tagLesbian SexSuburban Submission Ch. 02

Suburban Submission Ch. 02


Jenny held her mug of tea in both hands, staring into space. The events of the previous day churned through her mind. The humiliation. The blackmail. Going down on her evil neighbour Karen, and bringing her to climax.

She couldn't quite understand how it had all happened. How she had allowed herself to be used in that way. How she could have done all those things. How she could have - even a little bit - enjoyed it? Had such an incredible orgasm? How could she have been aroused by being treated in that way?

Jenny had never really experimented with sex - she had married her high school sweetheart, and he had been the only man she had ever slept with. There had been a few boys beforehand she had played around with, and the ill-fated time she and her college girlfriends had gone a bit wild in the city. And hadn't that turned around and bitten her right on the ass!

Jenny had been completely stunned by the video, and what it had showed her doing. She hardly remembered that night. But yesterday she saw herself drinking, and smoking drugs, sucking cocks and making out with girls. There was no way she could allow the tape to get out. If her daughter saw it... or her husband! The video had been made in the last summer of college, and she had been going steady with Dane for over a year at the time. What would he do if he found out how she had acted back then?

Now she was troubled and confused. What would Karen do now? Would she make Jenny do now? Jenny couldn't believe Karen would stop at just one day...

As if on cue, the telephone rang. Jenny saw the number and didn't pick it up.

As the answer phone caught it, Jenny heard a familiar voice.

"Hi there Jenny. I know you're in - I saw you waving your son off just ten minutes ago. Pick up the phone. Come on. Jenny. Listen, I'll call again - but don't make me do it too many times!"

Jenny's face sagged, but she didn't move towards the phone. She sipped at her tea sadly. Karen was clearly intending to make her do more things today! Jenny tried to put it out of her head, putting some laundry on and tidying up, but her heart wasn't in it. After about ten minutes, the phone rang again. This time, the petite blonde answered it.

"Hi Karen," she said dully.

"Hey - whoa!" came Karen's voice. "That's a sad voice."

"Well, what did you expect, Karen. You used me - blackmailed me." Said Jenny bitterly. "Oh come on, babe! It's all just a bit of fun," Karen laughed. "Lighten up - we're friends now!"

"No. We aren't." came the flat reply.

"Oh, don't say that," Karen mocked her. "We're the BESTEST friends! Listen, I'm going to take you out and cheer you up. Hit the shower, and I'll pick you up in fifteen to head down the mall! See ya!"

The line clicked and went dead, and Jenny dully replaced it. Karen was obviously going to punish her further for her youthful indiscretions. But what could she do about it? Still, she couldn't do anything too bad in public, surely?


Fifteen minutes later, the bell rang, and Jenny went out to meet Karen. She was wearing slacks and a jumper under a smart suit top, contrasting with Karen who turned out to be in a miniskirt, heels and a tight black top.

"Hey!" said Karen with a smile, giving her a thorough hug, kissing her hello and grabbing Jenny's firm ass. "Looking good - kind of severe, but good!"

"Thank you," said Jenny with a thin smile.

Karen stepped into the house, walking through to the kitchen. "What are you wearing underneath?"

"I'm.... underwear, obviously." Said Jenny.

"Show me."

"Look Karen, you've had your fun! I did what you wanted yesterday - but enough is enough!" said Jenny sharply.

Karen frowned. Then her wicked smile returned. "Oh, I know why you're crabby!" she said brightly. "I haven't shown you your pictures!"

Karen reached into her bag, pulling out a handful of colour pictures and handing them to Jenny.

With shock, Jenny looked at them; each one showing her nude form, stretched on the floor, licking Karen's pussy or masturbating. The last picture showed Jenny bowing over backwards in the crab position, thick vibrator erupting from her pussy.

Karen smiled at her. "Now - you were going to show me your underwear?" she said firmly.

Jenny seemed to crumple slightly, handing back the pictures. She reached down to pull up her thin jumper, revealing her sensible white bra underneath.

"Oh, that will never do," said Karen frowning. "I mean, it's not like it's a sexy bra. I might have been okay with a sexy bra, but this is just awful!"

"I can...can go and change." Said Jenny a little desperately.

"No, I don't think so," Karen frowned. "I think you'll remember to wear better underwear in future if you go without today."

"Karen, I'm...I'm a mother! I can't walk around without a bra on!"

"Of course you can! Hey, I've seen them - those puppies are practically anti-gravity! You don't need a bra really, so you can go without today. Now give me your jacket." She ordered. "And if you're going to argue like a little girl, you can call me Mrs Mulder, not Karen."

