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Queen Wana stuffed up her leather backpack, carefully scanning her royal chambers once more before departing. Seemed like she had everything she needed for her journey. She was a tall woman with a thick, muscular build, and had long dark blonde hair and a golden tan. She was also completely naked, her large, swinging breasts and huge nipples hanging free and loose. Her big vagina was covered by a mass of blondish hairs.

Lastly, she donned her leopard skin cape and Viking-style helmet with its two horns sticking up, and left her quarters. One of her guards, a half-human, half-lizard creature, with green, scaly skin, approached her.

"Your ride is ready, Your Highness," he said.

"Thank you. Is the evacuation complete?"

"Almost. We'll definitely have everything packed and moving before the invaders come." The guard shook his head regretfully. "So sad we have to flee like cowards, Your Majesty. We should take a defiant stand and fight them, if you don't mind my saying so."

"Not at all," she replied calmly. "I respect the viewpoints of all my people. Unfortunately, a spy in my empire snitched to the invaders and told them where we were, and it wouldn't be safe for us to stay here. Their army is much bigger than ours."

"And much more savage. I hear they pillage like mad, raping and killing innocent men, women, and children. Even elderly people."

She nodded gravely. "Now you see why we must leave, Phuta. I will head to Javan Cave and hide there for a period until the invaders have come and passed. There might be other spies in my kingdom and I fear they'll alert the invaders and try and assassinate me. So it's best for me to wait a while and make sure they won't know the final location of our future home."

Phuta nodded, extending his hand. "Good luck, Your Highness."

She shook it firmly and said, "Thank you. Good luck to you, too."

The Queen rode her flying reptile through sunny, blue skies. They flew over mountains, lakes, rivers, valleys and lush, green forests. These were what the vast, scenic lands of Wanan were comprised of. Lands that she inherited from her father's throne. She grew up here and knew most of the territory intimately, and ruled with a firm, yet understanding fist.

She reached the main entrance to the cave momentarily. After tying the reptile to a tree, she strapped on her backpack, and went inside. The deeper she probed, the darker it got. She took out a lantern and lit it with a match. The ground was damp and mossy beneath her bare feet. The air smelled of flora. Soon, the trail she was on sloped down gradually, descending until she arrived at a subterranean passageway. She pointed the lantern in both directions, frowning in thought. Even though she governed Wanan, she was ashamed to admit she wasn't very familiar with the cavern. Well, I'll get to know it now, she mused.

She heard water dripping slowly in the distance. Drip drop, drip drop, drip drop. She decided to follow the sound, hoping to find the origin of it. Minutes later, she found herself in a large underground chamber with numerous stalagmites and stalactites. She saw a single drop of water fall from the ceiling to a small lake below. She stood on the muddy shore of the lake, studying the calm, placid surface. A cool draft wafted through the chamber. It was a welcome relief from the heat and humidity outside the cave.

Suddenly, colorful, fluorescent rocks at the bottom of the lake lit up, startling her. The lights showered the room's ceiling with bright hues of purple, orange, red, and blue. Sightless fish swam in the lake. After staring at the colors in awe, she moved on.

The shore of the lake led her to another dark, dank passageway. The beam of her lantern shined on the dirt path ahead and at the rocky walls around her. On one of these walls were primitive stick drawings of humans, animals, and other creatures. She pondered the thought about encountering other life forms in the cavern, wondering if they would be hostile or not. They might not even be aware she was the Queen! She touched the sword that was strapped to her back reassuringly. Either way, she'd be ready for them.

The trail descended to a lower level. It was deafeningly silent except for the sound of her footsteps. As she walked, she thought about her empire and hoped they'd find a safe passage to the secret location. By the time the invaders reached her pyramid, it should be vacant and empty.

She heard something flapping and shot the lantern's beam above, seeing a couple of bats flying away. Then, as she rounded a bend, a giant white-haired ape jumped at her without warning, bringing them both crashing to the ground. She dropped the lantern. They wrestled on the floor for a while, her huge, muscular legs thrashing wildly. Looking at the creature more closely now, it appeared part human, part ape, like an early ancestor of man. Maybe it had made the drawings.

