tagNonHumanSuccubus Ranch Ch. 03

Succubus Ranch Ch. 03


Brian Yip was just enjoying his drive through the Nevada desert on his cross country trip. He had left his home town in the North-Eastern states and was going to work in Northern California for a computer firm. He had received an offer that he couldn't refuse from this high tech company.

As long as he was willing to move there, they would set him up in an apartment, company car, and a triple digit annual salary. He had already received a small bonus just for taking the job. Now all he had to do was get there.

Brian had decided to drive across the country and see the sights along the way. He knew that when he started working next month, he would be very busy for the next several years and not get to travel that much.

The sun was low on the horizon ahead of him and there was no other traffic on this stretch of highway he was traveling. He had left the interstate because he wanted to see more of the sights and just a passing blur. This highway would take him straight into Reno before it was too late in the evening, and he should be able to do some gambling before staying another hotel.

Thinking through his mind about what games he would try his hand at, Brian caught movement along the road ahead of him. Concentrating more closely on the road, he noticed from the long distance it looked like someone walking, but it was still to far off to be sure.

The sun seemed to sink faster into the West as he neared the figure, and as it grew darker, it became harder to make out just exactly what he was seeing. When he thought he was close enough to see the person, Brian saw that it was some kind of animal instead. When he was just a few short feet from it, the animal darted into the road; its black fur was a blurred shadow before his headlights.

Brian slammed on his brakes, skidding to a stop on the pavement. Looking in his rearview mirror, he saw the animal in the middle of the lane, just lying there. The shape looked a lot like a large cat in the glow of his red tail lights.

Pulling to the side of the road, he came to a stop on the rough surface and looked to see if any traffic was coming from either direction. The pitch black night was the only thing that greeted his eyes where the lights of his car didn't push it away. Brian reached into his glove compartment and pulled out a flashlight and turned it on to make sure it worked; then he opened the door and climbed out.

Letting the flashlight guide him, Brian walked along the edge of the white line, off the main surface. He kept moving his light over the driving lane to find the animal, but he couldn't find it anywhere. After several minutes, he started looking for blood stains to see if he might have hit the animal and hoped that he could follow that to wherever it had dragged itself to; but there was nothing.

"I must have missed it," he blurted out loud to no one. But what was that thing, he thought to himself as he headed back to his car. While walking back the way he came, he noticed that his driver side door was still open and he cursed himself for leaving it that way. "It would be my luck for a big rig to come by and rip it off the hinges."

Reaching the car, he sank into the driver seat and leaned his head back on the headrest. He rubbed his eyes with his fingers, the flashlight sitting in his lap. Letting out a sigh to relax the tension he didn't know he was feeling, Brian relaxed more in his seat.


Brian jumped and sucked in his breath. His hands flew to the flashlight to use as a weapon until his mind returned to normal and remembered the sound came from a cat.


Brian looked toward the sound, coming from his passenger seat. Sitting on its back legs, with its tail curled around all four feet, sat a pitch black short-haired cat. The animal looked well cared for, and its fur shined from the dome light of the car.

"Are you what I almost hit?" he asked the animal. The cat responded by leaping from the passenger seat and landing in his lap. Once there, it put its front paws on the top Brian's stomach and moved closer to his head.

He noticed that the animal didn't smell of the outdoors, but seemed to have the scent of a perfume. The light caught the edge of something underneath its head and Brian reached out to see what it was. He felt cold metal in his hands along with the softest fur he could ever remember feeling on an animal. His other hand began to stroke the cat's back, eliciting a purr to come from the beautiful sleek body that it had.

The metal was a small locket hanging from around the cat's neck. As Brian's hand continued to pet the animal without him even thinking about it, he opened the locket with the fingers of his other hand. On the inside, he could see a small mirror on one side and an inscription on the other side.

Name: Kitty

Home: Succubus Ranch

Owner: see other side

Brian looked at the other side and was surprised that the mirror was concaved enough to reflect his entire face in the small space. He closed the locket and turned it over, reading another small inscription there.

Please take me home.

