tagSci-Fi & FantasySuccubus Ch. 01

Succubus Ch. 01

byAidan Blackthorn©

Alex's finger slipped into the tarnished ring seemingly of its own volition as he dipped his hand into the box of old jewelry in the back of the cramped antique shop. He pulled his hand out and looked at the ring, idly pushing it back past his knuckle the rest of the way onto the ring finger of his right hand. It looked like it might have been a signet ring, the heaviness and size of the piece obviously meant for a man's hand, but the whole thing was so tarnished, it was impossible to tell what metal it was made of let alone what the incuse signet in the top was meant to represent.

Whatever it was, it certainly wasn't an appropriate gift for his mother, the ostensible reason he was poking through this antique shop. He tugged on the ring but it didn't budge. He tugged again, twisting the ring, but succeeded only in bunching the skin of his finger up around his knuckle. I'll ask the clerk if she has any hand lotion. he thought to himself.

He continued to idly work at it while looking around the rest of the shop, his eyes finally settling on an antique Victorian cameo brooch that he knew his mother would love. He took his prize up to the front of the shop, winding his way between the furniture that crowded the sales area.

The clerk behind the counter was a curvaceous blonde in her late twenties and the vintage dress she wore exposed a goodly amount of cleavage. She smiled at him as he approached and Alex's ears burned, sure that she knew he was undressing her with his eyes. Thoughts of asking for some hand lotion to remove the ring vanished as he searched for his voice and fought to keep from dropping his eyes to the expanse of soft skin revealed to him.

"How much for the brooch, um, and the ring," he asked. She took his hand to examine the ring, sending an electric thrill through him that reached to his toes but seemed to concentrate somewhat higher.

"The brooch is forty dollars, and I'll include the ring with it. I don't even know what it was doing out on the sales floor, it's in such sad condition. Do you really like it?" she asked. He nodded mutely then managed to stammer out a response.

"I-I thought it might clean up nicely." He quickly paid for the brooch and the clerk wrapped it and tucked it into a small gift box for him. As she handed him the box, her fingers brushed his hand again and he felt his ears burning as he went outside to his car.

"God, Alex," he chided himself "you're 32 years old, not some schoolboy." Part of the problem, he mused, was that he hadn't gotten laid in the almost four years since Vicky had left. I still miss her, dammit. he thought. He had been ready to pop the question nearly four years ago, but she told him she needed to find herself. Apparently this meant joining the Peace Corps and moving to Africa. For nearly three years he was faithful to her, then, about a year ago, he got a letter saying she was getting married to one of her coworkers He put the car in gear and drove off.

* * * * *

Alex tried soap, hand lotion, even olive oil to try to get the ring off once he got home, but it still would not budge. He decided he'd need to get the thing cut off. He looked at the ring speculatively and tried various types of metal polish to remove the tarnish, but nothing seemed to work.

He gave up and changed into his bathing suit and went out to the pool. He had been on the swim team in High School and still loved to swim to keep in shape. It was one of the reasons he bought this house. He dove in with a splash, knifing easily through the water to warm up with a few easy laps doing a backstroke. He flipped over and changed to a crawl, using a racing turn at each end of the pool until he lost count of the number of laps he had done. He climbed out of the pool, dripping water from his tall, lean, swimmers body, his short dark hair plastered to his head.

He went inside and got dressed, then nuked a couple frozen burritos and slathered them with mango chutney and Korean chili sauce and sat down on the sofa to watch a movie on cable. Once the movie was over, he went to his workstation and began working on one of his programming projects. The dangers of working at home, Alex thought, You can't leave work behind at the office. A nagging voice at the back of his mind told him that this was one of the reasons why he hadn't gotten laid in nearly four years.

Later that night in bed, he tossed and turned, trying to get to sleep, but it proved elusive. His wandering thoughts turned to the clerk at the antique shop, her smile, her sparkling blue eyes, her long blonde hair, and most especially how her dress hugged the curves of her hips and the swell of her breasts. He found himself growing hard and reached down to run his fingers lightly over his stiff cock. He groaned and knew he wouldn't get to sleep now until he came.

