tagLesbian SexSuburban Submission Ch. 01

Suburban Submission Ch. 01


The man of the house was tall slim, with well-muscled arms -- cute, but nothing special. The mother, though... wow! Judging by the teenage kids, she must be in her mid-thirties, but she had the face and figure of a girl in her mid-twenties. A petite blonde clad in tight jeans and a checkered lumberjack shirt that tried and failed to conceal an hourglass figure that Karen and her husband both found themselves staring at. She had very prominent breasts; her ass was a vision clad in skintight denim.

"Hey, what are you staring at?" said Karen accusingly, poking her husband in his slightly too well-padded stomach. He grinned sheepishly and excused himself, returning to his computer room to work.

Karen watched the little blonde unpack with the sharp taste of jealousy in her mouth. Karen herself was a very attractive woman, once a statuesque black beauty, but her age was betrayed by a cluster of tiny wrinkles, and a slight sag in her breasts. She sniffed. At least she was taller than this girl - and probably stronger, with her daily workout sessions keeping her in shape. Still, this woman looked utterly stunning, vaguely reminding Karen of some actress she remembered seeing on some of her husband's science fiction programmes. Jane or Jolene or something.

Despite being a little jealous of the trim woman, Karen was far too smart to show disapproval openly at first, and went on to welcome the new family to the neighborhood. The husband was Kyle Lathe, and his sexy wife was Jenny. They had two kids, teenagers. The boy was 15, and went to the local high school. The girl was 18, a younger version of her sexy mother, and attended the community college ten miles away. Jenny turned out to be just 36, three years younger than Karen.

Karen feigned interest in Jenny and her family, and her hackles slowly rose as Jenny became more well-known in the community, inveigling her way onto committees despite Karen's subtle undermining. She argued, however gently and sweetly, against Karen in PTA meetings, showing no respect for Karen's position. Within a few months, Karen was very bitter indeed, and even the sunny-natured Jenny had begun to notice her coldness. It wasn't just jealousy and disrespect that motivated Karen though. Karen had been bisexual since she was a teenager, and couldn't ignore her attraction to her beautiful rival. The rest just heightened her desire to possess Jenny completely.

Karen started a search into Jenny's background. Initially low key, she found that Jenny had gone to college in Almondsdale, a good hundred and fifty miles away. But the internet was no respecter of distance, and Karen had no trouble finding Jenny's graduation details, and her status as homecoming queen. Within a day, armed with Jenny's birthday, she had Jenny's parents address, and her mother's maiden name. The subsequent credit check took time, and Karen requested a police check, pretending to be a prospective employer. Neither was helpful, so Karen focused on Jenny's friends, as detailed in her on-line yearbook.

Karen signed in to FriendsReunited.com, looking for an entry from Jenny or one of her many friends. Most of the entries were fairly boring, the standard 'here I am, this is what I've been doing' stuff, but one girl had written a real scorcher of a bitch-fest! Karen read with joy the efforts of 'Katy Hounslow' to scratch out the eyes of those who had offended her in the past. She wrote of Jenny as a 'stuck-up prudish little bitch' who probably blew half the football team. Tantalisingly, she also wrote 'Well, we all know what our prudish Jenny got up to on holiday, even if her parents did manage to keep it quiet.'

Karen was stunned - this could be it! A weapon against Jenny, something to make her knuckle under. She hammered out an email to Katy, asking for the gossip on Jenny.

Karen didn't have to wait long. She had an email the next day, full of bile directed at the beautiful Jenny. Karen read with glee, enjoying the spew of another's venom - even if it was probably all undeserved - recognising in Katy a kindred spirit.

The nitty-gritty of the venomous email concerned a holiday in Manchester, where Jenny and her friends had apparently behaved appallingly, getting heavily drunk with a group of male students. Supposedly there was sex and drugs involved, and a sex tape had been made requiring Jenny's parents to pay to have it kept quiet.

Karen read through the details, starting her search again. She knew the approximate date of the trip, and the first names of two of the boys. She began searching databases again. Her luck was in, and in a couple of hours, she found a newspaper article about two boys with the same names charged with possession, who had supposedly been involved in making porn films.

A couple of days, and a few hundred dollars later, a video tape arrived in Karen's mail. She watched it with excitement, as Jenny and her friends smoked dope and drank before stripping off for sex with the randy students. Jenny didn't have sex herself, but sucked off two guys, and spent some time snogging a friend whilst they were both topless.

