Subway Ride


My name is Kacey. It all started on the trip to Washington D.C. in my senior year of high school. I was going to a private catholic school of all girls at the time. I did like that school, it was rather refreshing not having to worry about boy drama all the time and if I got up late I could go to school without makeup and not be a laughing stock.

I didn't need too much makeup, my face was clear and smooth and my skin was olive naturally. I got that from my pure Italian father. He was the stereotypical Italian right down to the natural need to love anyone in his path. He did it one too many times and my Mom caught him red-handed. Well, he had his hand down the pants of a redhead in a bathroom at church. Yep, literally red-handed.

That was the end of his living with us. He moved out, well, he gathered his stuff off the front lawn that afternoon. My mom had a little meltdown and my brother and I just cowered in our rooms. It was weird. So that was how I came to have no male role model in my life after 4th grade. My brother is one year older than me and he has been my protector ever since. Now that was about 12 years ago, my brother is in college and I am 18 and on my own in a sense.

Sorry, back to my story. My senior year we decided to go to Washington D.C. for our trip. We were all very excited and I could not wait. My girlfriends and I were stoked. I roomed with three other girls, we were all athletes and all pretty. I played soccer so I was in really good shape. My legs were strong and firm and my tummy was really flat. My mom was very jealous. However, in the last year I had started to really blossom so my curves were starting to become obvious on my relatively small frame.

I was 5'4" tall and about 110 pounds soaking wet. I had always been small and that wasn't changing even though my body was changing a little. My hips were now full and filled out jeans very nicely. My boobs had grown a couple of sizes and now I filled out the white shirt of our uniform pretty well. I normally opened only one button but now the second and third ones were a little stretched. I probably needed a bigger shirt, but it was my senior year and I figured I could make it a couple of more months. Speaking of our uniforms the plaid gray pleated skirt was really the thing that made me a little famous. My legs looked awesome coming out of the bottom of that skirt and with the socks and sneakers I have to admit I looked nice.

Trips to the mall were very exciting and my friends and I would get a kick out of all the men staring at us. We didn't do anything on purpose but were never at a loss of male admirers as we strolled through the mall. Some of them were a little obvious and that was a little creepy but still sort of exciting.

Ok, back to the story. We took a bus to D.C. That sucked, it was 10 hours straight and we were about ready to kill each other when we got there. It may sound exciting to think about 40 catholic high school girls on a bus but it was not, believe me. Sorry to pop the fantasy of scantily-clad young girls giggling and dancing but this was lots of hoodies, sweatpants, pillows, blankets, and a lot of bitching about pretty much everything. We got there at 11:00 at night and I just crawled into bed with my sweatpants and t-shirt. I think I fell asleep within seconds.

My alarm went off at 6:30 and that was lovely. I stumbled out of bed and crept slowly into the bathroom. I wanted to be first because my friends took forever. I made it a point not to look in the mirror, showered and put on a little makeup. I brushed my long hair and put it in a ponytail. I inherited my dark flowing hair from my father. I know everyone loves blondes but I will tell you I still got a lot of attention. I had on my normal school uniform with white lace bra and panties underneath. We had to wear our uniforms every day while we were there. That kinda sucked but probably was best, some of my friends would get a little carried away if they didn't have that rule. That part would fit into the stereotypical fantasy. I walked out of the bathroom and woke up one of my friends. I made sure she was in the shower before I went downstairs to breakfast.

I was one of the first in the breakfast area and that was nice. The peace and quiet was a treat after that bus ride from hell. All of the teachers were gathered around a table and I walked up to say hello. I liked my teachers, especially the ones that came on this trip. They told me we would be going to the Smithsonian and we were going to ride the subway to get there. I had never ridden a subway. Our town was too small for that. We only had one bus. I was a little excited to try something new. We were leaving at 8:00 so I settled in and ate breakfast.

