"Hello Brother Armen." the sultry voice came from his bed.

Looking down he clutched his rosary tighter, knowing better than to turn and look at her. If "her" was what she was. Lilith was a succubus, and she appeared nightly to tempt him. The first time he had succumbed, poor young Brother Armen who didn't want to be in this monastery in the first place, his parents had sent him here in order to get in good graces with the church. As the fourth son of a nobleman he wasn't of much worth to them except in the church. So when the beautiful nun had appeared at his door, asking to come in and talk scripture, he'd been rather excited. They'd passed a wonderful night together, exploring and loving... until the morning when she'd woken him in her true form.

Not that her true form wasn't exotically beautiful, her skin was pink, but she was much more mature and full-figured than the slight, innocent, young nun that had appeared at his door. She had been beauty budding, Lilith was the full blown rose; her body was smooth and curvy, everything was firm and jiggly... he clenched the rosary, trying to forget the feel of her flesh in his hands.

Fingers massaged the back of his neck and his scalp... he'd found that every time she came she was harder and harder to resist. Every night she asked him questions, probing his faith in God and humanity, asking questions that made him doubt...

"You've been thinking about what I said," her hands massaged his scalp, a nail running along his ear and making his loins jump. He tried to concentrate. "I can tell... you're doubting..." Her breath was hot on the back of his neck and his ear... was it really or breath? Or did she just create that, knowing that it would tease him? And did it really matter either way?

That night it was more questions, more temptations and dirty words... when she left he was sleepless and sweaty, his balls aching with repressed sexuality and his mind with the impact of her doubts. During the day he went to the other brothers, asking some of the questions only to be turned away by horror and the implication that he wasn't pure. Was he pure? But why couldn't anyone answer these questions?

Instead they just turned him away, telling him that it was a Mystery and that no one could explain, he just had to believe. Maybe he was just a doubting Thomas... he didn't know what to do. Lilith he could believe in, he had touched her, made love to her, spent his seed inside her... but he did doubt. Not in the existence of God, but in the good of God. If God and the Devil were both there, why was it mainly the Devil's hand seen in the world? Did God not care about the suffering of humans? Was it only the Devil who would ever touch their lives? And how could God really be good if he didn't care, if he allowed the Devil to take over the world?

More than anything, Brother Armen wanted to rid the world of the influence of the Devil, and rid himself of Lilith. No matter how much his body ached for her, his mind wanted her gone.

"Where did you get these questions?" asked the Father.

But Brother Armen couldn't bring himself to tell the Father that he was being tempted by one of the denizens of hell... who could believe he was a Holy man if they knew there was a succubus in his rooms every night? "I just think of them sometimes..." he mumbled and fled.

The next week, to his horror, she touched him again; her arms wrapping around his neck and her breasts pressing up against the back of his robe. He could actually feel her hard nipples on his shoulder blades.

"In the name of God, begone!" he cried out, as he always did when she tried to touch him. But this time nothing happened.

"You've gone too far..." she whispered, "You lied to a priest of your order, Brother Armen... that's so deliciously sinful, it makes me want you even more."

"No..." he gasped, his blood running cold. Taking the cross at his neck he pressed it against her questing hand... but nothing happened. No shriek, no scream... instead she laughed.

"It doesn't work if you don't believe." she slid her hands into the opening of his robe and he tried to pull away; but as a succubus she was much stronger than he was. Slowly he was pushed down to the floor, his body already responding to her soft and steady touches; she was beautiful and lusty above him, a ripe and full woman. Taking his hands, she put them on her breasts, making him squeeze the firm flesh and he moaned, closing his eyes as though that would undo the pleasure he was feeling at touching her.

When his eyes closed, he gasped as he felt sudden warmth and wetness sliding down his dick; she had mounted him when he wasn't looking. Trying to fight back again, he cried out in defeat as she completely engulfed him, his dick throbbing with pleasure at the incredible sensation of being sheathed inside her.

A knock came at his door, "Brother, are you all right? I heard someone cry out..."

Suddenly Lilith pulled him around so that he was on top of her, her arms and legs wrapped around him and holding him to her naked form, his dick still buried in her. The thought of calling out for help from a fellow Brother suddenly paled as he realized what it would look like if the man came in; Lilith grinned wickedly at him.

"I just slipped..." another lie, he knew that he was damning himself, "I'm all right."

"Very good," said the brother, "God Bless."

"God bless," he said weakly, hearing the footsteps move away as Lilith began to move under him. All of the sudden he was angry, incredibly angry... he was a good man, a decent man, how on earth could she do this to him? How could he become entangled with one of Hell's citizens, and WHY HIM?? His body was moving without him even realizing it, thrusting hard and brutally, trying to punish her with his cock, trying to hurt her with the invasion of her body. It angered him even more as he fucked her and she cried out with pleasure, urging him on. As he thrust he began to slap her, slap her breasts and face, hitting her with the open palm of his hands; trying to make her hurt like he was hurting.

Lilith just took it, her eyes glowing at him as she cried out in passion. When her pussy convulsed around him, her body arching in orgasm, he cried out and thrust hard, his cum spurting into her body. Collapsing on top of her soft body, he began to cry; his depleted dick growing soft inside her.

Stroking his hair she held him to her breast, "It's alright Brother... don't worry. We're going to have such fun together."

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