Karen was in seventh heaven. Watching the tape again, she fingered herself to a quick climax as she watched Jenny's pert young self taking part in the sexy show. Even more than the thrill of a sexy video was the thrill of knowing that she had finally got the hold she needed over her neighbour.


Jenny was sitting in her kitchen making tea when the phone rang. She frowned when she saw Karen's number. Karen had been pretty cool and distant recently, and Jenny wasn't sure she particularly wanted to chat, as she had been having a pleasant morning. Still, Karen had to know she was home, and it would have been rude not to answer, so eventually she picked up.

"Hello?" she answered with a sweet tone. "How are you this morning, Karen?"

"Oh hi Jenny, I'm good. How are you?"

"Very well," said the blonde woman politely. "There always seems like plenty to do around the house, though."

"I'm sure!" said Karen. "Why not have a break? Come on over for a coffee."

"I don't know, Karen. I've just had some tea, and I've a lot of cleaning to do."

"I understand Jenny. Why don't you come over for lunch? I Know I've been a bit distant lately, and I wanted to make friends again."

Jenny smiled, her pretty face lighting up. "Of course. Karen. It would be lovely to catch up."

The two women smiled very different smiles when they put their respective telephones down. And Karen's plan moved forward another stage.


About ninety minutes later, Jenny crossed the street to Karen's house, and rang the doorbell. She noticed that the front drapes were drawn, and wondered vaguely if Karen were feeling well. But in a moment, she heard footsteps, and the door opened.

Karen towered over her neighbour. Just five two, Jenny was in sneakers, whilst at five seven, Karen was for some reason in heels, resulting in an eight inch disparity in their heights. Karen leaned down to kiss her on the cheek. She looked surprisingly severe in a long-skirted suit, with jacket and even gloves!

"Hi! Should I have dressed up?" giggled Jenny. She was only wearing a loose cotton blouse and knee-length skirt, and felt surprised at Karen's formal attire.

"No!" replied Karen, handing her a sparkling flute of champagne "I just like to dress up when I'm celebrating"

"What are you celebrating?" Jenny asked, sipping her champagne.

"Oh, mostly I'm celebrating making a new start with you - I want us to get really close."

"Oh, well - that's nice," said Jenny cautiously. There seemed something a bit strange about this, but she couldn't put her finger on it.

"I like you Jenny, really I do" said Karen earnestly, taking her arm to steer her into the living room.

"Well... okay... I like you too" said Jenny nervously, as Karen pushed her to sit on the sofa. The drapes were drawn, giving them privacy, and she was starting to get a funny feeling about this.

"Good. Because I've decided we're going to be the closest, bestest friends ever." Said Karen with a funny smile.

Jenny took a nervous sip of her champagne, or tried to. Karen reached up and tipped the glass up, pouring a whole mouthful into Jenny's mouth and splashing down onto her blouse. She gulped, choking slightly.

"Oh I'm sorry sweetie!" said Karen innocently "I was just having a little fun!"

Jenny wiped her chin and tried not to sound cross. "That's - that's okay Karen, it...no I'm fine, really!"

"Don't be silly!" said Karen, quickly unfastening Jenny's blouse. "It's soaked, and there's no-one here but us girls"

"Really," said Jenny, trying to fend off Karen with one hand, the other holding her glass. "I don't really feel comfortable... taking my top off right now."

Karen pouted, but stopped with Jenny's top half undone. "We should be comfortable around friends, though. Tell you what - I'll tell you a secret!"

"A secret"

"Yes - I'll tell you a secret, and then you'll let me take that wet top off - it needs dried out." Said Karen, as off-handedly as she could.

"Um... okay" said Jenny.

Karen leaned forward, pressing her moist lips to Jenny's ear. She whispered breathily into the other woman's ear "I'm incredibly attracted to you - and the thought of you taking your clothes off has got me all wet."

Jenny sat bolt upright in shock, and quick as a flash, Karen pulled apart the remaining three buttons of her blouse.

"Look, I should go!" stammered Jenny, standing up and clutching her blouse closed.

"But you promised! You promised you'd let me take your top off if I told you a secret. And I did!"

"Yes but... I wasn't expecting that sort of secret. I'm not... not into other women."

"Yes you are!"

"No, I'm not!"

"You are - and I can prove it!"

"Look, really, I'm not"

"Jenny, if I can prove that you're into girls, you're going to have to stay. In fact, I bet you that I can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are into girls!"

"You can't! Because I'm not"


Karen reached into her pocket, and pulled out a remote control. She pressed a couple of buttons, and the TV on the wall flared to life.

