tagMatureSuburbs Just Got Interesting Ch. 02

Suburbs Just Got Interesting Ch. 02


First off, thanks to everyone for the great feedback on my first story. Here is part 2 of the continued saga involving Catherine Dell and her neighbor Brad. Again, these are characters based on people in my real life who occupy very real fantasies. I hope you enjoy the story and I appreciate any and all feedback! And if you enjoy, please don't hesitate to rate my story!


I was sitting on a large bed in a room that felt both familiar and new. Lying on my back, I glanced to either side and couldn't see the edge of the bed, just white linen for miles. Then I felt something on my legs, I looked down and saw two feminine hands emerging from the foot of the bed. The arms worked their way up my body slowly, sensually caressing every inch of my bare legs as they came closer. The woman's hands curled up and grazed her fingernails into my thighs, dancing and floating towards my uncovered crotch. I had a feeling of excited anticipation and I needed to be touched, to be touched by this woman now. I began to say something but couldn't speak. A shadow appeared from the haze, and then a bouquet of brown hair parted and I saw her face, she was smiling at me. Catherine was smiling, propping herself up on my naked thighs, pushing them apart as she pulled herself towards me, her breasts grazing against the inner part of my legs. I felt myself harden and watched her smile turn into a wicked grin, her eyes staring at me the entire time.

I tried to speak again, and a whisper was all I could manage, "What are you doing here?"

"Don't be silly Brad, I want you to fuck me." She said and then reached for my throbbing cock.

I shot up in bed and looked around the room. Nervously, glancing towards the end of the bed I half expected Catherine to still be there. Nothing. It was a dream and I was still in my bed the night after I found my shy, innocent neighbor, Catherine hosting a naked sex romp at her house in which I gladly partook. To say the least, my head was still spinning.

My wife was already up with the kids. The sounds of them watching TV, playing, and milling about echoed from downstairs. I shook away the last remnants of the dream and I looked out the window towards my neighbor's house. "Now what?" I mumbled to myself.

Downstairs I grabbed a cup of coffee, gave out the hugs and kisses, and pecked my wife on the cheek. "Hi hon, what's the day hold for us?"

"Not much. Swim lessons at 11, then I wanted to go shopping but other than that we're wide open." She said as she pin-balled across the kitchen cleaning and picking up after breakfast. Watching her pale legs strain and flex with each movement took me to the night before when I was transfixed on Catherine's smooth white legs as they tensed up while shutting the shades before turning around to suck my dick. "Honey...honey?"

I snapped out of my daydream and looked up "What's up?" I sipped my coffee hoping the normalcy of the act would disguise my behavior.

"I said would you mind cleaning up the front yard today? Those bushes are a mess and I want to get it done before we go away next weekend." Her voice trailed off as she walked out of the room towards the next clean up task.

"Sure! not a problem." I yelled, and the pangs of nervous guilt immediately twisted in the pit of my stomach. So clean up, in the front yard, right next door to the scene of the crime. Every possible horrible scenario started playing in my head.

What if she comes out? What do I say? "Hey Catherine! How was the rest of your night? By the way, amazing blow job! One of the best! Can't wait to do it again!" Then my mind went to darker places.

What if she regrets everything? What if I was too lost in the euphoria to see that she wasn't into it. Shit, what if she feels I took advantage of her? Like she had no choice but to blow me or I'd tell her parents.

Shit, what if she feels that I violated her in some way, that I forced her to do this disgusting act to a creepy old perverted man living next door? What if she was so filled with shame and hate that she told her parents.

Oh god, her parents. What if...

"Honey?" My wife reappeared in the kitchen as I was mid panic attack on the inside.

"Yeah?" I forced out over my cup of coffee.

"I'm taking the kids to the pool then to the grocery store, if you need anything just text. Otherwise we'll be back later this afternoon, K?" She said as she stepped closer to give me a kiss goodbye. "You still tired? You seem out of it. I was the one who was up with the kids, you slept until 9:30 you bum," She mocked as she smacked my ass on the way out of the kitchen.

"I'm old. I'm always tired!!" I yelled and quickly went back to nervously drinking my coffee.

