tagLesbian SexSuburban Wife Ch. 04

Suburban Wife Ch. 04


This is the continuing story of a suburban housewife as she discovers the joy of unbridled sex. I recommend you read the first three chapters for context

Kelly - Suburban housewife and first time visitor to the mansion

John - Kelly's husband and visitor to the mansion

Anne - Dominatrix and owner of the mansion

Trisha - Visitor to the mansion and friend of Anne

Julie - Personal Assistant to Anne

Morris - Servant to Anne

Alex - Servant to Anne

I would like to thank Andrea for her work in editing the latest chapter. Constructive comments are always welcome.


John watched as his wife finished drying her hair. She was naked from the waist up; a small towel wrapped around her hid a freshly washed pussy. He marveled at her beauty as her golden locks released the last drops of water under the assault of the warm rushing air. John took a great deal of pleasure watching his wife prepare to go out for an evening on the town. It bothered Kelly when they were first married, but now she did not seem to mind.

"Baby, I think you need to finish showering while I dry my hair. We don't want to be late for dinner."

"I want to talk about today. I want to talk about you fucking the servants."

Kelly turned off the hair dryer, setting it down on the granite counter top. Turning, she smiled at her husband and walked over to him with just enough sway in her hips to make her full breasts jiggle. As she came close to him, she rubbed the fullness of her breasts against him as she leaned in to kiss him. Catching her husband off guard, Kelly locked lips with John and wiggled her tongue into his mouth. At the same time, her right hand quickly worked its way down his stomach and started rubbing John's cock and balls.

John could not resist his wife as she continued to probe his mouth with her tongue and he opened his mouth allowing her full access. Determined to keep her husband's mind on her hand job and not dwell on her getting fucked earlier, she slid his cock out of his boxer shorts. Putting the swelling head between her thumb and index finger, she started rubbing the edges of his purple helmet.

After a moment, she pulled her lips back and released her grip on his now swollen cock. Kelly turned around and walked back over to the counter top. She picked up the hair dryer and turned her head over her shoulder. As the still damp curls of her hair finished moving, she smiled at John.

"I don't think we have time to talk about it right now. I promise we can discuss it later."

"No, I want to talk about it now Kelly."

"Baby, I said we can talk about it later. I think you need to take a shower right now. We don't want to be late for dinner."

Thinking that her impromptu hand job should quiet her husband, Kelly turned the hair dryer back on.

John just stood there for a moment, with his swollen cock poking out the fly of his boxer shorts. He thought about walking over and pulling the plug on the hair dryer and yelling at his wife. After a few seconds he realized that it would be a futile act. She apparently did not want to talk about what happened earlier in the day. John assumed it was some level of guilt stopping her from discussing it with him. He wasn't sure, but knew he wanted some questions answered. Was she feeling that way because she was sorry that she fucked the servants, or sorry because she enjoyed it? Did she want even more cum shot up inside her pussy?

Kelly watched her husband in the mirror as he gave up trying to talk to her and stripped out of his boxers and walked into the shower. Relieved that she would not have to talk to her husband about fucking the help, Kelly finished her hair and brushed her teeth. Kelly felt the pains of guilt for a moment. She knew that she should have talked to John, but it was not meant to be at that moment. He was angry and hurt, but Kelly knew that he would get over it and that her silence was for a reason. Besides, he enjoyed watching her get fucked earlier in the day. Kelly knew that her husband enjoyed getting a hand job from Anne and Trisha, and definitely seemed to enjoy licking the slave's remnants that were dripping out of her, despite how he acted for the last hour.

As John walked out of the shower, he joined his wife in the walk-in closet as she was picking out her attire for the evening. Kelly was bending over as he walked in, providing him with a perfect view of the crease of her bald pussy and puckered butt hole. As Kelly finished putting on her black high heels, she turned to find her husband starring at her.

"See anything you like?"

"Yes, that cute little butt hole of yours was winking at me. It was calling out for "Johnny"".