She also saw that he had one of the biggest dicks she'd ever seen (and she had seen many huge penises in her life). He placed his large hairy hands around her neck and tried to strangle her. Her Viking helmet kept banging against the ground as he pushed her down and applied more pressure. Before he could do so, she grabbed his cock and squeezed it with all her might until he screamed in agony. The cries echoed throughout the cave. In her many years as a warrior, she learned that having male genitalia was a big disadvantage on the battlefield, and often times she used it to her advantage.

As the creature clutched its dick anxiously, she got up, unsheathed her sword, and sliced off its head with one neat swing. After collecting the lantern, she moved on.

Several yards on, she heard a male voice shout, "Help!"

She shined the light in the direction of the voice and saw a thin black man sitting on a rock with his wrists and ankles tied up with rope. Next to him was a muscular, curvaceous indigenous woman with light brown skin and long raven black hair. She was tied up as well. Both were naked.

Wana severed their ropes with her sword.

"Thank you, Your Highness!" the man said, getting up with a sigh. He helped the Indian woman up.

Wana noticed she was as big and tall as she was, and had big breasts with enormous black nipples. The man was shorter than both of them, having a thick, long penis.

"We would've been dead if you hadn't come," the man said.

"What happened?" Wana inquired, sliding her sword into its sheath.

"The apes captured us in the forest and brought us here. Apparently, this is their home."

"How long have you been in here?"

"Couple of days. They fed us and everything, but still, I think they had bad intentions for us."

"What are your names?"

"I'm Tilly," the black man said. He gestured to the woman. "This is Rayna."

"Hello, Your Majesty," she said in her broken English.

Wana nodded at her.

"I suggest we get out of here before more apes come back," Tilly said anxiously, looking around. "I think they're out hunting now."

"Good point," Wana replied, and led them down the dirt trail.

* * *

"There's another entrance here somewhere," Tilly said. "That's where they brought us in."

Wana remained suspicious, thinking these two could be spies sent to kill her. Her brow furrowed in thought as she brooded over this. She mustn't lower her guard just yet.

She cleared her throat and asked, "Where are you from?"

"I'm from Lasha," Tilly replied. "Rayna is native to this land."

"I'm his guide," she said. "Me and my family own a farm. . .I help them. I am servant in other people's house too. . .Tilly find me at farm. I sometimes guide people to places. So Tilly ask me take him to Elbron."

Wana nodded. "Why are you going there?" she asked, looking at him carefully. Are they planning to assassinate me?

"I'm going to start a bartering business there," he answered calmly. "As you know, the barter industry is thriving in Elbron. Everyone's going there to trade and get something."

Wana nodded again. He sounds sincere, but I've still got that lingering feeling. She turned to Rayna. "Are you returning home afterwards?"

"Yes, Your Highness. I have many tasks waiting for me at my tribe's village."

She could be lying, too.

They passed through a series of rooms with more stalagmites and stalactites. Wana heard the sound of water dripping slowly again.

She turned to Tilly. "Are we getting closer to the opening?" Or is this a trap? Why haven't they tried to kill me yet? They've had ample time and opportunities to.

He stopped walking, looking around carefully at their dark surroundings. After rubbing his chin in thought, he said regretfully, "You know, I think I'm lost. . .everything looks the same in here. I'm sorry for failing you, Your Highness."

"It's okay," she said understandingly. She looked at Rayna. "You're a guide. Are you familiar with this cave?"

"I have not been here a long time, not since I was little girl." Rayna frowned in thought. "I trying to remember the way out. . .but I recognize nothing. I always warn not come here because of apes. My parents tell me they dangerous."

Coincidentally, Wana heard the ferocious cries of an ape in the distance. Perhaps they had discovered their slain brother. "C'mon, let's go," she said urgently.

After replenishing themselves with water from a stream, they hiked up a bunch of large boulders until they reached a peak where they could see the entire underground valley of one portion of the cavern.

The Queen looked at it impressively. "Amazing," she said. "I'm ashamed and embarrassed to admit I didn't know this all existed beneath my lands."

They kept ascending. On another plateau, they found a human skull and some bones, with small pieces of bloody flesh still clinging onto the bones. The next series of rocks were more steep and difficult to climb, so Wana took out some rope with a metal claw at one end of it from her backpack. She swung it up until the claw hooked onto something sturdy before allowing the two to climb up.

