tagGroup SexSuccessful Businesswoman Ep. 02

Successful Businesswoman Ep. 02


I would like to thank Georgia Alice for helping me with naming and dressing the characters.

Somewhere by the end of this episode, during the final scene, I have made a stylistic mistake. I was done on purpose, for the readers entertainment. I am curious, what you think about it; please, let me know in the comments and via email.

All kind of feedback, especially constructive criticism, is welcome. Use all available means of communication.


Tuesday went rather uneventful, apart from few orgasms that I gave myself via masturbation. On Wednesday morning nothing suggested, that this day would be any more eventful. Nevertheless, I was feeling playful and decided to wear an outfit, that would match my mood. I picked a bodystocking, that was tailored specifically for me. It was white and covered with an intricate, floral pattern, it had long sleeves and open crotch. The fabric overall revealed the skin underneath in a high degree, except for the the part, that covered the breasts, which was made opaque, so that the item could be worn without a top and still allow the wearer to maintain a level of decency. To go with it I picked a simple, white thong and that was all for the lingerie. On top of it I wore a tight, red, mini skirt; like the purple one yesterday, it was just long enough to remain somewhat classy. I chose a pair of twelve centimeter high, patent heels in a matching colour. To counter the sexy outfit I kept my makeup natural.

As I checked myself in the mirror for the final time (at the age of thirty seven one appreciates good looks and youthful appearance a lot more), I decided to take the playfulness to another level. I picked a small anal plug from the drawer, lubricated it and inserted into my anus. It was just thick enough not to slip out, but not too big as to cause discomfort. On its base it had "jewels", that matched the colour of my skirt and heels. I knew, that it would constantly keep my arousal on a slightly higher level, than natural. That would impede my judgement in some cases, but I was aware of it and wanted to take the risk. Somewhere it the back of my mind I wanted to make wrong choices caused by lust. Hopefully their consequences would not be too serious.

On my way to work I was overtaken by a police motorcycle; without any sirens the driver motioned with his hand for me to follow. I knew, it must have been officer Mark. He lead me to a glade by the side of the road; it was partially separated from the roadway by some trees. At the entrance stood a prostitute. I had to slow down significantly, to be able to safely drive my sports car onto the roadside, so I could take a good look at her. She was slightly taller, than average, possibly around my height, but it was hard to say for sure, since she was wearing a pair of white, knee-high, bimbo boots on ridiculous platform. On her legs she also had a pair of white, fishnet stockings. A tight, red micro skirt and a skimpy top in the same colour completed her outfit. These were hooker clothes without a doubt, but her body was not a one of an average prostitute. She had an athletic figure with toned, well-defined muscles; it was clear, that she paid of lot of attention to her diet and exercise. Her flat, toned abs made me a bit envious, even though I was fit myself. The girl's face was pretty, although the heavy make-up spoiled her natural beauty. Long, black hair surrounded her face and fell beyond her shoulders. She looked to be in her mid-twenties, but that could be misleading, since so did I. Her dark complexion and exotic features suggested mixed ancestry.

I parked my car next to Mark's bike, which was also close to the girl. As I got out, he took off his helmet, hung it on the handlebar and said to the girl:

- Hi, Emmi. I brought a friend, so that you'd feel jealous.

- Are you nuts?! Do you want to blow my cover?

- You no longer need it. They called me, to inform you, that your secret mission is over - the way, he had said "secret mission", clearly suggested, that he was making fun of her.

- I see, that you two know each other - I interrupted.

- We do. Samantha, meet Emmi, an undercover police officer - Mark pronounced "undercover", like he earlier did "secret mission".

- Hello, Samantha - she smiled politely at me, but then turned towards the other officer and said - and fuck you, Mark!

- You see, Samantha, Emmi here is angry, because she's a lesbian and was ordered to play a hooker.

- I wasn't playing a hooker!

I had thought, that Mark pulled me over, to have sex, but now he was just being an asshole. I had to interrupt it, before any chances for a good sex got wasted. I had never considered myself a lesbian, not even bisexual, to be honest. I had had some experiences with other girls in my youth and even enjoyed them, but that was over fifteen years ago. Yet the foursome had opened a door inside of my head and now I had a chance to open it even wider; bisexuality and other such terms did not matter.

