tagLoving WivesSubservient One Ch. 05

Subservient One Ch. 05


Barbara's words:

Ken thought he was not paying enough attention to me and missed fucking me and watching other men fuck me. "We're going to drive downtown near the slum sections and I'm going to watch you give your cunt away and fuck a bunch of guys, not in the privacy of the van, but in the alleys, stoops, and park areas – hopefully with a little light so others can see your fuck prowess, too."

Just before dusk we headed for town, me dressed in a short skirt with a small pocket, a tank top, and no panties or bra. There were a lot of people, mostly men, loitering around doorways in the area Ken drove to. After some driving we found a street with less loiterers. Ken pulled over and told me, "Walk down this street. There looks to be 4 or 5 groups of guys in the long block. However you do it, try to get someone – or everyone – in the first group to fuck you. Get fucked in an alley or – it's dark enough now – let them gather around while a man fucks you on the stoop. And I want to watch them fuck you anyway they want. Except do not go inside for any reason: I couldn't see anything but also for your safety. Fuck as many in the first group as you can. Then maybe you can easily get some in the other groups on down the block to do you. I would guess 30 or so men are along the block. If you're good – and you'd goddamn better be – you ought to land 20 before we run out of time. If you can get them to contribute something besides cum, all the better. On the other hand here's 10 five-dollar bills... if you have to pay them to fuck you, so be it, so long as you get nailed."

I walked toward the first group of about four guys, three black and one white. They whistled and offered some suggestive but tame remarks. "You guys don't own the street. I can stroll down it too, can't I," I asked coyly. That started some light banter and I made sure they got the impression that I didn't mind the socializing. The talk soon got around to my striking dress. I offered that I wasn't ashamed of my body and didn't mind if my clothes got people's attention. That moved it up a level with eventual direct comments like, "We could appreciate your body better with fewer clothes on."

"Maybe, if you give me some privacy I could give you all a little peek," I teased. They gathered around closer. I briefly raised my tank top and did a sort of a pirouette flashing my tits.

"That was too fast," they complained. I raised my top to my neck and did a slow steady rotation.

"Is this better?"

They replied, "Yeah, much better! Yo, mama."

While keeping my top around my neck I inquired, "Does it really look any better without the clothes?"

"Yeah, man. As long as they're real." The opening I needed.

"I think it'd be O.K. if you check 'em out just this once." All four moved in to massage my tits. This check went on for almost a minute. I boldly went on, "Eight hands on two tits is too many. Four hands would be about right. Maybe four hands could check the rest of my body?" In a flash four hand were under my skirt.

"Hey! You forgot your panties," one intoned. My coup de maître opening!

With a coquettish look I coyly said, "Nooooo. I didn't forget..." They made short shrift of getting my skirt above my waist and 5 or 6 fingers from 4 hands playing with my pussy. "You're playing, not inspecting," I offered. In seconds I was being triple finger fucked, clit and cunt lips massaged with two pair of eyes getting a close look. I didn't talk, just let them dig in so to speak.

There was two minutes of this 4 on 1 ministration. They were getting more enthusiastic. It was starting to get to me and I started to lightly moan and breathe heavy. I timed another minute and cooed, "Not fair to bring me to this point and then stop."

One said, "Let's go inside."

I responded, "I can't. Not inside. You boys have to figure out how to do me right here or around the alley while somehow maintaining privacy. The whole world can't watch... maybe a couple is O.K. but not everybody."

"Up on the stoop!" another cried. Two whisked me up the steps by the arms to the stoop, one pushed me down on my knees, and the fourth took his cock out and put it in my mouth. The other three stood around me to partially block public view though anyone walking or driving slow past had a good shot. I glanced to the side and saw my husband's van parked next door. He had a direct shot and with his professional zoom camera I was sure he was making me a video star. I hoped I was pleasing him. I sucked on #4 for three minutes and he started to gyrate and moan.

I looked at him, "Do you want me to eat your cum or save it for my pussy?"

"Finish me off. I might recover for seconds," he replied.

I sucked some more and soon swallowed his load. Another pushed me down on all fours and a cock entered my soaked pussy. "Man, is she wet and tight. This is prime pussy," he announced to his buddies.

