tagLesbian SexSuburban Housewives Ch. 02

Suburban Housewives Ch. 02


It was over a week before Annie and Jen saw each other again. This was not so much by design as it was a matter of 'life' getting in the way. They were, of course, married mothers of school aged children. Yet, it had been much longer than either woman had expected or wished for.

Finally the day arrived. Annie invited Jen over for some coffee and a chat, as they had previously always enjoyed while the kids were at school and their hubbies were at work. It was about 10AM when Jen arrived at Annie's doorstep, dressed only somewhat more provocatively than usual -- if one could call it that! A knee length skirt and buttoned up long sleeve top that not only seemed to cling to her in the right places but had the top three buttons conveniently undone; exposing a little more cleavage than was usual for this rather conservative and refined lady. She had no expectations of anything more than what was offered that morning and had mostly put out of her mind that night where she and Annie had explored their interest in lesbian movies.

Annie was no less provocative, indeed a little more so as her recollection of that night was much more vivid than that of her younger, bigger friend. She was wearing a much shorter denim skirt than what Jen was wearing; exposing more leg and some thigh underneath. As well, Annie had on a rather loose fitting sleeveless blouse, which was far sheerer and lower cut than what Jen would have normally expected from her friend on a weekday morning. It was obvious that when Annie would lean over, even a little, that you could see almost everything down below and what was there was a very pretty sheer black lace bra that hardly seemed to cover most of Annie's comparatively smaller but perkier breasts.

Annie answered the door and smiled as she saw her friend, but it was a far more mischievous and impish smile than she normally gave out. "Hello, Jen, how are you sweetie?" Annie asked her usual opening question as she leant into her friend and gave her a hug.

"I'm fine, hun, and you?" replied Jen, with her standard answer and reciprocal hug with a quick rub of Annie's back. As Jen did this, she noticed her friend's attire and thought it unusual for her to dress this way on what was nothing more than a normal school day morning.

Annie turned and led Jen to the dinning room table where the cream and sugar were set. Jen soon sat at the table legs crossed but, without realizing it, had allowed her skirt to ride farther up her legs than was usual for her. Annie noticed her friend's bared legs and felt a tingling between her own. Nevertheless she carried on making the coffee only feet from her friend. Annie began to muse to herself that maybe this was a good opportunity to test the waters of engaging in more than coffee and a chat with Jen. Still, she was fearful of scaring off or even losing her friend by any sudden changes in course.

As such, she decided to use more flirtatious means, as well as reigniting their ongoing discourse on sexuality (as if it was so 'academic'!).

Annie and Jen carried on with their usual light hearted banter, silly gossip and inside jokes, while Annie finished making the coffee. As she did this she decided to get out two coffee cups she rarely used from a higher cupboard shelf. Avoiding the use of a foot stool, Annie reached high up for the cups, thereby making her skirt ride well up her short, yet attractive, legs. Feigning inability to immediately find the cups, Annie searched around in such a way as to make her body and skirt sway and her hem rise up to expose all the more thigh. Jen was quick to notice her friend's position and felt a warming that reminded her of that 'girls' night' DVD session more then a week before. She gazed at and sized up Annie's fine legs and found her mouth, unexpectedly, watering.

The conversation continued much as before but a certain edge began to enter it. A diversion to more provocative topics gradually laced their discussion, with Jen asking Annie how her love life was. Annie just giggled, as she brought down the second cup (a twinkle in her eye as she noticed Jen's far too obvious gaze at her legs, which Jen quickly diverted when her friend looked over at her).

"Well now that you mention it, it has been a little more intense over the last week or so," Annie mused and then just laughed again, quite knowingly believing Jen should know full well why this change had emerged. "I think Ted and I have had more sex in the last week then the last two months and in more positions, with more of a wild edge than I think we have had in the last few years!"

Jen laughed a little too, but more subdued and with an embarrassment about her. Jen knew only too well what might have created this intense desire for sexual satisfaction in her friend; it was the same one she had been feeling though she had done more to restrain it since that night with the DVD. "Well, I'm sure it was just that time of month or he was especially amorous or good in bed," Jen replied, rather sheepishly.

