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Subway Adventure


I was dressed unusually that day, black flip flops with sparkles on them, no socks, no bra. I was wearing a pair of black lace g-string panties, and a strapless silvery tube top with a knee length flowing black skirt that would flutter when I walked, that had silver flowers embroidered at the hem and along the seam and waist line. It had been a long day at the beach and my shoulders were pink from the sun. I had my light golden brown hair pulled back into a casual messy ponytail. I had on just a pale pink lip gloss, and a pair of dark navy blue sunglasses that hid my chocolate brown eyes. I am sort of medium height I guess, standing in around five foot five, however, I had really broad shoulders for my size and a tapered waist and bigger hips, though I haven't had children yet. I slung a silver and black purse back pack casually over my shoulder. It held my wallet, sun screen, lip gloss, house keys my birth control pills and some odd change.

I had to pick between the bus and the subway to get home that day. It was a tough choice for me; it felt hot and sticky out. Sweat dripped down between my breasts. There was a slight breeze and my nipples had gotten hard against my shirt. I pushed the button on the crosswalk and waited impatiently for the light to change. I refused to jaywalk so my choice was made for me. The bus left without me. I watched it drive away full of people. So crowded I was actually glad I missed it. I supposed the subway would have to do. I sighed, and made my way back towards the beach where the subway entrance was at.

I walked down the stairs of the terminal, my nails clicked on the handrail that I slid against. The subway terminal appeared to be fairly empty. It was hot and humid down here in the terminal. I paid for my ticket, and decided to sit on the bench so I could wait on train 18 to come take me south.

I noticed a couple of scraggly teenage boys, probably ages 18 to 22 or around there, eyeing me from across the terminal. Saggy pants, torn wife beaters, jewelry in their eyebrows nose and lips. Tattoo's on their shoulders. Ratty sneakers with no socks, big belts, attached chains to the belt loops that held their wallet in place in their back pockets completed their look. Grungy and unorganized, but they didn't look dirty. I decided its better not to stare at them and lectured myself on the polite society rules of minding my own business. I pretended to ignore them and sort of read the subway train schedule in my hand.

I heard a slight jingle and looked up. I saw the taller of the two boys as he stood leaning over me.

"Hey what's your name cutie?" I stared at him. He was little older up close then I originally had thought. Early twenties maybe, and he was a little sexier to boot.

"Err, I am Grace" I replied to him hesitantly. I peeked past his arm and watched as the other man-boy sauntered up behind him, flicking a lighter open and shut with his fingers. He was toying with it, and I felt nervous about the situation.

I nervously glanced at the clock, indication that the train would be here any minute and I heard the tracks clicking as it was coming down the tunnel to stop. I jumped up and ran over to the loading dock, scuffed my shoes and stubbed my big toe on my right foot in the process. The train came to a screeching halt in front of me, and ironically enough, no one got off. I quickly climbed in and sat down in the far corner furthest away from the door. And I realized there was no one else on the train except a homeless guy sleeping with a paper over his face on one of the train benches.

The two boys I had tried to avoid sauntered onto the train and smiled at me in the corner. It sent shivers down my spine as I looked back at them.

"Shit" I thought to myself. There was something very evil in their faces that I didn't trust. The tall blonde one sat down next to me and put his hand on my knee. I would have jumped up, but the black haired one who was a couple inches shorter stood directly in front of me and blocked me from getting up and moving away.

"Grace" he whispered my name in my ear and I felt his tongue as it slid up my ear. I shivered, and I felt my pussy grow wet. I felt seriously confused as to what was going on.

"STOP, don't touch me, I didn't do anything to you, go away and leave me alone" I begged him, but obviously not very convincingly for he laughed. The black haired boy reached out and grabbed my tube top and yanked it down. I let out a small shriek and tried to jump sideways and slammed into the wall. I had cornered myself in my own stupidity. They both laughed at me. The blonde one reached underneath my skirt and I felt his fingers skim my inner thigh. I attempted to clench my legs together, but with my breasts hanging out, they weren't going to take me seriously.

"My name is Joe." The black hair told me what to call him. He shoved my legs apart and my skirt up over my knee's to rest on my thighs. He situated himself between me so I couldn't close my legs shut as he had them blocked with his thighs. The blonde haired one, who later told me his name was Guy, slid his hand to touch my G string. He tugged on it and I felt it slip off my vaginal lips baring myself to him. I flushed red in embarrassment and just sat there, head hung low, breasts bared and heaving, legs quivering and my pussy growing wetter by the minute.

