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Subtle Submission


When Amber, 21, left the university library at half five her partner was waiting outside. Stood facing the main entrance with a wide smile that makes Amber feel like everything's right with the world. Their relationship had a strong DD/lg (Daddy Dom, little girl) dynamic, and meeting outside the library with a bag of sweets was one of the rituals that made them both happy.

"How's your day been munchkin?"

"Fine thank you Daddy."

"Do you want a fruit pastille?"

"Mmmm, yes please!"

He took her hand and led her down the street. The traffic looked a nightmare, but the pavement was clear. "Did you work on your essay about the Third Way poppet?"

"Yes, I wrote five hundred words!" Amber replied playfully.

"Well done," he enthused. "I think that deserves a new colouring book after dinner."

"Oooh yes. Thank you Daddy."

He was wearing a black suit, dark blue tie. His blonde hair had been cut recently, he always got a number 5. Amber was wearing a floral blouse under her coat; white knee-length socks, just meeting a grey pleated skirt. Clothes Daddy had picked out for her.


Amber waited as Daddy unlocked the front door then placed his keys down on the hall table. Turning back, he lightly nodded for her to step forward. Amber smiled and proceeded to remove his coat then her own. Door locked, he perched on the wooden chair acquired for this precise moment...

Amber dropped to her knees and delicately untied the laces of his expensive black brogues. Her thick cotton socks saving her from the hard floor. Making sure not to damage the leather at the back, Amber slipped Daddy's shoes off and placed them neatly underneath the chair. After taking care of her own shoes, Amber followed Daddy through to the living room and joined him on the sofa.

"Here, have another fruit pastille," he said, pressing a red strawberry pastille to her pursed lips.

She let out a soft moan, "Thank you Daddy."

"Was it hard, all those long hours in the library?" he said, half-jokingly.

"Oh, it was so tough Daddy! I was only thinking of you," Amber replied.


"Okay your fifteen-minute break is over now munchkin," he said with a grin. "There are shirts of mine I need ironing whilst I cook us a lasagna." With no hint of reluctance, Amber sprung up and raced off upstairs to comply.


With his work-shirts firmly pressed and proudly hung up in the wardrobe, Amber scuttled downstairs to see how Daddy was doing in the kitchen.

"Almost ready munchkin, set the table."

"Yes Daddy."

Amber was precise with how the cutlery and table mats were laid out. She carefully poured three-parts apple juice to two-parts water for him, and a glass of her favourite orange juice for herself.


The two had a normal conversation over dinner. Discussing interesting articles they'd read, office politics, Westminster politics. After finishing dinner - which was agreed to be delicious - it was clear between them they had more interesting activities to be getting on with. Their gazes met and they each caught a twinkle.

"Go brush that sugary orange juice off your teeth."

"Yes Daddy."


"Did you do a good job?"

"Yeess," Amber grinned.

"Good girl." That made Amber content. "Now guess what I've got for you."

"Ooo ooo, is it a brand new colouring book like you promised?!" Daddy just smiled. "Is it Disney? Is it Disney?"

"Is this Elsa on the front?" Daddy replied.

"You know it is! Yes!" she said.


Amber was colouring away in the hallway so she could stay in the headspace and not be distracted by whatever Daddy was watching on TV. He walked out of the living room to refill his non-alcoholic drink and Amber kept her head down. Busily colouring, toes wiggling in the air. Communicating: don't interrupt me yet.


She didn't have any way of telling the time, but Amber could guess the programme was finished by the distant sound of the channel announcer's voice and the sound of Daddy standing up. She zipped her colouring pencils in the Disney pencil case and stared eagerly at the door.

"Follow me," Daddy said. They climbed the staircase silently. He put his phone in the top drawer of the near bedside table. Turned around and Amber was facing him; looking stunning, he felt the luckiest man in the world. "Begin," he said. Amber cleared her throat...

"Rule one: I dress to please Daddy; my shoes will be shinny and my hair will be tidy. Rule two: I will behave; acting sweeter than Daddy's aftershave. Rule three: I exercise to keep fit; able to touch my toes or hold a pose. Rule four: I serve Daddy; whether tidying the bed or giving head."

Beaming, Daddy walked over and kissed Amber on the forehead. She giggled and placed her hands on his firm arse. Daddy gently but swiftly removed her hands and held them by her sides. "Your hands are going to stay here until I decide otherwise," he stated. As he took a step back she felt obliged to comply.