"Oh, I don't know about that, darling, my cycle hasn't yet hit that special time and Ted wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary, hell, if I hadn't pushed him to do even more than usual a couple of times, I am sure he'd just want to do the usual missionary position and go to sleep!" With that Annie threw back her head and cracked up with a wicked laugh. Jen was feeling stunned but increasingly aroused by the thought of what Annie may have done, but more than that, what drove her to it -- it was the DVD and that night; she just knew it.

Annie poured out the coffee for the women, leaning over near her friend her see through blouse dropped open in such a way that her cleavage was very evident -- indeed her entire bra and the form of her breasts, all the way down to a glimpse of her flat belly, was fully visible to Jen. It was near impossible for Jen not to look down her friend's top and see this sight, one that included an almost completely clear view of Annie's areolas through the very fine fabric of her bra. Jen felt more warmth and a sense of growing wetness between her legs as she observed Annie's body. She bit her lip to restrain her feelings only to see that Annie was grinning at her before sitting down to sip her coffee.

"You like some cream, sugar?" Annie said with a giggle and a wink. Jen merely nodded and smiled, playfully toying with a lock of her hair. Annie poured the cream then took another sip of her coffee and licked her lips in a highly lascivious manner, "So what were we talking about again? Oh yes, sex! How could I forget? Now you know I have been wondering what else there is, sexually speaking of course, that one could do that might be very naughty and sensual?"

Jen shrugged but then, almost in a whisper replied, "I don't know, I have been curious about that as well."

Annie noticed that Jen's skirt was still well up her legs, so she decided to reciprocate a little, albeit with an already shorter hemline. Her legs crossed and her skirt hiked all the more so that much of her thigh was exposed, she found herself kicking off her shoes and 'accidentally' brushing her foot over Jen's calf. "You ever thought of experimenting in other ways . . .I mean without your husband?" Annie said softly, her fingers gently running over the back of Jen's hand.

"Well, I don't know -- I'm not sure I'd want to cheat on Craig with another man; he's been a good husband and father."

"What if it was another possibility?" Annie retorted, her foot again lightly running up Jen's leg. Jen was now feeling awkward, but also very aroused; she made no effort to avoid these tentative advances.

"What other possibilities you have in mind, Annie?" Jen could barely get the words out, but felt she must.

"Hmmmm, well let's think of the options, some of what we've talked about before --what you think might really be an intriguing thing to try?" Annie's foot was now moving farther up Jen's long legs, then down again but with much more confident and sensual strokes; her hand now fully covered Jen's and her thumb was caressing over Jen's fingers. Jen moved in a little closer to her friend, her foot began to mirror what Annie's had been doing to her leg -- running up and down it with growing ease.

"You are getting me thinking, you naughty girl you!" Jen teasingly slapped at Annie's cheek, but then stopped short to allow her fingers to caress her friend's soft smooth skin.

Annie played coy and drew back for a minute before reengaging the subject of the DVD, "So what did you think of that movie we saw the other day? I thought the woman who played the teacher was a very poor actress!," she stroked back her hair, teasingly running a finger over the rim of her large loop earring, then began to chew lightly on a piece of her hair.

Jen was a little taken aback, but pursued the conversation, "I agree but the student wasn't very good either, very fake when she had to pick up her books."

"Yes, but I did find them both quite intriguing in other ways, didn't you? Very well put together and they had quite a bit of sensuality about them both, you agree?"

Jen realized very much what direction the chat was going to and nodded, "Yes, very lovely attire and shapely women too," she hesitantly grinned.

Annie leaned into her friend, her hand roaming down onto and over Jen's bare lap. She smiled and gave her friend a simple peck on the cheek, while doing this her hand made its way farther up Jen's leg and rested on her supple thigh. Annie's fingers stroked the thigh, as Jen let out a soft moan of approval and run her own hand over Annie's exposed leg.

"You really are a naughty little girl, aren't you?" Jen leaned into whisper into her friend's ear, giggling then giving Annie's earlobe a little nibble.

"You don't know the half of it, darling!" Annie replied with her own sensuous whisper into her friend's ear, before licking its rim and nibbling her lobe as well, all the while her two hands running over Jen's legs and making a successful effort to uncross them.