"Glad you like it," I chuckled just before another cock entered my mouth. The one in my pussy pumped me long and hard. He gave the guys a play by play the whole time then exploded in me about the same time I swallowed another load. The 2nd guy came up and had me clean his cock as the 4th fucked me. Then the 1st, the first blowjob guy, was hard again in just 20 minutes and stuck it deep in my pussy. He became macho.

"You like this big black cock in your cunt, don't you, white honky bitch?"

Playing along, I turned my head and said, "I love it. Now see if your cock can match your talk." Everybody laughed. Everybody now included three more from down the block. While they were there to provide privacy I could see them salivating with big eyes as they waited their turn. Over the next two hours I fucked all seven – three twice – and blew all seven – right there on the small front porch. There had been a person or two who walked by and stopped briefly to peer through the picket fence of men with their dicks hanging out, but I didn't care. Then the men were spent.

I cooed, "That was super, guys. But I need more. Would a couple of you go down the block and round up another six or so who would like a piece of white ass?" They fell all over themselves trying to please. Soon eight hunks, all black, showed up. Having been told the deal two had their cocks out and were in my pussy and mouth in seconds. The other six lined up for their turn. Some I fucked on my back; some I rode. It was about the 4th of the new 8 that thought of my ass and reamed me there as everyone cheered and taunted me. Another two hours passed and I had fucked the 8 and blew 3 of them, plus 2 who returned from the first group for seconds... or was it thirds. I got up, went around and kissed all 15, patted their dicks, and said thank you.

To their surprise I walked (waddled really) 30 feet and climbed in a van, which took off. "By my count, including repeats, I was fucked 18 times and gave 10 blow jobs in less than five hours. Did I do O.K? Did I please you?"

Ken asked, "Did you pick up any cash?"

"No. Sorry. I'll try harder next time."

He replied, "There's no problem that can't be fixed. Yes, you did a great job. Most of the time I had a great view of you getting pummeled by what, one white and 14 black cocks. Watching those cocks ram in and out of your pussy for four straight hours is really something." As we drove home I lay on his lap and sucked his cock. Just before we got home I could tell he was ready to cum.

For fun I took his cock out of my mouth and jacked him off until he splattered cum all over my face and hair. "Nice shot," I chuckled.

"Nice suck and jack off, my lovely slut whore of a wife," he chuckled back.


It was the day of the colossal party and surprise gangbang we had set up for Dolly. She arrived at Joe's house right at 5pm. She was only loosely aware of what was going on, that she would probably be expected to screw or suck a couple of men. Ken was saving a surprise for her. Joe had three of his friends and Ken invited George and Jimmy. The biggie: Charley had 15 classmates. That's two dozen guys planning to fuck the tart, among other things. I'm sure some more than once. This is all a surprise to her. All of Charley's friends were sworn to secrecy, but knowing 18-year old boys, the chances that some in the school learn what a slut Dolly is, is certainly much greater than zero. On the other hand it probably won't matter as Ken has decided to post a few videos and lots of pictures of Dolly getting it on with innumerable men in innumerable ways on his web site in the near future. Today's activities and the web posting are designed by my diabolical husband to force her to turn totally into a complete subservient whore of his. I agreed with his plan and have worked hard to help Ken reach his goal with my friend, Dolly. With her looks and young body, not to mention her tight juicy pussy, she could be a very successful whore for my husband.

I had asked Ken where my mother was, knowing she was free today. He told me he decided to see what she could do on her own and was bar hopping or hanging out looking for a score. "She'll either get me a bunch of cash or you can help me spank her for a failure."

Ken welcomed Dolly in the entrance hall, had her chug 4 ounces of vodka, and told her that the first part is a surprise party and she was to be blindfolded. As he put on a very large and secure blindfold, he said that she was his guest of honor and he expected her to make a great effort to show off her stuff. "You're going to get screwed a couple of times and I'm going to watch closely and want you to show me how good you are, to please me." He walked her to the middle of Joe's massive living room. Charley and one of his friends removed all of her clothes while everyone else stayed perfectly quiet, which was the rule for the first couple of hours. The two lightly rubbed her body, twiddled her nipples and finger fucked her for a while. "Just to get you ready," Charley told her. In no time her nipples were taut, her pussy was soaked and she was breathing heavy – almost panting. Charley whispered in her ear, "You're really hot to trot, huh? I think you're ready for the games."

