Suburban Submission Ch. 01


"You disobeyed me you naughty thing!" said Karen, unable to stop herself grinning. "I'm afraid I can't let you get away with that!" She took the tiny clamps, fixing them to Jenny's erect nipples.

Towering over her smaller, lighter neighbour, Karen was a hugely dominant figure. She was fully clothed, Jenny was naked, flushed and dripping with sweat.

"Jenny. Jenny!"

The overstimulated blonde finally focussed, looking through fuzzy eyes at her dominant neighbour.

Karen lifted her camera. "I want you to lick your fingers clean. Suck them deep into your mouth."

Jenny obeyed, lifting her bound hands to her lips. First she licked at the wet, mucousy goo that coated her palm, tasting the potent musk of her arousal. As the taste filled her mouth, she began to realise the powerful and perfect taste, and began to enjoy it. Her fingers disappeared into her mouth, and she sucked hungrily on her pussy juices. Karen captured the pictures on her camera, amazed at the look of enjoyment on Jenny's face.

"Oh you like that, you little slut." said Karen triumphantly. "Tell me."

Jenny mumbled, fingers not fully coming out of her mouth as she said. "Yes, Miss Mulder. I like it. I like my taste."

Karen smiled, pulling Jenny's hands up, away from her mouth and towards Karen's. She took one of Jenny's still wet fingers into her mouth, sucking off the juice hungrily.

"Mmmh." said Karen, pulling the fingers out of her mouth. "You do taste nice."

"You're going to taste another pussy soon, my pet." said Karen. "But first, we need to punish you for coming."

Karen pushed her across the couch until she could sit in the centre, and then pulled Jenny's gorgeous body across her lap, her belly over Karen's lap, and her pert bottom perfectly positioned under Karen's right hand. She lifted it, and began to spank Jenny's firm, muscular buttocks, sending quivers though them. With her other hand, she pressed down on Jenny's neck, holding her completely helpless as she firmly beat Jenny's ass.

As Karen smacked Jenny, she spoke to her in firm low tones.

"You must never come when I tell you not to, my little fucktoy."

Smack! Smack!

"You are only here to please me. To obey me."

Smack! Smack!

"You are my submissive little possession, my toy."

Smack! Smack!

"I am going to make you beg. To beg to be fucked by me, and to be allowed to come."

Jenny grunted, her buttocks starting to rise and fall, rising to meet each falling hand.

Smack! Smack!

"What are you?" demanded Karen.

"I'm... your toy." said Jenny softly.

Karen crowed inside. "What else?"

"Your pet. Your fucktoy. Your possession."

Somehow, Jenny found the words easy to say, her face hidden in the cushion of the couch. But with each word, Jenny's subjugation became deeper for both of them, and they knew it.

"You're my slave."

"Yes Miss Mulder. I'm your slave."

Karen's hand stopped, resting on Jenny's firm ass, now bright red.

"Oh yes, my pretty one. You're my slave. And now what should my slave do? Now I've finished punishing you?"

"Th...Thank you, Miss Mulder. Thank you for punishing me."

"You are welcome, slave. I will punish you again if you displease me."

"Yes, Miss Mulder."

Karen spread her legs as far as she could, with Jenny's weight still on her lap.

"I am wet, slave."

Karen pushed firmly at Jenny's side, and the nude woman unsteadily clambered off Karen's lap, onto the floor at her feet. She looked at Karen, who looked down at her own lap, and the legs slightly spread beneath her sensible skirt. Jenny could smell Karen's wetness, and it was clear what the dominant woman wanted. She reached out, trying to lift the skirt.

"What are you doing, slave?"

"I'm... don't you want me to...?"

"You have forgotten to ask my permission, slave."

"Please Miss Mulder." said Jenny with resignation and defeat. "Let me pleasure you."

"You may." said Karen, in a voice dripping with generosity. She lifted herself, allowing Jenny to pull down her skirt and fine soaked panties.

Jenny quickly revealed Karen's long firm legs, which the black woman lifted and spread in front of her. Karen's pussy was saved clean, and her pink pussy lips were swollen and wet. Jenny knelt up, leaning forward with her hands on Karen's firm thighs, lowering her face to the soaking hole in front of her.

Karen moaned as her naked white slave leant down to her wet pussy.

Jenny pushed her tongue out, finally tasting Karen's hot and spicy pussy lips. Both women moaned; enjoying the new sensations as Jenny's tongue stimulated Karen's hot pussy. Karen rolled in her seat, loving the stimulation her pussy was finally getting. Finally she had Jenny where she wanted, between her spread thighs. Holding back from her own stimulation, she reached out to pick up the camera, and to take a few photos of the blonde head bobbing up and down between her thighs.