"But... but..." Jenny petered out. There was no way she could refuse - Jenny had been taking pictures all day yesterday! How could she have been so stupid? Her husband might have been able to accept her misbehaving as a youngster, but seeing her lesbian submission posted all over the internet? Or to her children's school friends?

Jenny shrugged her jacket off, and handed it to Karen. Then, she reached behind herself to unclip the bra, before twisting and turning inside her jumper to remove it like a teenager getting changed on the beach. Karen watched her with an evil smile.

In a minute, Jenny stood upright again, her large breasts pressing out against her jumper, the nipples clearly visible through the thin fabric.

"Oh that's better baby" crooned Karen, reaching out to stroke one of the large breasts possessively.

Jenny flinched, but didn't move to take Karen's hand away.

"Now, let me see the panties" Karen pressed on.

Jenny grimaced, reaching to push her slacks down far enough to show her pink cotton panties.

"Oh, those won't do," said Karen mildly. She reached into the kitchen drawer, pulling out a pair of scissors and stepping forward. She reached down and took hold of Jenny's panties. Just two cuts and she was able to tug the material free, revealing Jenny's freshly denuded pussy. Smiling, Karen pulled the slacks back up high on Jenny's waist, giving her a tight cameltoe. She giggled.

"You're not wearing much make-up though," complained the brunette with a pout. She reached into her handbag, pulling out a thin tube of lipstick. She opened it, and moved to cover Jenny's lips with the sticky substance, painting them a bright pink.

Karen continued to decorate Jenny's face, applying eyeliner and mascara before smiling and stepping back.

"Now you look presentable." Karen told Jenny.

"Where are we going?" Jenny questioned.

"We're going shopping," Karen responded.

" Why? Can't you just leave me alone? You've had your fun.... Please!" begged Jenny.

"Oh, no, no, no, no, no... I am your new best friend. We're going to be pals for as along as you and I live in this town. And, since you are my new bestest, bosom buddy, I want to make sure you're well dressed," replied Karen.

"Now lets' get shopping!" Karen announced, tossing Jenny's jacket away to hang over a chair, and gesturing to the door. Downcast, Jenny walked out wearing just the thin sweater, nipples pressing against the wool obviously as her breasts bounced up and down.

The two newfound friends and neighbours went out the door and around the corner to where Karen had parked her Mercedes convertible. Karen put some R&B on the CD player as they drove, placing a hand on Jenny's firm thigh possessively as they drove.


At the mall, Karen led Jenny through a succession of shops. Soon, they had acquired a short black skirt, which Karen insisted she wear in place of her slacks. At the next shop, they looked at shoes. Insisting on one of the male assistant managers to help, Karen grinned as she directed them both like playthings. Once Jenny was sitting, her short skirt slid up, and the assistant kneeling at her feet to help with her shoes turned crimson as he looked up to see her exposed pussy. Karen watched in amusement as he fumbled with buckles and straps, constantly staring at Jenny's exposed crotch. She bent down to whisper in Jenny's ear.

"Think he's enjoying the view? Move your legs apart a bit." She ordered.

Blushing, Jenny did as she was told, exposing her mature, shaven pussy to the young man's delighted eyes as he removed her shoes. Karen handed down another pair, these a set of golden high heels with long leather straps designed to be wound up the calf. As he fumbled them onto Jenny's dainty feet, Karen moved around behind him so she could see Jenny's exposure, but the man could not see her.

She pulled out a small digital camera, setting it to video so she could record Jenny as the straps were wound up her legs. Her pussy glistened slightly, and she was clearly excited by her exposure. In another minute, the job was done. From behind she looked most proper, but from in front, Jenny was a seductive vision. Her chest heaved, braless nipples thrusting out against the thin sweater. Athletic legs exposed by the short skirt, they were lifted by the four-inch heels so the store-worker could see right down the six-inch gap between her legs to her shaven quim.

"Oh, those look great," said Karen lightly, gesturing for Jenny to open her legs wider. "How much are they again?"

"Uh... one fifty" said the assistant nervously as Jenny's feet moved almost a foot apart.

"Oh," said Karen, gesturing wider with her hands. "I hoped we might get them for a little less than that." She touched hr lips, indicating for Jenny to smile.

Jenny's jaw clenched momentarily before she relaxed, smiling at the boy as she set her feet either side of him, completely exposing herself in the most blatant way.

"I... I don't think... oh god!"