We left the hotel and walked a block to the subway. We must have made quite a sight, 40 girls in uniforms walking down the street. We got lots of honks from passing cars. We went into the subway, they called it a Metro. It was very clean and nice. I was surprised. The teachers bought cards for all of us and ushered us through the turnstiles. We waited on the platform for the train. It was actually above ground. That was surprising too. The train came and we all crammed in. I got a seat towards the back of the car in a double bench facing the middle of the car. One of my friends sat next to me. There were not many people on yet. My teachers told us we had about an hour ride to get downtown. That seemed weird but I pulled out my cell phone and I figured I could burn that time up easily.

The next stop we pulled into had a lot of people waiting. They poured into the car and all the seats were taken. They started standing in the middle of the car. I looked up to see an old black man shuffling towards the back of my car. I jumped up and offered him my seat. He smiled and sat down and thanked me. My friend did the same and now the bench was filled with older people. I was standing in front of the man I gave my seat to and holding onto one of the hanging straps to balance. When I looked up I noticed my friends were now all closer to the middle of the car with a lot of people between us. I looked back down at my cell phone.

Our next stop is when it got a little silly. More people crowded on and it got really cramped. I was actually standing next to the bench I had been sitting on and my left leg was touching the bench. I looked down and saw my leg was between the legs of the old black man. He smiled at me and shrugged, I smiled back. There were people behind me and in front. It was so crowded that anytime the train moved I would feel their bodies touch me as they moved with the train. It was a little weird but I blew it off, everyone seemed to not think anything about it as I looked around. My friends were way up now and I could barely see them.

The train went underground so it got darker but I could still see my phone screen. However, now I couldn't see anything out the windows so I was a little blind. The train shifted a little and I lost my balance a little. I held onto the strap above me with my left hand but I fell a little towards the side of the car. I felt a hand on my leg and saw the old black man had caught me before I fell in his lap. He smiled as I regained my balance. His hand was on the front of my thigh, a little over my knee and his fingers were so long they wrapped halfway around my leg. It felt a little strange to have a man's hand on my thigh but he slid his hand down my leg and off as I stood back up.

I looked straight ahead. I was afraid to look at him. I was a little embarrassed as I had little experience with men touching me, especially older men. I had a couple of boyfriends before but they didn't last long with my soccer schedule and my Mom's over-protectiveness. Suffice it to say no boy had ever touched me anyplace really important and really nowhere else very often. I did not want to blush so I stared straight ahead and convinced myself it was accidental and he had actually helped me.

The train made another turn and it got even darker and I fell again. I swear it was not on purpose but he caught me again with his hand in the same place. I straightened up again but he didn't move his hand. He was holding my thigh and moving his fingers slowly across my smooth skin. I shivered and kept staring at my phone.

My mind was turning flips. I didn't know what to do, it felt a little wrong but I didn't want to make a scene. I convinced myself it was innocent and he was just keeping me from falling. I kept looking at my cell phone and then I felt his hand move up a little. I froze and bit my lip. He was now touching my upper thigh and I was very sensitive there. The train shifted and I fell towards him again. He squeezed my leg and I felt his other hand grab the back of my leg. I looked at him. He smiled at me and asked if I was ok. I nodded and he smiled again.

I stood up and now I had two hands rubbing my leg. Had I given him permission with my nod? I was confused now. I looked up and I could not see any of my friends or teachers. I looked behind me and there were about three deep in people to the back of the car. I noticed most of the people behind me were young black men. They all seemed nice and a few of them smiled at me. When did that happen? I turned back and gasped as I felt a hand slide up the back of my thigh, under my skirt, and touch me right under the edge of my panties. I felt a shiver run through me.

I should have moved right then. I should have pushed his hands off of me. I should have said something. I did none of those things and he took that as a license to go farther. I felt his fingers slide over my panties and squeeze my firm butt. I tried to stay still but the train was moving right and left so I was shifting slightly as he rubbed across my ass. I bit my lip again to not make a noise and then I felt his other hand slide up the front of my leg. I took a deep breath and he rubbed a long finger along the front edge of my panties as they clung to my thigh.