Jenny was amazed at the sensations she was experiencing; her climax still tingling her toes; her nipples on fire with the clamps, and her mouth filled with the taste of a woman for the first time.

Dropping the camera, Karen lay back and enjoyed the feeling of Jenny's talented tongue working away between her thighs. Jenny licked from bottom to top with the whole breadth of her tongue, savouring the musky taste of her mistress's moisture. Karen moaned as Jenny's tongue licked up and down, then thrust deep inside her cunt. Jenny licked harder and deeper, faster and faster as Karen thrust upwards, her arousal rising.

In minutes, Karen came, her hands crushing her breasts as her orgasm rushed through her, juices running down into Jenny's open mouth.

Jenny licked on, tidying up Karen's wet pussy of her thick juices until finally sitting back as Karen gasped for air.

"Aaah... Very, very good. Very good my pet." Said Karen with true gratitude, looking at Jenny with affection as she knelt at her feet.

"Oh that was excellent, my pet." said Karen. "You have a fantastic tongue, and I'm going o enjoy putting it to work. How do you think I should reward you for such a fabulous orgasm?"

Jenny bit her lip.

"Shall I let you have an orgasm, pet?" Karen enquired.

Jenny looked up at her. "Yes please Miss Mulder. Please let me come."

Karen stood, standing beside Jenny, her smart suit incongruous above her naked legs, and the naked woman kneeling next to her. "Stand up, sweetie. Feet shoulder-width apart. You can take off the nipple clamps now. And bend over, keeping your legs straight."

Jenny did as she was told obediently, her nipples burning as they were released from the jaws of the clamps. Her pert buttocks flexed and stretching beautifully in the flickering light of the TV, still showing the tape of her youthful lust.

"Can you reach the floor? Goodness, you are flexible, my pet. And what a perfect bottom."

Karen ran a hand up between Jenny's legs, her fingers emerging shiny and wet. She held up her hand and sniffed, licking at Jenny's slick juices.

"Oh, you taste good." Karen murmured. She turned, pushing off her jacket and unbuttoning her blouse. As she unfastened her bra, she moved over to the video camera. She paused it, ejecting and changing the tape. She opened the viewing screen, turning it round so as to see it from the front. She bent down to her bag, removing a double-ended strap-on dildo.

Karen turned to look at her pet as she inserted the smaller end of the dildo into her wet pussy. Strapping the dildo about her waist, she stared at the perfect petite form in front of her, bent double with bound hands touching the floor. She walked up and took Jenny by the waist, gently turning her so she would be in profile on the camera.

"Kneel down, my pet."

Jenny knelt down putting her hands in front of her and spreading her knees apart. Behind her, Karen knelt too, placing the head of the dildo at Jenny's moist lower lips.

"What do you want me to do?" asked Karen.

Jenny hung her head and whispered. "Fuck me."

"I didn't hear you."

"FUCK ME! Please fuck me!" begged Jenny in desperation, pushing her butt back towards her mistress.

By way of answer, Karen slid the long shaft deep into Jenny's cunt, and both women groaned together. She pulled back, the pale pink shaft soaked in a single stroke. She began to move back and forth, her hips thrusting the dildo in and out of Jenny's wetness.

Jenny groaned, feeling her pussy stretched by the thick shaft. In and out, stretching her pussy lips each time, Karen fucked her harder and faster than her husband had fucked her in years. Jenny orgasmed quickly, but Karen continued to fuck her, the thick cock driving in and out, in and out. Her excitement rose, waves of pleasure flooding her brain. Jenny had forgotten everything but the feeling of being taken, her pussy fucked harder than she could remember. The high of her orgasm didn't fade, but crested, the waves getting higher and higher.

Behind her, Karen admired her sexy fucktoy, seeing her thrusting against the dildo. She could see Jenny's excitement rising, and she shuddered as another climax ran through her. This was obviously not enough for full release, and in seconds Jenny was pushing back again, searching a bigger and stronger orgasm.

Leaving the soft moans and groans behind, Jenny began to grunt primally, thrusting back and forth.

"Huh! Oh god! Fuck me! Gaaah! That'!....Aaaaaaaah!"

Jenny's hips bucked and her back curved down as her head was thrown back in ecstasy. At first, her orgasm was silent, so powerful it silenced her completely. For twenty or thirty seconds, she stared ahead, mouth open, hips bucking as the most amazing sensations surged through her. Finally, a long groan hissed from her mouth as her head slowly fell.


Jenny slid bonelessly to the ground, her arms buckling as she fell into the carpet.

Karen smiled as Jenny slowly slid off the thickness of the dildo into a heap, her ass protruding up into the air.