- Emmi doesn't have to be jealous - I said.

- What? - it was funny, how they asked that unisono.

- You pulled my over to fuck me, didn't you, Mark? So if Emmi is a lesbian, she doesn't have to be jealous at all and can participate. I haven't been with another girl for a long time.

- You serious?! - Mark was dumbfounded, which was a significant progress from an asshole.

- Yes. But you'll both have to search me first. I really enjoyed that part.

- I'm not sure, what's going on - said Emmi - but I like you already, Samantha. What's that with the searching?

In few words I explained my last encounter with Mark.

- You didn't! - Emmi was sceptical.

- We totally did.

- You pervert! - she hit Mark's arm playfully, then added - let's fuck already!

One does not have sex with a stranger and a colleague every day, but these two did not need to be persuaded too hard.

- Place your hands on the car and spread your legs, ma'am - Mark tried to sound serious, but failed.

I obeyed nevertheless. They both squatted behind me and grabbed my ankles. Then they began to slowly move their hands upwards, along my nylon covered legs. The activity did not resemble a professional search in any degree, it was all purely erotic. Their touches were different, but had some common points as well. While the caressing and groping was gentle for now, I could sense that Emmi was strong; obviously not as big and strong as Mark, but she definitely was a tough chick. I enjoyed the touch of her hands, like I would of any man.

The real pleasure began, when they reached my thighs. The groping commenced in an even larger scale, as if the both wanted to feel as much of my legs as possible, before they disappeared. The fabric of my bodystocking at those parts was thin enough, that it did not numb the touch in any degree.

From my toned thighs they moved to my full, round buttocks. To get a better access to them, Mark hiked up my skirt. The thong, that I was wearing, did nothing to hide the red, jewelled, anal plug, that I had inserted.

- You're wearing a butt-plug! - Emmi was the first to notice - you slut! - she added as she spanked me.

- It seems, that Samantha wants to get anal today - that was of course Mark.

After this short interlude they resumed the groping and caressing. One or the other occasionally poked my plug, which only added to my overall growing arousal. I loved their strong, possessive touches.

Eventually they both decided that my buttocks had had enough of "searching" and it was time to proceed upwards.

- There are two legs, but just one torso - said Mark - so... ladies first.

- Thank you - replied Emmi.

It seemed, that any hostilities, that had been between these two, had evaporated. I was happy to have caused that.

The girl stood up and placed her palms on my sides at the height of my waist. Mark just stepped back and enjoyed the sapphic spectacle.

Emmi slowly moved her palms to my nylon covered belly; from there she proceeded upwards until she reached my breasts. She grabbed them, gently at first, but then more decisively, until the groping was as possessive as of my buttocks earlier. The fabric covering my breasts was opaque, but it was not much thicker, than elsewhere. The policewoman pinched my nipples through it, which made me squeal in delight. My enthusiastic response made Emmi repeat the action; this time she also twisted my nipples a bit. It was slightly painful, but I loved the sensation nevertheless and a genuine moan escaped my mouth. The policewoman continued to grope my breasts, as she leant forward and kissed my neck. that made me moan even louder, so she continued to kiss it.

To my disappointment her lips and palms eventually left my body. But I did not remain unattended, since Mark immediately took her place. He went directly for my breasts and grabbed them possessively. Emmi did not step away, though; she just moved to my side, to leave space for Mark, leant forwards, turned my head and kissed me on the lips. I have not kissed a woman in a romantic fashion for over fifteen years. The sensation felt fresh to me after such long break. The policewoman was sensual and enthusiastic; apparently it was contagious and soon I returned the kiss with passion. My moan was muffled, when Mark pinched my nipples; he was even rougher, than Emmi, but I enjoyed this kind of pain. It not was something, I would have openly admitted only a few days ago.

Mark squeezed my breasts and pinched my niples for the last time and his hands left my body. I stopped kissing with Emmi and the foreplay was over. The policeman pulled down my hiked up skirt and I stepped out of it. He took off my thong as well, since I wore it over my bodystocking. He threw it onto the driver seat of my car and while doing so, spotted something on the back seat.

- How lucky! You got a blanket in your car.

- Serendipity - I replied with a smile.