"Johnny" was what Kelly called John's penis. He wasn't quite certain as to the reason, but it seems that all wives come up with a name for their husband's cock. This was a strange discovery he made over beers with the guys from work one night. The nickname for his penis was rather vanilla when compared to his coworkers. The strangest one was David, whose wife was German. After the fourth beer he admitted that Helga called his penis a "Schweine Haxen". David said that it was a big hunk of pork, obviously a reference to size of his cock. John didn't have the heart to tell his buddy that the translation was closer to "pig's foot". "Well, I'm glad that Johnny wants to visit my ass but you had better get your butt moving or we are going to be late."

Kelly pulled out a very short and tight black skirt. John liked it since it showed a lot of leg and molded itself to her tight buns. Foregoing underwear, Kelly pulled the skirt up and then looked for a blouse. She settled for something low cut and that buttoned up the front. Deciding not to wear a bra, she buttoned the blouse up about half the way. It was too humid the button it up all the way and she wanted to tease her husband.

John watched his wife get dressed, noticing that she was sans underwear. Was she still teasing him to avoid talking to him about fucking the servants? Did she think that underwear would just get in the way during dinner? John recalled that Kelly fingered her clit the previous night during dinner. Was she going to do that again and didn't want her panties blocking access to her pussy?

John settled for a pair of khaki trousers and a blue button down shirt from TommyBahama. Unlike his wife, John decided that underwear was vital for the evening. If tonight was anything like last night, he was certain of an erection. He didn't like his wife fucking the big cocks of the servants, but he didn't mind watching Anne and Trish try to swallow them whole. Watching the two other women gave him an erection and he wanted to make certain that he did not embarrass himself with it sticking out for the world to see.

They entered the dining room before Anne or Trisha arrived. Alex brought both of them drinks as they waited. Trish arrived a few minutes later dressed in a semitransparent black and nude color dress. It accentuated her small frame and the bottom of it fell just about an inch lower than the confluence of her legs.

"Good Evening." Trish walked over to John and kissed him. It was not a friendly kiss on the side of the cheek, rather a sensuous kiss. John resisted her attempts to shove her tongue past his lips. After a second she pulled back and turned towards Kelly.

He should not have been surprised when Trish offered the same greeting to his wife. From the looks of it, she succeeded in getting her tongue into Kelly's mouth. The two kissed for what seemed like an eternity, but really was only about three seconds. John noticed that Trish also grabbed his wife's ass as she pulled her into the kiss.

"You taste good; much softer lips than your husbands. John, you really should use more lip balm while you are out in the sun."

"You taste good as well. I keep telling him that he needs to wear lip balm, but he says that it makes him feel like a girl. I tell him that I don't want to kiss lips that are like old leather shoes."

Kelly continued the conversation for a moment longer. In reality, the talking was to hide her nervous reaction to the kiss from Trisha. She had not kissed a girl that way since college. She recalled a college party where she was drunk and was dared to kiss another girl. Two of her other friends had kissed and she did not want to feel left out, so she kissed a young women that was a friend of her roommate. The kiss lasted about thirty seconds and went well beyond the lip lock she just had. The girl hugged her and rubbed her tits through her tank top. Kelly recalled going home to her dorm that night and quietly fingering herself thinking about the softness of the woman's embrace. She would masturbate thinking about the woman for another week, but never did anything about it beyond fooling around in her imagination.

Just then, Anne walked in the room with Julie following close behind. She also gave everyone a kiss as a greeting. It was no surprise to John that her kiss was more of a traditional greeting kiss. It may have been traditional, but with Anne it had a feeling of cold detachment. Where Trish had unbridled lust, Anne had cold and calculating control over everything she did. John thought to himself that he would have to keep an eye on how Anne and Kelly interacted. He was certain that Anne would be the provocateur that would entice his wife to do something similar to what happened earlier by the pool.

"Good Evening everyone. Kelly, you look spectacular. I hope that you did not get burned out in the sun today. John you look handsome." Anne's greeting seemed genuine, but John picked out the very trace sarcasm in the tone of her compliment towards him.

"Good evening Anne. You look fabulous. I'm doing great; no sunburn and I feel so alive after being outside naked all day. I can't believe that I've never done that before today."