Brian let the locket drop and began to stroke the cat with both hands. He could feel the vibrations of its happiness rumbled though the cat's body. Where it's paws touched his chest, Brian could feel the vibration passing though his shirt and slightly rumbling his own insides. The cat's front legs moved higher up on his chest and the animal lay its body on him.

The full body vibrating on his chest sent shivers through Brian at the thought of being engulfed in this sensation. It was then that he noticed that the cat's back paws were standing on top of his groin and the vibrations were turning him on.

"As much as I would like to just lie here with you resting on my chest, I need to get back on the road. I hope this ranch you came from is up the road. If not, I'll see if I can find a number for them at the hotel that I plan on stopping at next."

He lifted the cat off himself and gently placed it on the passenger seat again. Closing the door and putting it into gear again, Brian felt the cat climb into his lap again. Looking down, he watched it curl up on his lap and close its eyes. Its motor was almost as loud as the engine under the hood of his car. Brian pulled out on the road and picked back up to speed.

As he drove, he kept an eye out for a driveway or any other sign of civilization that the cat could have come from, but didn't see anything for at least 10 minutes. Then he saw a neon sign appear off in the distance. He felt the road weariness pulling on his body and figured he would stop at this upcoming hotel for the night. There, he would use the phone to call the ranch and let them know he had their cat, Kitty.

Just when the sign had appeared in the distance, Kitty woke up from her cat nap and stretched. Her nails dug just slightly into Brian's jeans and only gently touched his bare skin underneath before she retracted them. She climbed off of his lap and into the passenger seat again, then leapt onto the back of the seat. Walking as cats do, she stepped over the gap and onto the back of Brian's seat.

As he got closer, he saw that it wasn't a hotel. The first thing that he told him it wasn't a hotel was the female figure outlined in red neon. Coming of the back of the figure showing was a black neon outline of large bat-wings. That was when Kitty slipped off the back of the seat and rested on his shoulders. Her soft fur on the back of his neck was comforting, and the gentle rumbles of her internal motor soothed him.

The scent of the perfume that he noticed earlier now surrounded his senses as Brian was just deciding to pass up this den of debauchery. Then he read the name of it in the neon lights that were showing up.

Succubus Ranch

Brian slowed down and blinked his eyes to make sure his sleepy eyes were reading the sign right. The distraction of Kitty sniffing at his ear and then bathing the spot just behind his ear didn't help him concentrate on the sign. But he saw it plain and clear, this was Succubus Ranch, the place where Kitty's owners were.

The raspy tongue on the back of his ear became a slight nibble with the sharp teeth, then Kitty meowed in his ear.

"No wonder you smell of perfume," Brian said. "Well, I don't think I'd mind taking a reward that I might get here for returning you," he joked, the perfume making him think of a beautiful woman in his arms.

He pulled into the parking lot and was surprised at the large number of cars that filled it. Apparently they were either throwing a party; but with the many out of state license plates, it's more likely they were entertaining a convention. Finding a spot to put his car, he parked it and Kitty jumped from his neck and back onto his lap. Turning off the engine and opening the door, Brian looked down into Kitty's eyes for the first time.

The golden orbs with the vertical slits stared back at him, pulling him into what felt like a hypnotic trance. "Meroow," came from the cat and Brian came around, noticing that he was very close to the cat's face. He sat back and undid his seat belt. Pulling the vibrating pussy into the crook of his arm, he opened the door and climbed out.

He looked at the building at the end of the parking lot and was surprised to see it sitting out in the middle of the desert. What stood before him was a perfect replication of a Southern plantation you would expect to see in the deep south of Georgia or Alabama, maybe even in Mississippi or Tennessee.

The large columns rose from the raised porch all the way to the roof on top of the second story. A balcony came out of a set of doors on the second floor and Brian thought he could make out a figure standing there, but he wasn't for certain that it wasn't a trick of the shadows.

As he walked toward the mansion, one of the double doors opened up and Brian saw several people coming out and into the darkness. Standing in at the door, holding it opened, he could see a tall man in good physical shape and a cleanly shaved bald head looking at him. The man stood there, looking directly at Brian as he walked past the leaving patrons and ascended the stairs.

