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Subway Romp


As I looked over my shoulder I saw her standing there in line for the washroom. She always looked so damn cute when she had to pee. Her face always got a look of urgency, one that made it look as if she was going to burst at any moment.

That really turned me on, imagining that she could explode into a torrent of golden honey liquid. I had never told her before, but some days I just felt like bursting open on her while she was in the washroom. When I would tell my friends this they would crack jokes or think I was joking myself.

My mind was so enthralled on her most recent visit to the john that I didn't even realize that she was standing right next to me now, asking me something.

"So, where are we going to go now?" she said in her light and airy, almost orgasmic voice.

I had no idea where we were going to go. It was just our second date, and I was never one to be able to make a decision. I was always afraid that what I chose to do would be boring.

"We could go to a movie, since we just ate, it would be the only proper thing to do." She had spoken before I could even begin to think of something.

"Sure," I said, making it quite obvious that I was caught off guard.

We entered the car and made our way across town. I had no idea what movies were playing, or if any of the movies were even any good.

When she and I arrived, I opened the passenger side door for her. As she got out of the car, I swore that I could see a bit of dampness on her jeans.

"You know of any good movies?" I made sure that I wasn't caught bringing us into a very bad movie.

"I here that there's a new comedy-drama playing, are you game for that?" It didn't matter what I said to answer, because she quickly told me to join her as she made her way to the ticket booth.

My mind couldn't stray from that one spot on her jeans. I almost wanted to drop to my knees right there, pull her jeans and underwear down and suck the supple juice from her lips. But, not wanting to risk arrest or even worse, getting broken up with, I bit my tongue.

Just as we were making our way into the lobby of the movie theatre, a gust of cool wind came up from the street and caused a chill to be sent down my spine. I could tell she noticed it too, because her nipples quickly became erect.

Right now, my mind was going crazy, I wanted sex so bad. I wanted more than that; I wanted her to just take me right now. But as we were in the movie theatre, I bit my tongue again.

We stopped at the concession stand, and ordered some candies, popcorn and the usual accompaniment of soda. Of course, the soda that came with the combo was huge, bigger than you would think even an elephant could drink.

The movie began right on time. I didn't pay much attention to the movie, on account of my horniness. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. By the time the movie was half over she had drunken pretty much the entire soda but hadn't touched the popcorn. Perplexed, I decided that she must not be hungry, after all we had just eaten.

Near the endpoint of the movie, she had raised the armrest and then lay her head on my lap, as if she were about to sleep. Her face was within five inches of my maddened cock.

It had been teased all night, not physically though, that would be a nice relief. In my mind, I pictured her opening up my zipper and removing my rod and sticking it in her mouth. I imagined cum spurting out of it as her lips caressed my head.

My thoughts began to become so entrancing, that I didn't even notice that the movie was almost over, and my cock was as hard as can be. She looked up at me and laughed, not paying much attention to it.

When the movie let out she and I made our way back to the car.

"I noticed you got a little excited in there, is something on your mind?"

Embarrassed by the accusation, which was true, I quickly brought the conversation to the point that the car wasn't starting. I tried to turn the engine over several times, but to no avail.

"I guess we're going to have to take the subway, do you mind?"

She agreed with the arrangement, and so we were off to the station where we would catch the number fourteen headed uptown.

On the way there we passed a very promiscuous looking sex shop. I guess you could say it was more of an alleyway strip club, but they were all around town, so everyone was used to them.

As we entered the subway station, she got that look of sweet innocent desperation. I could tell that she really needed to let loose on the toilet, or even just the ground we were standing on. Without much more time she made the comment that she needed to find a washroom, and fast.

Just as we entered the station there was a grungy looking washroom to the side of us. I could tell that it wasn't really kept clean, but she insisted that it would have to do.

Again, however, my mind was begging to stray. I could just imagine going inside right behind her, stripping her clothes off, mine as well, and then letting her drain her hot juices all over me. The salty taste in my mouth would be divine, I would taste every last drop, and then suck the rest out.

When I finally came back to reality, she was looking down at my crotch area. I had an even bigger hard on then before. To tease me even further she began to make suggestive lip licking motions.

"I see someone hasn't been fucked for a while!" she said with a smile on her face, "I bet you would just love to fuck me while I was in there wouldn't you?"

Well, I would've loved to fuck her right then and there, but we were in public, and I knew the security definitely wouldn't agree with my logic.

My cock was beginning to throb, and she noticed this. I could see her nipples becoming erect once again, and I could see the look on her of wanting to piss come back as well.

She turned and entered the washroom, but as she did it, she made a 'come here' motion with her finger. I was so fucking turned on, that I felt if I moved in any way, my cock would explode in a fury of contractions.

The swinging lavatory door closed behind her. I waited a few seconds, just until I knew her pants would be at her ankles and then I went in.

I could hear her moaning in the stall that was just to the right of me. Nothing could be heard hitting the water, so I assumed she must have been doing this as a tease. How did she know that I wanted what I wanted so badly? Of course she had to know that I wanted something though.

As I looked around hurriedly, I noticed that this bathroom was indeed as I had first suspected, unclean. However, I really didn't care, and my hard throbbing rod didn't either. All I wanted, all it wanted, was sweet relief, to be able to spit all over the place, all over her.

