tagFetishSuburban Cumslut Ch. 02

Suburban Cumslut Ch. 02


A Note to my Readers: This is a fetish story with extreme sexual themes involving mild scatplay. If you prefer more mainstream content, please do not read further. I have placed this story in the Fetish category and classified it with appropriate tags.

While I do appreciate feedback and constructive criticism, (what writer doesn't?) I don't appreciate comments denigrating the practices I have described herein. I would not comment on the staleness of an erotic story of a conventional nature, and I would ask the same courtesy in return.


"Hurt me some more Daddy."

I was breathless and trembling; all my nerve endings were electrified over the unexpected twist our game had taken. I had never given voice to my desires before. I had never dared. This is the gift my Husband, my Daddy was now giving me; the freedom to surrender to those terribly dark and secret urges, the freedom to admit what I am, what I need. He was giving me the courage to submit to him and the security and acceptance necessary for complete and total subjugation.

"Oh, I will Cumslut, I will. But you're going to have to earn it."

My mind raced with the possibilities.

"How Daddy?"

"You're going to have to demonstrate true obedience."

I had already done so many depraved things for my Daddy; I couldn't imagine what else he might have in mind for me.

As if reading my thoughts, Daddy said, "I know you've done some very naughty, nasty things for Daddy. But you enjoyed those things, didn't you whore?"

I blushed. It was true. I had reveled in being used and degraded. I had relished the filthiness of the acts he bade me commit. Drinking piss, eating cum, tonguing his asshole; all of it had spurred me to new heights of ecstasy. All of it had made me a shameless, wanton slut, yearning for release; willing to do whatever necessary to get it.

"Yes, Daddy." I whispered.

"To be truly obedient, you must be willing to do things you find distasteful. You must be willing to forego your own enjoyment for mine. And for a dirty little slut like you, it's going to have to be something truly vile, isn't it?"

"Yes Daddy." I whispered again. My voice had all but deserted me. I was mute with mingled terror and excitement.

"Roll over and get that sweet little ass in the air."

I did as I was told, pressing my tits into the mattress and arching my back to make sure my ass was displayed to Daddy's satisfaction.

"Reach back and open yourself nice and wide for Daddy. Show me that greedy asshole."

I complied, wondering how this was going to be a lesson in obedience. I had done this very thing many times and I knew what was in store. It was nothing new or surprising and it was certainly not distasteful to me. In fact, I loved being sodomized; the harder the better. I begged for it quite often. Daddy found it amusing and would taunt me while he thrust his cock in and out of my stretched and aching hole.

"Oh, yes, what a disgusting little anal fuck slut you are. You can't get enough cock in that slutty little asshole can you? You'd rather have a cock in your ass than in your pussy wouldn't you? C'mon, beg for it. Tell Daddy how badly you need to be ass fucked. Tell Daddy how much you love having his cock stuffed up your shitter."

And I would. I would beg him to fuck me harder, harder, always harder. Make me hurt, Daddy, destroy my hole, pump me full of burning cum and then laugh as it slowly leaks out of me because my ruined anal ring can no longer hold it in.

If allowed, I would cum hard in a screaming, writhing, rapturous fit.

Obedience would not be necessary for me to submit to his desires in this regard. My own desire would simply not let me refuse. My puzzlement must have been evident, because Daddy hastened to assure me that there was much more in store for me than a simple ass fucking.

"Don't worry whore, this will be a new experience for both of us. And when we're finished, I will own you completely."

With that, Daddy thrust his cock into my soaking snatch, which squelched noisily as he thrust in and out several times to lubricate himself. He pulled out abruptly with a sloppy, sucking plop, and then rubbed the silky purple helmet against my tightly puckered asshole. When at last he pushed his fat, swollen cockhead in, I moaned with pleasure at the first sharp pain of intrusion. I gave myself over to the sensation of being stretched impossibly wide as more and more of him breached my greedy, grasping anal chute.

"Ohhhhh, yes Daddy, yes. It feels so good!" I groaned, as the sweet pain/pleasure overtook me.

When Daddy had filled me completely and his hips were pressed against pale globes of my gently rounded ass, he leaned over, swept my hair back tenderly, and whispered in my ear.

"Did you prepare yourself for me properly, slut?"

Lost in the delightful feeling of his cock sunk deeply into my bowels, it took a moment before I understood what he was asking me. With horror, I realized that I had foregone my usual custom of giving myself an enema prior to anal sex. I had not anticipated having to serve him this evening and now I was going to pay for that oversight. It came to me then, just how he was going to cultivate my obedience.

