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Subway Encounter


I hated my morning commute. The short walk from my downtown building let me enjoy the personal space that I would soon be stripped of once in the subway. As I waited for my train, along with 200 other strangers, I noticed a cute girl looking at me and I recognized her from my building. She waved and walked through the crowded platform toward me.

"Hi, you live in my building, right? I'm Amy," she said as I took her outstretched hand.

"Yea, I saw you moving in last week. I'm Chris."

"I could have used these arms last week," Amy said as she squeezed my biceps through my shirt.

"I was actually gonna offer to help but it looked like your boyfriend had it under control," I shot back.

I had watched her from my apartment window as she moved her boxes into the building. Amy was wearing cheerleader shorts and a tank top and whenever she bent over for a box I either got a good shot of her cleavage or a hint of ass cheek depending on which way she was facing. She didn't have the biggest breasts, probably B cup, but her ass was awesome. She was moving boxes with the help of a white guy who I assumed was her boyfriend.

"That was my brother, not my boyfriend. You were really watching me? What was I wearing?" she asked.

"Black shorts and a white tank top," I blurted out too quickly. I regretted saying that almost immediately, with the fear that she would think I was some type of stalker.

"I mean, I saw you... I wasn't watching you," I said uneasily.

"It's okay, I was watching you workout downstairs yesterday when I was doing my laundry. You have a nice body," she said, slightly easing my worries.

"Thanks," I replied, as the train pulled into the subway.

We boarded and I made a point to be as close to her as possible. Amy and I made small talk while we stood basically mashed together. She was wearing a pair of tight fitting business slacks and a matching top, looking professional and very sexy. Amy turned out to be really fun to talk with and I felt like we were hitting it off right away. She told me she was headed to a job interview in the city. After 20 minutes we had arrived at her stop but before she got off the train she asked, "Why wasn't your girlfriend working out with you?"

"I don't have a girl," I replied.

"I was hoping you would say that," and with that she kissed me on the cheek and left the train.

The next time I saw Amy was several days later on the subway platform again. She smiled when she saw me and made her way to me and we hugged.

"Hey sexy, how's your week going?" I asked. Amy was wearing a short business skirt and jacket that looked great on her slender frame.

"I got the job! Today is my first day and I'm more than a little nervous," she said, clearly nervous about the new position.

"Congrats! Just remember they hired you because you are the best and most qualified person they interviewed," I replied.

"That's so nice! Thank you!" she said smiling. The platform was crowded as usual and we made our way to the train after it pulled into the station. We were one of the first to board the train and as a result, got pushed towards the back of the car where there was standing room only. I was pressed up against the back wall and Amy was directly in front of me. Everyone piled in and when the train pulled away, Amy lost her balance and fell backwards against me. I caught her but my left hand was accidentally cupping her left breast. At the same time the passengers had shifted further back and now our bodies would be pressed against each other until the next stop.

She looked back at me and said, "Nice catch." My hand was still on her breast and I quickly moved it as she regained her balance.

"Did you just cop a feel?" she said with a smile.

"It was either that or I let you fall."

Her ass was now pressed against my crotch and I was getting hard from the constant movement of the train. "Not now!" I thought to myself, as I tried to think of basketball, politics, complex math problems- it wasn't working. I could only hope that she wouldn't feel my thickening rod that was slowly extending down my thigh.

The train pulled into the first station and as it came to a stop our bodies moved together ending with a small jerk before the doors opened. I was sure that Amy had felt my cock lodge between her ass. I anticipated the temporary free space we would have while people exited and before more boarded. I was going to turn slightly when Amy moved forward to grab more subway real estate but the opportunity came and Amy didn't move.

The only thing she did was grab the pole that was in front of her and it felt like she arched her ass up into my crotch. I brushed it off as her just repositioning herself but my dick had taken notice. More people came onto the train than had gotten off and a tall white guy wearing a brown trench coat stood directly in front of us, facing towards the front. Again it felt like Amy arched her ass up into me and this time I moved enough against her to acknowledge her movement.