I panicked a little and looked back at my phone. We had about 40 minutes left. What was going to happen to me? I had to stop this. What could I do? Why couldn't I just scream and push him away? Did I want him to keep going? What was wrong with me? My mind was a mess and I felt my panties being pulled. He slid a finger in the back and front and pulled them slowly. My white lace panties slid off my butt and gathered on my strong thighs. His hand was now rubbing the bare skin of my firm butt. I heard a soft moan and realized it was me. I bit my lip again.

His fingers felt like they were on fire as they moved over my skin. He slid one gently between my ass cheeks and then slowly down. I shivered and felt myself pushing back slightly. I glanced at him and he was staring at me. This was my chance. I opened my mouth to say something when I felt a finger touch me in the front, just above my pussy. I gasped and he smiled. The finger moved through the soft hair and rubbed my soft sensitive skin beneath. My panties were now hugging my thighs and I wanted that finger to go lower. No man had ever touched me where he was touching me and it felt amazing. I could feel my breathing getting faster and my face getting flushed. I tried to stay calm and breathe deeper and slower.

I turned away from him and slid my phone into my front shirt pocket and I noticed my nipples were rock hard. They were showing a little, even thru my bra. I moved my right arm over them to protect from more embarrassment. I sensed some movement and looked up to see a young black man staring right at me. He was holding a strap with his right hand but he had turned and was now face to face and really close to me. He looked down and then back up at me. He had a little smirk on his face and he touched my arm softly and pushed it down. I felt frozen and just stared into his deep brown eyes. He was kinda cute in a rough sort of way and his smile was actually pretty.

He kept staring at me as he moved his left hand over my right breast. I gasped and bit my lip again. He squeezed it gently and I felt my nipple harden a little more under his palm. I was breathing fast and I tried to slow it down. I looked down and saw black fingers move across my white shirt. He slid a finger up over my shirt and touched my bare upper chest. It was electric. I tried to stay calm but this was becoming too unreal. I looked around and there really wasn't anyone looking directly at me. The train was really crowded and it was still pretty dark so everyone was just looking straight ahead or had their eyes closed. I felt the finger slide down my chest and under my shirt. He touched the top of my right breast and then slid across slowly to my left. My nipples were about ready to pop through my shirt.

I was so focused on the soft touching of my breasts that I did not notice that my panties were now sliding down my legs. I felt them slide off my thighs and then flutter down around my ankles. I felt a hand slide down my left leg and then lift it slightly. He put my leg down and then lifted my right. I looked over and the old man sat back up and was now sniffing my white lace panties. He looked at me and smiled wide.

He stuffed them in his front pocket and then I felt the familiar hands on my left leg again. I felt the hands slide up under my skirt and then my focus was shifted again. My shirt felt looser and I saw that the boy in front of me had popped open the second button of my shirt. Now my cleavage was completely visible but my bra was still hidden. It probably looked fine for a grown woman but not so much for a young girl in high school. His fingers were now sliding across my cleavage and touching the top of my bra. He slid down to the front of my shirt and popped the third button. Now, my bra was halfway visible and I looked around again.

Still no one was looking. It was still dark and it was very crowded but it seemed strange that no one would notice now that my shirt was pretty much wide open. I felt something and then I felt my bra pop open. I gasped and looked back at him. He was looking at me and he was not smiling. I got worried and just stared at him. He leaned forward and whispered in my ear. "Nice tits, cunt."

I was a little shocked. I had never heard that kind of language before and surely not directed towards me. He kissed the side of my neck as he slipped his hand inside my shirt and grabbed my right breast. He squeezed it hard and I moaned a little. It hurt a little bit but it felt like an electric current had run through my body. He pinched my nipple and I whimpered softly. My brain went numb as I felt my nipple pinched and then a finger slid up my left leg and touched my pussy. I closed my eyes and wished for this to stop or did I wish for it not to stop?

The finger touched my pussy and then I felt the hand behind me slide between my legs and put pressure on the inside of my thighs. I spread my legs in response and shifted myself to let my old lover have full access to my young pussy. He took advantage and slid a long finger slowly up the outside of my tender pussy. I felt him slide inside my lips and then move up in my wetness.

