tagNovels and NovellasSubstitute Twins Ch. 01

Substitute Twins Ch. 01


With high school graduation only 2 weeks away, my mind was focused solely on making it through the day as quickly as possible. I was ready to leave this stuffy building and my drab uniform behind. The short, red, black, and plaid skirt seemed to get even more boring the more I wore it and my short-sleeved, button-up white shirt had a hard time holding in the chest that decided to finally show up this year. It seemed like the fabric got tighter each day. Until recently, I wore tank tops under my shirt and sweaters over, but this year I grew out of my shell and decided it was time for the guys in my school to take notice.

Before my senior year, I was ashamed of my tiny frame and long legs. I felt lanky walking the halls. Even at a young age, I stood taller than most of my classmates. When my growth spurt hit my junior year, I grew even taller, peaking at 5'8". At first, my added height threw me into a panic. The last thing I wanted were more eyes on me. But as I started watching myself in the mirror, height wasn't the only thing that decided to show itself. By the time the summer hit, my body had transformed from an awkward girly figure to that of a lean and curvy woman. Even my green eyes seemed to be a little brighter and my long, dusty blonde hair seemed to be shinier. The only thing I felt my figure lacked was a nice chest. My barely B-cups seemed almost undeveloped compared to my new body and I feared they would stay small.

I made myself the vow that my senior year would be one that not only I would remember, but I wanted my classmates to remember me too. It started subtle at first, I started leaving the sweaters behind and putting on a bit of make-up, but it started growing into rolling my skirt higher, buying strappy heels to lift my ass, leaving more buttons of my shirt undone, and making sure my sexy bras were visible through the white of my uniform shirt. Near the end of the year I noticed my barely B's had grown into full C's. It seemed as they grew, so did the lump in the pants of my fellow male classmates and even in some of the male teachers. I knew my goal of being remembered was working.

Two weeks before graduation, a mere week after my 18th birthday, I started feeling bored with my usual display. I had gotten a few dates but none of the boys in my grade seemed mature enough sexually for my taste. Just as I was starting to lose hope, I walked into 5th hour English only to be greeted by a tall man in black slacks, blue dress shirt and a navy tie. He had dark wavy hair and eyes that matched his shirt. He couldn't have been over 25 but had muscles that placed him out of the high school age category. I took my seat in the front row, the seat that I was fairly sure my middle aged English teacher had given me so he could look directly down my shirt while standing or up my skirt while at his desk.

"Hello class. I'm Mr. Jacobs. I'll be taking over Mr. Tucker's classes for the rest of the year while he sorts out some personal issues," he leaned himself against his desk as he explained further, "I know most of you are fairly prepared for the final exam he's been warning you about, but I figured a little more review couldn't hurt."

The next hour passed with a few failed attempts at me getting Mr. Jacobs' attention by licking my lips or twirling my hair. I even attempted to play with the deep v created by my partially unbuttoned shirt, hoping to draw his eyes to my ample cleavage, but nothing seemed to take him away from his task at hand. When the bell signaled the end of class, he told us all to have a nice day and took a seat in his desk. I bent deeply over to grab my books from the floor, making sure to face my ass his direction. I knew he wouldn't miss the show as long as his head wasn't down. When I stood back up and glanced his way, a small smile crossed his face as he seemed to adjust himself under his desk. I met his eyes with mine as a devilish grin found my face then turned and left the classroom.

Sixth hour seemed to fly by as my mind wondered to racy images of Mr. Jacobs and myself. I imagined him bending me over his desk or pressing me up against the dry erase board. By the time the bell rang, I was greatly considering skipping 7th hour to head home and alleviate myself of the aching I had between my thighs. My conscious, however, screamed louder than my dripping pussy and I decided to head to my Science class.

My books were set out in front of me and the bell had already rung as another Mr. Jacobs entered the room. This one was dressed in a grey shirt, black slacks, red tie and his hair was lighter and shorter. He placed his briefcase down and turned toward the class.

"Hello everyone. My name is Mr. Jacobs, but you guys can call me Mr. J. I'm sure some of you have already had my brother in Mr. Tucker's class so I figure Mr. J will be less confusing. I'll be stepping in to finish the year for Ms. Yoder while she takes care of some personal issues."

"And by personal issues he means Mr. Tucker," my friend Gina whispered in my ear.

"Grab your study packets and we'll jump in to exam review."

Mr. J was a bit easier to distract than his brother. Frequently, I caught his eyes fixed on my chest or trying to hide the bulge in his pants. I spent the next hour biting my lip when we locked eyes and pushing the edge of my skirt up when I knew he'd notice. I knew by the end of the week I could have him stripped down in the supply closet if I wanted.

The following week passed quicker than I had hoped. I spent every 5th and 7th hour trying to keep my substitutes' attentions and seeing how quickly I could get them to adjust themselves. When Friday rolled around, I was pretty sure I had the twins wrapped around my finger. Mr. Jacobs no longer tried to avoid staring at every inch of me and Mr. J found every excuse to touch my shoulder or brush by my desk. I had decided my goal was to get one of them out of their clothes before the school year ended. Mr. J seemed like the easy option.