John admired Anne who looked stunning in her short black dress and heels. The dress was plunging in the front and barely hid the fullness of her breasts. It barely covered her ass and the hem stopped level with her pussy lips. It was also sheer enough to tell that she was not wearing underwear. Julie was the most dressed of the group, in a form hugging red PVC corset, mini skirt and red patent leather heels.

"Since we are all here, shall we have dinner?"

Morris arrived just in time to pull out his Mistress' chair from the table and set a drink down in front of her. This was rewarded with a polite thank you and stroke of the big black cock hanging between his legs. John took his seat on the same side of the table and about three feet away from Anne.

Alex helped Trisha with her chair and poured her another glass of wine while she grabbed his cock and started stroking it. With the cock still in her hand, she turned and locked eyes with John. She licked her lips as she continued to tug on the shaft in her hands. Kelly put her drink down on the table, sitting down on the left side of Trisha and Alex, conveniently having a front row view of the show happening. The group continued to watch as Trisha slowly pumped the swelling cock up and down.

"Kelly, could you please hold this for me?" Trisha took her left hand and turned the poor servant by his cock, so that he faced Kelly. "I'm thirsty and need a drink."

John wondered if he wife would actually grab the servant's cock. He was certain that his wife knew he was upset about her fucking Alex earlier in the day. It really did not surprise him when she reached up and wrapped her fingers around it. The real surprise was the Kelly looked at her husband and smiled as she mimicked the stroking action Trisha started. John felt a small shudder in his body because her smile was natural and not forced. Kelly continued stroking the cock for about a minute as Trish downed the contents of her wine glass.

"Can I have that back please?"

"Yes you may." With that Kelly bent her body forward and planted a big wet kiss on the helmeted head of the cock in her hand. She then extended her arm to the right and passed the young servants cock to Trisha like it was a baton in a track meet.

Dinner was much the same as the previous night. The servants brought out wine and salad to start the meal. This was followed by a course of light appetizers and then the main meal.

While John and Kelly did not discuss what happened at the pool earlier in the day, the topic of sex found its way into the discussion.

"Kelly, did you enjoy yourself at the pool today?" Anne was the first one to bring up the topic and John looked at his wife intently.

"Yes, I did enjoy myself. The sun felt warm on my body and I felt comfortable being naked in front of other people. The massage was just what I needed. I also enjoyed getting fucked by your two servants." It was coincidence at that very moment Alex was standing next to Kelly and she took the opportunity to stroke his cock.

"Alex has a very nice cock. I love it when my husband cums in my pussy, so it was great when the servants shot their loads deep into me. I probably could have used another load or two in me before John cleaned up the mess."

Anne continued her questions. "Was that the first time you had ever been with two guys?"

Kelly did not know how to answer the question. It had happened once during her second year in college. She and her roommate found themselves at a party with a bit too much to drink. Before Kelly knew what was happening, she was naked and on her knees in front of two fellow students. She fucked both of them before her roommate showed up to pull her out of the dorm room. The next morning Kelly wondered what she had done to her reputation, but luckily there were no cell phone cameras and the guys only acknowledged her in passing if they met on campus. John did not know about it, and she wondered if now the right time to tell him.

"No, I can honestly say that this was the first time that I've been fucked by two naked men at the same time." It was a true statement, since one of the college guys kept his socks on while fucking her and technically was not naked.

Anne looked at Kelly intently, obviously picking up the subtle caveat of her answer. It seemed a little unnerving that Anne could read her like the pages of an open book.

"John, did you enjoy this afternoon at the pool?"

"Are you asking me if I enjoyed lying out by the pool naked with three women, or watching my wife fucking two relative strangers?"

Anne set her wine glass down on the table and looked directly at him, locking her cold eyes upon his. "I am asking you both questions."

"Yes, I enjoyed lying out by the pool with three attractive women who were naked." Looking at his wife, he continued. "I really did not enjoy watching my wife get fucked by your servants."

"Did you really not enjoy watching that John? You didn't seem to mind watching Kelly as Trish and I were stroking your cock. You could have easily put a stop to it."

