tagNonHumanSuccubus Ranch Ch. 05

Succubus Ranch Ch. 05


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Steve and Sue had been meeting like this for several years now. It all began over eight years ago when they both showed up for the first time at a fetish convention. So many decadent tastes out there in how to enjoy pleasure, even mixed with pleasure, but it turned out that both of them had a specific taste in the world of fetish.

They both loved latex. They loved it so much that they both owned adult stores that sold mostly latex items. Sue, who lived on the eastern seaboard of the Untied States, had at least three separate stores in New York City. Steve, however, lived along the west coast. He had two stores one in Los Angeles and one in San Francisco.

When they first met, both were wearing full body cat suits, including hoods, and could only see each other's forms, but not the others face. Some would have told them that it was love at first sight, but Steve and Sue refused to deny the truth. Love had nothing to do with it. It was all lust.

Each year after that, Steve and Sue kept in touch and made sure to find a way to meet at some convention or another to enjoy playing with each other and exploring their love for the smooth material they enjoyed so much. This time, it was in Reno, Nevada.

Steve and Sue were sharing a hotel room together on this trip, due to funds being tight at the moment. As soon as they were alone in their room, both quickly stripped to show off their latex underclothes. Sue's small frame was bare, except for a latex bra and thong. Steve wore a smile and latex briefs with a sheath for his cock.

After just a moment of looking at each other, both attempted to attack the other in a torrid embrace, mouth hungrily searching out the others, tongues warring for dominance over both mouths. The kiss, and sex after that, lasted nearly two hours. While lying side by side on their backs, Steve broke the bad news to Sue.

"I won't be able to see you again after this," he said to the ceiling.

"I know," she responded. "But how did you find out?"

Rolling onto his side, Steve looked at her with a questioning look on his face.

"What do you mean how did I find out?"

"How did you find out that I went out of business?"

Steve's eyes grew large and rolled Sue on her side so she could look back at him.

"You lost your business? What happened?"

Sue lay looking at him, tears quickly rolling down her cheeks.

"Business went down hill when the recent mayor passed his 'morality' laws. I had two of my shops closed down for one reason or another regarding the new laws. My other business was then harassed by the city for everything for improper permits to fire codes. Because I had some novelty suckers in my store, I got hit with an injunction to shut down because I didn't have the proper permit to serve food at my business."

Steve reached over to Sue and wiped a tear off her cheek and leaned in and kissed her forehead.

"And here I thought I had troubles," he said. "I had said I wouldn't be able to see you again after this because my store in LA was burned down during the recent riots. The one in San Francisco isn't doing very good and I'm already three payments past due on the loan I've got to try and keep it open."

Sue looked at Steve and started to cry in earnest, moving herself into his personal space, holding onto him as she cried her frustration at her loss and his. She felt his chest shake and figured he was crying as well. It was now, after all these times of meeting that they figured out that it was no longer lust that brought them together. Now it was love, not just for latex, but for each other.

After lying there for a moment longer, Sue had an idea that may solve both their problems.

"Let's get married, and I'll move in with you on the west coast. All the money I've got you can use to keep your business open in San Francisco."

Steve's wet eyes flew open in a shot and his arms let go of Sue's body. He quickly rolled off the bed and sat in a chair, looking at Sue as if she had just told him that monkeys from Mars were coming to rape all the men and eat all the women on Earth.

"Are you serious?"

"Yes! It's brilliant. I have several thousand dollars in the bank; but, without a business to bring in more money, that money won't last long. You've still got a business open, but need the money I have to keep it open."

Steve stared at Sue before deciding if he really wanted to let her in on the full story about his loan. He could see in her eyes that she was not only serious about this idea, but it was set in her mind to do it. From all the times they had been together, he knew that once she had that look, it was either give in and do what she wants; or have a long sensible argument with her, giving all the finer points as to why they couldn't or shouldn't do it, and then doing it anyways.