As soon as my wife's car pulled out and drove down the street I ran upstairs, turned off all the lights in my room, and looked out the window. The hums of leaf blowers and lawn mowers droned on in the distance but it was otherwise quiet on this sunny Saturday morning. I probably sat there for a good 30 minutes watching for any sign of life. The doomsday scenarios started playing in my head again. I envisioned Jay, Catherine's dad, storming out of the house and running across the lawn, hearing his hand slamming my front door as he yelled, "Brad, get your fucking piece of shit ass out here." I got a lump in my chest at the thought.

I closed my eyes and tried to take a deep breath, "everything is fine, we all had a good time, it was a one time, stupid thing. It's fine, it's all fine," I soothed myself. Then I opened my eyes and saw movement.

A car had pulled up and soon Jay and his wife Lena were getting out. Fuck.

The knot in my chest grew tighter and I held my breath as the front door opened up and the two girls, Ellen and Megan appeared. They were both wearing sunglasses, low cut jean shorts that showed off their legs, and flimsy V-neck shirts that held their perky little breasts in place. They were smiling and waving. I strained to listen.

"Hi Mr. and Mrs. Dell!" Ellen yelled from the doorway as they moved towards the parents. I was staring at Megan's long legs again as she strode towards Catherine's parents who were grabbing their luggage from the trunk.

"Hi girls," Lena said, covering her eyes from the sun to see who was coming. "Did you ladies have fun last night?"

The girls were now at the car, a few feet from Jay and Lena. "Yes, we had a great time, thanks for letting us stay over!" Megan cheerfully squealed.

"Not a problem, I'm glad you two could keep Catherine company while we were away, I know she hates being alone," Jay said as he yanked out the last piece of luggage and shut the trunk. "Where is Catherine?"

"Right Here!" Exclaimed Catherine who was hopping out of the house and walking briskly towards her parents. I nearly choked on my own nervousness when I saw her. She was that shy, innocent girl again, not the wanton, dirty girl between my legs, covered in cum last night. Her bare feet glided along the grass towards her parents and she greeted them with big hugs.

"How was the trip?" She asked.

There wasn't a hint of what happened last night in her tone or demeanor. I started to relax a bit.

"Great, got some much needed R&R and quality time with your Dad. So how about you? Did you gals behave? "Lena wrapped her arm around Catherine and nudged her shoulder teasingly.

"Yes, of course we did! And thanks for not trusting me and sending Brad over to check on us!" The lump in my throat returned.

"Well, I'm always going to be a mother, and a mother is always concerned. Also I know what being eighteen is like so I'm not going to apologize for being overly protective of my baby." Lena squeezed her shoulder, "So, is the house a mess?"

"Nope, Ellen and Meg helped me clean up after the huge party last night. Not a drop of beer or vomit to be found." Catherine sarcastically shot back.

"Any beer left for me? I need one after that drive." Jay huffed as he dragged the bags inside.

Megan and Ellen shouted their goodbyes as they walked towards their car parked on the street. I saw Ellen glance up towards my window and swore she smirked. I ducked and tried to get a peek of them leaving but the car was already darting down the street. The door to the Dell's house closed shut and the street was quiet. I sat in my darkened bedroom and pondered my next move. Everything seemed to be fine, no red flags with Catherine or her parents. Maybe everything will be alright and I'm going to get away with last night's adventure unscathed.

I closed my eyes, took another calming deep breath and the image of Catherine on her knees in front of me covered by the cum from me and three teenage boys popped into my head. I was rubbing my cock through my shorts, picturing the two girls sitting on the couch, finger their pussies while watching Catherine pleasure me. My dick stiffened and I set it free. I was laying on the floor furiously stroking, Catherine's face smiling at me in my fantasy. I imagined her small, perky breasts glistening with sweat and semen as she made no attempt to clean herself off. Just smiling.

I was getting closer, my cock head swelling with every stroke and when the pressure in my balls started to build I closed my eyes tighter and pictured Catherine lying on my bed. Completely naked, her long brown hair forming a silken frame around her pale, angelic face. Her legs, which were pressed firmly together, began to part and I could see her gorgeous pussy for the first time. I'm close, pre-cum starts to ooze from my cock and my fist is wrapped tighter, slamming up and down. The image of Catherine lying there, legs spread, inviting me to enter her young, nubile hole has me on the edge. My hips lift up and I can't help but utter her name.