Jenny stared, and after a moment, the blood drained out of her face.

"Oh my god!"

"Wow, for someone who doesn't like girls, you've got a big mouthful of boob there, honey!" said Karen mockingly. She reached out for the champagne, filling both glasses as Jenny watched transfixed, drinking another mouthful almost absentmindedly. On screen, her younger self was naked; her body pressed against another naked girl, with her tongue deep in Jenny's mouth.

"Oh god. Oh my god. God..." Jenny muttered incessantly.

Karen pulled her down onto the couch. "See! You do like girls!" she said triumphantly, flipping the unguarded blouse back off Jenny's shoulders. Jenny stared at her with horror as she steadily pulled the blouse off first one arm, then another.

"That's better", said Karen, tossing the blouse aside. "Don't you feel more comfortable now we know one another's secrets?"

Jenny struggled to clear her head whilst facing the dreadful video of her bisexual past.

"Karen, where did you get this?" she whispered hoarsely.

"Oh, I KNEW you'd be grateful! I just happened across it really. My own private porn film - I'm pretty sure no-one else has a copy any more!"

"What... what do you want?"

"Well, I already said, sweetie. I want us to be the bestest... closest...friends"

As Karen spoke, she moved closer, and placed her hands on Jenny's cheeks, looking deep into her eyes.

Jenny blushed, looking down. "I'm not... really I'm not..."

"Well I am, sweetie. And don't you want to make me happy?" Karen waited for Jenny to nod, and then continued. As she spoke, she rewound the tape.

"Stand up sweetie. And take your skirt off"

"Karen - please - I really don't want to..."

"Hey - maybe you'd be more in the mood if you had one of those!" Said Karen, playing the video where Jenny was smoking a joint, eyes clearly glazed.

Jenny flinched visibly.

"Now, stand up. And take your dress off."

A picture of misery, Jenny did what she was told, revealing her plain white knickers. Despite the plain underwear, her body was gorgeous. Karen stood up beside her, a dominant figure over the much shorter woman in her full clothes, with Jenny in her underwear.

"Kiss me" said Karen simply.

Jenny reached up and tried to get away with a chaste kiss on the lips.


The two of them came together, hands behind each other's heads, pulling them together for a long kiss. When they parted, tears were trickling down Jenny's face. Karen gave her a sympathetic kiss, and passed her a full glass of champagne.

"Drink up," she said firmly. Jenny obediently drained the glass, and stood looking helpless as Karen walked away, sitting in a chair with its back to the shaded window.

Jenny looked up through, tears running down a blank expression on her face.

Karen sat down watching her closely.

"Turn-around for me," Karen said to Jenny.

Jenny slowly turned in a circle in front of her tormentor.

"Very nice. Now, that bra is trapping your beautiful breasts. Take it off." The words were more of an order than a request from Karen to Jenny.

Jenny, still not quite defeated, hesitated a second too long.

"Jenny, I'm trying to be nice but remember I own your ass. Get that bra off now," Karen said through gritted teeth, her mask of pleasantness slipping for a moment.

Jenny grabbed the bra and pulled it up and over her head, her breasts moving upward with the material and dropping down after the material cleared her nipples. Karen stared at Jenny's magnificent boobs; firm, rounded and large-nippled, with hardly an inch of sag despite her age. With some effort, she resisted the urge to dive towards Jenny's awesome bosom, reminding herself that she wanted to break Jenny's resistance, make her fully submissive before letting her own guard down.

"Nice tits sweetie," said Karen crudely. "Show me how they look when your nipples are hard!"

Jenny hung her head, and slowly drew her hands up her body to her breasts. Slowly, she pinched her nipples, drawing them out until they began to stiffen and swell beneath her delicate fingers. The skin over her chest flushed as she worked at her breasts, teasing the sensitive nipples to erection.

Karen watched closely, her own nipples hard beneath her heavy jacket. She stood to grab the bottle and pour Jenny a fourth glass of champagne.

"Does that feel good, baby? Do you like playing with your nipples?"

Jenny didn't respond, so Karen asked again.

"Come on sweetie, tell me...it feel good to play with your tits doesn't it? You'd better start talking to me, or I'll have to punish you."

"Karen, it..."

"No! Don't call me Karen! You can call me... Miss Mulder." said Karen firmly, layering on the ways for Jenny to subjugate herself. She didn't have much choice - if Karen wanted to wreck her life, a video of her taking drugs, sucking cock and kissing girls would do the trick nicely!