"Okay, but you should know something about my loan first," he sighed, hanging his head so he wouldn't have to look at her as he told her the truth. "I have until the end of this month, three weeks from this very day, to get the shark his money. If I don't get him the money on time, the San Fran store will be just like the LA store. A burned out husk, only this time, there will be a body found inside it. Mine."

Steve looked up to see Sue staring at him. This time, it was her turn to stare at him, as if he had told her about the Martian monkeys. She already had a cigar in her mouth and was about to light it with the wooden match in her hand. If she still wanted to marry him, those cigars were going to be as big a debate as was the mafia's loan shark.

"Steve, you're kidding, right? You didn't go to the mob for money, did you?"

He looked back down at the floor and nodded his head. Sue shook her head and struck the match, letting the fire burn up the sulfur before lighting the end of her cigar. Taking several puffs to make sure it was lit, she saw Steve's head rise and his look of disgust at her smoking habit. She knew that this would be a touchy subject when they got married.

"Okay, how much do you owe them?" she asked, pursing her lips and blowing out the flame, making a show of it for Steve, licking her lips afterward. The little twitch of his flaccid cock let her know that it worked.

"Ten thousand," he told her, running his hands through the thick hair on his head. "I needed five thousand six months ago, after the fire in LA, and they were the only ones that would loan it to me, with payback in full, plus one hundred percent interest."


Steve looked at her with a bit of shock. "Done?"

"Done, but on a few conditions."

"Just as long as it doesn't involve breaking my legs, I'm game," he said, chuckling at the relief that he would be able to get the mafia off his back.

"When I said several thousand, I meant I have just over twenty-two thousand dollars in the bank. I'll take care of your loan, pay for the drive to Vegas and back and the wedding; but you must agree to at least one thing."

Steve watched her as she took a long breath off her cigar and slowly let the smoke escape delicious lips. As much as he thought the habit was gross, Sue did have a way of making it look sexy for him. Then he suddenly figured out what that one thing was.

"Oh, I get it. You're going to pay me to let you smoke, aren't you?"

"It's not payment, honey. I'm just being the loving wife that's going to help her husband out in a very tight spot; but I do want some leeway for my habit."

Sue looked at him with the look that she knew he could resist. A touch of control to her eyes, some caring mixed in with it, plus that half-closed eyes look with her slight smile on her lips was all it took to get him to agree to almost anything. She could tell that this time was no different.

"Okay, you win, but why Vegas? Reno has a couple of all-night chapels."

"I have to go turn down a job offer I was going to accept, until now."


Steve drove the small economy car that Sue had rented for them to use on the drive to Vegas, following her directions into the desert. Many miles out of the city and several turns later, he began to wonder what kind of job she was about to take that was so far out in the middle of nowhere, when he saw the large sign on a pole in front of what looked like a southern plantation straight out of a Civil War movie.



"This is the place," Sue said, her voice reserved.

Steve slowed down and looked over at Sue. "You were going to work for a cat house?"

"I wasn't sure if I would be working for them or not, really. I met the lady that owns the place in a latex chat room and I just opened up to her about my troubles and she promised to help me out and surround me with latex while she did it."

"But you wouldn't be wearing the latex for long in a business like this," Steve said as he turned on the turn signal. As he made the turn into the parking lot, he noticed that there were just a few cars in the lot. "Besides, it must not be a very good business if there are only a few customers here in the early hours of a Saturday night."

Sue looked at Steve as he parked the car, her face not showing any emotion as she spoke to him.

"Steve, I had no way of knowing what I was going to do when I lost my stores. I only know how to run a store, and the only thing I ever cared about selling in them were latex items and adult toys. I figured that if I could enjoy latex and get a good lay out of it every now and then, great. The idea of getting paid for it just meant that I wouldn't have to worry about money anymore either."

"Yeah, but it's a whorehouse."

"I know, but you know how insatiable I am when it comes to sex. Hell, that's what I like about you. You're as hungry for sex as I am when we're together."

Looking at the two story building outside the car, Steve couldn't help but feel his prick growing at the thought of sex with Sue again.

