tagSci-Fi & FantasySuccubi's Champion Ch. 05

Succubi's Champion Ch. 05


Grace stood up from the couch and began to pace around the room. Amiiria watched as Grace stared at the floor, walking in circles. Grace looked to Amiiria's and paused in her pacing.

"This... gathering...that is in four days... what is the purpose of it?" Grace asked as her eyes moved to Amiiria and then Natasha, who was typing away on her phone.

"There are six Chancelors or Representatives that sit upon this Council." Amiiria began, lifting her hand with all five fingers up. "Excluding myself... there are five others and they are not to be trifled with. Lady Medinia, Representative of the Vampires. Lord Blackwell, Representative of the Fae and the Unseele Prince. Feasts of Blood, Alpha of the Shifter Tribes. Meera Orcalys, Representative of the Immortals. And Regulus... Representative of the Mages and apparent leader of the Council." Amiiria said, lowering a finger after each name. "Each member of the Council has their Scions. These champions are basically the law or police for members of the lower courts. They also are imbued with gifts from their Chancellor." Amiiria smiled as she downed her scotch.

"As my Champion, you are already on your first mission. Normally, I would prepare you more. However, the Red Whore of Babylon opened her big mouth to the doggy and Tinkerbell." Amiiria said, as she looked at Natasha. "I knew the only way to keep her mouth shut was a cock in her mouth."

Grace stared in disbelief as she looked at both women. Grace sighed as she sat back onto the leather couch. "So, these representatives need to meet me... so they know that I am your... Scion?"

Natasha smiled as she placed her phone beside her, looking to Grace. "As Lady Amiiria's Scion, certain comforts are afforded to you. The rest of the supernaturals will give way to you as if any disrespect you, they risk our lady's ire. Not many wish to be on that side of things. As such, you will have need of a secretary to handle your 'appointments' and... other... needs." Natasha picked up her phone again as the device began to buzz.

Amiiria nodded slyly as she looked to Grace. "You have grown stronger in the last few days. Any secretary will need to be able to do whatever you ask, no questions asked. But, that will be handled after you finish your appointments. Speaking of, your next appointment... will be Serena. Natasha will be working as your secretary for the time being. Is that amicable to you both?"

Grace nodded while Natasha only spoke, "Of course, my lady. I shall carry out the tasks as you have requested." Natasha looked to Grace, smiling again. "Miss Grace, I have already arranged for movers to pick up the things at your apartment. I have also arranged an email to your boss about your employment, should you desire it."

Grace could only stare at Natasha and paused. Is this what she wanted? Could she really dedicate herself to this? Grace felt a smile cross her lips at all the things she had enjoyed so far and nodded. "Yes, Natasha. I am sure you got this. But, please let me read over it before we send it." Natasha smiled again and nodded, rising from her seat.

"It seems that I have some work to do. If you excuse me, my ladies." Natasha said as she headed to the office area.

Amiiria looked over Grace with a smile. "Strip for me. I need to feed and you need release." Amiiria said as she began to undo her top. Grace nodded as she began to undress, "Yes, mistress." She quickly removed her clothes as she watched Amiiria slide to her knees on the floor. Her tongue running over her lipstick Grace finished removing her clothes. As she stood back up, her cock pulsed towards Amiiria's mouth.

"Like your handy work, mistress?" Grace said in her most wanton voice. Amiiria nodded and reached out, taking Grace's cock in her hand. "See, now that two women have had this cock. It's my turn to have the real thing." She said as she took Grace's cock into her mouth, tongue swirling over her massive head.

Grace moaned in excitement as her head fell back, enjoying Amiiria's expert mouth that was working at her member. The feeling of Amiiria's lips moving up down her throbbing cock, all the while Amiiria's hand gripped the base. Grace's eyes closed as another moan escaped her lips as she suddenly felt the entirety of her massive cock enter the Succubi's mouth and throat. It was like heaven as she felt Amiiria's throat take her girth with no effort. She stayed there for a moment and to come up with her tongue running along the underside and to swirl at the head.

