tagNonHumanSuccubus Blues Ch. 03

Succubus Blues Ch. 03


Simon sat on the stairs drained but watching in rapt fascination as Sophia licked her lips in anticipation of meeting her master's wife. The succubus slowly fondled her breasts and ran her hands over her stomach as she watched the front door. She rocked from side to side softly, like a serpent eyeing its next meal.

The sorcerer wrinkled his nose as a pungent smell wafted to his nostrils. At first he had no idea what the aroma was. It wasn't unpleasant, far from it, it was a ripe musky odor and there seemed to be some sort of exotic spice mingled in with the animal scent. It was simply the potency and suddenness with which the smell had assaulted him. Realization crept over him. It was her. Sophia was giving off some sort of pheromone. The proof to his guess came when his softened penis began to stir once more, rising to attention as the succubus emitted her most potent weapon into the air.

"Sophia, why didn't you...?" Simon began, but stopped short as the sex demon began to change before his eyes.

Sophia's skin began to change, her pale and luscious flesh becoming a dark indigo and leathery, batlike wings sprouted from her back along with a sinuous tail curving from the base of her spine. Simon found himself rubbing his eyes, unsure of what was happening to the buxom redhead that had just given him one of the best orgasms of his life. When he opened his eyes once again, the blue-skinned creature was nowhere to be found. Where previously there had stood a tall, curvaceous beauty with long, smooth legs and flashing green eyes, now Simon beheld a slim but muscular man in his late twenties with shoulder-length hair the color of midnight and eyes to match. The semi-hard flesh dangling between the demon's muscular legs was most impressive, but what struck Simon was the memory of the form the demon had taken between female and male.

The succubus, now incubus, reached down and began stroking his stiffening cock as the sound of a key turning in the lock ratcheted throughout the quiet house. Just as the door began to swing open, the demon turned to Simon. "I didn't need to use the scent on you, Master," the demon spoke in a deep, silky voice, "I was bound by your working. Now, watch closely, I might teach you a thing or two."

The incubus gave the wide-eyed magus a lusty wink before striding smoothly across the carpet to where Simon's wife, Mary was just setting her suitcase down beside the door. She had yet to catch sight of the naked, muscular man advancing upon her, but she had caught a whiff of the pheromones, her nose wrinkling a bit before a small smile spread across her face. The smile quickly faded as the demon came into view.

Simon guessed the pheromones had some sort of euphoric quality, as Mary didn't scream at the sight of the intruder into her home. Instead, she covered her mouth with her hand and took a step back, her eyes flickering back and forth between the handsome man's somewhat feral expression and the large member standing proudly from his belly.

"Who---who are you? How did you get in my house?" Mary asked quaveringly, taking another step back. Simon thought he noted a tone of something...lust?...underneath the confusion and fear.

"Shhh..." the demon said, holding a long finger to her lips and closing the gap between them. "Your husband has sent me to you. There is nothing to worry about." The finger slid down Mary's lips to her throat and continued down past the hollow of her throat to the top of her blouse. With a quick motion, he flicked his hand and her top opened wider by a few inches. Simon saw the button fly past him and roll into the kitchen.

Mary gave a stifled yelp, her eyes searching the coal-black orbs of the man before her, looking for more answers, but they were not coming. The demon flicked its wrist second time, a third, again and again, and Mary could do nothing but watch as this complete stranger slowly removed the thin barrier of clothing that separated her naked flesh from his.

From his vantage point on the shadow-covered stairs, Simon gazed on as his wife began to give herself over to the situation. Watching in fascination, he began slowly stroking himself as he watched the play being acted out in his living room.

As the incubus began to slide her blouse over her shoulders, Mary started to raise her hands in protest, but a simple stern look from the intruder's dark eyes was all it took for her to acquiesce and lower her hands to her side. A flush of crimson spread across her face at the mix of emotions she felt cascading through her body. On one hand, the idea of being taken by the beautiful, dark-haired stranger filled her with an ache she hadn't felt for a long, long time. On the other, she hadn't made love to another man in the eleven years she had married to Simon.

As if sensing her dilemma, the incubus lifted her chin gently with his hand and gazed deeply into her eyes. "Shhh...," he said once more. "Do not trouble yourself. I know what you want, and I know you want it. Just relax." His deep voice echoed in the back of her head, and Mary closed her eyes as the man reached behind her and unfastened her bra, releasing her small but still-firm breasts.