A familiar black leather blindfold was taken from the chest of drawers. Its fleece lining felt soft over Amber's eyelids; and ensured if she did open them, her vision would be totally blocked. She was tempted to reach out, but dutifully kept her arms by her sides.

"You know what you have to say if you feel like hitting pause or stop don't you?" Daddy asked.

"Orange and mango," Amber replied. He gave her a sensual peck on the neck.

Daddy sat down on the bed. "Now as much as I've been appreciating this outfit," he remarked. "I'd love to see what's beneath that pleated skirt. Do you think you could remove it for me without your arms leaving your sides?"

Amber smirked, "Easy Daddy." Yanking her skirt incrementally down by flicking her wrists. Just before it fell, she swivelled her hips to tantalise him with a rear view of her pink lace panties, the words "Daddy's Girl" embroidered in white.

"Very sexy," Daddy affirmed. Not being able to see, Amber smiled as she righted her body towards Daddy's voice to face him.

"Now, I'm going to have to unbutton the blouse myself," he said. Amber licked her lips. Daddy was careful and deliberate, unbuttoning from the top, keeping her perfectly still. "Gorgeous," he said. Glancing her white bra revealed under her open floral blouse.

Amber tipped her head slowly back in relaxation; and purred as Daddy pushed her hair behind her ears; then ran his index fingers down the back of her ears and down to the blouse collar. He suddenly whisked the blouse off Amber's shoulders, giving them both a rush of excitement.

"Please Daddy, don't stretch this out," she pleaded.

"I'm going to take all the time in the world."

He looked her up and down and decided, "I think I'm going to keep the socks on." Perching on the bed, "Take two small steps forward," Amber complied. Then, "Turn one-hundred-and-eighty degrees keeping your arms by your sides." Amber felt under his spell. He grazed her left butt-cheek. Teasing, threatening to strip her of her lace panties. "Bend forwards and wiggle for me."

Doing exactly that Amber chuckled a little, "Hehe." Daddy struggling to keep a straight face.

"Up," Daddy said. Followed by, "Turn back towards me." He grabbed her shoulders to rotate her exactly where he wanted. Then reached to unclasp her bra at the back. Pulled bra off her arms by the straps. "Perfect," he said, grasping her breasts firmly, making her feel owned.

"Daaaddy, take me now," she protested.

He reached forward and kissed her lips. Amber, in darkness and with her arms practically welded to her sides by his command, kissed him back. Unable to stare Daddy in the eyes, unable to hold his hands, unable to rip his shirt off his body. Ah! She submitted to the frustration. Daddy then stepped to one side of her; wrapped an arm around her upper back, another across the back of her thighs and lifted Amber flat onto the bed. "Don't move arms from your sides," he commanded.

Daddy returned to the chest of drawers, picked up a length of brown linen hemp and unravelled the loose knot. Repeated with three other lengths of rope, then laid them down on the bed away from Amber. "Palms flat," he said sternly. He found the bight at the midpoint of one length of rope, then proceeded to fix a bowline tie around her right ankle over her white knee-length sock: wrapping twice round, crossing the bight and the long standing end of rope, creating a loop with the standing end over everything then under the bight, feeding the bight under the wraps and through the loop, finally pulling on the standing end to tighten and close the knot. Amber was on tenterhooks imaging how Daddy was going to manipulate her body.

Taking the two strands of rope emitting from the bowline tie, Daddy started tying a futomomo. He grabbed a hold of her calf and forced it against her thigh. Wrapped the rope six times anticlockwise around the thigh and calf. Making sure her ankle didn't slip back away from her thigh. He drew the rope down the outside of her leg, making hitches across each of the horizontal wraps. With each new contact of the hemp Amber felt her skin respond. Although she was in darkness she could paint a picture in her mind of the futomomo, and it was beautiful.

"How does that feel?"

"Wonderful Daddy."

"The tightness munchkin?"

"Fine. Tighter over my bare skin versus the sock."

The rope was cinched off at the bottom wrap. As ties were added Amber was dying to reach out and test them. It was so hard to keep her palms flat on the bed. Like an itch she had to resist scratching.

Amber felt the mattress shift as Daddy swiveled round to reach a second length of rope. In these quiet moments Amber quickly fell into contemplative state. Anticipating. Wondering what Daddy was thinking.

"Are you going to keep those cute hands still for me?"

"Ummm, yes Daddy", she said. Putting her tongue to her lips.