My body was on fire now and I lost all sense of time and place. I did not care where I was, I just wanted the fingers to keep touching me. I was breathing deep and a little fast. I tried to bite my lip to keep from making any noise.

The finger touched my clit and my legs got rubbery. I almost fell but the hand on the back of my leg kept me upright. The finger rubbed my clit and then the hand on my breast pinched my nipple again and pulled it gently. I felt a shiver run through me and I felt myself push into the fingers. I felt like I was so close to something but I did not know what. The pleasure was rocketing through my body and I felt something in my toes. It was like a wave of some sort and it slowly worked its way up my legs. It was flowing slowly through my firm thighs and then the finger pinched my clit. The pleasure wave raced into my crotch and exploded. I groaned loud and the boy in front of me hugged me immediately. I buried my head into his chest and he held me as I shook violently. The finger was rubbing my clit and I was in heaven. My little body shook and shook as more pleasure then I had ever felt ripped through me. My lower body felt like it was burning but if felt so good.

I was still shaking a little when I felt my right leg being lifted. I opened my eyes and the boy was still in front of me but he had moved back a little. He was now holding my right leg up next to his hip and he grabbed my right hand. He pulled it to his pants and I felt a large bump. He smiled at me and then put my fingers on his zipper. He pulled with his fingers over mine and then let go. My fingers stayed on the zipper and pulled it down completely. He grabbed my hand and pushed it into the opening. I felt the large lump and my fingers wrapped around it. I pulled softly and it popped out through the hole. I held it without looking down.

I had never even seen a cock much less held one. I was afraid to look but it felt huge in my small hand. It was very warm and seemed to be throbbing. I rubbed it slowly and he smiled at me. He looked happy and I felt a strange surge of pride that I could make this stranger happy. He moved closer to me and then I felt my skirt being lifted and the head of his cock touched my inner thigh. I should have stopped it but I just closed my eyes and just let it happen. I was past the point of no return. I just hoped he wouldn't hurt me. My Mom would be really mad if I ended up dead in a ditch. I tried to get that image out of my head and then I felt something hard and hot rub across my pussy. My eyes popped open.

He pulled my right leg higher and then I felt the tip slide into my wet pussy. He held it there and then I felt him put his hand on my left hip. He pulled me closer to him and his cock slid into me. It went in rather easily and I was kinda surprised. I was a virgin and this cock was huge. My surprise ended when I felt him hit a wall. He had gone as far as he could, I was completely full. I moved my hand back onto his cock so I could tell that he was not all the way in and I felt a little disappointed that I could not take all of him inside. I guess I was not built for that. I wondered how I would make sure my husband was not too big for me. Husband? That made me think of my honeymoon and the fact that this young black stranger had taken something that was supposed to be for my husband. That was how it was supposed to work right? The virgin bride giving her most precious gift to her man on their wedding night? Well, my story was going to be a little different now. This young boy who I had never seen before in my life was taking that gift on a subway with an old man sitting next to me with my panties in his pocket.

My left leg was being lifted now. I looked down and the boy still had his hand on my hip. I looked to my left and the old man was placing my leg across his lap. It was like I was kneeling on him. This caused my legs to open wider. As I was looking I noticed the man sitting next to my old man was now looking at me. He was quite a bit younger than my old man but still way older than me. He was in a nice suit and tie. He looked at my leg as the old man slid his left hand on my thigh and his right onto my butt. The old man looked at him and nodded. The other man reached out and touched my soft leg. I saw him close his eyes as he rubbed my thigh.

The old man then reached into his pocket and pulled out my panties. I noticed the young boy was holding out his right hand and the old man placed them in his hand. The boy looked at me and then whispered "open" as he held my panties in front of my face. I opened my mouth and he stuffed my panties inside. My eyes were wide open and he smiled. He put his hand back on my hip and then leaned closer. He put his mouth next to my ear and whispered "hold on". I wondered what he could be talking about. I had never let go of the strap and my right hand was now on his hip, trying to balance myself. What could I be holding onto?

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