He bent his head, suckling at her dark nipple with soft lips, and a soft moan escaped Mary's lips at the heat of his kiss. Her head arching back as she began to lose herself to the sensation of another man's mouth.

With painful slowness, the incubus knelt before her, his fingers hooked at the top of her skirt dragging it to the floor with him. Mary felt the skin on her legs began to prickle at being laid bare. "No," she said softly, placing a hand on his head in a half-hearted protest. A dark patch on her panties gave the lie to the word however, and there was little resistance as the stranger reached up and removed the last barrier separating her wetness from him.

She looked down into the very dark eyes that peered up at her and smiled nervously. Her mouth split open in an "O" the next moment as the incubus buried his face in the thatch of trimmed, dark blonde hair that rested atop her sex.

The incubus inhaled deeply, taking in her scent as he released more of his own sorcerous pheromones into the air. His long tongue snaked out to the cleft between her legs searching for the source of her musky sweetness. The tip of his tongue craftfully parted her lower lips, touching her clitoris, and Mary's body was filled with an electric shock that made her knees tremble and almost sent her crashing to the floor.

"Sit, my love." The incubus said, placing his strong hands on her hips and guiding her backwards to sit on the edge of the couch. Those same hands pushed aside her knees, opening her to his attentions. For what seemed like an eternity, the stranger knelt at her altar paying homage with his mouth, his fingers, his lips. Mary could feel herself building towards a powerful climax as the dark-haired man sucked and licked her pussy with a skill she had never before experienced. As his fingers entered her, probing for the magick place that resided within her, she closed her eyes and lost herself to the feeling.

Simon sat spellbound as his wife gave herself so easily to the demon, his hand sliding wetly up and down his pole as he watched Mary arching her back in pleasure. Almost without thinking, he stood from his perch on the stairs and began walking slowly towards the couch where his pet demon knelt with its head between his wife's legs. He never thought he could enjoy the sight of her being pleasured by another man, but the knowledge that the same creature had done the same for him, albeit in a much more feminine form, somehow made any reservations he might have had melt away. Soon he found himself standing over the two watching as he continued to stroke his rock-hard cock.

Mary sensed another presence, and her eyes popped open to see her husband inches away, a look of intense lust on his face.

"Simon!" she yelped, her hands pushing at the stranger's head, half-heartedly trying to remove him from her pussy. A pair of hands reached up, grasping her by the wrists and forcing her hands away, as the stranger mashed his face harder into her, shoving his tongue up inside of her. "Ooohh..." Mary moaned in response.

Simon took a step forward, kneeling on the couch beside his wife. He reached out and stroked her cheek with his fingers. "It's okay, sweetie. He wasn't lying, I did send him to you....in a manner of speaking." He inched closer to her, his glistening cock nearer to her face. "Enough talk for now, darling. I'm sure there's something you'd rather be doing with that wonderful mouth of yours."

A feeling of relief washed over Mary. A part of her had been holding back, but now that Simon had given his consent....No, not his consent, his encouragement...she gave herself over to the rapture flooding through her body. Better yet, she was going to make love to two men at the same time, a fantasy she had had for years and never thought she would ever get the opportunity to experience. She fiercely lunged forward, engulfing her husband's cock in her mouth as the stranger's tongue slid in and out of her, fucking her with its flexible length.

Mary wrapped her tongue around Simon's penis as she sucked him, tasting every inch of him. She moved her head back and forth, tightening her lips around the head of his penis before plunging back down to feel the length of him in her throat as she buried her nose in his musky pubic hair. Suddenly, without warning, the warm mouth of the stranger moved away from her and she felt a chill breeze on her pussy. She whimpered slightly around Simon's cock at the loss, but the whimper turned quickly into a low moan as she felt s different type of flesh rubbing up against her moist lips.

Even though she knew what was coming, was praying for it, it still came as a bit of a shock as she felt the head of the stranger's cock slide holy past her labia and push up deeply inside of her. She took a deep breath, nearly gagging on her husband's cock at the sensation as he filled her, and continued to fill her more fully than she had ever experienced. She could feel the tip of his cock brushing against the top of her uterus before he slowly began to withdraw in anticipation of another thrust. She pulled her head back, releasing Simon from her mouth with a small popping noise, as she looked back into the eyes of the man impaling her with the largest penis she had ever had inside of her. The eyes were empty of all save lust and perhaps a bit of amusement as his hips pushed forward faster than the last time, burying himself in her. She felt his balls slap against her ass as he began to fuck her with increasing speed. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Simon begin to stroke himself again now that she had released him from her mouth.