Ken and I then took over and laid her on her back on a large mattress we just dragged in with a large pillow under her hips. Charley was given the inaugural fuck. He crawled right on and shoved his dick in her pussy. "This will be the best part of the games," he said. While Charley fucked her, Ken had me tweak her nipples while he started the filming. In five minutes Charley had unloaded and said to Dolly, "More games coming right up." All of Charley's friends had been given numbers and as Dolly squealed softly, starting to realize what the game(s) might be, #2 started the sequence and fucked her like a rabbit. By #10 Dolly had totally figured out the game. Ten fucks in rapid succession along with her three orgasms were a good clue.

Ken commented to Leo and me how impressed he was. "She has taken ten cocks and she seems to be really getting into it and not slacking off a bit. Hear her moaning and heavy breathing? She's not just lying there passively but wrapping her legs around the boy, digging into his back, and bucking back against the invading dick. And look at that juice still pouring out of her cunt. Amazing. I wonder if she's getting clues that the boys fucking her might have been sitting in a desk next to hers just yesterday...."

It took 2-1/2 hours to get through all 16 schoolboys. Only 10 minutes per fuck including transfer time – not bad for 18-year olds not known for controlling their excitement but with good recovery powers. With over two hours to get through all of them there's no question about a second round. I served drinks and munchies to the men so they could really enjoy themselves in ringside seats at this fuck fest. This incredible specimen getting fucked over and over was indeed a thrilling sight.

Ken went next to inaugurate her ass. He raised her legs back over her head and while he held her legs he had me guide his prick into Dolly's asshole. Ken would pump lightly and rotate his hips as I held and aimed his cock head at the bulls-eye of her ass. Dolly let out a grunt as my husband's cock popped her asshole and slid in. This was new to a number of the boys who gathered close to get a bird's eye view. Ken raved in her ear, "You have been fantastic. I could hardly ask for anything better. Now you and I are going to show everyone how well you take it in the ass, too." "Oooooohhh," Dolly replied. With his great control, my husband fucked her ass for 15 minutes, with an "Uuuggh!" coming from her in time with every hard thrust. Having lost all inhibitions she also pushed back with each thrust so her ass would meet his. As he came he cooed, "Here it comes my little whore, deep up your ass." She moaned in response.

Joe's friends alternated with Ken's buddies – six all told, two in her ass. All six took 90 minutes, making it last as long as they could. "Keeping a cock reciprocating is the best way to make a cunt happy and sore at the same time," Ken commented to me. The best, Joe's cock, over 4 inches thick with nearly a 14-inch girth and a more normal 6-inch length, came last. Two of his friends held her legs apart as Joe struggled to get his pole into her pussy. Dolly's moaning turned to more shrieking replete with expletives and gasping. That motivated Joe and he managed to keep her driven up a wall for 20 minutes. She had her 6th orgasm of the night as Joe withdrew.

Ken stood Dolly up and gave her a vodka tonic to sip. "It's time to unveil the surprise... let you see who I brought in to hump you." Ken removed the blindfold. Dolly, with surprise and a little horror gasped, "Oh! No! You said you wouldn't." Ken replied, "No, I said that unless you forced me to I would not tell the whole school. This is not the whole school. I wanted to see you fuck some of your classmates so some had to be told. But don't worry, they are bound to secrecy. To maintain that secrecy all you have to do is fuck the ones here whenever they want – as long as I approve... and I'm sure I will approve. All of this is what you agreed to, that you would fuck anybody I say. Isn't that correct?"

"Yes,... correct," she mumbled, "but how do you know they'll keep secret?"

"I'm pretty sure. But if they do happen to tell a couple of other boys how you fuck like a mink, I don't see the problem. To me it's just more boys that I can let get in your pants and that's a good thing. And besides I might have you on the internet before long. You're a big girl now. Quit whining about it!" Ken responded.

He went on, "Just so you know, your sweet pussy taking all of those pulsating cocks was a beautiful sight. You fucked 'em all good... real good. I was pleased." Ken further directed, "Now get on your knees. Part two is equivalent to a stamina test of mine that both Barb and Brenda have passed. Now I'm going to test you. You won't let me down, will you," which was a command, not a question.