Karen stood unsteadily on her heels, coming down from her own orgasm. As Jenny panted for breath, she retrieved the video camera, bringing it round behind the crumpled blonde to focus on her ass, and her swollen gaping pussy lips. She held the camera at arms length to film herself leaning forward to lick hungrily at Jenny's soaking hole. She licked and licked, filling her mouth with the taste of Jenny's nectar.

After several minutes, Karen sat back, happy with her fill of Jenny's juices. Jenny's legs were completely splayed now, and her hairy pussy was glistening with saliva and pussy juice.

Karen too another long close-up before putting the camera down, and walking upstairs to the bathroom. She returned after a couple of minutes with a small collection of objects. The first, a large towel, she folded in half and lay out on the floor. She picked up the video camera again, and fixed it to the tripod she had fetched, positioning it record the towel area and turned it on.

"Roll over and lie on the towel, baby" she said.

Jenny didn't even think, but obeyed smoothly, rolling over to lie on her back with her butt just on the towel.

Towering over her, Karen was gently rubbing her breasts, swirling her fingertips over her covered nipples. She looked Jenny's toned and tanned body over.

"Put your ass in the middle of the towel and spread your legs wide," Karen continued her direction.

Jenny pushed back and placed her feet on the edge of the table and spread her legs. The physical pain between her legs was nearly gone but the emotional stabbing could still be felt as Karen stared at Jenny's pink slit.

"Looks like no damage done. You've got such a lovely cunt. It's a shame you hide it under all that hair. Open up baby, and let me see you opened-up wide," Karen asked as casually as though she was asking for sugar for her coffee.

Jenny sat up a bit more and used both hands to pull open her vagina to let Karen peer at all of her charms.

Karen stared at Jenny's open, gaping pussy. "Alright, lie back Jenny but keep your legs spread."

Karen produced a can of gel shaving cream and a razor.

Karen smiled at Jenny. "I think you'll look great completely shaved and, besides, I want you looking well-groomed for our adventures in the upcoming days and weeks ahead. Today will be a very special for my very special friend. Just you and me..." Karen left the sentence open and hanging, turning and twisting the imaginary dildo deeper in Jenny.

Jenny lay motionless, and resigned to her fate.

Karen squirted a small amount of the shaving gel on her left palm and used the fingers on her right hand to spread the gel around Jenny's mound and lips. Once the gel was spread across Jenny's crotch, it began to turn from green to white. Karen wiped her hands in the towel that she brought over from the counter.

Jenny felt the cool gel on her crotch. The spread legs and the gel caused her clit to come out of hiding. After the recent pounding, the tingling cool sensation was a welcome relief. Jenny breathed a little easier with the slight numbing effect on her vagina.

Karen knelt between Jenny's open legs and took the razor into her right hand. A devilish smile was on Karen's face. "Don't move honey... it would be a shame if that clitty got nicked while I was grooming you," Karen warned Jenny.

"Have you ever been completely shaved?" Karen asked Jenny as though they were in a salon for a monthly appointment.

"When I was younger on honeymoon," replied Jenny.

"Oh good. You can tell your husband you've done this to remind him of then."

Karen engrossed in her work focusing on the job at hand, staring at Jenny's pussy. Finally, Karen scraped the last of the shaving cream and blonde hair from Jenny's pussy wiping away the last wisps of cream. "Done," exclaimed Karen.

Karen grabbed the digital camera and got a couple of quick snaps in. "Smile...."

After a few more shots, Jenny was handed a bottle of soothing aftershave, and obediently spread it all over her shaven crotch. Her pussy, Karen thought, looked delightful, and with her slight frame, then shaven quim gave her a very girlish appearance. Karen handed her a vibrator and told to fuck herself.

Karen had her thrust in and out for a few minutes, before repositioning Jenny. She knew the smaller woman was into yoga, and had her adopt 'The Crab', lifting her whole body upwards on hands and feet. Bent over backwards in a bow shape, Jenny's cunt pressed upwards obscenely, and Karen licked her lips as she took hold of the vibrator. She pushed it deep into Jenny's hungry pussy and turned it on to the maximum setting.

Karen walked around the trembling woman, filming her amazing breasts, and her face contorted with lust. Jenny began to shake as her orgasm approached.

"Have you forgotten something, slave?"

"Uuuunh! Please... please can I come, Miss Mulder?" begged the horny blonde.

Karen grinned and bent down to kiss her pet's upturned lips, slipping her tongue into Jenny's mouth.

Karen tongued Jenny's mouth as she came, her body shuddering and slowly collapsing to the ground.

"Have you got something to say?" Karen enquired, withdrawing her tongue and caressing Jenny's cheek with her hand.

"Thank you Miss Mulder," said Jenny meekly.

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