Suddenly, they heard the hostile growls of apes. They seemed to be getting closer.

"Quick!" Wana instructed, watching them scurry up the wall of rock until they reached an opening at the highest peak.

When she turned around, she saw a pack of large white-haired apes approaching her slowly with murderous looks in their eyes. Their dicks were long and humongous. Are they gonna leave me here to die? Was that part of the plan?

She unsheathed her sword and swung it viciously at the creatures as they lunged at her. A severed hand landed on the ground, then a bloody arm, then a bunch of fingers. She thought it was over until she saw more apes closing in on her. An endless army of them it seemed, all growling and snarling menacingly at her. A few of them hopped on rocks above her, ready to pounce.

As one jumped at her, she hacked off its head with one swift blow. Blood flew everywhere. Before she could strike again, one of the apes above lunged at her from behind, knocking the sword out of her hands. Another ape grabbed it and ran off. The ape that jumped her was still on her back, riding her like a wild steer. She tried to throw him off but his hairy legs were wrapped tight around her torso. He pulled her long dark blonde hair, trying to rip it off and she screamed in pain. She looked up for a second and saw Tilly and Rayna squatting down at the opening above, watching her helplessly. They had pulled the rope up a little to prevent any apes from climbing up. Smart move, Wana thought. Still wonder if they're going to ditch me.

Wana tried to reach for the dagger in the sheath that was strapped around her muscular thigh but an ape tore it off. The one riding her back tried ripping off her hair once more and she winced. After she got a second wind, she grabbed the creature's left arm and hurled him off her and he landed on the ground with a loud thud.

A circle of them surrounded her, saliva dripping from their evil, wicked grins. One of them rushed at her and she took him on, the two of them wrestling viciously. They were locked in a vise-like bear hug for a while, doing a bizarre dance across the floor it seemed. The other apes simply watched, howling and hooting lecherously. She tried breaking out of the bear hug by pounding her fists down hard on his furry back but it proved futile. He squeezed harder and she started feeling out of breath. His ugly, smirking face was inches away from hers, and she could smell his horrid breath. His saliva dripped profusely all over her large breasts and bare chest.

She slammed her fists on his back again but he didn't let go. Finally, she knocked her steel Viking helmet against his face with all her strength, and he released his grip. She kicked him hard in the balls and he cried in agony, falling down on his knees. She delivered another powerful kick to his head and he dropped to the floor.

Another giant ape stepped into the circle and wrestled her, trying to tear off her cape, but she managed to get behind him and lock him into a tight bear hug. He tried breaking loose, but her embrace was firm. She glanced up again and saw that Tilly and Rayna were still there. Maybe I was wrong about them. The Queen grabbed the ape's big penis and pulled with all her might, causing him to scream bloody murder. She ended it by wrapping her brawny arm around his neck and breaking it.

"Your Majesty!" Tilly shouted, throwing the rope down to her. "Hurry!"

Wana grabbed the rope and quickly climbed up the wall of rock. She felt something tug beneath her and saw some apes climbing after her.

"C'mon, you're almost there!" Tilly said.

One of the apes grabbed her huge, muscular calf and tried pulling her down but she kicked him in the face and he fell to the ground yelling. When she reached the opening, another one clutched her bare foot, dragging her back down the face of the cliff. She grabbed Tilly and Rayna's hands, and there was a brief tug-a-war as both parties tried taking the Queen. Finally, Tilly and Rayna pulled her back into the opening, and Rayna severed the rope with a knife. The apes still climbing fell to their deaths.

They covered a lot of ground through more passageways, trying to distance themselves as much as possible from the rampaging apes. After catching some sightless fish from another lake (and later bathing in it), they decided to camp near the shore. They built a small fire, grilled the fish, and ate quietly.

"Thanks for saving my life," Wana told them, sitting Indian-style before the fire. I guess it's safe to trust them now. The wild orange flames gave off a warm, cozy feeling. They all sat on a bear fur blanket she had brought.

"You're very welcome, Your Highness," Tilly replied, smiling.

She looked down and noticed his long black dick was hard and swollen. Rayna's big black nipples were erect. Wana shot them a naughty grin, taking off her leopard skin cape and throwing it aside. She got on her knees, getting closer to them. Tilly stared at her big, curvy ass, his jaw dropping wide open.