"Ugh, Catherine, I want you. Oh Catherine, take my...cum. Ugh!!" Spurt after spurt of cum splashes onto my stomach and chest as I orgasm. After the last drop slips from my shriveling cock I lay there for a moment and catch my breath.

"Now what?" I mutter again, the question having more than one answer.

I jumped in the shower, washed up, got dressed then decided it was time to do the front lawn. I grabbed everything I needed from our tool shed and slowly marched to the front of the house. My feet felt like they were in cement as I rounded the corner and saw the neighbor's house. That nervousness came back and I quickly lowered my sunglasses and focused on the tasks at hand.

The first 30 minutes were spent weeding and cleaning up the beds in front of my house. Every so often I'd glance over to see if anyone was watching or coming out to confront me. The uneasy notion lingered that Catherine was angry at me and was going to tell her parents that the dirty old man next door took advantage of their sweet little girl.

I tried to forget about Catherine and concentrated on attempting to pull a bush that was not interested in being pulled. After a few rounds of digging around the roots, then yanking on it, I was close to extricating the pesky plant from it's home. I had two hands wrapped around it's branches, ready to give it a big final pull when I heard, "Hey Brad!!"

I simultaneously yanked the plant and looked up to see Catherine and her mom walking down the driveway towards me. The plant popped out and I lost my balance, landing square on my ass. Covered in dirt and holding a bush, I looked up and sheepishly said, "hello."

"When you're done tearing up your yard maybe you can destroy mine?" Lena quipped as her and Catherine suppressed laughs at my expense.

"I think I'm going to hire someone next year." I joked lifting myself up and while dusting off dirt. "So how was your night away Lena? Did you guys have fun?" I was surveying her face to see if there was any inclination of what happened while she was away.

"Great, we had a wonderful time. Saw a show, had a nice meal, and just got to relax."

I didn't see any hint of Lena knowing.

"Oh nice, it's good to get away every now and then. And I just want to say Catherine and her friends were very well behaved. I only had to call the cops on them twice." I finally managed to make eye contact with Catherine who was grinning from ear to ear. Her eyebrows raised for a split second, letting me know that our secret was safe. I relaxed.

"Yes, thanks for checking on them, even though she insists she's old enough not to be checked on." Lena playfully tussled Catherine's hair.

The two acted like good friends, most likely a product of Catherine being the youngest of three which meant Lena and Jay were over the strict parent thing by the time she rolled around. Lena, for her part, also had a youthful vibe that helped make her feel more of Catherine's equal than her mom. She looked her age, which I guessed was early 50s, and I considered her attractive. Not gorgeous or resembling the sexy milf one always reads about, just an attractive woman who kept up with her looks over the years and didn't submit to letting herself go nor the equally dangerous submission to fake bodily augmentations that plagues this part of New Jersey.

She was about 5'6' and her body was as tight as ones could be after three kids and 40+ years of gravity and frankly that's the way it should be. I find the flaws of old age to be just as sexy as the flawlessness of youth. So while veins dotted her calves and wrinkles carved across what most likely used to be a striking pair of legs, I still found the willingness to expose her well-aged flesh to be sexy. The fact her belly folded over a bit didn't stop her from wearing clothes that clung tight to her body and I did find myself imagining, from time to time, what her small, soft, breasts would do if let free of the bra and t-shirt.

So yeah, I've thought of fucking Lena, but now I was focused on the young lady being teased by her side.

"Mom, stop. I told you we were just hanging out watching Netflix," Catherine pulled herself away from her Mom's embrace, "Which, by the way, thanks again for fixing the Netflix. We would have been so bored without you Brad." She smirked.

"Hey, that's what neighbors are for. Just means next time we need a sitter you know who's getting the call!" I said while trying to keep my eyes on hers but I felt compelled to look over her body. Beneath my sunglasses I managed to sneak a quick look over and found that my newfound obsession with her figure wasn't fleeting. I still felt the flashes of excitement when I saw her taut, firm breasts squeezed into a tight blue t-shirt. They sat perfectly atop her folded arms and every time she squirmed they lifted up and adjusted in front of me. I then found myself tracing the outline of her white, muscular thighs, as they flexed with each subtle movement.