He reached over to the nightstand where he kept a tube of lubricant and squeezed a dollop into his hand. The slippery jelly was cool on his overheated member as he wrapped his hand around it, but soon warmed up. His cock thickened as he began to stroke very slowly, the pressure of his hand light. He drew his legs up and planted his feet flat on the bed, spreading his thighs so he could reach down with the other hand to play with his balls. He imagined the delicate hands of the blonde touching him there, while her red lips stroked over his cock.

His grip on his cock tightened as he became more aroused, his stroking faster as he lost himself in the feeling. The blonde's appearance changed as he imagined his usual masturbatory fantasy girl: long red hair, green eyes, a trim, athletic figure and perky breasts. His breathing became heavier as he pictured himself pounding into her lithe form, spread out beneath him. His hand was moving furiously over his turgid member, gripping it tightly. He could feel his climax approaching starting as a pressure at the base of his cock that seemed to radiate outwards into his thighs and balls.

His orgasm hit him and he arched off the bed with a loud groan; the first jet of cum hit his chest. The second got as far as his stomach. The subsequent spasms were less strong, but went on for some time, his cum pouring out over his right hand still pumping himself idly.

He lay back, panting, his eyes closed. He didn't see the dim flash of light as his semen came into contact with the ring, nor did he notice how it seemed to be absorbed into the tarnished metal, leaving only the traces of lubricant on his hand. He reached over and grabbed the towel beside his bed and wiped himself off then rolled over to go to sleep.

* * * * *

It was in the shower the next morning that he noticed the change in the ring. Where there was only tarnished metal yesterday, there was the distinctive whiteness of pure silver today. He stared at the ring in amazement. Who knew that cum was a great tarnish remover? he thought.

The flat, oval bezel of the ring was engraved with a stylized image of a woman done with a few circles and curving lines. Above the woman was a circle that Alex took to be the full moon. The figure seemed primitive but with a grace of form and energy that reminded him of some of the early Celtic or Scythian work. Perhaps he wouldn't have it cut off after all.

He spent the rest of the day at his workstation, taking a short break for lunch, then diving back in. He finally surfaced around 7 PM and got up from the chair, stretching his back. Ugh, I've got to get out of here for a bit. he thought. Maybe I should go out for dinner. He changed into a pair of chinos and a clean button-up shirt and grabbed his keys.

"Hi, Alex!" came a cheerful female voice as he went out to his car.

"Oh, um, hi, Liz." he said, seeing his next door neighbor getting out of her car. She was looking gorgeous as usual, dressed in a business suit. He knew she worked as a paralegal and her suit was a charcoal gray pinstripe, somber enough to satisfy the stuffy lawyers she worked with, but the short skirt had a feminine flounce at the hemline, showing off her long, shapely legs, and the blazer hugged her slender curves. "Long day at the office?" he asked.

"Yeah," she said smiling at him and tossing her chestnut curls over her shoulder, "I just want to go in and see if I can scrounge up something to eat in the refrigerator then hop into a hot bath." Ask her out to dinner! a voice said at the back of his mind.

"Well," he said, "have a nice evening." She smiled again, her deep blue eyes briefly catching his.

"Thank you, you too." she said, "It was nice to see you again." He got in the car and pulled out of the driveway. Chickenshit. the voice at the back of his mind said. He tried to ignore it.

He ate at a nearby Mexican restaurant. It wasn't fancy, but they knew him there and the food was fantastic, one of the few places he knew in the city that didn't get their mole out of a jar. He was no more than seated when a basket of chips and a bowl of salsa appeared at his table.

"Hi, Mister Blair, the usual tonight?" the petite, young blonde waitress asked.

"Sure, um, Jessica?" he answered. She laughed.

"I'm Jennifer. Jessica is in the bar tonight." He looked over at the bar area and caught sight of another petite blonde girl, his waitress's twin sister. The Mitchell twins were home from college for the summer working at the restaurant. He'd known them since he moved into the neighborhood when they were twelve and he was still unable to tell them apart.

A few minutes later, Jennifer brought him a plate of chicken en mole poblano, refritos and rice, warning him that the plate was hot. She fussed over him a little, leaning over and put his napkin on his lap, giving him a good look down her blouse revealing that she wasn't wearing a bra. She winked at him and he watched her tight backside as shewalk away from the table. My, they sure have grown up. he thought. They'd always been friendly with him, but never that flirtatious. He wondered what was going on. He tore his eyes away and dipped a tortilla into the spicy chocolate flavored mole. It was excellent as usual.