Amy looked back at me and smiled, "These subways are so bumpy, aren't they?"

"I'm not minding it as much this morning," I replied. Amy knelt down and it looked like she was getting something from her purse. When she came back up, she pressed her ass firmly against my thigh and stopped with my dick wedged between her cheeks. She moved her hand along her side and found mine. In it she placed a small piece of slightly wet fabric. I looked down and realized it was a white thong. Amy's white thong.

"Damn!" I said surprised. The tall guy in the trench coat turned his head enough to look at me. I put her thong in my pocket and shrugged my shoulders at him. He turned around and Amy giggled, leaning back against me, head arched onto my shoulder.

"Since you made my panties get wet, I figured I would give you those," she said, turning her head to kiss my cheek.

"Well since you got me hard I guess I should give you something too," I whispered back, pressing my thigh and cock into her ass.

Amy's eyes lit up and she gripped the pole in front of her and began slowly sliding her perky ass up and down.

"I didn't mean here, Amy!" I said looking around, sure that someone had noticed but no one had. The tall guy in front of us effectively blocked us from view of everyone on the train. No one could see us. Amy realized this before I had and she reached back with one hand and started unzipping my pants. She reached inside, quickly finding my rock had cock but couldn't free it from my slacks.

"Pull it out," she commanded. I took one last glance to make sure we were hidden and then quickly complied. She lifted the back of her skirt and got on her toes as my cock slid down her bare ass crack and then between her legs. Amy was really wet, coating my shaft as it slid along her slick pussy lips.

"I told you, you got me wet," she purred.

"That feels amazing," I told her as she tilted her head back.

The train was coming into the 2nd station and we both froze as it slowed to a stop. Caught up in the moment, neither of us had thought this through. If this was the tall guy's stop, we would probably be caught by a new passenger. Thankfully it wasn't his stop and he barely moved. As people scattered, distracted as they looked for seats, I took advantage.

I bent my knees and my dick was now pointing up at Amy's pussy, instead of sliding along it, and I slowly straightened my legs. I felt the head become enveloped by her wet pussy lips. She moaned and squeezed my hand as I inched inside her. At this angle, Amy's ass actually prevented me from getting more than half inside her wet hole.

"Fuck, that feels good. Can you get deeper?" she asked.

"Not standing like this"

"Okay, well you owe me," she whispered into my ear. Then she started pushing against me, meeting my subtle movements.

"Can you cum like that?" Amy asked quietly.

"Yes," I replied.

"Good, because my stop is next."

With that she let go of my hand and and started stroking the unattended portion of my shaft. The added sensation quickly got me past the point of no return. That familiar feeling started to build at the base of my cock, like blowing up a balloon with short, but deep breaths. My dick swelled as blood rushed through my black, vein covered love muscle and stretched out her tight pussy even more as the first stream of cum jetted into Amy. The second shot almost floored me as she squeezed the underside of my shaft, milking me for every drop. She was overflowing with my sticky, white seed as I continued shallow pumping.

I looked down as my orgasm subsided and Amy continued stroking my cum covered shaft as I began to get soft. We were nearing her stop as my softening cock slid out of her and that's when I realized how much I had cum. Thick, white globs began dripping out of her pussy and landed on the metal floor underneath us.

"Good thing you came inside me because I doubt I could have swallowed all that!" she said.

Amy squatted slightly, letting my cum drip straight down instead of running down her thighs. A small puddle was forming and we both laughed as I put my cock back in my pants. She turned towards me and wiped her hand on the crotch of my pants. Then she reached into my pocket, took out my phone, put in her number and kissed me.

"Wanna meet me for lunch? Remember, you owe me!" she asked, licking one of her fingers.

"I think I can squeeze you in," I replied jokingly.

She laughed and I slapped her ass as the train came to a stop and she got off. I watched her walk away from the platform, readjusting her skirt and just before she disappeared, Amy looked back and smiled at me as my train pulled out of the station...

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