Dear God...he wouldn't! I couldn't! But he would, and I could.

"Oh no, Daddy, please! Please don't do this." I whimpered.

Daddy laughed softly at my distress.

"What are you afraid of? You're a nasty, filthy little whore. You can do anything you put your mind to. And you will...if you want me to continue being your Master and your Daddy. You will obey me, if you want to be my Cumslut now and forever. You do want it, don't you slut?"

Did I? Did I want it badly enough to debase myself to such an extent? Did I have the ability to overcome the revulsion long enough to perform the task my Daddy required of me? Could I really do what he asked?

I did. I could. I would.

Despite the fear and repugnance, my body betrayed my deep longing to submit to him. My nipples were so sensitive with need that even the softly wafting air currents caused them to stiffen in agony. My cunt muscles clenched as the juices spilled from me in a torrent and trickled down my widely spread thighs.

"Yes Daddy. I do want it."

"I knew you would, slut.

Daddy began to fuck me, hard. He pulled his cock nearly all the way out of the tender ring of muscle that gripped him almost lovingly, before slamming the full length of it balls deep once again. He punished my asshole with stroke after forceful stroke. I began to feel sore and raw, and there was an increasing fullness in my rectum beyond that caused by Daddy's cock. It was becoming uncomfortable and insistent. I knew that feeling, and tightened my asshole instinctively.

Daddy slapped my left buttock hard enough to make me yelp.

"Don't you dare tighten that asshole slut! Relax and let it happen. You knew this was coming."

I did know that it was coming. But the reality was far different from even my wildest imaginings. Normally, I enjoy being dominated and humiliated. Normally, being made to perform acts of perversion excited me very much. But at that moment, I only felt a very disconcerting sense of vulnerability and shame.

Regardless of my own feelings, I wanted to please my Daddy very much. I tried to do as Daddy said, and made a conscious effort to relax. When I did, I felt my bowels moving with each thrust of Daddy's cock. I was powerless to stop it. He was literally, fucking the shit out of me.

"Oh yes....that's what I wanted. That's my dirty little whore. You're getting Daddy's cock nice and filthy. You're going to have quite a mess to clean up, slut."

I was crying silently as Daddy fucked me, knowing what he would ask of me next. Without warning, he pulled his cock roughly from my assaulted asshole. I remained on my knees, ass in the air, afraid to face my ultimate indignity.

"Turn around now slut. Show me how obedient you are. Show me how far you're willing to go to please your Daddy."

On hands and knees I turned to face him and found myself staring at his cock, which was rock hard and jutting forth proudly. It was liberally smeared with reeking brown matter from my equally soiled asshole.

"Suck it." was all Daddy said to me.

I shook my head mutely, pleading with my eyes.

Please Daddy, don't make me do this. Don't make me put that in my mouth. I don't want to know what my own filth tastes like. I don't want to be a scat whore. I want to be your dirty girl, Daddy, but please, not that dirty!

Daddy gripped the base of his cock in one hand and slapped me hard on the mouth with it several times. It left smears of thick, sticky filth on my lips. I nearly licked them out of sheer habit, but stopped myself. I whimpered softly with my mouth clamped tightly shut.

"Suck that dirty cock NOW, whore."

I was going to have to just do it. If I kept thinking about it, I would never be able to overcome my innate revulsion and do as my Daddy asked. I opened my mouth, took a deep breath, and then swallowed his dirty cock in one long gulp.

As with the piss, I tried not to taste. But it was impossible. The stinging bitterness filled not only my mouth, but my sinuses as well. I wasn't sure if I was smelling the taste or tasting the smell, but whichever the case, my senses were overwhelmed with the truly revolting miasma of fresh human waste.

As bad as it was, the taste did not cause me to gag, but rather the texture, which was dense, sticky and gritty. It could not be simply swallowed away. Despite my repeated attempts to rid my mouth of the vile substance, it clung to my teeth, my tongue, and the roof of my mouth with thoroughly distressing stubbornness.

I gagged and then gagged again, striving hard not to vomit. My Daddy kindly allowed me a moment to recover my composure. I simply held his cock in my mouth, breathing deeply through my nose and waiting for my heaving stomach to settle down.