I jerked when he slid a finger against my wet lips and smiled at me.

"Very nice Grace, you're so wet already!" Guy murmured in my ear as he licked my neck and throat. Joe had a breast in each hand and fondled me. He plucked at my nipples and tugged on my small bits of chest.

"She'd look nice with a tattoo on her breasts, don't you think Guy?" I peeked at Guy from beneath my lashes as he peered at my chest in speculation.

"Nah, Joe I think I like her little boobies plain. They are so virginal like." Joe laughed and gave a hard tug on my left breast and I moaned out loud.

Joe reached down and tugged my skirt up to my waist. "Oh my god Guy, she's soaked the seat, what did you do to her?" I wished I could die right that minute from embarrassment. This was just not really happening I had tried to tell myself. Guy reached down with Joe watching and slowly slid a slick finger into my hole.

I arched up pressing my breasts into Joe's hands as he cupped me. Guy started massaging my clit with his thumb as his finger slowly slid in and out of my throbbing moisture.

"Damn she's a real piece of work; I don't think I can wait much longer to fuck her." Joe stated as he stared at my dripping wet pussy, and reached down to fumble with his zipper and release his cock from his pants. I stared at him as I nearly climaxed on Guy's fingers. It was a thick purple thing, ugly, but with protruding veins that stuck out in uneven lines over his penis. It looked huge and I felt scared, I so was not ready for any of this to be actually happening, but I also realized I hadn't attempted to fight them all that hard. I wondered if I really wanted them to do this, and why I liked it so much.

"Touch me Grace, wrap your hand around my cock." Joe grabbed my hands and yanked me up off the seat; he pulled me to my knees in front of him and wrapped my hand around my cock. I felt my skirt get lifted from behind as Guy settled behind me. I felt him pull my g string to the side of my ass as he stuck wet fingers against my hole. I shuddered as he leaned down and begin to lick my asshole right there in the train. I lost control, I jerked on Joe's cock and shoved him into my mouth as Guy got my ass and pussy all wet with his tongue.

"Dude, she's good, I think I might blow my load in her mouth." I felt Joe surge into my mouth as he groaned his statement. Guy stopped and glanced up at him.

"Don't waste your stuff yet, I'm not ready yet. Tell me which you prefer this time, the front of the backside?" Joe yanked my head back and pulled his dick out of my mouth.

"The front I think." Guy nodded and helped me stand up. Joe leaned until he was sitting sprawled out with his cock jutting out on the train bench seat. Guy softly swatted my bottom and told me to go mount Joe's cock.

I stared at it nervously and slowly walked the few inches until I was leaning over him. I put a knee on either side of his thighs and slowly lowered myself onto his jutting cock. He slid slowly into my wet hole and then yanked me forward and down on him. I cried out loud as he filled me. I was so tight and he was so big... then he slowly started pumping in and out of me, and I felt Guy come stand behind me. I was losing my mind in the sensation of Joe being inside me, in a train, of all places.

Guy spread my cheeks as I slid up and down on Joe's penis. I felt his hard tip poking my sensitive hole from behind, followed by the sensation of him slowly inching himself inside me. I felt myself ejaculate and cream Joe's thighs.

"SHIT MAN SHES A GUSHER." He groaned as he picked up the pace and fucked me harder. Guy was now thrusting into me from behind and I felt them both rubbing me from each side simultaneously.

They both pumped into me. Guy grabbed my hips and thrust himself up and into my asshole. I leaned over Joe as he grabbed my breasts and pumped up into my pussy. I felt myself spiraling towards the edge, and almost over. I felt both boys penis' spasm and surge hard and thick into me at the same time and it set me over the edge. I came, screaming, which startled the homeless guy who jumped up and stared at us, but I was beyond caring at that point. I felt their hot sperm release into my ass and my pussy at the same time, and screamed over and over as they both jerked inside both of my gloriously used tight holes.

The train came lurching to a stop and a group of girls walked in and stopped as they stared at me. My breasts were still exposed, I had a person in each hole, we were all panting and heaving and my skirt was up around my hips....

"Wow what a slut, next time if you're going to put on a show let us watch Joe!" Joe and Guy greeted their girlfriends and introduced me. I never thought of the subway in the same way after that and routinely tried to find those boys again, but instead had to settle for masturbating while riding home thinking of them and my experience. I did, however, see the homeless guy on occasion and he always watched me masturbate in the spot where he had seen us have sex.

He never approached or bothered me, just watched, while I brought myself to orgasm. I will never forget that fateful day that I rode the train alone and got the fuck of my life.

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