Her moans began to get increasingly louder and more vigorous. I couldn't take it anymore. Quickly, I undressed myself, including my shoes and socks. My cock was standing erect on its own, the precum already dripping from the end.

With one big orgasmic scream, I burst open the stall door to see her there, completely naked, fucking herself good. She saw that my shaft was begging for a good tugjob.

Her finger was going in and out of her sweet cunt, with more and more passion. I could tell that she was really waiting for this to happen all night.

Watching who doing what she was doing, and how her moans expressed deep pleasure, I just had to do it. I took the hand she was jacking with and spread it all over my body, making sure she touched the tip of my penis.

When she felt the sticky cum she told me she wanted to fuck me good. What I wanted first of all though was her nice warm honey liquid gushing out of her pussy and all over me. So I got her to stand up and I placed my faced and body under her. I told her to let herself go, to empty herself all over me.

There was a problem though. "What did you say?" I wanted it so bad that I told her to let her piss gush all over me. She took this and thought about it and then told me that I would have to earn it.

Her pussy lips were dripping wet, and my cock was ready to burst, what could she possibly want? A few seconds later she told me what she wanted.

In a very sadistic tone she told me to spread my legs and show my butt hole. I had no idea what she wanted to do, but I didn't care, I was fucking horny and needed anything I could get.

She took her finger and began to lick them all over. I went to grab my cock to jack it when she stopped me. "I don't think so, I'm gonna give you the ride of your life. You want to fucking cum don't you? All over me right?"

I nodded in agreement. With that she took her fingers and began to caress the opening to my hole. This sent shivers all down my spine and throughout my body. She then got down onto the floor with me (this stall was pretty big) and began to rub with even more force.

That made me want to ride her hand, so I did. Suddenly, her finger entered into my asshole. My cock tensed up and felt like it was going to spurt gobs of jizz all over the two of us. She was reaching around in my ass for something. What that something was, I didn't know.

Just then I felt something amazing. She took her fingers and began to massage my prostate. I began to shake in enjoyment and pleasure. The look on her face was one of pure passion. I could tell she was getting off from this.

As she continued to rub my prostate I reached up to finger her pussy, but she quickly withdrew her hand and forced me into submission. I was beginning to like this, a lot.

She quickly reinserted her fingers into my asshole, my hips bucked and she could sense that something was starting to happen. Just incase I was about to cum, she took her mouth and deep throated my cock. It felt amazing, but for some reason I wouldn't cum. When she removed her mouth, she made careful to caress my cock once more, this time with her tongue and lips.

From the tip of my cock I could see a gooey mess of precum dripping from her mouth and myself. I was glad that I didn't cum, because that meant that we could continue.

After several more minutes of prostate massaging, I felt the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. It shook my whole body, and the weird thing is, I never came. I was so close to just taking my cock and sticking it in her, and then I remembered. Her pissing all over me is what I wanted, so I had to do what she told me to do, or I might never get to that.

"You fucking want me to piss on you still? You want my warm pussy juice all over you? Tell me you want to fuck me as hard as you fucking can and maybe I will let that happen." She said this in such an evil vicious voice that I couldn't contain myself, so I obeyed.

She then took her mouth and began to suck my cock, up and down. All the while she was still fingering my ass and milking my prostate. Again I began to feel an orgasm come on, and it felt like I was about to blow my load all over her mouth.

I did blow my load all over her mouth, but it was different. My cock wasn't pulsing, but instead cum was just flowing out of the end of my cock. She then took one last suck and then let herself piss all over me. Moans could be heard from both me and her as we were both getting closer and closer to just fucking each others jizz out until there was nothing left.

Her warm piss was combined with cum, that I could tell for certain. It was warm and sticky and was coating my cumming rod and body. I opened my mouth and got a mouth full of her wonderful juice. The saltiness was so orgasmic that I bucked my hips and began to shoot cum from the prostate milking.

As I began to shake more violently than I ever had today, she took her hand out of my ass and began to pump my cock up and down. She was also beginning to rub her clit, to the point where cum was begging to replace pee as the dripping liquid.

Out of nowhere it seemed, she then sat down on my cock, still stroking. After I told her I wanted her to fuck the hell out of me and that I wanted to shoot my warm cum into her pussy, she got up from sitting on me and began to rub my cock onto her.

"Are you going to cum soon? Are you going to fucking cum all over the place?" She said this, this time with a very moaning pleasured voice, she wanted it badly.

When I screamed yes, she shoved my cock into her pussy and began to ride me cowgirl style. I couldn't believe how fast and hard she was riding me. Her contractions were sucking the juice out of me. Right as I was about to cum, she pulled and took her mouth and fucked me that way.

My cum must have shot pretty hard, because she almost seemed shocked at first. The white love juice was running down her throat and she was taking it like a champ. Finally when my cumming stop, I didn't go limp. Instead I was throbbing even more, and she could tell that I wasn't done yet.

She wanted so bad for me to cum inside her pussy that she shoved me back in and began to buck wildly. Her contractions were much harder than before. A few seconds later, I felt a very forceful squirt, and then cum squirted all over the place out of her cunt.

This sent me over the edge and my cum came out once more. I was surprised that there was still any left in me. She scratched my back, leaving marks I am sure. I never knew that I could be this masochistic, but now I knew that my sex life would never be the same.

To Be Continued...

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