The urge passed, and I resumed sucking vigorously, hoping to clean Daddy's cock as quickly as possible and put an end to my ordeal. With each pass my mouth made down the filthy shaft, his cock emerged from my mouth a little cleaner. I was forced to swallow the noxious sludge that formed in my mouth; a combination of shit and saliva that was truly foul. But I was encouraged by my progress and began to feel a little less panicked. I tried to lick and swirl with my usual enthusiasm, and give his beautiful cock all the attention it deserved from a loving Cumslut.

"Thaaaaat's a good girl. Get it nice and clean. You like that? You like the way your dirty asshole tastes? You like to suck Daddy's filthy cock?"

I shook my head and Daddy laughed softly.

"What a nasty whore you are. Such a nasty, dirty little cocksucker. You'll do anything if it means getting a cock in your mouth won't you?"

I blushed deeply with shame, and nodded silently. It was true. I would do anything to keep my Daddy happy. I would do anything to ensure that I would always have his cock to worship.

When his cock was thoroughly clean, I began to enjoy my chore, despite the lingering taste of filth in my mouth. How I loved sucking my Daddy's cock. I hoped I had done well, and that maybe now Daddy would give me another nice big load of creamy cum. If I could get one more mouthful of his yummy spunk, I could consider what I had just done a means to a delicious end.

To my complete and utter dismay, Daddy pulled his cock from my mouth and ordered me back into the ass fucking position.

I looked at him with horror and cried, "No Daddy please! Not again! I can't do it again!"

"Get on your knees, slut, or you fail this test of your obedience. Is that what you want?"

"No Daddy." I sobbed.

I knelt once again on the bed with my ass high in the air. And Daddy once again fucked me with hard, punishing strokes. But I couldn't enjoy the lovely sensation of his big cock plowing into my tender little hole, knowing how he would once again defile my mouth when the whim struck him.

As before, he pulled out and commanded that I clean his cock. He repeated the process three times in total, and each time I desperately hoped it would be the last. I was nearing the end of my tolerance. Though I wanted to please my Daddy, I simply couldn't take much more.

I licked the last vestiges of stubbornly clinging shit from the bulbous, swollen head of his cock. Daddy must have sensed that my tolerance was coming to and end because he cupped my chin gently in his hand and raised my face to meet his eyes. He ran his thumb over my full lips, which were smeared with my own excrement. He wiped it away tenderly.

"My, my....just look at you. You look like a little girl who has eaten a chocolate cupcake. What a messy, dirty face. Don't you have any manners slut? Can you not suck a dirty cock with dignity? I have never seen a slut look so thoroughly degraded. You are a nasty, nasty little whore."

I looked my Daddy directly in the eye. My cheeks were scarlet with shame and humiliation, but I also felt a sense of pride.

"I know Daddy. I am a nasty whore...for you. I'll do anything for you Daddy. Anything. All I ask in return is that you let me worship your beautiful cock, that you feed me loads of sweet cum, and that you use me like the filthy worthless fuckslut I am."

"Your words are very pleasing to Daddy, slut. You have been a very obedient girl and that makes me very happy indeed. Now I know there is nothing I can ask of you that will be refused. You are truly and completely....mine."

Goosebumps broke out on my fevered skin, and a ripple of excitement raced down my spine to lodge deep within my dripping, convulsing cunt.

"Thank you Daddy." I whispered. And then, unable to resist, I began to plead with him.

"Will you give me some cum now? Will you hurt me some more? Will you let me cum too? Please Daddy, I need it so badly!"

Daddy chuckled at my eager desperation.

"Yes, Cumslut, you can have some more cum. I'm about to explode from watching you debase yourself so prettily. But this is probably the very last you will get from me tonight. You have drained me with your greed. Suck me now, baby. Suck me good, and don't stop until I spurt every last drop of cum from my poor balls down your throat."

I began to suck Daddy's cock hungrily, once again relishing the taste and feel of his hard cock. I sighed with pleasure as the silky flesh filled my hot and hungry mouth. Suddenly, I was struck by an idea. It was so dirty, so nasty...it thrilled me to think of doing it. It thrilled me to think of being such a filthy little whore of my own free will. I hoped it would thrill Daddy too.

"Daddy..." I began. I was hesitant and faltering.

"Yes my sweet whore..."

"Daddy, I have a very naughty idea. Will you indulge your dirty little girl?"

"Of course I will. My slut wants to be nasty some more, does she?"

"Yes Daddy, I do. I can't seem to help myself."

"I know, slut. It's what you are. Tell me."