"That's true. Okay. I guess since you're not going to go through with it, then I won't dwell on it; but please, make it quick. I don't want to be sitting out here in case any of the rougher customers decide to make an appearance."

Sue's look softened and her hand reached over to Steve's thigh, giving a light squeeze. She leaned over and gave his neck a kiss, her tongue teasing it a bit as did so. Her lips moved to his ear, kissing along the way, her hand on his thigh sliding to his growing erection.

"Come inside with me," she whispered into his ear. "I want you to meet Maradith, too. I told her about you and she seemed interested in meeting you." Her hand had reached his hard-on and gave it a squeeze as she added one last enticement as he moaned with lust. "Just think, while I talk to her and the other co-owner, you can stare at all the other women that work there. Maybe even get teased by them until I'm through."

Steve quickly turned the engine off and almost ripped the ignition out of the car when he yanked the key clear of the slot.

"Okay," was all he could muster through his heavy breathing before climbing out of the car. Standing beside the closed door, he adjusted his erection while looking at the house, seeing someone on the top balcony quickly walking into the French doors at the top. He could have sworn that it looked like a woman from the long hair, and the shape of the legs he could see through the banisters; but he shook his head to try and clear the image of pair of black latex wings that the woman had been wearing.

"Come on, lover boy," Sue teased, now standing beside him.

She wrapped a hand around his arm and pulled him toward the house. As they climbed the stairs to the long porch, Steve wondered who had come up with the idea of a southern-style mansion for this place of business, let alone putting it out in the middle of the desert. As this thought crossed his mind, the door opened just as they reached it.

"Welcome to Succubus Ranch," the bald average looking man said to them. His black tight shirt, black jeans and shoes showed off the man's well fit physique. Sue noticed too that it showed off a quite a bulge in the groin too. Steve, however, noticed other things instead. This was no butler or formal greeter at a place of business. This man was more like an owner that's proud of his business.

They both walked into the building just as two men neared the door, one woman on the arm of each man. Both women looked different than the other, but Steve thought they were still beautiful in their own way. If they had been wearing latex rather than the silk one was wearing and the leather that the other had on, Steve would have just about been any price to be with either one of them for an hour.

Both women leaned into the men and kissed them deeply and passionately before letting them go. As the men walked by and stepped out, the man holding the door open called out to them.

"Ya'll come back when ever you want, gentlemen. You've still got a few more fantasies you haven't had fulfilled yet."

Sue had moved out of the way to let the men pass, finding herself next to the doorman. Standing this close to him, she found it hard to resist the urge to reach over and touch him. Something about the bald man just exuded sex. She saw Steve staring at the women, but couldn't bring herself to be upset about it. They were beautiful, more so than she was, and her mind wondered, like Steve, what they would look like in latex.

When she saw the women kiss the men goodbye, Sue felt herself get wet at the passion that was shared by the two couples. Her body suddenly needed pleasure, and she wanted it now. Maybe when she spoke with Maradith, she could get them to let Steve and her have a room for an hour.

"Sue? Is that you? I thought you weren't coming until next week."

The woman's voice caused both Steve and Sue to snap their head down the hallway and to look at what both of them thought was the most beautiful woman that ever existed. The voice had sounded like a mixture of all sounds that were beautiful and erotic at the same time, causing Steve's erection to go from almost hard to painfully hard. Sue felt her clit suddenly grow so aroused that it was pressing into the latex panties she wore, giving her a tiny orgasm.

"Ma...Maradith?" Sue questioned while trying to catch her breath again.

"Of course it's me, beautiful. Jason, this is Sue, the latex lover I told you about...the one that was talking about coming to join us." Maradith turned her eyes to Steve and looked him up and down like a piece of meat; and then back at Sue, her eyes boring into Sue's. "But I think she's changed her mind, would be my guess. I'd say this young man has caught your fancy and is going to be your knight in shinning armor?"

