tagSci-Fi & FantasySubterrane Ch. 01

Subterrane Ch. 01


Author's Notes: This story is erotic fantasy written by Etaski. I reserve the right to be listed as the author of this story, wherever it is posted. If found posted anywhere except Literotica.com with this note attached, this story is posted without my permission. © Etaski 2010

This story arch is a sequel to my other submitted Drow story series, "Sisterhood."

I wrote the "Subterrane" series so that you are not required to have read the first story before reading this one; you will get the background you need. It may be richer for those readers who have already read of Sirana's first exploits, but all are invited to give it a try if you have interest in the Drow and the Underdark.

A warning on this story as a whole: Just as with "Sisterhood," the Drow are a Chaotic Evil race, and as such, most of the sexual elements are on the dark side, largely BDSM and force, with power shifts between those involved.

It's what they live for, after all. I hope you enjoy.


The last voice I had heard was the Red Sister Prime's deep contralto, as I lay not-quite-unconscious on a secret altar within the Palace.

"She is ours to train, Sister. We will inform her Matron after she's been taken outside of the City."

I remember feeling that there was no choice for me, not really, and I hadn't exactly volunteered to undergo that trial, or initiation, or whatever they wanted to call it. The Red Sisters as a whole had subjected me to a fair bit of hard use, all only to see my reactions and how I adapted. It was just as well that I headed off the automatic reaction of Noble arrogance and indignation; it would get me exactly nowhere.

Rise up to the challenge, or be tossed aside in favor of someone else with more guts. At least they thought I had a chance to become what they wanted me to be, and I would be able to live with that.

What they'd done to me was a clue of what types of things I might be allowed to do to others, should I pass their training. I'd have additional resources, and some of the previous limits at Court would be expanded. Those who did not fear me before very well may once I return. My playground would undergo a transformation that I wanted to see in its full glory. I could look forward to that, if I succeeded.

Yes, that's a wicked consolation, but where in the Underdark did any Drow *not* start rubbing palms together when new possibilities opened up?

I fell into deep reverie shortly after that last train of thought and did not recall anything else until I woke up again, naked and chilled and laying with the fingers of my left hand trailing in barely-moving water.

My ears detected regular drips echoing in a cavernous area, but otherwise it was quiet and calm. One could almost say it seemed "peaceful," if I valued such a thing. But in my world, it's only peaceful in the interim between power shifts, before the next attempt to disrupt the status quo. Peace was more like an underground geyser slowly building up pressure before surging high as possible and reaching for the ceiling.

The Valsharess was the exception, however. Protected by the Priestesses and the Red Sisters both, our queen had not been toppled or usurped in known memory. Or at least...in the history that I was taught. Young Drow who develop a certain skepticism for how the winners choose to spin their tales of "victory" and "divine right" are both better off for not being fooled, yet more at risk for being culled should they become troublesome.

The Matrons that existed now to fight over their place on the ladder beneath the Valsharess...? Yes, those are the ones who had struck the right balance. They were able to grab at their areas of control and yet didn't become *too* threatening as to be wiped out entirely.

As much as I resented my Mother and Matron for failing to see the damage done to me under Juarinia's "care," she does have that talent. And she had been always a subtle speaker, a certain kind of teacher to me whose workings of mind I could understand and...admire. To a point.

Now, in the quiet cavern, I only expected something to happen. My eyes flew open with a start and I jerked my hand out of the water before some creature could start nibbling on it. I held it in my other, slightly warmer hand, flexing and reassuring myself that it still worked properly as I lay on my side in the dark. The hard stone beneath me was uneven and slick, and my hip and shoulder had gone mostly numb for all the time I'd spent lying unmoving.

Swallowing an audible groan, I shifted quietly as I could onto my back and looked around, moving eyes and head slowly so as to not draw attention if someone or something was nearby enough to hear. I inhaled slowly, drawing clear scents of rock, algae, and moisture into my lungs but little else.

The place was not that large—enough to fit a small servants' quarters, perhaps, with a dark pool deep enough to sustain a score of Drow indefinitely since I knew from touching it that it was not stagnant but being fed by an subaqueous stream. Even such a valuable pool, though, would not support any type of agriculture or animal husbandry for longer than a few decades.