"Have you ever tried cracking a walnut open with your butt cheeks, Your Highness?" he asked mischievously.

"I have, and I was successful," she said, blowing him a steamy kiss. "You got one for me to crack?"

"I wish I did."

He slapped her ass a few times and she howled like a wild animal. She sat her big frame partially in his lap and partly in hers, embracing them and soul kissing them passionately. Wana eagerly stuck her long tongue into their mouths. Tilly fondled her big tits, sucking and licking her huge left nipple while Rayna took the other one. Wana looked down at them, her moans echoing loudly and deeply throughout the cave. While they licked, she stroked his cock feverishly with one hand, while with the other, she fingered Rayna's vagina. Rayna's loud moans joined in with hers.

Moments later, he sat on a large rock while they took turns sucking his thick penis. He closed his eyes, a big grin on his face. "Ooooooh, my God, I'm in heaven," he said softly.

"Yes you are," Wana whispered sexily. "Do you prefer the blonde or the brunette?"


Next, they knelt down on the bear fur and he rubbed his dick against Wana's tanned butt cheeks. After wrapping his arms around her from behind, he caressed her breasts, licking beads of sweat off her long, wide back. He was surprised how smoothly his penis slid into her anus, as if she did that way very often. He buried his face into her sweaty blonde hair and began pumping her fast and hard.

Rayna knelt in front of her and started fingering the Queen's giant vagina quickly, and her moans went up several octaves as she received it from the front and back. Wana reciprocated by soul kissing her occasionally, and giving Rayna's pussy a hand job as well.

The human sandwich soon reached a climax when Tilly came inside of her anus, and both women achieved an orgasmic high. Afterwards, they bathed in the lake again, dried themselves up, and lied back down on the bear fur. Wana threw some more wood into the hot, crackling fire before covering them with another blanket. Tilly snuggled close to her, giving her a long, sensual kiss.

"You're a delicious woman," he whispered into her ear. He put his arm around her, his hand on her butt, his shaved head resting in the valley between her breasts.

She fell to sleep minutes later.

The Queen was awakened by him kissing her tanned, freckled back. His lips felt nice and warm against her skin. She propped herself up on one elbow, shooting him a naughty grin, and grabbed his massive, erect black dick with its large ball sack.

She stroked it feverishly and said, "Good morning."

"Morning, Your Highness," he replied, soul kissing her.

Rayna was still asleep.

He moaned as she kept feeling him, and began fondling her breasts, sucking her big nipples again. Even though the campfire had been extinguished, they were still nice and toasty under the blanket. She was already working up a good sweat.

He got on his knees and she crouched down and gave him a blowjob, occasionally trying to shove his ball sack into her mouth but it was a bit too big.

"C'mon, try to get it in, Your Majesty," Tilly said encouragingly.

She tried once more but the sack wouldn't fit into her mouth, so she simply licked it passionately. Rayna had gotten up, and sucked his dick for a while. Then Wana sat on a rock, spread her muscular, curvy thighs wide open, and let them run their tongues on her vagina.

Her loud, deep moans boomed throughout the cavern, and she caressed their heads with her hands. "Eat my pussy!" she said. "Eat my pussy!"

Moments later, Wana squatted down on the bear fur and he slapped her big ass a few times, causing her to howl like a wild animal again. He did her doggie-style, while Rayna knelt before her and the Queen fingered her pussy quickly. The trio moaned passionately together.

Minutes later, Tilly said, "Oh, God, I'm gonna cum!" He pulled his big dick out of Wana's vagina and sprayed warm, white semen all over her back and butt. As the last of it spurted out, she rubbed it across her behind until it was completely covered by it, smiling at him lustfully.

Soon afterwards, Rayna experienced an orgasm.

Wana packed up her gear, and they resumed their search for an exit out of Javan Cave. The trail ascended eventually, but at a very gradual pace, and they shortly found themselves on a higher level. The trio climbed up some more rocks and discovered yet another plateau.

Wana pointed the lantern at the ground, noticing that it got damper and mossier as they continued walking. The passageway grew narrow and claustrophobic, with sharp, jagged rocks on both sides. A bat fluttered its wings above them and flew away. She stopped seconds later, shining the light at what appeared to be human feces on the floor.

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