"You wouldn't move them if I placed this rope on your face?" Daddy asked, doing just that.

Inhaling the scent of the rope, Amber didn't want to say anything. He parted her legs and knelt on her left hand and between her thighs. "I'm watching that right hand," he said commandingly.

She paused..."I'm yours," said with a twinge of nervousness at what pain could be inflicted.

He moved the rope down to rest across her neck, reached forward and kissed her. "I know," he said. Amber purred. He responded by tweaking her nipples as he sat up.

Before Amber had noticed he'd linked the ropes and started hitches up the inside of her leg. She could feel the bondage become more restrictive as he added hitches. Spiralling back around the vertical rope several times.

"Tell me if your legs feel tingly or you get a burning sensation. We need to keep your nerves safe."

"Yes yes, will do Daddy."

"I'll watch the colour of your legs to see they don't go white, in which case you're in danger. If they go purple, red or blue with a trapped vein you've got ten to fifteen minutes."


He took one running end of rope and wrapped it twice around her forearm He then completed a French bowline tie; making sure the knot was across the broadest part of the forearm, away from vulnerable nerve areas. Next duplicating the tie with the other strand of rope so four wraps were binding her forearm to the futomomo. Daddy was devious - with the bowline tie that started the futomomo fixed on the inside of her ankles - her prying fingers couldn't unravel her binds.

"Can't reach?"

"Can't even wiggle free Daddy," she said. He found that very satisfying.

Amber relaxed her head into the mattress as Daddy replicated the futomomo on her left leg.

"How do you feel?"

"Really relaxed... and blissful."

"That's the serotonin in your amygdala."

"Hmmm... I love it."

"Make sure every few minutes you test the sensation in your finger tips and run your index finger down your thumb, and tell me straight away if you feel tingly. You can feel tingly for a while, but we don't want to leave the rope on and risk sensation not returning for several days."

"Yes Daddy."

"And remember: if you are completely numb from compressed veins then you won't be able to perform sensory checks on your nerves."

"Okay, I'll watch out," she said. Comforted that he was keeping her safe.

As the bondage became more and more restrictive Amber slipped into a deeper trance-like state. Her mind emptied, periodically noticing the tightness of her bondage with each new tie. Eventually Daddy finished. "Do you want a pillow munchkin?"

"Umm... yes Daddy."

"Here you are", holding up her head with one hand and gently resting it down. Squeezing her hands, "Can you feel this evenly on all your fingers?"

"Yes I can," Amber said.

"And you can pull and squeeze my hands so your nerves are fine." Daddy moved his hands up to her knees and began gently rocking them, towards and away from each other. Spreading them quite wide to mess with her. He moved away for a second.

Amber felt a long, thin object run up the top of her right thigh. It was the safety shears. Daddy was cutting away her beautiful panties! "Noooo," Amber said, resigned. "I liked those."

"Hush now," he said softly, pulling the fabric off her body.

Daddy put his finger tips over her toes and ran his hands up her feet, calves, knees...thighs, then quickly up to her shoulders. Amber couldn't wait. He pushed her tied legs to one side. His cotton shirt brushing her breasts. Grazed her neck, turned his head to one side and breathed into her ear. He whispered, "I love you."

Amber exhaled. "Fuck me Daddy," she said tenderly.

He hastily ran his hands through her hair and smothered her neck with kisses. Unbuttoned his top three buttons and whisked the shirt off his head. He pressed his fingers to the back of her neck, kneading her skin, then continued kneading whilst attacking her nipples with his mouth. The passion was intense. Amber felt his skin, hot against her own. Pictured how smoking hot Daddy looked shirtless. Desiring her blindfold be pushed clear so she could feast on the sexiness. It was't fair.


There was moaning, groaning; caressing, pressing, stretching, scratching, touching, rubbing, stroking, massaging, flicking. She submitted to him, adoring his power. His control. Even her breaths felt like they belonged to him: short ones, quick ones, held ones, ones she blasted out.

She arched her body, his hand pressed against the small of her back. Waves of pleasure lapped the shore. He worked faster. "Mmhhhh, I'm close," Amber cried. "Edddging."

"Patience," Daddy said, withdrawing.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhh," she wailed. Thrashing at her wrist binds. Her lust fighting with her need to submit to Daddy.

"What's our second rule?"

"Umm... I will behave; acting sweeter than Daddy's aftershave."

"Are you going to behave?"

"Yes Daddy," relaxing her hands.

"And what's our first rule?"

