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Sherry Loxterkamp was a 40-year-old mother and married woman. She married her loving husband Jim 20 years ago when they were both in college. They were college sweet hearts that loved each other very much. They had their first and only son Kevin 5 years after they married. They did not want a child right a way, because Jim was still finishing law school, and Sherry was busy studying for her teacher accreditation so that she could start working as an English teacher. Once Kevin came along she stopped teaching for a while and became a dutiful housewife who took care of her precious son. She loved Kevin very much and encouraged his activities in sports. Life was pretty idyllic for Sherry and her family as her husband's law firm made him a partner and they moved to the affluent suburbs. Sherry eventually went back to teaching when Kevin was old enough for school. At 40 years old she was not as firm as she once was but her long, dirty, brown hair and her gorgeous ivory legs made up for a few flabby parts on her. Life was good.or so she thought.

Jim was always to busy with law work to maintain the up keep of there house. Sherry suggested that they hire someone to do some yard work and fix the backyard fence. Jim liked the idea but did not want to shell out too much money, so he made a fateful decision when he posted an ad in the neighborhood looking for a young man to do some of the work. The next Saturday there came a knock at the door. Sherry opened the door to a very muscular black boy.

"Hi. My name is Sean Armistead and I'm here about the yard work job." Sherry's heart fluttered a bit when her blue eyes met with his powerful dark eyes. She turned back inside and called her husband to the door.

"I'll be there in a second honey," replied Jim. As she turned back to Sean she noticed that his eyes were inspecting her body, which only had shorts and a t-shirt on. He wickedly grinned at her as he noticed that she was becoming uncomfortable in such an awkward situation. Finally Jim came to the door and walked with Sean to the backyard to show him around. When Jim came back in the house he told his wife Sherry that he was going to hire Sean.

"He's a strapping young 18 year old kid who could use the money and has experience." Jim told his lovely wife. She did not vocalize her objections, but deep inside she felt very uncomfortable at the thought that this young Black boy who was built more like a man, was going to be around her and her family. Sean immediately got to work as Jim gave him final instructions before he went to play golf. Sean took off his shirt and began working on the fence.

When Kevin came home his mother introduced him to the young black man working in their backyard.

"Hey Sean." Kevin smiled. " You don't really know me but I go to high school with you, you're on the varsity, I'm on the sophomore team."

Sean played off that he really didn't know the kid "Oh yeah, yeah I've seen you. You're pretty good." He lied.

"It's good to see that you boys know each other." Sherry said as her eyes involuntarily fixated themselves on Sean's shining black skin, while she stood next to her 15-year-old son. This did not go unnoticed by Sean. "Maybe I can show you some of my moves sometime" Sean said to Kevin as his eye drifted over to Sherry. Feeling ever-awkward Sherry told Kevin that he should get cleaned up before dinner. Sean ogled the 40-year-old white woman's big ass as well as her sexy white legs and gorgeously manicured red toe nailed feet in her sexy summer sandals as they turned and walked to the house.

When Sherry got into the kitchen she felt totally flustered. She did not know where these uneasy feelings were coming from. She was not a racist, but she had never known very many Black people. Even the few Black students in her classes made her feel uneasy. She wondered what was bothering her, but deep down she knew what the truth of the matter was.

A few days later Sean came by the house to fix the rest of the fence. The back gate was open so he went into the backyard, took off his shirt and got to work. Kevin went to a friend's house after school and Jim was working late again. Sherry was all alone in the house. She did not know that Sean was in the backyard when she entered the kitchen. She was startled as she watched Sean working on the fence through the backdoor window. Sherry felt uneasy knowing that she was all alone in the house. However, she began to self-consciously watch Sean as he worked. She began to admire the shiny black ebony skin that was dripping with sweat. She watched closely as he lifted and flexed. Then Sherry realized that he must be thirsty. She made some ice tea for him and brought it out for him.

"I made some tea for you if you would like some"

"Oh thanks Mrs. Loxterkamp," he said as he walked towards her. Her heart began to pound as he came closer. He smiled to her and gulped down his glass, her blue eyes staring at his six pack like stomach. As she reached to pour him another drink from the pitcher he accidentally reached at the same time and brushed her hand. Sherry felt a bolt of electricity come from his calloused touch. Her knees began to get weak as she looked into his dark eyes. Just then Kevin came strolling into the back and Sherry pulled away.