"Daddy, I want to eat your cum from my...from my ass. Will you cum in my ass Daddy? Will you fill my ass with your hot cum and then let me push it out and lap it up like a greedy little bitch?"

Daddy growled with pent up lust.

"Fuck yes, slut. On your knees...NOW!"

I scrambled onto my knees, pressed my aching tits to the mattress and arched my back deeply to open my asshole to my Daddy. I shivered as the cool air caressed the damp pucker of my waiting hole.

Daddy buried himself in my asshole with one thrust. I screamed with pleasure as he speared my bowels and stretched my hole abruptly, almost beyond its limit. The sweet burning pain sent waves of lust through me, and I felt my cunt begin to sluice more of its slippery juices down my thighs.

"Oh God, Daddy yeeeeeeeeeesssssss! Fuck my asshole, fuck it hard!"

I gave myself over to the sensations deep inside me as Daddy rammed his cock up my ass again and again. I reveled in the feeling of being violated and filled and used. Unthinking, I reached down to rub my sore, swollen clit. It was hard and slick and desperate for contact with anything. On the verge of a mind blowing orgasm, I groaned deeply.

Daddy gave me a hard slap. "Don't you dare, slut! I didn't give you permission to cum yet!"

I sobbed with frustration, but obeyed his command.

"That's a good girl. Now don't you touch yourself again. Daddy has plans for that little fuck button."

"I won't Daddy. I promise. Just keep fucking my asshole, please! It feels so good!"

Because Daddy had already cum multiple times that day, he was able to fuck me a good long time. I began to feel loose and raw and bruised. As the discomfort increased, so did my need to cum. The pain and indignity of being brutally sodomized fueled my lust. I was nearly insensible with it as he battered my rectum mercilessly.

Daddy was beyond all thought or reason as well.

"Oh yes, baby. Daddy's going to fuck that ass raw. You like it hard and deep don't you? You like it when Daddy hurts your asshole with his big cock."

"Yes, Daddy, hurt me. Fuck me hard and hurt me!" I sobbed.

The sounds of our fucking filled the air; the slap of flesh on flesh, the wet squelch of bodily fluids, the grunting and groaning in time to each thrust. I could smell my own pussy, as well as the lingering scent of shit. All of my senses were being assaulted. I was nothing but a greedy, needy hole desperate to be filled. Nothing else existed, nothing else mattered.

I felt Daddy tense behind me, and knew that his orgasm was approaching. I moaned loudly anticipating the warm flood of cum that would soon fill me. I reached beneath my body to grasp his heavy, swinging balls. I squeezed them gently to encourage the release of their precious fluid.

"Oh fuck, baby, Daddy's going to cum. Daddy's going to blow his load up your ass."

I was nearly incoherent and could only mumble in reply, "Oh yeah, Daddy, yeah. Please cum in my ass. Please, please, please."

And then Daddy was cumming. He gave a loud bellow and began to empty himself into me, slamming his hips against me with such force that I was propelled forward and finally collapsed upon the bed. Lying prone, with Daddy's cock buried in my ass, I felt the delicious spasms as it blasted ounce after ounce of cum deep into my bowels.

When the final spasm had passed, Daddy slowly pulled his cock out of my well fucked ass. I tried to clench my ruined anus to retain as much cum as possible, but I felt some leak out and dribble down to pool between my legs. I reach back to scoop it up and sucked it off of my fingers.

Once again, my wantonness amused my Daddy.

"Ah, yes, that's my little cumslut. You can't wait to get it in your slutty little mouth can you?"

"No Daddy, I want to eat it up so bad. Can I? Can I push all that spunk out of my ass now?"

Daddy pulled me back gently so that my knees were beneath my chest. He parted my ass cheeks and peered at my open, leaking hole.

"Look at that baby. What a beautiful sight. I wish you could see your asshole right now. It's so swollen and gaping open, and it's leaking cum. It looks so pretty and so used."

I lay there quietly, listening to my Daddy's words, reveling in his admiration and awaiting his permission to expel the cum from my churning bowels. I moaned softly, beseechingly.

"Alright slut...I know what you want. It's time to take a cum dump for Daddy. Push it out into Daddy's hand you filthy little thing."

I bore down gently, unsure and a little worried about what I might expel along with the cum. I felt it pour forth from my tattered anus, and it was wonderfully soothing to the raw, abraded tissues. I heard it pattering into the palm of Daddy's cupped hand. I was excited by the sheer depravity of what I was doing.

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