"Now, my dear Scion. I need the fucking of my day and you will provide it for me. And, this won't be quick, understood?" Amiiria's said as she stood up, walking to the kitchen. Grace nodded, a smile forming on her lips as she followed. When she turned the corner, Amiiria's was on the kitchen counter, her legs spread wide to display her pussy for Grace. Even in the low light, Grace could tell she was excited as her own pussy began to moisten.

With a look, Amiiria's raised one finger and pointed to Grace and began to rub her clit. "Come here, my dear. I need that cock in me. Now!" She said forcefully. Grace could only oblige as she moved towards the Queen, gripping her cock as she got closer to Amiiria. Once she was close enough, Grace rubbed the head of her cock on the waiting pussy. Amiiria leaned back, allowing easier access for Grace as she continued to rub her clit.

Grace put her hands on Amiiria's hips and slowly began to push herself into Amiiria's waiting pussy. Both women moaned as Grace pushed her throbbing cock into her Queen. Once she fully inserted herself into Amiiria, both women groaned in delight. Amiiria stared at Grace and smirked. "Now, Grace, you will give me the fucking of the week!" She moaned as Grace immediately began pumping into her. Grace slightly lifted Amiiria's legs to make sure to pound deeper into the Succubi's waiting pussycat as Amiiria's continued her rapid gyrations of her clitoral assault with her hand. Grace moaned once more as she felt as if Amiiria's pussy gripped her. Grace could only look up to see Amiiria smirking as she flexed her kegel muscles with each of Grace's pumps.

Grace continued to pump into her as he groaned, feeling her gut tightening to signal her impending orgasm. Each pump into Amiiria brought her closer as the Succubi's moaned. "Fuck me... I'm so close. That's it... keep going!" Amiiria moaned as Grace tried to fight the surge of cum waiting to coat Amiiria's pussy walls. Grace lifted the Succubi's legs higher as she began to drive each pump as deep into Amiiria as she could. Grace moaned once more as her cock began to twitch. As if on cue, Amiiria's pussy clamped down on Grace's cock as Grace surges forward and began to send surge after surge of her cream into Amiiria as Amiiria's own orgasms came crashing down upon her. As they came, Grace heard a third moan, looking behind her to see Natasha with her fingers buried deep inside her.

Grace looked to Amiiria, who only nodded with a grin as Grace pulled out of her. "Of course. Besides, she can't become addicted or pregnant due to several contracts. Have fun, my sweet champion." Grace smiled as she nodded. "Thank you, my Queen."

Grace turned to Natasha who now stared at Grace's flacid cock. Grace came close to her lips and whispered, "Let me help you with that." She slowly inched closer as her lips touched the other woman's. Her fingers began moving down to her pussy and moved Natasha's hand to her cock followed by moving her fingers to Natasha's clit.

Natasha moaned as her hand began to softly squeeze the flaccid cock. Grace slowly began to kiss down her neck, nipping softly at her as her fingers rubbed and flicked Natasha's clit. Soft moans fled Natasha's lips as her head leaned back.

Grace began to kiss downward as her fingers continued their rotational rhythm upon Natasha's swollen clit. Each kiss upon her flesh was soft and sensual as Grace moved her fingers as her knees hit the floor. There, Grace set to her task as her tongue began to lap at Natasha's lower lips as her juices flowed upon Grace's tongue.

The first taste was absolute bliss to Grace. Natasha tasted like a sweet fruit causing Grace to purr. Her tongue moved to Natasha's swollen clit to only circle and flick over the engorged bead. Grace's cock had already hardened and touched the floor from the weight of it. Natasha leaned against the counter and grasped the ledge as Grace's tongue seemed to dance over her clit and lower lips.

Grace moved her hand over Natasha's thighs, nails lightly dragging as took Natasha's clit into her mouth, sucking softly with her tongue flicking at the bean of pleasure. Natasha began to writhe as a long groan of pleasure escaped her lips. "Miss Grace... I want that cock in me... please." She begged as her legs spread wider. Grace stood up and looked her in the eyes before kissing her lips. The kiss was fiery, passionate. Both women craving the other. As the kiss broke, Grace looked to Natasha.