"Hi mom, hi Sean." He said as he walked over to get himself some tea.

"Well, I'll, uh, let you get back to work Sean" she said in a panicky voice.

"Thank you" Sean replied with a smile. Sherry rushed back inside and steadied herself on the breakfast table. She could not believe that these weird feelings were something more then being uneasy. She could not believe that her body was reacting in such a way. She knew she loved her husband, but for some reason she felt a bit damp between her legs when she saw Sean.

That night Sherry was so overwhelmed with guilt. She could hardly sleep. When her husband got to bed she began kissing him and playing with his 5" penis that had satisfied her for twenty years. "Not tonight honey, I'm beat" he replied before he fell asleep. The rest of the night Sherry thought about the last time they had made love and how quick it was. She couldn't remember the last time her husband told her she looked sexy. Then she began to think about Sean and how he made her feel.

The next day after school Sherry went to run some errands. Trying to feel a little sexier she wore 3" black high heels that always showed off her legs no matter what she wore, which this day was a pink skirt that came to her bare knees and a long sleeve black blouse. After she went to the grocery store she went home. While she was getting the grocery bags out of the Suburban she stepped into a crack in the driveway, fell and broke her right heel. "Damn it!" She said to herself. Sean was in the backyard working when he heard the noise on the driveway. While Sherry was trying to organize herself she heard a deep voice "Are you alright Mrs. Loxterkamp"

Sherry looked up and noticed Sean's bare black chest. She gasped for a second as Sean stood over her reaching out to help her up. Sherry felt helpless. Sean pulled her up with his big muscular arm.

"What happened?" he asked.

"Oh I broke my heel in that damn crack" Sean helped her inside and sat her down at the kitchen table as he went back outside to get the rest of her groceries. He poured her a glass of water and kneeled in front of her. The feelings of uneasiness flooded her again as Sean spoke while examing her broken shoe.

"This should be easy to fix. I'll do it for you" he smiled. "We wouldn't want faulty shoes hurting those gorgeous legs of yours" with that he took her exposed white foot in his calloused hands and began to massage it. Sherry felt scared and weak to the point of fainting when she felt the young man's rough hands on her soft white foot.

"What are you doing?" she gasped.

"Just want to make sure you didn't hurt your feet and legs, trust me I play football I know about leg injuries," he answered as his hands began to caress her foot. Sherry was breathing hard and said "thatssssss not necessary Sssean I'm quite alright"

"I should check your other foot just in case," with that he placed her right bare foot that he had just caressed on his large thigh very close to his groin area. She jumped a bit when she felt the long muscular tube that was already down his thigh. Her mind began to swim. "It couldn't be?" she thought, "it's bigger then my foot" Her foot began to feel like a muscular balloon was elevating it. Meanwhile Sean took off her other shoe and began to rub her foot. He held her left ankle and placed her foot so that her toes rested on his muscular stomach, while his hands slowly made there way up her ivory legs. She could not believe that this black football player who went to her son's school was fondling her legs in her own kitchen.

"You have the most gorgeous legs Mrs. Loxterkamp" Sherry began to arch her back in her chair as she felt the pleasurable sensation of his powerful hands move up her soft leg. Sean smiled as her foot began to rub on his acheing manhood. He noticed that she began to part her legs as his hands made there way to her thigh.

"You look so sexy in those black panties" he whispered as he noticed more and more of her underwear. She couldn't believe how sexy this young Black man made her feel. She let his hands start to push her skirt higher. She looked down on her bare chested Black seducer and moaned when she saw him lean his face closer to her crotch

"You look good enough to eat," he said. Sherry felt like she was going to die from the heat that was building up inside of her, a heat only this young Black man could quench. Just then there was a loud creak from the front door "mom I'm home, is there anything to eat?" Kevin yelled as he checked the mail in the foyer. Sherry was rudely awakened from her bliss and looked down in horror as her senses came back to her. Sean's hands were rubbing her inner thigh and her legs were splayed open. She jumped up, breathing hard and straightened her skirt down and ran barefoot to greet her son at the kitchen doorway. She gave him a hug as Sean slipped out to the backyard. "Hey mom, is there anything to eat I'm starving". Sherry thought about what had happened a few seconds ago, how she was going to feed Sean. "What's wrong mom, you look pretty nervous?" Kevin asked his panicky mother. Before he got an answer, he rushed out to the backyard to talk to Sean. "Hey Sean, what's up man, when can you teach me some of those moves."