Unlike the City, there was no light here, and I wasn't seeing in the spectrum of visible light as I had been in the Palace during the trials. My eyes could detect heat to a degree, but more than that, it was radiation I could see, out to a certain distance.

The Surface Traders called it "Dark Vision," which neither had much imagination nor explained how it worked. Those races bold enough to venture down here sometimes had magical items to help them attempt to see as the natives could, but it frightened more than a few. They always carried fire as a back-up because they did not trust it.

What they did not trust was that everything moves, or emits movement. Live creatures, the four elements, everything. Waves of energy radiated out even from stone, from water and air, every bit as much as fire. Invisibility spells wrapped those waves around you, created a chameleon effect where your body did not break those waves of radiation. Magical darkness also masked that energy for a time in a specific location, though it didn't destroy it. Surface eyes, burned to numbness by the sun, had lost such sensitivity and flexibility—if they ever had it.

In the Underdark, the only thing I couldn't see when there was no light...was color. Color was reserved for the spectrum of light only, with fire or magical light or the life-light that some underground creatures made within their bodies: the luminous algae or insects or fungus that grew upon the stone. At all other times, radiation gave me a world of grey shapes and depth good enough that I could split a hair with my blade if it was necessary. The only true disadvantage, of which the wizards were most aware, was the fact that we were unable to see or read two-dimensional images on flat parchment. Like any wizard on the surface, that skill needed light.

All the better reason to know one's weapons and abilities and not rely wholly on magic, even though we as elves possessed that less tangible sense, that magic sense. Subtle in its workings but linked to our very nature, among the Drow it was always triggered by danger or threat. With our sight and all our senses, it was very hard to sneak up on us.

I realized, at this moment looking about the cavern, that these most-important senses were silent.

As my body started to relax, I became much more aware of it. My abdomen was astoundingly warm, and when I shifted my legs I gasped at the sensitivity of my sex.

It was a mistake to reach down and touch it. Blood pooled instantly and arousal coiled tighter and tighter until it began to hurt. Mental images of sex bombarded me—it almost didn't matter what kind, anything, but most important that it involve splattering semen—and my breathing quickened, alarmingly loud in the still chamber.

I was alone, I didn't know where I was, and I had to find a male. I just had to!

*What's wrong with me?* I pulled my hand away from myself and rolled to get on all fours, intending to stand up.

I didn't make it that far.

My groan was dampened by a constricted throat, and I lowered my head down to my forearms, my hair falling to cover my face. My knees I left open and my backside was high in the air as I prayed that a male gifted with an erection would magically come up behind me and plow my sex hard and fast. I swear to Lolth, I'd even gladly welcome Kerse! No games this time!

Quivers of uncontrolled lust passed through me that I did not like at all. What had Lelinahdara said at the end of the ritual...?

*Unless you want her to catch a child, keep her away...she will be craving males.*

Was this crippling desire the result of the healing of my womb, the side-effect of the divine energy the Priestess had called to flood my body? How was I to think, to act, or defend in this wilderness if I was paralyzed with this need? They'd known this would happen, hadn't they? I would bet they had.

And they'd left me alone with this!

With a growl I reached back between my legs with one hand, my forehead still braced on my one forearm, to slap my mound sharply a few times. I wanted to squelch this unnerving feeling, wanted to make it stop with pain. I flinched at each burst of sensitivity that was neither pleasure nor pain, but both. It changed nothing; this was not a fire that could simply be beaten down and smothered.

After another strained look about me, still convinced I was alone, I rubbed furiously at my sex, thrusting fingers inside much harder than was normal for me. My eyes squeezed shut and I bared my teeth as my spine tensed and my toes flexed. I just wanted to cum, I just wanted it to happen, to get it over with, if that stupid Priestess couldn't heal without forcing arousal, then fine, I'll...I'll...

