Success in Television


8. Anything for art

The car park was deserted, save for Peter's beat-up Golf, in which he sat with Connie, the two of them staring forward into the darkness.

"Did you actually get to see the play?" she asked him.

"Mostly no, I was too busy".

"I played this character called Emily. She's meant to be this upper-class, morally pure Victorian girl. She's one of the daughters of the main characters who they try to match up with, you know, eligible bachelors. And she gets to meet this succession of men, and she likes them all, but her parents keep finding reasons to reject them. So you've got this horny teenaged girl who keeps meeting these complete studs of Victorian men, and she can't do anything about her horniness, and she can't even masturbate probably, since she'd be like thrown in an asylum or something if she got caught. And, you know, speaking frankly, that's not a problem for the modern guy or girl, right?"

Peter nodded agreement. "Definitely isn't."

"So I guess I never really felt that I was inside this character, and then tonight comes along. And I'm standing there half-naked in front of you, and you're touching me. And I really liked it. I mean, I know you had to do it, it's your job, but you can't tell me you didn't like it. I could tell you did. And I could see how hard you were getting. And, my god, it felt good when you touched my nipples. I thought I was going to have an orgasm each time you did it. It was so sexy."

Peter blushed. He'd never heard a girl talk so frankly about these things. He still couldn't believe this was all happening, and with Connie too.

"So I'm there, and I'm absolutely bursting, totally ready to come. And it can't happen. You can't do it for me. I can't do it for myself. Because I'm due on stage, like, right then. And so I went through the whole performance as horny as hell, desperate for sexual release. And you know what? It totally worked. That's who my character is. It worked."

Peter was puzzled. "So, after all that, why did you...?"

"The oral sex thing? Didn't you like it?"

"I loved it. But why did you do it?"

"There are three reasons. One, because I wanted to give you a gift for making my character work so well for me. And two, for purely selfish reasons, namely that I want you to do something for me."

"What do you want me to do?"

Connie turned to look at him, and touched his shoulder. "I want you to fuck me. I want an orgasm from you. I've been with other boys our age, so I know that if you were still horny like I was, you'd blow your load really quickly and I'd be stuck. I need an orgasm. I've needed one for four hours now. Right now, I'm so horny that I feel the lightest touch will set me off. I am deadly serious about this. I want a hard, strong fuck. I know you probably have some stamina right now. Are you up for it?"

Peter shook his head as he realised the degree of Connie's single-mindedness and the extent of her pre-planning. He felt his penis harden.

"I'm willing to give it a try," he smiled.

9. Consummation

Peter held Connie's shoulders, and kissed her hard. She responded instantly, her lips parting to allow their tongues to meet. They probed and pushed back against each other while Peter ran his hands down Connie's body. She shuddered and Peter felt himself stiffening further. He grabbed her left breast through her T-shirt, feeling the fabric of the bra beneath and the unmistakable hardness of her nipple. Connie placed both her hands on his ass and pulled him hard onto her as she lay back on the car seat, opening her legs to let him lie between them.

Peter gasped at the feel of his penis against her body. Despite the layers of clothing between them he could feel an incredible warmth from her. They continued to kiss, urgently, as Peter moved his hands under her T-shirt and boldly pulled her bra aside. Connie stretched back to undo the clasp of her bra, as Peter pulled her T-shirt up to kiss her exposed nipple. Connie moaned and tensed at the feel of his mouth on her, and thrust her groin against his, her breathing labored. She reached down to undo her jeans, then slid them down with her underwear just to her hips. In the faint light, Peter could just see the darkness of a little patch of pubic hair, and he could smell the unmistakable scent of her womanhood.

Peter undid his own clothing and let his penis jump free. He kissed Connie hard again on the mouth while he pulled her pants down further, a little harder than he intended. She gasped, and kissed him back with enthusiasm. And then his penis was at her entrance, and then suddenly, it was engulfed by her warmth. Connie moaned as Peter thrust into her with his entire body. She gasped, and tensed, and in a few strokes, Peter felt her vagina shudder and tighten around him, and then she was coming, moaning, pulling him into her yet further, gasping as she recovered her breath.

Her movements slowed for a moment, and then with renewed strength, she pushed Peter back to his seat - but moved her body with his, so that she was straddling his still-hard penis, her pert breasts and erect nipples just inches from his face. She ground up and down on Peter, selfishly fucking him. She moved her breast into his mouth and screwed up her face in pleasure as Peter sucked hard on her nipple.

But a thought bothered Peter. "Three reasons. Three reasons for the blowjob. But you only said two."

"In class," moaned Connie, "I always wanted to get to know you better. Maybe go out with you. But I didn't think you were interested."

"I was interested! I've wanted this since the first time I saw you."

Connie's breathing intensified as she continued to bear down on him. "I used to masturbate thinking about you," she told him.

"I used to have wet dreams thinking about you!" he responded.

"Then why the FUCK", Connie exclaimed, "haven't we done this before now?"

Connie reached her second orgasm in a guttural yell of animal noise. It was finally more than Peter could endure, and he too came as Connie's body shuddered around his. They panted, still embracing. Peter felt his penis slowly softening inside her.

"It's strange, you know," he observed, as they lay quietly together.

"What is?"

"I was just thinking, if your microphone hadn't stopped working when it did, this would never have happened."

"Yeah. It is funny," Connie acknowledged. "They checked it earlier and it was fine. Of course...."

"Of course what?" Peter asked.

Connie blushed. She moved her mouth to his ear and whispered, "that was before I took the battery out."

Before Peter could respond in surprise, Connie had filled his mouth with her tongue.

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