The light was on in Liz's bathroom when he got back to the house, and he made a conscious effort not to imagine her naked form surrounded by bubbles and hot water. She's got a boyfriend no doubt. he thought. You don't know that! When have you ever seen a guy hanging around over there? He was getting a little tired of that nagging voice at the back of his mind.

* * * * *

He got up from his workstation about midnight, stretching and yawning. He went to the bathroom and brushed his teeth in his usual nightly ritual and stripped out of his clothes in his dark bedroom. He slipped into bed, covering himself to the waist with the sheet, it was a pleasant summer evening and he didn't need anything heavier.

The silvery-white light of the full moon streamed in through the window, and Alex lay there staring at the ceiling, his head cradled on his hands. As he brought his hands down to his sides again, the moonlight flashed on the silver ring still on his right hand. He idly brought his other hand to it and rubbed the flat bezel with his thumb, feeling the indentations of the design upon it. He closed his eyes and tried to go to sleep.

"Hello, my darling." said a soft, sultry, feminine voice. His eyes snapped open and fell on the woman standing near the foot of his bed, silhouetted by the moonlight. What he could make out of the figure was lithe and athletic, but still pleasantly curved. He reached over to turn on the light.

"What the...? Who are you and what are you doing here? How did you..." he began and turned on the light, going silent mid-question as he looked at her. Red hair spilled in curls over her shoulders and chest, half-covering her pert breasts which seemed to be about a handful each. She had high cheekbones and flawless fair skin sprinkled with freckles here and there. Her eyes were jade green and held a spark of humor and of something else.

"My name is Shala, " she said, "and I am here to give you pleasure." Her voice was a soft sultry contralto, that seemed to promise so much. I'm dreaming he thought trying to sit up in the bed, promptly banging his elbow on the nightstand. She came towards him then, a look of concern on her face. She took his elbow in both hands, her touch warm and gentle. She pressed her lips to his elbow, the contact electric, almost more sensual than any kiss he'd ever received. He felt his cock becoming rampantly erect as the beautiful redhead lifted her lips from his elbow and smiled at him, coming into his arms. She was warm, soft and fragrant, a subtle perfume rising from her skin, sensuously floral and spicy with the faintest touch of musk.

What the hell is going on here? he asked himself. Shutup, you moron. You've got a naked, willing woman in your arms. Don't be a doofus. replied the voice in the back of his mind. For once he didn't argue, and took her in his arms, kissing her eagerly. She responded enthusiastically, her hands flat against his chest, rubbing against his nipples. Her lips parted beneath his and he began to explore her mouth with his tongue, eliciting a moan of pleasure from her. His hands roamed over her, caressing her soft skin and firm backside. After a long moment she broke the kiss and began to kiss down his jawline. He started to protest, wanting to continue the kiss.

"Shhhh," she said, laying a delicate finger across his lips, "just lie back and relax, Alex." Her lips were soft and warm on his skin but he shivered as she kissed his neck then traced kisses along his collarbone ending at the hollow of his throat. He squeezed the globes of her buttocks then ran his hands up her sides to gently caress the sides of her breasts, almost tickling before he strummed his thumbs over her pale pink nipples which were already standing at attention. She moaned softly in response and the scent of her arousal wafted over him. He gave in to the voice at the back of his mind and to her urgings, and immersed himself in the moment.

She kissed down his chest, pausing to swirl her tongue around each of his nipples and continued downwards. She reached down to his waist and pulled the sheet aside that covered him, catching sight of his erection. She looked up at him, a glimmer in her green eyes and licked her lips. As she settled between his legs, he had to move his hands off of her breasts, instead bringing them to twine in her red tresses.

She drew her hands down his thighs, lightly raking her fingernails over his skin, then pushed his knees apart. She teasingly nuzzled and kissed his inner thighs, alternating sides as she working her way upwards. She looked up at him, her eyes meeting his as she grinned mischievously then he felt her warm, wet mouth on his scrotum. He moaned and his cock twitched in anticipation as she took each of his testicles into her mouth, suckling them gently.