"Nnggh..." I grunted, still suppressing my voice even if the squishy, sloshing sounds from between my legs negated my efforts to be quiet. The wave of pleasure was good. *Oh, very good, ohhhh, that's it...*

Except that it wasn't quite enough. No, I had to go one more time, then one more...

By the fourth orgasm, the warm spice of my arousal was all over my hand and seeping from my own body, announcing to the entire Underdark that a lone Drow was flopping around, helpless, and ready to be eaten at their leisure.

Wasn't that just delightful?

More grouchy than I'd been in my entire life, snarling and frustrated as my slit still throbbed and pleaded for real cock, not some poor substitute, I rolled and planted myself down to sit, leaning back against a stone.

How long would this last? Would it ever end?

I snorted a quiet laugh at the irony. *Now* I would beg that faceless wizard to fuck me, to let me cum, to do as he liked with my body as long as he sprayed his seed into my snatch at some point and I might even thank him for it....

My body was already sweating but it flushed both hot and cold at this realization and I bit down on my first knuckle to try to get my own attention, to focus. I was terrified at the strength of this divine magic. It could take my will and reduce me to a gibbering mass. I still had an intense distrust for Priestesses and all the religious magics. Give me a sword or dagger, rope, wire or poison, I could show you the direct path to victory. Give me a secret and a sense of a weak spot. I could exploit it.

I twitched where I sat and decided I really hated this particular weak spot. It wasn't really my weakness...it wasn't!

Could Lelinahdara have prevented this part? Was it a plot of the Red Sister Prime, or a punishment? Or just an "oops"? Had they not realized I'd be like this permanently until it was too late and when they realized it, the Priestess doomed me to a unique exile, one where I'd slowly waste away for want of mating and lack of physical contact?

I ground my teeth. No. I'd still not give up that easily.

I leaned forward and crawled on all fours toward the edge of the cavern pool. I was thirsty and perhaps it would cool me down at the same time. The temperature so far belowground is actually quite stable and warm, not nearly as cold as when you travel farther up, toward the surface and away from the world's core. I was not freezing and neither was the water; it smelled potable and was a pleasantly tepid as my lips touched the surface and I sucked in long, satisfying gulps.

At least one thirst could be satisfied.

I felt dizzy a moment when I finally stood up, but I stared down into the water and focused as well as I could below the surface. I watched for any sign of movement, of light, of danger...

After longer than normal for me, I could detect algae glowing dimly far below and small fish cutting silently through the liquid. Knowing there's always a bigger fish, the lack of one now didn't clear the pool as being completely safe, but if I was quick, perhaps...

Simply put, I needed to wash. Not only had I just creamed myself repeatedly, but the Red Sisters hadn't done me the favor of bathing me prior to abandoning me. Every mark and substance from their abuse in those secret chambers was still present on my body. My attempts to be quiet hadn't made any difference in my safety now that I thought about it. No doubt I could be scented from a mile away. Either I'd been exceedingly lucky while unconscious, or They had chosen this location well.

The pool served to cool me down temporarily and truly it was refreshing. Everything from my long white hair down to my scraped toes I cleaned in the black underground pool. The swirling water caressed constantly between my legs so that my mind never got far away from the fact that I sorely missed having members of the weaker sex nearby to sate me.

Really, the Sisters leaving me here was both the least effort they could make, and the most torture they could inflict.

Or so my cunt kept telling me.

I'm not so sure that's right.

Curse all mind-altering magic anyway!

I wrung out my hair after climbing out of the pool, shook my hands and let the rest of the water drain naturally down my skin and onto the stone. I caressed my netherlips again with one hand without thinking, then grimaced and pulled that hand away with the other. I gripped my hands tightly together and shivered in a way that had nothing to do with being cold.

Should I leave this area? Was I supposed to find my way back to the City or find something here? Were they waiting for me elsewhere? Or had I simply been left to find my fate in the wilderness?

A note or a sign might've been nice...

I braced myself against a boulder with arms straight, gripping rock as I was assailed again with overpowering imagery of mating again, and again. My legs parted and my back arched, begging to be mounted and ridden hard. The emptiness was agony, the lack of willpower maddening to me.