Mark took the blanket and laid it on the grass in the shade nearby the car. I got on it on my back, while Emmi took off her micro skirt and thong. I could admire her full, toned, sculpted buttocks. She could easily compete with all fitness girls, that filled the Internet with their photos. The policeman knelt by my legs, grabbed them by the ankles and lifted into the air, spread wide. He ducked between my legs to lick my clitoris. But as he had already stated before, that it was not the hole, he was interested in.

- I got a lube in my purse - I said to Emmi, while moaning softly.

- Plug in the ass and lube in the purse. You really are a slut - she said with a grin, as she went to get the lubricant.

When she returned, she handed Mark the lotion, as she held my legs high and wide herself. The policeman stopped licking my clitoris, took out the anal plug and added some lubrication to my hole, as well as to his penis. Meanwhile Emmi knelt over my head and lowered herself onto my face. My field of view got obscured to just her gorgeous body and there was nothing else I could do, but to lick her clitoris. She held my ankles under her armpits, so my hips were raised and Mark had a good access to my anus. He did not waste time either; his penis had already gotten semi-erect during the "search", so just few more strokes were enough to get him fully hard. He gently pushed his large rod into my waiting hole. That made me moan into Emmi's crotch, but I did not stop licking.

My tongue was experienced and masterful, when it came to penises, it must have been a bit rusty with clitorises, but I was a woman after all and knew, where the sensitive spots lie. The rising volume of Emmi's moans was the best proof, that I was doing a good job. Also the policewoman was turning out to be my competitor as a screamer. We had only begun and she was already audible.

Mark was gentle as first, he clearly knew, how anal sex should be performed. Once he realized, that my anus was tight, but stretchable and experienced, he quickened the tempo and increased the force of his thrusts; the policeman's large penis felt wonderful in my anus. I wanted to give equal pleasure to Emmi; in that position I could not use my hands, so I had to do my best with the tongue. I was proud of myself, because the policewoman's moans were getting louder with each passing minute. Eventually they turned into cries and I knew, she was nearing climax. Mark's grunts were getting louder as well; only my noises remained muffled by Emmi's crotch. I got as close to an orgasm as I could with anal penetration; I loved it, but it was never enough to push me over the edge. The policeman must have somehow sensed it, because he began to finger my clitoris, as he continued to pound my anus. That did it for me; within less than a minute I reached an intense orgasm. I paused licking Emmi for a short while to issue a loud ecstatic scream. I clenched my anal and vaginal muscles, the additional pressure pushed Mark over the edge and he shot his load deep into my bowels. I soon resumed the cunnilingus, since I wanted Emmi to join us in our pleasure. The orgasmic atmosphere influenced her too and soon she climaxed as well. She clenched her thighs around my head, numbing my hearing. Still her screams were loud enough for me to hear.

Mark was the first to calm down. He withdrew his penis from my anus, but immediately replaced it with my plug. This way his semen would not ooze out and stain my clothes. Emmi finally released my head from the iron grip of her thighs, so I could take a deep breath. She let go of my legs, got up from my face and sat up next to me.

- That was awesome. Thanks! - she said - are you sure, you're not a lesbian? - she added with a seductive smile.

- I could never be only a lesbian after such amazing sex - I replied, but matched her smile.

- It's been a pleasure to serve you, ma'am - added Mark standing up and zipping up his pants - I'd love to stay with you and cuddle, but duty calls.

- No problem. That was really awesome. Thank you.

- I'm sure, we'll be able to repeat it soon - then he turned to Emmi - they said, that you're free, but they don't have any cars to pick you up right now. I'm sorry, but you'll have to wait, to get back to the precinct.

- I could drive you there - I interrupted - I imagine, you'd like to change the hooker clothes. Also I could use a shower. That plug can't stay like that too long.

- You're such a sweetheart, Samantha - Emmi bent and kissed me on the lips. This way she tasted her own juices, but did not seem to mind it in the least.

- Thanks for everything, Samantha. See you later, ladies - Mark started his motorcycle and drove away.

Emmi helped me to get up; we talked as we dressed:

- I haven't been with a girl for over fifteen years, you know.

- You don't look that old, nor that rusty - she replied with a mischievous smile.

- Thanks.

- Oh no! I thank YOU. That was a wonderful orgasm. By the way, everybody calls me Emmi, but it's short from Émeraude.