He stuttered to a halt as Jenny, mirroring Karen's movements behind the assistant's back, ran her forefinger along her exposed cunt.

"I was thinking perhaps.... twenty-five dollars" said Karen calmly, crooking her fingers at Jenny. The assistant groaned as the soccer-mom obediently slid her fingers gently into herself, parting the soft shaven lips with her delicate fingers. He tried to speak, but only a moan came out.

"I'll tell you what," said Karen softly. "We can go pay the one-fifty now... or we can play here for a few more minutes and pay twenty-five. Your choice."

The assistant manager sat paralyzed as the beautiful blonde played with her pussy in front of him, making no move to get up.

Karen kept the camera on Jenny as she slid two fingers in and out of her pussy, the other hand coming down to stimulate her clitoris. In just a few minutes she trembled, holding herself quiet as an orgasm rushed through her body, letting out just the quietest moan.

Jenny leaned back, legs toppling inwards to break the spell. Karen smiled, stopping the video as she stepped round to tower dominantly over the aroused manager.

"Twenty, five, wasn't it?" she said firmly.


Karen smiled broadly as she led her embarrassed neighbor through the mall. The two of them were closer in height now Jenny wore the four-inch heels she had abused herself for earlier. The serious appearance Jenny had started the day with had now become a highly charged and sexy one. In her heels and short skirt, Jenny's startling figure became something extraordinary, her pert bum wiggling with every step, braless breasts bouncing visibly with nipples still prominent, though less swollen than they had been earlier.

The dominant brunette led her blonde plaything past several clothes shops straight for the best lingerie store in town. 'Dangerous Curves' was a miniature nirvana of lace, silk and leather. Karen was greeted at the door, well known to the helpful girls staffing the store - no men were allowed to work here!

The two of them wandered the shop, Karen periodically holding up something flimsy against Jenny's clothed body. Soon, they had a small pile of clothes to try, and Karen spoke to the owner who quietly took them to a large changing room. Very large for such a small shop, there was a wide padded bench for Karen to sit on, and a full-length mirror.

"Time for you to try some of these pretty things on, Jenny" said Karen with a smile. "Leave the shoes on..."

Wearing only two items of clothing - her skirt and the clingy jumper - it didn't take Jenny long to be naked. Still, she consoled herself with the thought that at least they were alone now. The smell of sex and sweat arose from her slightly sticky body.

Karen handed her a set of lacy French underwear, turning to give a sly wink to the mirror as Jenny bent down to slip on the panties. She knew well that her friend the owner would be tucked away behind the two-way mirror, looking forward to the show.

"Wait!" said Karen sharply, as Jenny had the French knickers up to her thighs. The blonde froze obediently, wondering what was wrong.

"My god, you're so messy!" said Karen in mock surprise. "You can't try on knickers like that!"

Jenny blushed crimson. She had not even thought of the mess she would make of the underwear!

"Come sit on the bench," said Karen firmly, reaching into her handbag. Assuming that Karen was getting a tissue, Jenny sat as she was told.

"Lie back," said Karen, pushing at Jenny's shoulder. With a sigh, the beautiful soccer-mom lay down on the floor, the plush carpet prickling against her skin.

"On your back," said Karen, standing up. As Jenny rolled back, Karen bent down, and grabbed her ankles, lifting them quickly into the air. Jenny gasped as she laid there, her legs held together, now pushed back and splayed until she was looking at Karen through the gap between them; her knees pressed either side of her chest. In this position, her intimate areas were displayed obscenely, her shaven pussy and anus more exposed than even in the shoe shop.

"Hold your legs up there with your hands," said Karen. In a moment, she released Jenny's ankles as the blonde took the strain of maintaining her own position, pulling her calves towards her head.

Karen took a minute to admire her neighbor's sexy body, displayed for her pleasure. Jenny was bent double, curled up on the floor, her ankles either side of her head. Jenny's pussy gleamed with slick juices, dribbling down to her tight anus. On either side, her firm buttocks were pale moons, looking good enough to eat. She stood, pulling out the camera again, taking several shots of her exposed body, before switching to video again.

"My, that's a wet pussy," said Karen admiringly. "You certainly can't put on new knickers like that! What do you think we should do about it?"

Jenny's mouth twitched in distaste, and disgust at her own weakness. "Clean it, Karen - I mean, Mrs. Mulder. We need to clean it."

"But how - I don't have a towel or anything...."

"You could use your... hands, Mrs. Mulder" Jenny said reluctantly.

