tagNonHumanSuccubus Ranch Ch. 01

Succubus Ranch Ch. 01


Father Denkkar had made a decision. He was going to put a stop to all of this adulterous promiscuity that was going on; and there was no better place than the devil's haven itself.

He knew that this was just another whore house in the Nevada desert, but what fool would tempt fate with a demons name as part of the title. He stood outside the large two-story building, in its parking lot. The flashing neon sign behind him showing the name: Succubus Ranch. It even had red neon outlining a woman's shapely form with a long slender tail.

The Catholic priest kept his back to it, not to be tempted by the sultry look the neon-woman seemed show him when he came upon this house of ill-repute. The first time he saw this building being built, he thought it looked a lot like an old Southern plantation. The steps led up to a large porch with a high ceiling held up by six-pillars. The center of the second floor also had a door opening to a small balcony, but it was empty at the moment.

He spoke with the arch-diocese of his area and they told him that they were doing all they could thru the politicians, but it was still legal in this count of the state for prostitution in an establishment. There wasn't anything they could do about the prostitution other than preach against it to their parishioners and pray for the God to clear the world of such devil's work.

"It's an evil we must live with," the monsignor had told him. Father Denkkar didn't think so. If it was an evil that will be allowed, then he was going to try and talk some sense to the owner of this establishment about changing its name, at the very least. There was no reason to give demons a foothold on Earth just by naming a place after them.

Father Denkkar started walking with his shoulders back. He was a soldier of God and he was not going to be kept at bay from this debauchery. As he came closer to the house, he could feel its large size in dark open space of the desert making him feel smaller. When he reached the steps, he thought he saw movement above him.

Looking up, he saw something move off the upper balcony into the house. He thought he was seeing things, because it looked like a giant pair of bat-wings; but the double doors to the balcony were closed when he had taken several steps back to see for sure.

He returned to the steps and suddenly felt uncomfortable about being here alone. His collar felt tight around his throat, like it did the first time he had ever put it on. He stuck his finger between his neck and the white ring and tugged the collar out some to stretch it some before he took that first step up the stairs. He took that first step up and thought his feet felt heavy with each of the six steps to the top.

"I'm a detriment to my clergy," he thought to himself. "All of the other priests were scared to come here, so I must be the soldier of God. Such men shouldn't be part of the clergy."

With these thoughts the last few steps to the large double-doors were much easier. He took them with great stride and stood before the doors.

"Should I knock, or is this like any other business, where you just enter," he thought. "I'm not a welcome guest to this place so I guess the proper protocol would be to knock."

His hand held in the air before him, ready to knock on the door when it opened before his wrist could bend backwards and fall forward for the first knock. Before him stood a man that looked to be in his late 30's. His head was shaved down to the skin, slightly reflecting the light from inside the house.

"Well, don't just stand out there, Father. Come on in. We've been wondering when we would get a visit from the local clergy," the man said. His voice was full of happiness, as if he really was pleased with the priest's visit. His smile even spread up his cheeks and touched his eyes. This man was truly happy at the visitor's presence.

Father Denkkar was about to step across the buildings threshold but found his feet had become made of lead. They felt heavier than they did when he was trying to climb the stairs. He didn't want to show is rudeness at ignoring the invitation, but it felt like something was literally holding his feet to the floor of the porch.

"Oh, I see," said the man, the smile turning to a frown. "You're just like the other priests that have come here before you. You're also scared to come in because we may tempt you with sinful delights. I guess maybe some other time, Father."

The man started to close the door, but Father Denkkar wouldn't have any of it. He was not like the other priests who were too scared to confront evil, even in its own home. He could control his own lusts against any temptation that could be thrown at him.

His feet felt like feathers as he put his right foot forward and stopped the door from closing all the way.

"I think I will accept your invitation, sir, as long as you will allow me to say my peace," Father Denkkar said. The door re-opened, wider than before, and the man was smiling from ear to ear.