Sherry looked around the kitchen for any evidence of the lascivious act that had taken place. On the floor by the chair she noticed only one black heel. She realized that Sean must have taken the other one to fix. In a hurry Sherry rushed upstairs, crying while she pulled her sinfully soaked panties off. She felt dirty and guilty and took a long hot shower. She stayed upstairs crying at how close she was to being unfaithful. Feelings of guilty pleasure came over her. "What's wrong with me" she thought, "I'm forty years old with a son who is almost Sean's age. How could I let this happen."? She made up her mind that she would tell Jim to fire Sean for stealing or something, anything.

When Jim Loxterkamp came home that night Sherry said to him "we have to talk about Sean". Just saying his name to her husband was unbearable. "Isn't he great honey? He's almost done with the work, he's so good with his hands that I've decided to hire him to do some extra work around here" "

"You don't know how good he is with his hands" Sherry thought to herself. Then her heart skipped when she heard her husband say that she was going to keep him employed longer.

"Why?" She gasped.

"I have to work more and he's a good kid, hardworking, and besides Kevin really is paling up to him, maybe he can help him become a better athlete" Sherry wanted to argue him down but some wicked desire inside her would not let her. Sherry could not sleep that night. Her mind raced with the images of what had transpired in her kitchen earlier that day. She would not allow it to happen again.

The next few days Sherry stayed late at school and did not come home until she was sure that her son was there. Then early one morning after her usual routine of seeing her family off and getting ready for work she heard a knock at the door. She gasped when she saw Sean smiling at her holding her black heel.

"I just wanted to give this to you, I fixed it, I thought you could wear it today" he said to her as he fondled her shoe. Her mind was racing again, "shouldn't you be in school Sean?" she quivered. "I thought I would skip today and bring this to a sexy Cinderella" he grinned. Her knees were getting weak as she heard the phone ring, "I have to." she turned away to get to the phone, leavening the door open. The phone stopped ringing when she got to the kitchen and she had to steady herself once again on the kitchen counter as she tried to catch her breath and make her heart stop pounding, she'd totally forgotten that she left the door open. After a minute she felt a powerful presence enter the kitchen.

"Won't you be needing this" a deep voice from behind spoke. Sherry jumped and turned around and gasped at what she saw. Standing before her in her own kitchen was her Black seducer naked, except for her high heeled black shoe dangling lewdly from his massive 10" penis. Her heart sank to her stomach, and the aching heat that plagued her before came back, as her beautiful blue eyes glued themselves onto his crotch.

She stood still as he walked towards her, her heart pounding harder and harder. As he stood in front of the lovely forty-year-old mother he looked her up and down. He loved the way she dressed conservatively with her lime green knee length skirt with matching flats, and her white short sleeve sweater. Sean's cock pulsated causing the shoe to shake on the tip. His dark eyes penetrated deep inside of her.

"Well don't you want it.?" Sean whispered into her ear. Uncontrollably, Sherry's soft white hand let go off the kitchen counter behind her and took her 3" inch black heel, that made her feel so sexy, off of his animalistic black cock. She could feel the heat radiating from his cock. Her thumb explored the inside of her sole and she could feel the pre-cum at the tip. Sherry stared down at the tip of his massive organ and saw the thick pre-cum drip from his dark black cock. Sean moved up against her forty year old body, "you look so beautiful" he said as he kneeled down and placed his 10" cock at the hem of her knee length skirt and rose up, forcing her skirt up with his cock. She trembled as she felt the tip of his manhood brush the sensitive part of her inner thigh.