When he reached the top, the bald man looked Brian in the eyes with a wry grin on his lips, bearing some of the whitest teeth he had ever seen. Then the man's eyes wandered down to the cat in Brian's arms.

"Well, Kitty, it looks like you've brought someone home to play with," the man said, stepping out of the way. "Come in, stranger. Anyone that can make Kitty purr like that is a friend of this house."

Brian took a couple of steps toward the door, noticing a great weight seemed to chained to his back. His feet dragged along the boards of the porch and he couldn't tell why he felt a slight twinge of dread as he neared the doors. Just as he was about to give up his forward movement, Kitty leapt from his arms and landed on just the other side of the door frame. Brian tried to grab her in mid-air and lost his balance.

Falling forward, his feet scrambled to keep up with him and entered the mansion. The man at the door put his hand up and caught Brian in the chest with it. Heat went through his shirt and into his chest where the hand caught his awkward fall and then it disappeared after Brian steadied himself and the man removed his hand.

"Can't have the man that rescues our sweet Kitty from an accident get hurt himself, can we?" the man asked. "Hi, I'm Jason, and who might I thank for bringing back our wayward little girl?"

"The name's Brian Yip," he responded, reaching for Jason's hand in greeting. The grip was strong and powerful in Brian's hand, but the heat wasn't as strong as it had been before. "I almost ran over her when I was driving along several miles down the road. I'm glad that I didn't. She's a very sweet cat."

"That she is," mused Jason, looking down at animal that was staring up at the both of them. When her eyes closed with each blink, Brian thought she looked like she was the happiest animal in the world, and couldn't blame her considering where her home was.

The foyer was large with stairs leading up to the second floor. Off to each side were a couple of doors. In one room, Brian could see a large dining room table fit for a king's feast, if dinner was ever served there. In the other room, he could see that it was a type of sitting room. From around the walls, he could barely make out the laughing of men and soft giggles of ladies.

"Well, I've brought you your cat back and I guess I should be getting back on the road," he said, about to turn around and walk out the door.

Jason quickly pushed the door closed and looked at Brian. "You can't go just yet. We always reward anyone that helps us out. I'm sure that Kitty would be upset if you left so soon without getting your reward."

A touch on his near the ankle brought Brian's attention by the cat. Her front paw was touching his pants leg, her claw dug into it, and her eyes did seem to plead with him not to leave.

"See, she wants you to stay for awhile," a delicious voice said from the stairs. Brian quickly turned to look up and saw a woman of such beauty in her face that he could barely think it possible. He could only see her face and long ebony hair hanging behind her. A strange type of cape was draped around her neck and hung down to the floor. With each step, her legs would appear between the break in the cape and their smooth skin seemed to demand a man's hand to rub them and worship them.

When she reached the bottom of the stairs, Brian saw that the cape didn't just hang down like any other cape. It seemed to cling to her body, showing off her womanly curves. This sight that would arouse any man sidled up next to Jason and stood next to him. Jason's arm came to rest on the shoulders of the woman and Brian tried to turn his lusting gaze away from her eyes.

The blackness of them held him though, and he couldn't seem to take his eyes off of hers. He felt he was being hypnotized again just when he felt the pain of a claw dig into his skin of his shin.

"Oww," he said, looking down at Kitty again. Looking back up, but avoiding the eyes of the woman, "I guess she's jealous."

"Cat's tend to be that way," said the woman. "I'm sorry. Where are my manners? I'm the Lady of the Manor. Everyone just calls me Lady." Her hand came out of the cape just a short distance, spreading it enough for Brian to see bare skin of her upper stomach and underside of one breast.

He reached out and held her hand, not sure if he should shake it or kiss it, so he just held it in his for a moment. As he was touching her skin, he felt his lust explode and thoughts of deepest desires seemed to flash though his mind faster than he could catch them. Only a few things did he see and feel in that quick instance before she let go of his hand and it somewhat bothered him because of it.