"Then welcome, Father, to Succubus Ranch," the man replied. He gave a slight bow of his head as he did a sweep of his arm, offering a clear pathway thru the door. "My name is Jason and I'm the owner of this small business."

Father Denkkar stepped into the building and felt like a great weight was lifted from him. When the owner closed the door, the priest suddenly felt like he had made a mistake. He had the feeling that he should quickly try to leave this place before it was too late, but there were a couple of things that were stopping him. The first was the feeling that he would find the door locked and he wouldn't be allowed to exit. His mind quickly told him that that wasn't true, but his pride spoke up louder. The other priests at the church would laugh at him for going into the building only to run away from his own fear.

"I'm glad that you met me at the door, sir," Father Denkkar said. "I came here looking for you specifically. I wanted to..."

He stopped talking the most remarkably beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life stepped forward. Her body was wrapped in what looked like a latex or leather cape. There were slight wrinkles in it that made Father Denkkar think of the thin layer of flesh that made up a bat's wings. Just like the ones he saw on the upper balcony.

Thought you saw, he reprimanded himself.

The cape seemed to hug her body almost like a very tight dress, but one that went all the way to her ankles. His eyes flowed over those curves and he couldn't help but feel the tightness of his pants looking at her body. This woman seemed to ooze sexual desire.

To save his dignity, and hopefully to stop the growth in his nether regions, Father Denkkar ripped his eyes away from the swell of her chest area and look her directly in the eyes. For just a second, he could have sworn her eyes were slit, like a cats or snakes eyes were; but when he blinked they were the palest blue (or was it bright emerald green) staring back at him.

"Hello, Father," said a voice like singers voice would sound. Her arm came out of the front of the cape, not opening it any somehow, and reached out to the priest. "Welcome to my lover's establishment. Is there anything, or anyone, that we could get for you?" She winked at the priest when she said this, her hand still hanging in the air between the two of them.

Father Denkkar became angry at this woman's belief that he could be tempted so easily by this comment. In his anger, he kept shoved his hands into his pockets and ignored the proffered hand.

"No, thank you, Madame," he said, making sure there was emphasis on the "Madame." He wanted to prove to them that he knew what type of business they were running here and that he wasn't approving of it, not in the least bit. "I would like a private moment to speak with the owner of this business, if you don't mind."

The woman just smiled all the more at the priest, her tongue licking her lips seductively. Her hand withdrew to cross her chest and caress its way down her chest over the material covering it. The priest couldn't resist watching the hand glide against her body, slightly grope her breast thru the leather/latex before sliding over the flat stomach and returning to hits hiding place inside the cloak. Not a second after it disappeared inside, there was a slight moan from the woman that made the father's penis jump slightly in its cotton prison.

He pulled his eyes away from the slight movements that were going on at the crotch area and looked the woman in the eyes. They were half closed and her mouth was partially open. Her tongue kept sliding out, moistening her lips while she moaned.

"That's enough, dear," the owner said. "The Father is too proud of his religion to fall to your temptations. Let the man and I be and go tend to our other guests. I'm sure they will enjoy your show better that the priest will."

Father Denkkar could tell that this man was more intelligent than the woman was. He must be the owner of this business. He was sure he would be able to reason with this man and get him to change the business name. No one would want to have the Catholic Church condemning their place of business just because of its name.

"Come this way, Father," he said. "I've got a conference room that we can discuss your business privately in."

"I do apologize, sir, but I don't remember what you said your name was," the priest said.

"Oh, that's quite alright," he replied. "You can call me Jason. I'm the owner of this place, as I told you before; and that woman a second ago is my significant other, -----."

"I'm sorry. I didn't quite understand what you said just then. What's her name again?"

"It's okay; I get that a lot when I tell people her name. Just call her "hey you," and she will know you're talking to her. She's a foreigner here and her name is very hard to pronounce."

Father Denkkar chuckled at that. He felt that this man would be much easier to talk to than he had thought he would be. The shaved head made him look meaner than he really seemed to be.