"I wanted your hot white ass since I first saw you standing at that doorway" he said as his big black hands moved under the back of her skirt, then stroked her soft white buttocks while slipping his hand under her pink panties, moving her closer towards his young Black body. Sherry began to bite the bottom oh her pink painted lips as she felt Sean's huge and powerful hands squeeze her slightly chubby ass like a piece pf pizza doe. She melted in his arms when she felt his wet lips and probing tongue kiss her neck and slowly but passionately make their way to her mouth. Sherry opened her mouth and took in the youthful Black boy's tongue. Her hands dropped from Sean's muscular chest to push him away, to his long black manhood. Sean smiled wickedly as she he felt her ring finger encircle his large uncircumcised cock and pull him closer to her. He began to rub his wet cock on the front of her crotch while his fingers went inside her slick pink panties and tickled the bottom of her pussy. "I'm still hungry Mrs. Loxterkamp," he whispered as his lips moved down her shivering demure body. She gasped when she looked down and saw Sean slowly kiss the front off her slick pink panties, she enjoyed the feel of his tongue as it teased her flower mound through her underwear. He slowly teased her now white hot pussy, until she began to pant like a bitch in heat, as her hands brought his head closer to her crotch. He pulled her panties down her long white legs, licking her soft white thighs and slipping his tongue into her wet slit. "OHHHHHH GODDDDD!!!!!" Sherry moaned as Sean picked her up with his face still buried in her crotch as he placed her upper body onto the counter top and placed her lovely legs over his broad black shoulders and teased her swollen labia with his hott tongue. An intense orgasm flowed over her as Sean found her clit. She began to love the intense feeling even more when she realized that this young Black man was lewdly having his way with her in her own kitchen.

After three mind-boggling orgasms Sherry lost track of where she was. When she finally woke from her beautiful stupor she looked down and saw the hungry young black man's eyes she realized that she had given in to her forbidden lust. She watched as she panted heavily as the Black seducer licked and kissed her wet thighs, leaving a coat of the sticky mixture of her vaginal fluids and his saliva. Another orgasmic feeling sexually shocked her as she watched him kiss his way down to her feet. He slipped her feet out of her flats and brought her manicured white feet to his lusting black face. "OHHH GODDDDD YESSSSSSS" she whispered loudly. Sean brought her feet to his nose then slowly licked his tongue down her sensitive souls. His tongue licking her toes, "Damn you have some sexy feet baby. Mr. L sure is a lucky motha fucka". Oh how sexually charged she was as she watched her young Black admirer sucking on her dainty white toes. Her finger went down to find her stiff bud and tickled it to orgasm as she closed her eyes to the feeling of the warmth of her toes in his wet mouth.

After five minute of sucking the beautiful white woman's toes, he placed her feet around his veiny, muscled ebony cock. Sherry Loxterkamp felt so lewd doing this to him. The thought of her being a 40 year old married white teacher and a mother, letting a young Black kid make love to her feet while her bare ass sat lewdly on the kitchen counter, really made her feel dirty and naughty-it turned her on more. She watched intently as he frantically began to rub her feet up and down his warm, slick cock. Sherry loved the feeling of his pre-cum coating her soft souls. She looked on as he quickly worked himself up into a frenzy.

"I'm going to fuck you so good baby," he said as he let go of her feet. Sean moved his young physique in between Mrs. Loxterkamp's ivory thighs.

"Oh my Goddddddd" Sherry gasped as Sean ripped opened her sweater and tore off her bra. He immediately suckled on her big pink nipples like an animal. Devouring her breast and flicking her sensitive nipples. At this moment more then anything in the world, Sherry wanted to be this Black boy's lover.

Sean shocked the middle aged lusting white woman again as he put his large black hands on her bare white bottom and lifted her in the air off of the kitchen counter. Sherry wrapped her legs tightly around his smooth muscular ass, her arms wrapped around his neck as she kissed and licked his face.

"Oh myyyyyyyyy." Sherry sighed when she felt Sean's long muscular penis slide into her hot pussy. As he held her body on his cock he walked over to the breakfast table, pausing for a few seconds to let the married white woman cum on his massive cock. He smiled as he watched her orgasm flow over her. Sean gently laid his prize on the breakfast table with his massive organ still inside of her warm, wet hole. He threw her perfect white legs over his massive black shoulders as he pumped furousiously into Mrs. Loxterkamp. He kissed her legs and feet as he fucked his white princess on the table, sending Sherry into a massive orgasm. She held onto the sides of the table as she came over and over again on her lover's black cock.

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