The last few flashes in his mind were of Kitty, lying on his chest in the car earlier, her vibrations causing his erection, the last was of Kitty on sitting on his neck, her tongue scraping his earlobe just before she nibbled on it. The whole time, he could spell the perfume that she wore, surrounding him, along with the musk of an aroused woman, as an underlying scent.

When the visions were gone, Brian shook his head to clear the lustful thoughts out and put his hands on his head.

"Oh, you poor dear," said Lady. "I think the best way we can reward you is to give you a place to sleep tonight. You like you're ready to pass out. I bet you've been driving all day long. Salem, would you be a dear and show Kitty's savior to her room so he may relax for the night."

This last bit Lady said to someone that was behind Brian. He looked over his shoulder and saw a woman of great beauty, but not quite equal to the woman that was talking a moment earlier. Salem, as her name must be, came down the stairs, looking at Brian with a slightly hungry look in her eyes.

When she reached the ground floor, he was able to get a better look at her womanly body; and Brian felt his mouth begin to water with hunger. Salem had sandy-blonde hair and very pale blue eyes. Her outfit was a short red latex skirt that ended just below where her legs must come together and a slit up both sides showing off the sides of her thighs. Above the skirt was a flat bare stomach that just looked ready for someone to plant kisses all over.

Her midriff came to an end at the bottom of a very tight shiny shirt. It hugged her skin as if it was made of lycra, but Brian guessed it would feel more like silk instead. Her bare breast underneath were showing the points of her nipples. Brian thought it felt warm in the house, so he knew it wasn't the temperature that caused them to point like that.

His eyes glided up the swells of her breasts and along the very slender neck that was surrounded by her hair. When he reached her face, he saw that her lips were full, pouting and slightly parted as if waiting for a kiss. Her nose was small and slender, very feminine as was her body, then her eyes caught his again. They seemed to shine with their own magic and could catch any man's fancy and would grant him any desire that he wished...for a price.

Then, she spoke for the first time.

"Oh, Kitty, you found him. Good girl. Now that your guest is here, we can continue what we started earlier this evening." The voice was beautiful to listen to and seemed to be a music to Brian's ears. He didn't pay much attention to what she had said until a second after she was through talking.

"Found me? Earlier this evening?" he asked, looking over his shoulder. Jason stood there alone, the Lady was no longer there.

"We had a guest here earlier this evening that Salem and Kitty were playing with when they weren't supposed to," Jason said with a shrug. "I guess they expected someone to come along and finish their game with them."

While looking at Jason, Salem's hand had taken Brian's hand in hers and began to pull him toward the stairs. Looking in the direction he was being pulled, Brian saw Kitty run up the stairs taking them two at a time. He was about to resist going up until he saw the nice view of Salem's bare ass under the skirt going up the stairs.

He followed willingly then and watched as the door at the very top of the stairs open on its own when Kitty reached it. The cat seemed a lot larger just before it ran inside the dark room and the door shut behind it. His mind wandered back to the hot woman that was pulling him toward that same door. As they neared it, Salem stopped outside the door and pulled Brian to her. Her hand guided his hand around her waist before she put both of hers around his head and pulled him into a passionate kiss.

"Thank you for bringing Kitty back. I'm sure that she will want to show you her pleasure of being back with us and I think I can help her, if you wish it."

"I can't think of anyone else I'd like to have around right now," Brian said aloud, his mouth lying as he thought about Lady. Then his mind wandered back to the flashes of Kitty licking and nibbling his ear earlier.

"Don't worry, Kitty will thank you properly, as will I; but first I must warn you," said Salem, planting sweet kisses on the edges of his lips. "This room won't look like a regular room. It's made the way it is so Kitty can have more fun playing. This is her room."

Brian reached for the door knob and turned it. "Then I would like to see where Kitty lives, if you will show it to me, too." He pushed the door open and Salem walked inside, guiding him by the hand into the dark.

Just as his mind registered what he was seeing, he heard the door close. Spinning around, he saw Salem standing in front of one of the many trees in the forest he had somehow walked into. He looked down at his feet and noticed that he was ankle deep in a thick layer of leaves. Looking around himself, he could see that he stood in a small clearing, surrounded by what looked like an ancient forest.

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