My ears perked at the sound of tiny, tiny footfalls and I opened my eyes to see the familiar motion of a large spider crawling closer to my hand.

A spider. Our goddess's symbol. Already I could imagine the excitement a Priestess might show for such timing. "It is a sign! Lolth is making contact!" they'd say.

I stared hard at the grey arachnid as it creeped and stopped, creeped and stopped. It wasn't heading toward my hand directly, in fact it was trying to avoid me after realizing it had gotten too close. I reached out my hand to block its path; it tried to go around, and I blocked again, deftly slipping my fingers beneath its forelegs to lift it onto my fingertips and closer to my scowling face.

I could make out small black eyes in a ghostly face, small hairs on a still, hunched body sensing the heat of my skin, and small hooks holding tightly so that even if I turned my hand vertical it would hold on.

A sign from Lolth, was I to take it?

My pussy pulsed again, a frustrating amount of drool anointing the lips just now cleaned. I bared my teeth at the spider and slammed my hand down, crushing it then smearing its shards and goo across the rocks.

Fuck Lolth...

Her Priestess had left me to face a similar fate. I could be so focused on getting my cunt stuffed that my senses would fail to recognize a giant of a threat until I was walking well within its sight. Just like that spider had walked up to me.

*Thanks a lot, Most Fickle of Goddesses. How You laugh with glee, so entertained at our antics. Do You lose interest when the plaything stops struggling in Your Web?*

I knew I did.

I also knew that, entertaining or not, I had not ceased struggling. Far from it.

*So keep laughing, goddess.*

Stone rolled gently around the edge of the pool and I decided to trace the cavern in which I'd been left at least once, just to be sure I knew what I was leaving behind. Wouldn't it just be like an assassin to say later, before killing me, "Oh, I'd left something for you, if only you'd looked around and not stumbled off like a helpless idiot into the unknown."

So yes, even just basic martial training suggested you sweep the area clean before leaving it, in case there's some useful tool there you can use.

It took longer than I would have liked to check the cavern. Twice in my turn about the place, I sank to my knees, gasping and not seeming to catch my breath for the sudden waves of want that overtook me.

The need was constant, but fortunately it also surged and withdrew, allowing me brief respites of relative lucidity that allowed me to shakily climb back to my feet and move again. I knew I would still be in trouble if I ran across something dangerous while in the grips of this...this breeding trance.

Finally, though, I found something. For all my recent cursing about magic, there was still that inborn sense and I did value it. I could not help but be able to sense magic nearby; it was in my heritage.

Even my beloved, straightforward weapons were fashioned with various amounts of Drow magic.

I slowed and turned my head toward a small outcropping that partially hung over my path along the pool's edge. I was on the far side from where I'd awoken, and a silent, familiar hum beckoned me closer to that outcrop.

I found a shadow dagger in its sheath as long as my forearm tucked between stones so as not to be easily dislodged by a passing cave dweller. I reached with one had first to touch it and subtle recognition answered my instinctive inquiry.


I used both hands to carefully release it and felt the curving designs upon the sheath and the hilt with my fingers, so stark and familiar that I could see them in my mind's eye: House Thalluen. I drew it to check its edge; it had an elegant curve and was all black metal to reduce reflection. It had a single edge blade and double fullers on either side running its length. The sheath possessed the crest of my House in the form of inlays, but those were matt black upon black as well. Simple and beautiful, one of the stealth blades.

They had left me a weapon from my own House. My only possession out here.

Unlike the spider I could say that this, at last, was my sign and my instruction.

I had to find my way back.

There was no belt so I would have to carry the long dagger in my hand. There were also no other supplies found as I checked the reset of the area; nothing to carry water from the pool, nothing with which to clothe myself, and no food.

They were testing my previous training, perhaps? How much did I remember of the survival trials? It wasn't so long ago; I wasn't worried. I also considered that there were two ways in which they could evaluate me: just wait and see if I ever came back, or have at least one Red Sister stalking and watching. Too soon to tell which one, so—

I gasped and hunched over as I was gripped by the lust again, teeth clenched and waiting, waiting for it to recede again. Just make it stop...!

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