"I understand that," Father Denkkar replied. "We have a monsignor that's from the Vatican with a very hard to pronounce name."

"Here we are," Jason said. He stopped in front of a door and opened it for the priest. In side was an elongated room with a long table with about four chairs on each side of it. There was also one at the head and foot of the table. All the chairs were covered in soft leather with plush interiors. The chair at the head of the table had arm rest on it, and the back was higher than the rest.

The priest entered the room before Jason, thinking that since he is the man of the cloth, he should be the first to enter the room. Jason just let him go in and pulled out a chair to the right of the head of the table for the priest. He then pulled out the chair at the head of the table and sat down in it.

"Please, Father, sit down. Is there anything you would like to drink? We have all the amenities here. I can have coffee brought in for our little meeting, or maybe some Cognac, if you wish?"

"I could go with a little snifter of brandy, if that's okay?" Father Denkkar asked.

No sooner had the words left his mouth, as if they had somehow read his mind, a very cute woman entered the room. She was carrying an old dusty bottle, two glasses and an expensive ice bucket on a large silver platter. Father Denkkar's eyes, however, didn't notice what she was carrying as much as how beautiful she was.

The woman didn't seem to be wearing any make-up on her face and it contained a natural beauty to it. When she noticed the Father looking at her, she turned her eyes downward and smiled shyly. This brightened her appearance in the priest's thoughts.

His eyes wandered down from her young looking face and saw that her auburn hair was cut short, just above the top of her neck. This look accentuated her slender neck; which flowed to her bare shoulders. Her skin seemed to glow with its own beauty down her arms to the tray. The priest didn't ignore that following her arms gave him a chance to notice the bodice that she was wearing, showing off a good amount of cleavage on her small frame.

Even though his eyes followed her arms, when they reached her wrists, they refocused on what was behind the tray. Her stomach was bare, since the bodice only reached the lower part of her ribs. The belly was flat and slightly toned. Just below her bare navel, Father Denkkar could see the tops of her underwear.

"Father, you haven't told me your name yet," Jason said, pulling the man's thoughts back to the business at hand.

"I'm sorry, sir, where are my manners."

"Please, call me Jason. You are more important than I am, since you are both a man of the cloth and a guest in my home."

Father Denkkar felt a blush hit his cheeks at this comment and felt good at Jason's manners toward him. How could such a man be evil, if he knows that I come before him in the affairs of life, he thought to himself.

"My name is Father Denkkar," he said, returning his eyes back to the lovely woman that was now offering him a glass with brandy in it.

"Would you like some ice in your drink, sir?" she asked. Her voice seemed to have a timid girlish quality to it. She was acting very shy around him for some reason and he wished she wouldn't be afraid of him.

He placed a hand under the glass and reached the other around it, his fingers closing slightly around hers. He felt a rush of desire to comfort this scared girl and help her to become a better woman. She was too timid for the rest of the world.

"Please," he said, smiling up at her. This brought a slight girlish giggle from this full grown woman as she slowly pulled her hand from the glass, allowing his fingers to caress hers as she did. She reached for the ice bucket; and, using the tongs inside, picked up two ice cubes. She held it over the glass and let them fall into it.

Brandy splashed over the side and landed on the priests hands. The girl let out a squeal of shock at what had just happened and looked frightened at what might happen now that she had made a mistake.

"Forgive her, Father, she is new here and we haven't taught her very well on how to serve drinks," Jason said, standing. His face showed no anger or hostility toward the girl. "We found her wandering the streets near here and are trying to get her to quit being afraid around men. I will go and get some napkins to clean up the mess. Brandy, make sure the Father is taken care of while I'm away." Jason closed the door behind him as he left the room.

Father Denkkar thought that it sounded reasonable for this woman to be here if Jason was trying to help her not to be afraid of men. Where else would she go to be surrounded by men and still be in control, since most of the men coming to this place were controlled by their desires of the flesh?