"Fuck her." She heard her husband breathe from beside her. "I want you to make her come."

Mary thought she must have been mistaken, for she heard a distinctively throaty feminine voice come from the face of the very masculine stranger making her twitch with pleasure. She shook her head, tossing her hair from side to side. It didn't matter. All that mattered was the feeling of the stranger's stiff cock plunging in and out of her, and rubbing against all the right spots inside of her.

"Lift her up." Simon's voice again from off to the side. The words had barely registered before she felt herself being lifted off of the couch into the so-strong arms of her dark stranger. The part of her mind not encompassed by the feeling of being fucked senseless idly wondered what was happening. A moment later, she felt Simon's finger poking at her asshole. Coated in his precum, it probed and stretched at her anus as the stranger continued to lift her off of her cock before dropping her back down to be filled once more.

"Oh yes." She moaned. "Please," she begged. Mary had always dreamed of having two hard cocks fuck her at once; one filling her pussy while the other plumbed the depths of her ass. "Please," she begged once more, "I don't want your fingers. I want you."

"As you wish, milady." The stranger's voice, deep and masculine once more. She felt herself being lowered down towards the couch once more, and before she knew what had happened, she felt Simon beneath her, his cock pressing up against the tight pucker of her ass, while the stranger removed himself from her briefly before kneeling before her and waiting as Simon carefully inserted himself slowly into her ass.

"Oh Goddess!" she cried softly, as her husband's cock slid up into her ass until she could feel his balls nestled at the base of her pussy. A moment later she felt the stranger's penis toying at the outer folds of her sex. With agonizing slowness, the stranger pushed his cock inside of her pussy sending waves of ecstasy through Mary. Filled with cock, Mary's eyes' rolled back towards the ceiling in rapture as the stranger began to slowly slide himself in and out of her gently.

Her mind raced everywhere and nowhere and nowhere at once, desperately trying to find purchase as Simon began to thrust gently in and out of her ass in counterpoint to the stranger's thrusts. Whenever Simon's cock was deep inside of her, the stranger's would be just at the opening of her pussy, and when the stranger thrust deep inside of her, Simon would have nearly removed himself from the tightness of her ass. The two cocks building a rhythm that built and built, sending Mary crashing closer and closer to a mind-numbing orgasm. She could hear her husband breathing heavily beneath her, and could feel his hands on her hips pulling her down onto him with each stroke. The stranger's hands grabbed her breasts, pinching her nipples harder and harder as he pounded into her.

Mary was so far lost in the throes of pleasure that she could only just manage the guttural animalistic grunts she heard coming from her mouth. The feeling of being fucked by two men at once was better than she could ever had imagined. A tiny portion of her mind began to wonder what it must feel like for her husband, knowing that he would be able to feel the stranger's cock through the thin wall that separated the two men as they fucked her. He would most likely be able to feel the head and texture of the other man's cock rubbing up against his own, and by the sounds he was making, he wasn't minding it one little bit.

A flash of images flooded Mary's brain: ....her, standing outside of her body, watching herself getting fucked nice and hard by the two men, a cock in her pussy and another in her ass......a third penis appearing out of nowhere and inserting itself into her mouth so that she was completely filled......all three penises spewing semen all over her stomach as she wiped it into her skin.....Simon's penis and the stranger's sliding against each other inside of her, the heads rubbing as they passed....the images changed, removing her from the picture entirely leaving just her husband and the dark stranger standing before each other rubbing their stiff pricks against each other....Simon with the stranger's cock in his mouth...Simon fucking the stranger up the ass while he reached around and stroked the dangling stiff penis.....

Mary's mind exploded in a flash of white light, and she began to cum. The muscles in her pussy began spasming uncontrollably around the stranger's cock and she could feel the ring of her anus tighten around Simon. Within seconds both men were joining her, and the feeling of hot cum splashing inside her pussy and ass at the same time sent her completely over the edge, and she began thrashing and howling like a madwoman impaled upon two spurting cocks.

A few moments later, as reality returned, Mary felt Simon's hands stroking her stomach and she heard his voice. "Mary, I would like for you to meet Sophia. She'll be staying with us for a while."

Mary couldn't find the strength to open her eyes, but managed a feeble nod even as she wondered at the words Simon said. 'Sophia', what a strange name for such a handsome man, she thought as she drifted off to an exhausted, sated slumber only to dream dreams of her husband fucking the man that had just fucked her.

...to be continued...

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