Jen's head was swimming, was this really happening? Her legs were now partially opened and her skirt was farther up her thighs and almost over her hips as she felt Annie's hands caress her thighs' inner sides. Jen closed her eyes and felt her friend's hands rub over her thighs until they were near her mound. She opened her eyes to discover Annie very near her, her blouse now unbuttoned to her belly and her lips about ready to kiss Jen's now flushed face. Annie gently pressed her lips onto Jen's, and soon found her friend's awkwardness show forth with silly giggling before she composed herself and returned the kiss with greater force.

Soon Annie's hands cupped Jen's full breasts through her top as the ladies became more enamored with each other and involved in their kissing. Their mouths opened and their tongues found each other and explored all over inside the other girl's mouth. Annie quickly discovered how to unbutton Jen's shirt; permitting her larger, bra clad breasts more freedom. Annie smiled at her younger, but more fulsome, friend's breasts. Weighing each in her hands, Annie felt proud to be the first woman to experience Jen's charms. Jen returned her smile, but with a more nervous, uncertain grin --one also filled with ever mounting desire.

Jen pushed her breasts to Annie, encouraging her to do more. Annie had no qualms and proceeded to squeeze then knead Jen's breasts before finding the bra's clasp and completely unleashing them into Annie's waiting hands. Jen felt a rush of excitement as her friend's soft, warm hands limberly manipulated her bosom. With a momentary sigh, Jen arched her back as Annie's thumbs slowly circled Jen's hard, erect nipples making them even firmer then before.

"Your so soft and smooth, girl," cooed Annie as she continued to play with her partner's pliable flesh, "I wish I had such lovely, large breasts as you," the older woman exclaimed with a hint of sadness in her voice.

Jen just smiled at her companion and began to stroke Annie's long, thick black hair, "You should be very pleased with your body, your so beautiful and your breasts are so much firmer than mine," with that Jen ran her fingers gingerly over Annie's bra covered breasts before tentatively cupping one and confirming her statement by more tangibly feeling its firmness. Annie let out her own sigh of pleasure as she felt Jen's hand on her breast, then leaned in to kiss her again with more passion then previously; followed by the unclasping of her own bra to demonstrate the very well shaped and pointed, although smaller, mounds of almost snow white flesh. With this, each woman was able to complete their transaction, whereby they could freely excite each others' breasts with greater forthrightness then before.

As the women kissed each other like a couple of teenage lovers, hands playing with what were now fully bare breasts, tongues exploring mouths, lips tenderly covering each other's faces, necks, shoulders and finally over each breast; a greater level of intimacy and desire for experimenting emerged. The shorter, older woman took the initiative, first with her delicate then somewhat harsher examination of her friend's nipples. Starting with simple nibbles and suckles, Annie soon moved to hard suction of a larger surface of the breasts with her mouth, more chewing and tugging on Jen's nipples with her teeth, and little slaps with her hands that only made Jen feel highly charged and her breasts sway and become red with the stings.

"Oh my, that feels soooo good, I can't believe what you're doing to me!" cried out Jen as she fell victim to Annie's less cautious advances.

"Deep down, you really are such a dirty girl, aren't you Jenny?" replied Annie in a raspier, steamier, sensuous tone of voice coupled with a menacing smile. Jen merely gulped and moaned in response.

As Annie continued her attention to Jen's tits, her hand slipped ever ruefully upwards on Jen's thigh soon finding itself under her skirt; pushing up the hemline and exposing even more of Jen's lovely, well sculpted thighs. Jen merely accepted the encroachment and let her legs fall somewhat more open then they had been. Annie was well aware of Jen's subtle invitation and teasingly traced her finger tips over the outer rim of Jen's already damp panties. Jen had mixed feelings about Annie's advances as they were becoming bolder, brasher and more strikingly erotic in nature. On one hand she was terrified of what came next, how far will this go? On the other hand, she could hardly wait for the wonderful probing fingers of her friend both on her outer labial lips and clitoris and even within her vaginal walls. In the end, she succumbed to the latter desire; pushing her ass forward and her pubic region closer to her special friend's creeping hand.

