Succubus Ranch Ch. 01


At the touch of her bare hand on his naked flesh, Father Denkkar nearly exploded with pleasure; but she had put a death grip on the base of his prick, stemming the tide for a little longer. A little bit of pre-cum had leaked from the tip and ran down the underside toward her hand. Denkkar could feel it running down, but he never saw it. He had thrown his head back and groaned at the torture of her grip when she held back his orgasm. He was concentrating so hard at not coming now that he never noticed she had released his hand from her mouth and was leaning forward, to his waiting cock.

The priest did notice, however, when her tongue touched the base of his dick where her fingers were wrapped around it and slid up toward the head. His response was a deep groan of pleasure and arching his back. This movement slid his butt forward into the chair so that Brandy didn't have to lean so far forward for her next assault.

When her tongue reached the tip of his dick, lowered her open mouth over it, the heat of her breath causing Denkkar to shiver with pleasure. The touch of her lips on his head and the hot, humid temperature of her mouth assaulted his senses as she descended on him. He tried to buck into her, but her grip on the base of his dick kept him from moving as he felt he needed to.

"God, let me cum," he groaned, his head still leaned back. Both of his hands were now working on the back of Brandy's head, grabbing hair and pressing her hard onto his shaft. "Let me come, please."

She rose her head some, letting the suction of her mouth try to pull the cum past her grip on the base. Her fingers held firm, though, and nothing escaped, not even a drop. Her other hand had now slid between her tight gripping hand and the underwear, the fingers now caressing and tickling the priest's balls. Her torture was so exquisite that Denkkar didn't know which would be better, letting her hold back his orgasm for hours while pleasuring him this way, the orgasm itself if she let him go now.

After a couple of rise and falls of her head, the woman brought her head all the way up, pulling completely off the tortured cock. Denkkar felt the room's air cause it to shiver with her saliva coating him. The slight movement from the shiver nearly threw him over the edge of orgasm, if not for that damned hand holding him back.

"Do you want me, Father?" she asked in a breathy voice full of eroticism. "Would you like my cunt to milk your holy seed from you?"

"Yes," he barely moaned thru his gasping breaths. His head was still leaned back on the top of the chairs back; his eye tightly shut with the mixture of pain and pleasure of being so close to orgasm.

She snaked her tongue back out, licking the little piece of flesh on the underside of the head that connects it to the shaft.

"I didn't hear you, priest. Do you wish for me to take you into the beautiful sin of physical pleasures that I offer you?"

He found it hard to respond to her question, when he released a short gasp as her tongue teased his dick. Then her fingers teasing his balls pressed and rubbed his perineum, causing him to take a sharp breath in. When he let it out, he nearly yelled his response to her question.

"God, Yes! Fuck me! Please, in the name of God, please, fuck me!"

Brandy rose from her knees and stood before the priest, still leaning forward as her hand continued to hold the base of his cock. She whispered something to the head of his dick and let it go, but Denkkar didn't notice. He could still feel something wrapped around the base of his cock, squeezing it tightly, keeping him from release.

He felt the inside of her thighs caressing the outside of his and wondered for a short time how she was doing this and holding him at the same time, but the questions of who, what, where, how and why no longer mattered when he felt her hands touch his shoulders and her breast press into his chest.

"Kiss me," she whispered just before her lips pressed against his and her tongue slid past his last defenses. He willing opened his mouth to her invasion and welcomed her by putting his hands on her hips, pulling her down and forward toward his waiting shaft. When the head of his cock touched her outer lips, he felt the heat he had always denied himself his entire 42 years of life. He was about to lose his virginity, and he was in no place to put a stop to it.

She paused just above him, his dick not even past her nether lips, which seemed to kissing the very tip of it. Her tongue gave his on quick tease before pushing it out of her mouth. Then she broke the kiss.

"Open your eyes and tell me you still want me, Father Denkkar."

He opened his eyes and saw his eternal damnation surrounding him. The room had filled with hundreds of other women while his eyes were closed. They were a mixture of all types of women that there could possibly be. Then he noticed that there were women in the room that could not possibly exist, too.

Next to a tall statuesque woman for near Amazonian proportions was another woman covered from the tips of her pointed cat ears to her back paws with soft short fur. A tail was swishing behind her as she stared at the priest and the woman hovering above his near erection. One of her forepaws was pressed into the Amazonian's crotch, moving around while she fingered it.

Another woman with very dark skin seemed to be standing extremely close to another creature that had the shape of a woman, but seemed to be made completely of a fluid or gelatin. The goop of the other woman was dripping onto the dark woman's bare flesh, and Father Denkkar figured that she must be standing part way inside the woman to be that close. The young woman, Brandy, was standing with the rest of these demons, her own lustful gaze staring at him while her hands massaged a breast and fingered her dripping pussy.

"Look at me lover, and tell me you need me," said the succubus that was still waiting for the priest's permission.

He turned to face the demonic creature that was straddling him and saw it was the same woman that he met in the foyer earlier. Her cloak was now spread behind her, proving that they were bat-wings. Her body was perfection in the Father Denkkar's eyes and her eyes promised pleasures that he never dreamed or imagined existed. He looked down and saw that she had a slender, pointed tail that was now gripping his dick at the base, but the rest of the tail was caressing it, keeping him hard.

His soul began to scream for him to leave, but he could not feel the presence of any angels or God with him to help resist these creatures. His mind fought against his body's desire to be mounted by this demon of lust, but it was a losing battle. His mouth tried to form the word "no" while his eyes wandered back up her body, noticing every curve and edge of her beauty. Looking into her eyes again, he lost his will and the fight with his lust.

"Yes," he said, his voice clear of the pleading he had done earlier. "Yes, I want you, and I need you."

With that said, she sank fast and hard on his shaft. As soon as he was buried to the hilt, she pulled his head back to her mouth and sucked his tongue into her mouth. Her kiss was beyond desire, but more of need. Once he was fully inside her, she did not rise or grind on him any further. He felt her tail release the base and her pussy's lips gripped harder than her fingers or tail had done yet.

The rest of her inner walls milked his cock in an up and down motion, as if she were rising and lowering on him. He felt her legs reach around behind the back of the chair and lock him between it and her body. His eyes still partially opened, he saw the room growing darker as her wings began to wrap around him and the chair.

His hands did not remain idle. They reached around her hips, sliding up her back, caressing the connection of her wings and back, grabbed her shoulders and pulled her harder onto his lap. When he tried to pull her up, he felt her tail quickly wrap his wrists together, locking his arms behind her back. She now held him in her grasp, wrapped around him and keeping him inside her. That was when she released the base of his cock. Denkkar tried to scream his pleasure and pain of the explosion of lights and sounds and everything that was going on inside his body. Her lips on his, though, sucked that scream from him and returned it with her moans of pleasure with her hot breath.


Father Denkkar returned to the abbey late and explained that he had a flat tire while returning from visiting a family out in the desert. He slept the night in his car, since no one had stopped to help him. The diocese understood and was glad that he had returned back to the fold safe and sound. The subject of Succubus Ranch was never brought up again by Father Denkkar; and anytime someone did bring it up, he would just tell them to take the initiative and go talk to the owner.

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