Karen reached out her free hand, and let her fingers trail along Jenny's wet slit, smearing the pussy juice around. "Oh no, that's just getting my hands sticky! That won't do at all. Try again, sweetie." said Karen, licking her lips obviously.

Jenny sighed inwardly. "You could use your... your mouth Mrs. Mulder. You could clean me with your tongue."

"Is that what you want Jenny?" Two of Karen's fingers slid deeper into the shaven quim. "You want me to lick your pussy with my tongue?"

"Y...Yes please Mrs. Mulder. Please lick my pussy clean with your tongue. Please..." Jenny moaned as Karen stimulated her swollen pussy lips, her composure completely gone.

"Well I suppose I could do that," said Karen, curling her fingers to stimulate Jenny's G-spot. "But if I did, you'd have to agree to do some things for me, too."

"Yes! Oh yes, please!" came Jenny's response. She knew she was being used, but Karen's expert touch felt so good. So sexy!

"You'd need to clean my lips and tongue with your own afterwards," said Karen smoothly.


"I'd want you to spend the afternoon with us at my pool."

"Yes! At the pool!"

"And do whatever I say..."

"Oh God," moaned Jenny. "I've got to, I've got to, I've got to. Why do I have to say it?" Her eyes opened and she almost cried as Karen withdrew her fingers almost completely, leaving just the tips embedded in Jenny's moistness.

"Do you promise to do whatever I say?" said Karen severely.

"Yes! I promise! Please...uuuuuuh!" Jenny cried as Karen's fingers sank back inside her.

Karen waited for Jenny's moans to soften before stopping the video capture, and bending down over her submissive neighbor. She brought her lips down to hover above Jenny's swollen and dripping pussy, inhaling the scent with delight. Hungry to taste Jenny's moistness, she pushed out her tongue and took a long greedily lick along the moist cunny before her. Jenny writhed in delight, and Karen withdrew her fingers, sliding them into her mouth to suck of the thick pussy juices coating them. The taste was exquisitely pungent, and she turned back to Jenny's quim and began to lick in earnest. She used none of her usual finesse, too eager for her own pleasure, wanting the taste more than anything. As she lapped at Jenny's pussy hungrily, she slid her two moist fingers down towards Jenny's anus, and with a firm thrust, buried them up to the second knuckle.

Jenny squealed and bucked at the invasion of her ass, but didn't release her legs, and soon Karen was thrusting the fingers in and out of Jenny's puckered hole, and the blonde moaned with pleasure. In another minute, she came again, her ass clenching around Karen's fingers as she did.

As Jenny came down, Karen went back to the long slow licks she had started with, quickly cleaning Jenny's pussy before sitting back.

"All clean now," she announced. Jenny didn't move, panting for breath.

"Now" said Karen, "I want you to remember this position. On your back, curled up and holding your legs back to show off your tits, cunt and ass. This is the 'Display' position, and whenever I tell you to, I want you to drop everything, strip if need be, and get into this position as quickly as possible. And to stay there until I say otherwise - is that understood?"

Jenny nodded. "Yes, Mrs. Mulder." she said breathlessly.

"Good, you can get up now." said Karen. As Jenny released her ankles and slowly rolled up to a sitting position, Karen watched her, finally saying "Have you forgotten something? Where are your manners?"

"Oh! Err... thank you, Mrs. Mulder." said Jenny hastily.

"Thank you for what?"

"Thank you for - for licking my pussy and making me come."

"And fingering your arse!" said Karen firmly.

"Yes - thank you for fingering my arse, Mrs. Mulder" said Jenny dejectedly.

"Now come, clean me up," ordered Karen firmly. Obediently, Jenny leant in towards her, putting out her tongue to lick at the shining juices covering Karen' lower face and lips, before sliding her tongue into Karen's mouth. Karen toyed with Jenny's tongue, enjoying the warm softness in her mouth. With one hand, she held the back of Jenny's head softly, keeping the French kiss going for several minutes.

Finally, Karen released her slave, and Jenny sank back, her chest heaving as she gasped for air, nipples like corks on her heaving breasts. Silently, Karen handed her the French knickers again, and Jenny stood to put them on.

Over the next few minute, Jenny put on a range of underwear, most of it meeting with little more than an approving nod. One item which stood out was a white corset finished with uplifting quarter-cup brassiere section, and suspender attachments. Putting this on one side, Karen took the rest out, looking disappointed, and Jenny was left standing naked in the changing room, still in her strap-up heels.

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