"I'll try not to," Dolly said meekly.

Ken continued, "I'm going to see if your mouth can fuck as long and as good as your cunt. The men are going to line up, come one by one, and you're going to give each one a blowjob. I want to see you sucking every cock with gusto and taking them as deep as you can in your throat. There is one twist: when they cum in your mouth – and you have to make every one cum – don't swallow but instead spit it in this cup at your side. You'll get a short break after every five blowjobs, but during the five there won't be more than 15 seconds when a cock is not in your mouth. Do you have it?"

"Uh huh," she mumbled.

"Be more clear. Say out loud that you understand completely and will do your very best to please me," Ken responded.

"I understand all of your instructions and will try hard to make you pleased," she replied loudly so all could hear.

"One last thing: most of the time I want you looking into their eyes. Men like that. And it makes your throat easier to get in deeper," Ken concluded. At 9:30 Dolly took the first dick in her mouth and continued to work on the first five. Ken was both commending her for good sucking and urging her on to get even better. The first guys to get blowjobs were the students. Being 18-year olds, Dolly was getting everyone off in about four minutes. Some of the taller boys figured out that when she was looking up to them they could stand directly over her and drive their dick in to the hilt like a pile driver. Some boys were also getting bolder and while waiting their turn would squeeze her tits, tweak her nipples, and taunt her. A few put their dick in one hand and whispered, "This is next. Get used to it." With her impressive diligence and their excitement, Dolly finished all 16 in 90 minutes including a couple of 5-minute breaks. At her side was a glass cup that had almost 8 ounces of cum.

"That was very good, "Ken commented. "Before you continue, you've been at it for over five hours and need some nourishment. Grab that cup and while everyone watches, drink it all down. Here's a spoon for any that has already dried." With just a brief look of apprehension, Dolly reached for the cup and, to the cheers of all, drank half the cum and spooned out the rest. Ken gave her another sip of her drink, "to wash it down good," and queried the boys, "Did you like her drinking all of your stuff?" A big cheer of assent went up.

"Now the rest," Ken announced. "You'll start with Leo to keep your mouth stretched." With wide eyes Dolly opened her mouth as wide as she could by herself and Leo's cock stretched it further as he shoved it in. Her mouth was stretched so far she could hardly bob her head or do sucking motions, so Leo face fucked her. That was a sight. With every thrust Dolly looked like a puffer fish and gagged. Her whole body actually oscillated; the fun taunts increased: "Give it to her, Leo." "Make the bitch take it all." With his stamina Leo kept it up for 15 minutes, adding his own taunts, "This'll make you the best cocksucker ever... How'd you like me to really pound this cock into your throat... I bet you'd like it if I face fucked you for hours, huh?..." Finally he pulled out. Dolly panted and whimpered as she spit his cum into the cup. Leo gave her a last taunt, "Next time I'll get a few more inches down you and see if you can suck and breathe at the same time... "

The next six, ending with my husband, got sucked off in about 45 minutes without an intervening break. Everybody gathered around as Dolly finished off the final couple of ounces of cum. She had been fucking or sucking virtually continuously for almost seven hours. Most impressive were the juices still dribbling from her pussy. Even with some of the 8 or so ounces of cum that got shot into her pussy still oozing out, it was clear her pussy was still putting out its own juice. Her thighs were coated down to her knees and there was a big puddle on the pillow. Also noticeable, if less impressive, was the hobbling and stumbling she did when she tried to walk.

But Ken had one more job for her. Ken told her, "One grand finale. Crawl between my slut wife's legs and make love to her cunt until she cums." To the others he cried, "Does everyone want to watch a little woman on woman action?" Again loud cheers of assent. Dolly dragged herself over to me, gave me a brief smile and dove into my pussy. I used my hands on her head to keep her going. Ken gave the boys another offer, "Many of you probably have not seen a well-fucked cunt up close. Come on up and see what it looks like... all red and puffy – though in this cunt's case still juicy and tight." While Dolly ate me out the boys raised her bottom, spread her pussy lips and gave it a thorough inspection. That playing with her pussy made Dolly moan and whimper and eat me with more gusto. In 15 minutes I cummed all over her mouth.

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