"Mr. J?" my hand shot up about halfway into my last hour of the week.

"Yes Courtney?" Mr. J approached my desk as his eyes skimmed my body.

"I'm still not quite getting this last section of the review packet. I was wondering if you had time after school to help me out with it," I bit my lip and ran my finger up and down the open collar of my shirt, "I really can't afford to fail this test and it would mean the world to me if you could help me out."

"That shouldn't be a problem. Meet me back here after class and I'll help you," he gave me a flirtatious smile and headed back to his desk.

The bell rang and I quickly headed to my locker to grab my things. Before I returned to the classroom, I stopped by the bathroom to sneak into a stall and remove my panties. They were already wet with anticipation. I undid one more button and made sure my red lace bra peaked slightly out of my shirt. After making sure my hair was in place, and my make-up was flawless, I headed towards my destination.

"Hey Mr. J. Thanks for doing this. I really appreciate it," I found him sitting at his desk, eyes fixed on a laptop.

"Not a problem. It's my pleasure," he shut his laptop and put it away. His eyes instantly ran the length of my figure, taking in everything from my strappy red heels, knee length white socks and tanned legs, through my skimpy school uniform, all the way to the sexy look I had waiting on my face.

I slinked over to his desk and walked around to where he was sitting. His chair rolled back far enough to allow me to place myself directly in front of him. My ass found the desk as I lifted my right foot onto the armrest of his chair.

I bent over enough to give him a good look down my shirt, "Oh no Mr. J, it will be my pleasure."

I grabbed his hand, placed it on my leg, and slowly began to lead it upward. Once it had found the hem of my skirt, I released it and started unbuttoning my shirt. He started kissing the inside of my thigh and pushing his hand further up until it was gripping my lower back. His kisses turned into tiny licks. Goosebumps flooded my body when his breathing reached the lips of my pussy and I waited for him taste me. Seconds seemed like minutes until finally his hands pulled me deep into his wanting mouth. My head tilted back and my body arched as his tongue danced across my dripping snatch. He was careful to only tease me but not send me over the edge. After torturing me for an eternity, I wrapped my fingers in his hair and pulled his face deeper. He caught on quickly and latched on to my swollen clit, sending a gush of fluids into his mouth in a matter of seconds.

After he licked me clean, I slid from my seat on his desk down to my knees. My hands found the knot straining against his pants. As I started messaging him through his clothes, his head tipped back. In one swift motion, I released him and slid his pants and boxers down to his ankles. I wasted no time. My tongue found the tip of his shaft and a moan escaped his lips as I teased it. My hand worked his length as my tongue continued dancing circles around the head.

"Mmmm. That's it," his hips started rocking towards my mouth. His hand tangled in my hair and he pushed my head down until I felt his dick reach the back of my mouth. He guided my head up and down as his moans grew louder. I kept sucking down his precum until I knew he was about to explode. I forced my head down and took his entire length, holding just long enough for my hand to find and tease his balls. This was just what he needed to release his hot seed down my waiting throat. I swallowed every drop eagerly as his body relaxed.

His hands ran through my hair as mine continued to run up and down his cock. Once it became hard, I stood up, turned myself around and bent over his desk. He rose and pushed his pants aside as his fingers undid his buttons and tie. He threw them to the side and lifted my skirt up until my ass was completely in view. I turned my head to meet his gaze as he guided his dick to my wet pussy. He grabbed my hips and forced himself into me. I moaned as a wave of pleasure flooded my body. He continued to rock back and forth, smooth and steady at first.

"Faster Mr. J. Fuck me harder," I begged, meeting his eyes with mine. With no hesitation, he rammed his cock deeper. His smooth motions transformed into hard, powerful thrusts. I moaned as he hunched over and found my bouncing tits with his eager hands. He pinched and kneaded my nipples through my bra, never interrupting his rough, pounding rhythm. I knew I wouldn't be able to hold back my orgasm for much longer.

"I'm going to cum Mr. J. Make me cum!" His hands clutched my hips a final time as he made one absolute and deep plunge. Simultaneously, moans escaped our lips. My body fluttered as he emptied load into my soaking snatch. He collapsed on top of me and our heavy breathing started to calm. Just when I thought he was finished with me, he stood up and turned me around. I could see he was already hard again and I could feel myself starting to drip. One of his hands swiftly released my aching breasts from their lacy prison as the other steered his cock back to my sopping hole.

His mouth latched on to my hard nipple and his tongue began to flick the tip. His thrusting started deep and powerful and never let up. He took turns pleasuring each of my engorged nipples with his devious tongue. My legs wrapped around his back and my nails dug into his shoulder blades. We swayed in rhythm with one another, back and forth and back and forth, until my legs enclosed tighter and my nails dug deeper. He knew I was about to finish and I sensed he was as well. Our eyes locked as we pulled each other closer. When he was as deep as he could get, our bodies became rigid with powerful orgasms that left us shivering.

Once we finally released each other, we both put our clothes back on and made ourselves presentable, "Thanks for study session Mr. J." I kissed him on the cheek and walked out the door.

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