Annie grinned to herself as she continued to suckle and chew upon Jen's nipple; finally she would feel her best friend's sweet wet hole. Annie pushed Jen's legs farther apart, Jen's skirt now almost entirely over her hips exposing her little white panties with the growing wet spot. Annie's fingers rubbed increasingly harder over Jen's mound, pushing her panties deeper inside her sopping canal. Jen let out a small gasp but didn't resist Annie; instead she began to run her fingers through Annie's hair and down her back in such a way as to say she wanted more and wanted Annie's face closer to the scene of the crime. Annie then tugged hard at Jen's panties, finally with a great pull she tore them off her body and left them to lay dangling off the kitchen seat.

Annie had understood her friend's signals and found herself kissing down Jen's chest, all over her belly and especially her belly button, then down to her knees before she began to apply kisses and licks up Jen's inner thigh finally stopping at the threshold of Jen's aching, hot pussy.

"You sure you want this, Jen?" Annie said half teasingly, "I could stop now and we could do something else?"

"Oh please no, I'll go out of my mind if you don't go on!" Jen exclaimed, with a hint of annoyance that such a thing could be asked. Jen's legs opened farther, inviting Annie to see more of her womanhood; Annie was enthralled as Jen's mound was a wonderful display of thick, curly hair; protruding- almost fat- lips, and engorged, obviously excited clitoris. Annie's fingers lovingly stroked Jen's pussy, taking time to explore every facet of it, while Jen lay back on the seat and moaned incessantly.

"You are so beautiful, darling!" Annie purred, "I can stare at you all day."

Jen exhaled with a loud sigh and stroked her friend's hairs then with a hint of school girl bashfulness stammered, "I don't think I'm that pretty, certainly not down there! It's kind of chubby and unkempt."

Annie just screwed up her nose and chuckled, "Not from where I'm looking!" and with that Annie gently kissed the nub of Jen's clit, sending shivers through the bigger girl's entire frame.

Annie carefully made an effort to kiss every aspect of Jen's inner thighs, her quivering labial lips, her clit and then parting her lips, into her hole. Jen's matted, wild pubic hair engulfed Annie's mouth and nose; Annie giggled into her friend's mound and breathed in her rather pungent scent, "Oh dear, you sure haven't ever trimmed, let alone shaved, this bush have you honey?" As she said this, Annie pressed her thumb into Jen's watery love hole, making Jen jolt and buck a little, as well as groan with pleasure.

"I told you it's not pretty, I'm an old fashioned girl and nothing gets very wild or sexy in that part," Jen was finally able to respond, in halting breathy words.

Annie just smirked and turned her thumb back and forth inside Jen's cunt, drilling deeper for the desired result, "No worries, baby, your old fashioned girl next door quality is what endears you to me." And with that, Annie pushed her bosom buddy back and lifted up her hips to facilitate a deeper penetration of her mound. Annie had never been with a woman like this before in this way, she felt a little anxious and queasy at tasting a woman's quim. Nevertheless, her insatiable desire to explore Jen's tangy foliage overcame her sense of uncertainty, leading her to a thorough kissing and licking of all she surveyed.

Jen could hardly believe what was happening to her, she felt in a daze and saw stars as the delicate, yet firm, tongue of her old pal made head way into her 'thirty something' housewife's cunny. Jen squirmed on her seat, as Annie's tongue ploughed ever deeper between the folds of her labia searching for greater treasures within. Annie's hands roamed over the big girl's sides, belly, arms and breasts, ensuring heightened sensuality. Jen was barely able to contain her lust, holding Annie's head closer to her sex while wrapping her long, luscious legs around Annie's neck, draping them down her bare back and squeezing her thighs together a little on Annie's sweet face. Grunts and moans emanated from Jen as she felt Annie's thumb reenter her wet, runny hole and her tongue redirect its efforts to her clitoris.

"Oh yes, baby, you really know what you're doing- it's like you've been doing it all your life!" gasped Jen, as Annie's index finger joined her thumb in probing Jen's vagina.

"No, it's all new to me, except what I've done to myself," Annie replied, with a wink and in muffled tones, as her mouth continued its wicked work.

"Well you sure are making me believe you're an expert," giggled the very flushed, sweaty and aroused Jen.

As Annie worked her tongue's magic on Jen's clit and vulva, her fingers began to experiment leaving Jen's gaping wet vaginal hole; they drifted down to the little red-brown bud beneath Jen's womanhood. With nary a warning, Annie pushed her pinky finger inside her tall friend's anus, making Jen buck and convulse with surprise and pleasure.

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