Maradith's words were not mean or cruel. She sounded genuinely pleased and happy for Sue. The man had closed the door and walked over to stand by Maradith. Upon his introduction, he reached his hand out to Sue and Steve.

"Hi, Sue. It's good to meet you," he told her. Steve didn't notice but Sue's body shivered as she shook Jason's hand. She didn't want her fiancé to know that she had just had another small orgasm at just touching the hand of this exceptionally handsome man before her.

"Nice to meet you, knight," Jason said with a laugh, holding his hand for Steve to take. When they connected, Steve felt power in the grasp, not like he had dealt with in grade school, when kids would try to crush his hand during a handshake. It was more like a jolt of energy rush into him. This energy seemed to focus on Steve's libido, and he felt he could go for hours with any woman and still remain hard and ready for more.

"Steve, actually," he told Jason and Maradith.

"Steve it is then," Jason said, letting go of Steve's hand.

"Mmm...Steve," Maradith moaned, stepping closer to the couple. "I like that. It's a good masculine name."

As she neared, Steve and Sue both felt their lust rise. Sue knew that her latex panties were covered with her juices, but wondered if any of it was leaking out and possibly causing a wet stain in her pants. Steve, on the other hand, had no fear of a wet stain in front of his pants. The latex shaft that was part of his latex bike shorts kept his erection fully covered, and collected the pre-cum that he was now leaking.

Maradith reached her arms out of the latex cape she was wearing in a gesture to give one of them a hug and Steve saw that she was wearing a latex catsuit underneath that looked more like it was painted on that pulled on. The body was then hidden when Maradith surrounded Sue with her arms and the latex cape. He felt his cock twitch at the thought of being so lucky as Sue was at the moment and he felt a little jealous.

Sue could only watch as the goddess before her stepped up and blessed her with an embrace. When she saw the latex body beneath the cape, she was instantly near orgasm, the smell of the latex and the presence of Maradith driving her more and more into desire. Once the arms were around her, the cape closed around them both, Sue slid her hands around the thin waist of her friend and leaned into the woman's body.

The press of Maradith's breast against her clothes was annoying to Sue. She suddenly didn't like the feel of her clothes anymore. The only thing that felt right was the latex panties she had on underneath. She whimpered as Maradith's hands slid down her back, trying to suppress another moan from another orgasm that was making its way through her body.

"I can make you feel so right," a voice whispered in Sue's mind. "Just give into the pleasure and all will be right."

Sue could tell it was Maradith's voice in her head, though she didn't know how it was possible, nor did she care at that moment. The small orgasms had only been a tiny relief for her, and she wanted...no, she needed a stronger one to feel better. Showing she was willing and wanted more, Sue tightened her arms around Maradith's waist and her hand slide to the woman's ass, giving it a hard squeeze with each hand.

"Jason, I think Sue and I need some quality 'girls only' time together," Maradith said. "Would you see to keeping Steve entertained while she and I get more acquainted?"

"Happy too," Jason said, a strange smile coming to his face. "Ladies, before you retire to your rooms, do you think you could keep Steve here company? I need to keep an eye and ear out for the door."

Steve then noticed that the two women that had walked the other two men to the door had actually been standing there the whole time and never left. In Maradith's presence, he never noticed them until now. Both women had come up to each side of Steve and took a hand each into theirs.

As much as he had wanted to see them dressed like it earlier, he couldn't shake the thought out of his head that they were dressed differently than they were now. The blonde was dressed in a full body latex outfit, including foot coverings that had individual openings for each of her toes, along with openings for the groin and breast. The brunette was also wearing latex, a red corset that barely covered her breast, black panties, black garters and red stockings, plus black arm length opera gloves. All of it was latex.

"We'd love to keep him entertained, sir," said the brunette, as she held Steve's hand in one of hers and put one of her fingers into her mouth and sucked on it. The blonde had taken Steve's hand and pulled it around her waist and sidled up to his side. "We will keep him quite entertained," the blonde said, never turning her head as she moaned the words into Steve's ear.

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