumming in her, I dreamed of cumming on her face, of fucking her ass. I dreamed of her giving me a footjob with stocking covered feet. Then deep feelings of fear of her being pregnant from a gangbang. Fears of her ending up with a black child. What would I tell my parents? What would the neighbors think? What would the doctors think? This was the sluttiest thing she has ever thought of and it was enough for me to consent to an extra-marital breeding but I thought we'd know who the dad was and that he'd at least be able to pass for our own child.

Seconds later I was fantasizing again, the pains of my cock pressing against my cage kept ripping my thoughts back to having sex and getting some kind of relief. Back and forth my thoughts darted between fear, confusion, and being horny as hell. The horrid images of me holding a baby that clearly didn't look like mine and feeling embarrassment from it flipped back and forth with images of me doing the dirtiest things imaginable to my wife at a rapid pace.

I got up and got a drink of water. I tried applying the ice pack to my dick and it worked for a bit. As I crawled back in bed and lay still for a bit, my erection came back with a vengeance. Eventually I just got up at 4am and stayed up. I tried cleaning up the kitchen to get my mind off of things.

At 7am when Angie woke she was beckoning me to the bedroom for my morning torture stroking. That's what this had become at this point. Absolute torture. Like before, she stroked me, I let her know, she'd quit, stroke me some more and get my cage back on.

Today was Saturday so we just kind of lounged around the house. Around lunch time she approached me for yet another stroking.

This time she got out a little bit of Astro-glide stating that "We wouldn't want to chafe you with all these tuggings now would we?"

She poured some on her hand and began massaging my cock which initially shrank due to the cold lube coming in contact, but eventually it warmed up as her hand massaged my shaft and eventually began stroking it in a twisting motion.

She started up her dirty talking again, begging me to let her be gang bred; "It's the only way. You'll like it too you see, you love men ravishing my pussy, you love it when your hot little wife has a creampie. Just think," as she kept stroking me, "all those men cumming in your fertile wife's womb."

"Angie, you need to stop.. I'm going to cum!"

"All those men fucking me, making my belly swell with their baby!"

"I'm serious, I'm going to..."

She interrupted me and talked right over me, still stroking me "Finally you could be the Daddy of a man so much more virile than you could ever be!"

I tried holding off, I tried clamping down my PC muscles, I started taking deep breaths, but it was no use. I came and my cock flooded her hand like a fountain, it was leaking out it huge globs, far too thick and overflowing to really shoot out. It just kept cumming and cumming as I let out a huge moan.

"What the fuck!? I told you to tell me in time!" Angie shouted.

"I tried, I told you multiple times!"

"Well I didn't hear you, you need to speak up when you talk to me. Talk like a fucking man, Jesus Christ. This is why you're kept in your cage. You can't hold off like a man, can't speak to me like a man, so why should you get the joys of being a man. Look, I'm going to ask you once more, do you mind if next Friday if the fellas come over and hit this?" she stated pointing down at her crotch.

Embarrassed, ashamed, and emasculated, I muttered a "Yes, they can cum over Friday".

"Good now here, eat up little girl." as she brought her cummy fingers to my face so I could lick them clean.

She reached down and scooped up every drop and brought it to my lips and said 'good girl' every time I took it into my mouth and swallowed.

Saturday night my stroking occurred again, with her dirty talking about her gang-bang and pregnancy. Sunday through Thursday I got my strokings 3 times a day with no relief. Each time she talked dirty about her gang-bang and her inevitable pregnancy. Not once all week did I get relief. She continued at night doing some amazing things to drive me wild, more lap-dancing, more masturbation, anal masturbation, playing our homemade porn of us together or of her with other men. Thursday night she took me to a strip club and paid for me to have 3 separate lap-dances, each time was two girls at once, while she sat beside me rubbing her own pussy through her clothes. But still no relief. By my Friday morning stroking I was wound 10 times tighter than I was when I last leaked. I was crazed with desire and couldn't sleep worth a damn. I had circles under my eyes from all the nights I had spent tossing and turning and cursing the cage.

After being stroked again, I went down to fix breakfast when Angie said; "C'mere darling boy. I need you to take this for Mommy." and in her hand lay a little blue pill.

"Is that Viagra?"


"What do I need that for? I'm not going to be fucking you tonight, the guys are."

"Just be a good boy and take your medicine."

I conceded and washed the pill down with my orange juice. Within the hour I was rock hard and in my cage. Thinking about the foulest of things couldn't make me lose my erection.

When lunch time came I thought I'd be freed and she was going to stroke me. I met her at home from work over lunch and she had me drop my pants and once again, like many months ago, get on all fours on the bed. Once again she placed a saucer under my caged penis. Then she gave me something completely surprising, a packed bowl piece fill with marijuana.

"Go ahead, smoke it." and she tossed me a lighter.

"Since when do we do drugs anymore?"

"Since now, go ahead, smoke it all."

There I laid on the bed, ass exposed, in my cage, smoking the entire bowl by myself. At this point I knew what she was doing, marijuana made me horny and she knew it. Viagra made me hard as hell. This was all in the hopes of rising my desire and controlling my happiness. After I had smoked everything in the bowl until I couldn't get anymore hits out of it, she tossed me the phone.

"Call your boss, tell him you've come down with food poisoning".

I, higher than I've been in almost a decade, slowly poked the numbers on the phone and dialed my boss. "Hey Bill!" and just at that moment Angie had plunged the lubed up Aneros Prostate Massager into my rectum.

A grunt escaped my breather and I struggled to compose myself on the phone. "Hey, uh.. ow, um I'm not feeling too well. I think I must have ate something bad today or yesterday and I've been throwing up."

Angie didn't relent, she kept fucking my ass with the device, hitting my prostate hard each time "You mind if I take offfff for the d,d,dday?"

He knew something was up but he said "Yeah, only a half day left anyways, feel better and be at work bright and early Monday morning."

"Yess sir, I w-w-will." and I hung up the phone swiftly.

Between the pot, the Viagra, the week of no release, the strippers, the porn, the lap dances, watching her masturbate this week, her constantly walking around in short skirts, heels, my cock was unrelenting against the cock cage. Nevertheless my cock began leaking fluid from her probings with the Aneros. But like before, no orgasm followed. This time though Angie didn't stop. She just kept going, moving the Aneros in and out of my butthole. She'd switch arms because one would tire. She'd take a five minute break or so and resume. My cock leaked and leaked over and over again, and my hard-on never dissipated. Eventually I was crying out in pain and my cock was leaking no more. I don' think there was anything left to leak out. She had milked my prostate completely dry and unlike before when I would go limp and be spent without relief, this time I still had a hard-on that would not budge. Angie dropped another Viagra in the pool of semen on the little saucer and moved it up to my face and I lapped up my own jizz and at the pill. No more was I finished with that and she was packing me another bowl. She had me sit down in the chair to smoke it all again. I don't think I have ever been this horny before in my life. It was like my entire life force had left my body and existed purely in my throbbing and caged cock.

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