- A beautiful name, means "emerald" in French.

- Yes, my dad is a romanistics teacher. I was supposed to be Kate, but he came with that name, when he saw my green eyes after birth. I like it, but it wasn't easy in high school.

- I'm glad, you told me that name, Émeraude. Can I call you that?

- Yes, sure! Not many do.

The recent, unexpected sex and the openness, that so quickly connected us, despite the age gap, made me urge to confess. I preferred relationships with men not only in their sexual aspect. Men were my employees, business partners, clients or just friends. Women I considered to be my competitors, not necessarily in business. It felt different with Émeraude, maybe because she was a lesbian? It was hard to say for sure, but I trusted her and wanted to be friends with her. Not necessarily lovers, but if she wanted me to lick her again, I would not say no. While we drove to the precinct, I told Émeraude about the gangbang and the feelings it had inducted inside of me; she listened in silence.

- That's totally understandable - she said, when I eventually finished.

- It is?

- Yes! You got a sex drive, that's well above average and you need new ways to satiate it. I called you a slut jokingly, but you are one. And that's not a bad thing.

- Should I thank you for complimenting my sluttiness?

- Yes, but not with words. You'll still have to use your tongue, though. But seriously, you should indulge deeper into your desires. And I have just the right opportunity for you.

- You do?

- Yes. Come and taste the terrible, police coffee and I'll tell you about it. If you don't have to hurry to your job, that is.

- I own my job. I can come whenever I want.

- That's great! Let's go then.

We entered the precinct, Émeraude still in her hooker outfit; before we reached the showers, some cop, a man of course, shouted:

- Hey, Em! How much did you earn?

- A lot less, than your mother!

A burst of laughter from the people, who had heard this short conversation, meant that Émeraude had won this round. The man did not look defeated, but was smiling as well. He was also checking me out quite shamelessly. I offered him a friendly smile and followed the policewoman to the showers.

When we walked into the locker room, there was a woman there, who had just finished undressing and was apparently going to take a bath as well. She was young and athletic, like Émeraude, but seemed slightly taller, than us. It was hard to tell, though, since we were still in heels and she was barefoot. She had black skin, small breasts and long, strong legs. Her magnificent, sculpted body was glistening with sweat and she looked like some ancient demi-goddess.

- Hi, Ashley.

- Hi, Émeraude.

- Meet Samantha.

- Hello, nice to meet you.

The girls were not bothered by the nudity, so neither was I; we began to undress.

- It feels so good, to get these horrible boots off - Émeraude sighed with relief.

We continued the small talk, until all three of us were naked, we then walked into the showers. There were no individual cabins, all the showers were located in one, open space. I got a hunch of what might happen soon, Émeraude quickly proved me right. We were not going to simply take a shower, she wanted us to wash one another and with a gesture invited Ashley to the mutual cleaning. The ebony beauty did not have to be told twice and I was not the one to oppose. I was enjoying being a milf, who had just rediscovered the joy of lesbian sex. The girls also seemed to act, as if they wanted to advertise this kind of love to me. I was soon in the center of attention, their soaped hands roaming over my body.

Émeraude squatted behind me and began to "wash" my legs. Ashley walked up to me from the front and did the same with my torso. I could not reach the girl behind me, but I returned the favor to the ebony beauty in front of me. Her toned body felt wonderfully under my fingers, it somehow managed to stay feminine and soft, while at the same time being fit and muscled. The perky breasts were perfect, even though some could consider them small-ish. As a woman I was not the one to complain about the size of someone else's breasts. Ashley's nipples already got hard and erect, she was clearly as excited, as I was.

In slow, sensual motions Émeraude was moving her palms up and down my left leg; from the calf, up to the buttocks, not actually touching my booty, though. Her touch was just like the bodies of both girls - gentle and soft, but firm and decisive. Ashley did the same to my shoulders and belly. She avoided my breasts at first, but when I touched her, she soon did the same. Her fingers were gentle, only smooched my skin, but it did not take her long to eventually grab my whole breasts and even play with my nipples.

Émeraude finally reached my buttocks; by then I was already moaning softly, but the shower drowned out the noise. The policewoman had apparently depleted her supply of gentleness and was now groping my booty possessively, just the way I loved it.

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