John hesitated in answering her, but the silence at the table needed to be filled.

"I said that I did not enjoy it."

"I disagree. In fact, I think that you would have fucked Trisha if she offered herself to you at the pool house. I know that you would have dove face first into her pussy if given the chance."

Kelly looked at her husband to see how he would respond. He had made comments before about wanting to watch his wife fuck a woman and then jump in for a threesome. Kelly normally ignored her husband's comments about wanting to fuck strange women as he licked her pussy. How would he respond to being called out by Anne?

"I would not have done it despite what you think Anne. Kelly and I have talked about other people, normally in fantasy discussions but we never agreed to fuck other people." John looked at his wife. "I would not have fucked Trisha because Kelly and I did not discuss it before hand."

Anne laughed, loudly. "Really John, you would not have fucked Trisha because you had not asked permission from your wife despite the fact that my servants were pounding her to orgasm. Well Kelly, would you have let John stick his dick inside of Trish earlier today?"

Kelly placed her fork down and finished chewing on her lobster. Picking up her wine glass, she took a small drink to clear her throat. "I guess that I would have let him fuck Trish. It seems that would only be fair, considering I had my mouth and pussy full of strange cock."

"Honey, why didn't you try to fuck Trish or Anne? I see you looking at woman all the time, envisioning what they look like naked. I've seen the porn you watch. You had two naked woman that would have fucked you, why didn't you do anything?"

John did not know what to say. That was a question that had been at the back of his mind all afternoon. He had played it over in his mind several times and each time he concluded that he would have loved to fuck Trish from behind. Besides tits, John had a thing for women with small butts. John hoped that Trisha liked getting fucked in the ass, because he kept imagining sticking his dick deep in her asshole.

"Honey, I bet you would have loved to fuck Trisha in the butt."

John looked over to see Trisha smiling at him. Kelly couldn't help but notice Trisha's cheeky smile as well. Alex had started to pour the newcomer a glass of wine, and suddenly found a palm grasping his balls and cock.

"Trish, John loves to fuck me in the ass. I don't let him do it all the time, but he says the sight of his dick disappearing into my ass sends him over the top. Isn't that right honey?"

Kelly continued to stroke the servants cock as she waited for her husband to answer the question.

John looked around at the group as each of the women, including Julie, waiting for his response. He thought about lying, but he was certain that his wife, as well as Anne would call him out on it.

"Yes on both accounts. But I go back to my earlier statement that Kelly and I did not talk about having sex with the servants or Trisha."

With a slight upwards tug on the dick and a bent neck, Kelly soon had the cock shoved into her mouth. She slowly licked the head of the young servant's cock. Her efforts must have been pleasurable because she could feel the blood coursing through the flesh in her mouth, making the cock continue to swell and throb It was soon at its full girth and Kelly took as much of it in her mouth as she could. It hit the back of her throat and then she released it.

Pulling her mouth off it while running her tongue along the underside of the shaft, she sucked on the head of it again. This was followed by several more attempts to get all of Alex's cock into her mouth. As quickly as it began, Kelly released the young servants cock and sent him away with a slap on the butt.

She turned back to the group and said "Anne, you asked me earlier if I enjoyed myself by the pool and my answer was yes. I have to say that your servants did a great job fucking me. Also, Trisha, thank you for your assistance in helping John clean up my pussy. I have tried to get him to eat me out after he explodes in me, but he is not really interested. I always promised him I would fuck him even better in "round two" but he just wants to relax or in most cases sleep. He gave me an orgasm when he ate me out today and it felt great."

"You are welcome. I think John did an excellent job. By the way, your husband has a cute butt. I was admiring it as he was bent down eating your pussy. I just wanted to grab it, but I was afraid that I would break his concentration."

"I agree, his ass is so cute. He hates it when I compliment him on it"

"I don't hate it when you compliment me on it. I hate that you always pinch me when you say something nice about it."

It was the first time in several minutes that John had said something. He was thinking to himself that he should have told his wife that he did not appreciate her sucking off the help at the dinner table. He was going to say something, but he could not get over the fact that he was getting a hard-on again watching her suck cock.

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