While lost in his thoughts, the girl, whose name must have been Brandy, according to Jason's comment, held the priest hand with one of her hands while she took the glass out of it with her other hand. After setting it down on the silver tray, she kneeled on the floor before the priest continued to hold his hand, looking up into his eyes. Her eyes were wide with wonder and a need of some sort, thought Father Denkkar.

"Please, Father, forgive me," she said, her eyes looking as if they were near tears. "I didn't mean to sin and spill your drink. It was a complete accident. Please forgive me, Father."

"You did no wrong, Brandy, and accidents happen. It will clean up, I assure you. It's just a small spill of alcohol." As he spoke, the father had reached with his open palm toward her chin to hold her by it. When he was about to grab her, he remembered he had brandy in the palm of his hand and decided not to smear the alcohol on her.

Brandy, still holding his hand with one of hers, leaned her head forward and began to lick the small pool of liquor out of it. Her tongue took long slow strokes from the bottom of his fingers toward his wrist. Father Denkkar was about to tell her to stop when she did it a second time and decided that this could be punishment enough for her mistake. She was apparently enjoying it, from the way she seemed to be licking harder against the palm of his hand.

On one of the laps of her tongue, she ended up pushing some of the brandy over the heel of his palm and it rolled down his wrist. Father Denkkar felt it flowing down his forearm and ignored it, enjoying the caressing of her tongue in the palm of his hand. After a couple more strokes of her tongue, she let her tongue glide along the trail of the liquor past his wrists and to the crook of his elbow.

Father Denkkar didn't notice that she had moved forward to get to this part of his arm, nor that she was pressing against the edge of the chair he was sitting in. He did feel her take his other hand in her hand and looked down at her. Between his legs was a beautiful woman, who was now taking his fingers and licking the liquor off each one individually.

Each stroke of her tongue along his fingers brought rude thoughts to his mind, and he tried to suppress them; but the came to him unbidden any way. Each time her tongue would wrap completely around the base of his finger and slide up to the tip, his mind would imagine her with a longer tongue and doing that to his prick.

When she reached the top of his finger, she would then take it into her mouth, all the way to the last knuckle and suck on it as her tongue licked all over it. Father Denkkar's mind was losing ground rapidly over this woman's ministrations of his fingers and he wasn't sure he really cared. He could feel the large bulge in his pants pressing hard against the cloth protecting it from the zipper.

One of the woman's hands left the priest wrist that was holding it up to her mouth and came to rest on his thigh. Her fingers dug into his leg as she moaned around his longer middle finger, which was poking into her throat. She was now pulling and pushing on the wrist, sliding the finger in and out of her mouth while her other hand seemed to claw its way up his pants leg toward his hard erection.

Father Denkkar had a quick coherent thought that if he didn't put a stop her movements, he would succumb to her seduction and lose his will to fight the rising tide of lust that was overtaking him. He reached down with his free hand and grabbed her wrist, pushing it way from his groin.

When his fingers wrapped around her wrist, she turned her arm over, grabbing the underside of his wrist tight and pulled it toward her chest. He felt his hand press against the softness of her breast thru the satin material of her bodice, as her hand released his wrist and slid along it toward her chest as well. When her fingers reached the bodice, it pulled the top down and allowed his hand to caress the heated flesh underneath.

When Father Denkkar felt the nipple press into the palm of his hand, he squeezed his fingers into her flesh and slid his palm along the hard pebble that was there. Her free hand had now returned to his groin, foregoing the slow movements to his crotch.

She had placed her hand on the upper thigh of his leg and shoved it quickly onto the priests bulge in his pants. She squeezed and glided up and down the bulge in time with the movements of her mouth on her finger. She moaned ever time his finger would hit the back of her throat and her caressing fingers would come to the base of his dick.

Father Denkkar began to press against her assaulting hand and moaned himself as well.

"Yes....yes.....I want you," he said with his pushes.

At the statement of wanting her, her hand quit it's gliding along his shaft and undid his pants as if she were a professional un-dresser of humans. He felt her fingers undo the button and then the zipper before sliding the top of his underwear down so she could get to his hard dick.

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