"Rule one: I dress to please Daddy; my shoes will be shinny and my hair will be tidy."

"But your hair isn't tidy is it? Even with your blindfold on you've got it all messy."

"Sorry Daddy I couldn't help it," she replied with a smile. Wetness running down onto the bed. Daddy made her hair all tidy again. "Thank youuu."

"I'm not going to take any risks with your safety so I'm gonna change the ties."

"But Daddy, my pussy needs your attention," pouting.

"That's exactly my point. Arousal is very distracting."

"I'm going to untie your hands first. DON'T touch your dripping cunt. Keep them by your sides." Amber kept silent. After slipping the French bowline ties off her hands he watched her place them, palm up, on the bed. He forced her torso up so she was at a right-angle to her legs, then pulled one arm behind her back. Whilst he was holding her left arm she squirmed her right hand, touching her thumb to her thigh. "Don't fail Daddy. You know how I'll punish you," Daddy said, cold.


Whilst working on a box tie he noticed she might be uncomfortable. "Do you want to sit on your knees?"

"Yes plllease." Daddy helped her move. Amber loved to feel manipulated by him, that feeling of submitting control.

After completing the box tie Daddy stood at the end of the bed. Admiring her breasts standing proud; encapsulated by his rope work. "You're so sexy." She certainly felt it.

He moved forward. With his thumbs and index fingers he pinched her nipples, hard. Amber drew a breath, sucking air through her teeth. Then he pushed her onto her back. He began untying her futomomo. It was sensual, slowly drawing the ends of untied rope through each hitch.

"Can't we have sex first Daddy?" she pleaded.

"No, we need to remove the restriction from your legs, it's been a while."


"Now you've got the use of your legs again I want you down on the carpet." He grabbed a hold of rope around her arm to help her down, her still wearing the blindfold.

"Yes Master," she said quite playfully. At this point Amber was quite grateful to still be wearing white knee-high socks, even if they were a bit warm and sticky.

"You will be feeling like a slave in a minute; do you still want to try out the ring gag as we agreed?"

"I think so Daddy. I want to explore my boundaries."

"Excellent," he replied. Retrieving it from the chest of drawers on the other side of the bed.

"You know you won't be able to talk, so just stand up if you want to pause or halt.


"Open really wide, this is their large size." Daddy secured the ring gag behind her teeth. "Keep your chin up," he said, reaching around to buckle the strap. Amber felt a sudden peak in submission. This was forcing her mouth open and she had no way of taking it off. Intense feelings of anticipation started to brew as she waited for drool to slip out of her mouth; and for something to slip in.


"You're a dirty whore aren't you?"


"That's right. Slobber your lips all over it." His arms stretched out on the bed behind him. "You can't get enough." Amber tried to focus on her task. She usually loved to pleasure Daddy. Having her arms tied made it more challenging, and she liked to challenge herself. However, she wasn't used to the humiliation play.

"Really suck it.... Hmm, just like that.... Daddy's sex slave."

She stayed silent.

"Don't slow down," he said.

Amber felt her eyes starting to get wet behind her blindfold. This was getting too much. She stood up.

He slipped the blindfold off her head then quickly removed the ring gag. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," she said. It was a relief to see Daddy's concern.

"Don't apologise sweetie," embracing her. "You did nothing wrong," rubbing her back. He decided untying her wasn't utmost urgent. "I shouldn't have kept your blindfold on. I won't make that mistake next time we try something new." He brushed tiny tears from the corners of her eyes.

"I didn't mind the blindfold," Amber said.

"I would have stopped if I could better read your face, see you weren't enjoying it."

"It wasn't too horrible," bargaining, trying to console Daddy; she felt sorry for him, for making him upset.

"Well done for using the safeword. Well, standing up," correcting himself. "Do you want to be untied?"


"Do you want a bag of sweets?" Trying to discern her priorities.

"No, I'm good."

"Here's a tissue for your face," he cleaned her lips, although at this point most of the saliva was on his chest.


After he finished untying Amber she threw her arms around him, "I love you Daddy," positive.

"I love you too cutie-pie. Don't ever forget that."

"It's so nice to have my arms around you," surreptitiously feeling his firm arse. He pulled her even closer, pressing her tits against his chest. Amber could feel he was semi-erect. She looked up, gazing into his caring eyes with a twinkle in her hers.

"Lay down on the bed Daddy. I'll show you how I like it".

He laid down expectantly, resting his head on the pillow.

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