"Come with me... I have a shower for us to enjoy." Natasha could only nod, her face red with desire. Grace took Natasha's hand as they began to walk to the rain shower in the master bedroom.

"Have fun, my dears. I will see you both tomorrow." Amiiria smiled as she watched the two head to the bathroom at a brisk pace.

The lights flickered on in the bathroom as they stepped into the doorway. No sooner had the door closed than Grace's lips were back on Natasha's. Hands roaming over the other's body as if needing to commit each other's form to memory. Grace still had control of her urges for the moment as she guided them to the shower and turned it on, warm water beginning to fall from the over head in the stall. The kiss broke as they opened the door, Natasha quaking with want as her index finger ran over the massive cock that hung between Grace's legs. Grace's eyes closed as she was taken in by the feeling of Natasha's teasing.

"It's been so long since I have had anyone besides Lady Amiiria. I want it rough. I need it rough. Please, don't hold back." Natasha whispered as she stepped into the shower. Grace wasted no time as she herself stepped into the stall, warm water and mist flowing over her body.

Natasha approached the back wall, bending over and spreading her legs to give Grace a perfect view of her ass and pussy. Grace smiled as she walked up behind Natasha, softly smacking her as on each side. Natasha's body shivered as her hips began to sway back and forth as if to taunt and tease Grace.

Grace grasped her cock and lined up with Natasha's pussy as she rubbed the swollen head to spread Natasha's waiting lips. Grace grabbed Natasha's hips and pushed her cock into the waiting pussy.

Natasha groaned with delight as Grace entered her. Her back arching as she pushed back against Grace, attempting to take all of her cock into her. She slowly moved her left hand down to her clit and began to rub as Grace filled her. "So full..." Natasha moaned as she began to pinch and flick at her clit.

Grace watched in awe as she bottomed out inside Natasha. Slowly, she pulled back her hips to slam back into Natasha. A long moan of delight left her as she rested her head on her hand that braced the wall, face turned slightly so Grace could see her face. "Please! Fuck me! As hard as you can!" She groaned as she rotated her hips.

Grace could only oblige as she gripped Natasha's hips and began pumping into her forcefully. Her cock throbbing inside Natasha's snatched as she pulled back and slammed back into her, slowly increasing the rhythm and forces of her pumps.

Natasha could only groan in delight as she would push back to meet Grace's pumps, loving every second that she felt herself be fucked by the massive cock that now was stretching her inner walls to accommodate it's size. "That's right! Fuck me! Make me scream, Grace! I don't want to be able to walk right tomorrow!" She moaned as Grace sped up. Her pumps now ramming the massive shaft repeatedly into Natasha's warm cunt.

Grace felt the familiar feeling of Natasha beginning to tighten around her, causing her to want to cum with Natasha even more. Natasha moaned as she arched. "I'm so close. Please, fill me! Give me your cum!" She screamed as she moved her hands back to the wall as she felt Grace's cock piston into her pussy, pulsing with each thrust.

Grace arched as she slammed once more, feeling her cock start to unload it's cream deep into Natasha's womb. As she came, Natasha loosed a low guttoral moan as Grace felt the cock glove that surrounded her begin to squeeze and spasm as if milking her for all of her cum.

As the came down from their orgasmic bliss, Grace slowly pulled out of Natasha. With a wet pop, Grace could see her cum flowing out of Natasha's snatched and down her legs. Natasha slowly stood up and turned to Grace as she wrapped her arms around her. "I hope that was not a one time thing." Natasha said with a smile as she looked into Grace's eyes.

"It won't be. Every night, we have a new room to break in and consecrate. And, you will be the one that is sharing my bed at night." Grace said with a smile.

As they finished in the shower, Grace's phone in the bedroom lit up with a new text message from Amiiria.

"Tomorrow, you have Tamara as your appointment. And the Council has decreed... they will meet you in two days time."

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Right now

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