"Alright, I'm headed to the store, since these kids ate me out of house and home. Thanks again Brad and good luck with the yard!" Lena waved and walked towards the car. She stopped a moment and turned around, "Oh, and can we borrow your crock pot? Jay's having some family over tomorrow and we need it for a dish."

"Of course, I'll walk it over later," I said, wondering if Lena noticed me leering at her daughter.

"I can grab it now," Catherine blurted out, staring at me, with a hint of a grin on her face.

"Great, thanks you two!" Lena yelled as she turned to walk towards her SUV. She wasn't looking at us and if she had she would see the knowing looks on our faces. Our little game of innuendo and furtive glances was being played in front of Catherine's mother and she was none the wiser.

"Sure, come on in, I'll grab it." I struggled to say as I stared back at her. Her eyebrows raised quickly and she smiled again as she walked past me towards my house. My empty house. I took a deep breath and followed her.

I opened the front door and she walked in. I stared directly at round ass, both cheeks bouncing with each step. Her smooth calves beckoning me to follow as her bare feet glided delicately on our wood floors. A few steps in she stopped suddenly and turned to face me.

I almost bumped into her but stopped myself a foot away. No one said anything for a minute until she finally spoke first.

"Um. I saw Lynn and the kids leave earlier, what time are they getting home?" She moved to close the gap between us.

"She...uh...probably be back in an hour, or...two. I think," I stammered.

She moved forward again, bowing her head to the ground, feet nervously twisting below her gaze, and said, "Well, what should we do?" Then she tilted her head up a bit, her eyes looked towards me in a sweet and nervous way.

My heart was in my throat and I couldn't catch my breath. My stomach lurched with the same unsure and scared pains I got in High School before many an awkward sexual moment.

"Uh, why don't we go down stairs and get the crock pot." I quickly walked past her towards the basement door. As I did I noticed a look of disappointment spread over her face.

I stopped before hitting the stairs and turned to her, "Plus, there's more privacy down there." And I continued down the stairs.

"Oh." I heard her say and I smiled at the sound of her shuffling bare soles behind me.

I turned on a light and walked down the carpeted stairs into the basement. There's a couch in the middle of the small room, a TV, and some boxes for storage. It serves as mostly a kid's playroom, though I do use it from time to time to relax and get away. I also have to mention that there are only two windows, both of which are sufficiently covered by bushes.

Once we were down stairs I turned to Catherine, who was inches away staring up at me with those beautiful brown eyes, her face flush and I could tell she was nervous.

After a few seconds I broke silence, "I think we should talk."

We walked further into the basement and I was too nervous to sit down so I just stood up behind the couch. With my back to Catherine, I started speaking.

"I had a great time last night. You were amazing. And, I would definitely like to do it again. I mean...if you want to." my voice cracked at the end, not completely sure the question was a good idea. I slowly turned around to face her.

"Me too," she quietly said back.

I sighed and smiled.

"Good. Good I'm glad," my shoulders relaxed a bit, "but if we're going to continue to do this then we need to set some rules." I noticed how she was standing at the other end of the couch and how adorable she looked, quietly listening, taking in every one of my words.

I continued, "So I'm going to ask you some questions and I want you to answer honestly. Ok?"

She nodded without saying a word

"First, you do know that I'm married and intend on staying that way, right?" My stare intensified, emphasizing how important this was.

"Of course, I understand," she said. "I would never do anything to break up your family or hurt you or Lynn. I swear." She emphatically stated.

"I know. I know, it just needs to be said." I moved closer and smiled.

"Totally." She began to chew on her bottom lip.

"Even if you don't mean to, if Lynn found out about this, about what ever us is going to be, that will destroy me. So I want to make sure you understand how discreet we have to be. This can be our secret, and ONLY our secret. Understand?" I was trying to look into her eyes to find the answers before she spoke.

"I understand. It will be our secret. I'll never call you. I'll never just pop over here. I am a smart girl, I can make this work, promise." She pleaded her case.

"Good, and I want you to know that while I think you're a special young lady, you have to know I'll never fall in love with you. We can have fun, a lot of fun. And I realize there will be some emotion between us. But I can't have you becoming an obsessed teen girl over me." I put up my hand to halt any thoughts of love. "I don't need any cats in the microwave or any of that crazy shit!"

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