She released his testicles then he felt her delicate hand wrap itself around the base of his cock. She held it there for a moment, looking at it hungrily, then her pink tongue shot out and she licked along the underside slowly, moving from the base where her fingers were wrapped around it clear to the circumcised head, her tongue toying with the slit in the end. He moaned and twined his fingers more tightly in her hair. His cock twitched, expanding just a fraction more. She continued to lick his hard shaft in long slow motions, occasionally twirling her tongue around the flaring head.

"Oh, goddess..." he moaned. Just at that moment she stopped her licking and put her lips to the very tip of his cock in a slow kiss, then her lips parted and she took half or his cock into her mouth in one stroke. He gasped wordlessly at the heat of her mouth on his long neglected cock. She pulled back until just the tip was between her lips, then began to bob her head slowly, taking a little more of his cock inside her mouth on each stroke until her lips touched her fingers. She took her hand away and went down on his cock once more and her nose was buried in the curly hair above his manhood. He wasn't much bigger than average, but never before had a woman taken him this deep.

She held him there for a long moment, her lips sealed against the base of his cock and her tongue fluttering on the underside of his shaft. She began to bob her head once more, pulling back until just the head was between her lips, then taking him in again all the way to the hilt. He felt the suction to his toes, and his cock never felt harder. He could feel the tension building in his thighs and as she began to bob her head faster, her delicate hand again gripping the base of his shaft. He ran his fingers through her hair, stroking the red tresses gently as his breathing became more labored.

Suddenly, on the upstroke, she let her lips pop over the flaring crown of his glans, sending a shock of sensation through his cock deep into his pelvis. He gasped and his hands tightened in her hair and his thighs began to tremble with tension. She moaned and began to move faster as if sensing his impending climax.

"I'm going to cum..." he gasped out, remembering how Vicky always wanted him to warn her so she could pull her mouth off him in time. Shala didn't seem to care, only sucking more vigorously, pumping his shaft with both mouth and hands. She drew her lips back so just the head was in her mouth when he exploded into her, his thighs spasming, sending jet after jet of his semen into her mouth. She moaned in pleasure and swallowed it all, continuing her suction throughout his orgasm.

He lay back on the bed panting, his eyes closed. She held his cock in her mouth until it became limp once more. He felt drained, but in a very pleasant way. She moved up to lie beside him, her head pillowed on his shoulder, her arm across his chest. He kissed the top of her head and she threw a leg over his and snuggled against him closely. In this position, her sex rubbed against his thigh and he could feel how wet she was. She moved her hips unconsciously, rubbing herself on his thigh.

"This has to be a dream," he said, quiet wonder in his voice.

"This is no dream, Alex." she replied softly, "I need your touch. Please?" There was a touching sense of urgency in her voice that made him want to please her. His hands began to stroke her back and buttocks gently, eliciting a sound almost like a purr from her. She moved her head to look up at him and brought his lips to hers, kissing her gently at first, then with more force.

He carefully rolled her over onto her back and his hand went to her stomach, lightly caressing. His eyes roamed over her slender body as he let his hand slowly trail upwards. She had the fair complexion of a true redhead with a few freckles scattered over her arms and shoulders. Her nipples were a pale rose in color and so stiff that only a small ring of crinkled pinkness surrounded them. As his eyes moved downwards he saw that she was completely bare of body hair, including between her legs. Her slick folds were clearly visible, protruding between her outer labia like delicate pink petals of an exotic flower. He felt his cock twitch despite his recent climax.

His lips went to hers and his hand teased the undercurve of her left breast lightly, then moved away. She whimpered into his mouth and his lips stretched against hers in a smile. He traced the undercurve of her right breast, eliciting another whimper before he finally filled his hand with her firm breast, strumming his thumb across the nipple. She moaned and her hips moved against the bed.

He broke the kiss and it was his turn to explore her body, nuzzling her neck, and nibbling, causing her to cry out as he bit her skin lightly. He kissed the hollow of her throat and brought both hands upwards. Her firm breasts filled his hands nicely and she writhed sensuously beneath him as his palms rubbed against her hard nipples. He took each nipple between thumb and forefinger and tugged gently and she moaned, then whimpered again. He kissed a trail down her chest, then across her right breast. His tongue swirled around her nipple then he took it between his lips, suckling on it.

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