Yes...Yes, Miss Mulder" said Jenny, her thoughts pretty much identical to Karens, had she but known it. "I like playing with my breasts, Miss Mulder."

"I'll bet you do darling." smiled Karen. "Do you like playing with anything else?"

"My husband's cock" said Jenny with an inner smile at the tiny victory.

"Hmmm. I'll bet I know something you like playing with even more." said Karen, tight-lipped. "Take your panties off."

Jenny frowned, but had to obey. What else could she do? She lowered her hands, pushing the plain cotton panties over her hips, revealing the thick bush over her pubis, the curly hair trimmed into a neat bikini-sized triangle. The panties dropped into a small heap around her ankles, and she stepped back from them.

"Oh, aren't we a hairy girl? We'll have to do something about that. Sit on the edge of the couch and lean back."

Karen waited for Jenny to comply before she continued, relentlessly driving the younger woman to abuse herself.

"Drink your champagne, sweetie. And put your feet up on the couch, either side of you. Feet flat on the sofa. That's right - as wide as you can go. Show me that hairy pussy - yeah! That's what you like to play with best isn't it? Stroke it - stroke the lips. And keep the other hand playing with your tits."

God! Thought Karen. This woman was incredibly sexy! She was driving Karen wild, and her pussy was like a pot of melted butter. Sure that Jenny was distracted; Karen glanced up to the bookshelf, checking for the red glow of the digital video camera she had secreted there. It shone dully, dutifully recording the sexy mother-of-two exposing herself and playing with her pussy.

"Oh, that looks like fun baby. Now slide your fingers inside yourself. Two fingers - deep into your pussy. Right up to the knuckles. In and out. And use the other hand to rub your clit. That's the way. Rub your little clit whilst you finger-fuck yourself. I want to see you make yourself come."

Jenny moaned. Despite herself despite her disgust and shame, she had to admit she was getting increasingly turned on. Her pussy was already moist, and the sensations from her treacherous clitoris were already stimulating her strongly. The alcohol wasn't helping - champagne always went to her head quickly. However much she tried to ignore the sensations from her pussy, they were far too strong. It felt like electric shocks were running up her spine and straight into her nipples. She moaned, pushing her fingers deeper into her wet cunt, rubbing them back and forth over the G-spot on the front wall. Groaning, she rubbed her G-spot constantly, whilst her other hand continued to run gently at her swollen clitoris.

Karen laughed under her breath. By now, she herself was squeezing one of her own breasts with her right hand, stimulating the soft tissue with force. She made herself stop, and took a sip of champagne. She reached down beside her chair, where she had secreted a bag full of some of her favourite toys. She pulled out the expensive little digital camera there, and began taking shots of her neighbour. Masturbating on the couch, Jenny was a stunning sight. Aroused in every possible way; eyes closed, her face and chest flushed; nipples hard, fingers plunging deep into her wet pussy, Jenny was quite oblivious to the neighbour photographing her, despite the flashes going off.

Across the room, Karen was able to focus right in on Jenny's crotch, wet fingers buried deep inside her. Jenny's swollen pussy lips were captured and stored on Karen's digital camera. Karen took several close-up and head shots before zooming out to capture the whole scene. Jenny was so close to a massive climax.

"Look at me, Jenny." said Karen softly but firmly. She waited until Jenny's eyes slowly opened before taking her next shot. Flash!

Jenny groaned. Karen was taking pictures! But the pleasure of playing with herself was too great, and she didn't move from the couch, continuing to stimulate herself.

"Stop it, Jenny" said Karen, knowing that she probably couldn't. "I haven't given you permission to come yet."

Jenny stared, but didn't do what she was told. She couldn't, and in a few seconds her massive climax overtook her, surging through her body, electrifying her skin like a massive power surge, and she screamed with pleasure. "Aaaaaaaahhhhhh.....Ah! Ah! Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhh!"

She bucked on the couch, thrusting her pelvis back and forth onto her fingers, desperately seeking further stimulation, until finally she collapsed in a heap.

Smiling, Karen recorded the whole thing in stills, knowing that the video recorder had captured the whole thing for her to watch again. Close-ups of her breasts, lips and face filed her digital data disc. It was beautiful! She had wanted Jenny to do this so much, to let herself go totally. And Jenny had not disappointed her, giving her the opportunity to punish her. She stood, taking a silk scarf and a pair of nipple clamps over to her limp neighbour, her beautiful blonde body covered in sweat. Jenny was gasping for air, and had no energy to stop Karen binding her wrists in front of her with the silk scarf.

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