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Succubus Ranch Ch. 08


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Alex was the best of all the journalists on the magazine's staff; except he wasn't really on the staff. He enjoyed being a freelance journalist and selling his stories to the highest bidder. This was ideal for him because he never had specific deadlines, except for making his necessary monthly bills for one thing or another; and that usually only required one of his stories to be published.

Ales had decided to do a story on the underbelly of the sex business. He had already brought down the heads of a few porno magazines by bringing to light their business practices with minors. He had helped local police in several major cities to crack down on the street prostitution and their pimps by getting some of the girls to actually come forward and report the crimes they were being forced to commit by their pimps.

Now, he had set his sites on the legalized brothels of the Nevada deserts. He had visited two of them so far and made it all the way into the back rooms and interviewed the women. He found it hard to believe what he was hearing and seeing. The rooms were cleaned constantly, including new sheets on the bed after every customer left the room. The girls produced fro him cards that showed their STD status with the recent date of inspection by a certified doctor.

Doing background checks, he found out the two businesses he had visited were far more legit than the typical Mexican food vendor or Chinese buffet was. While doing one of these background checks, Alex had come across the name of the most recent brothel to open up.

He began to research the background of the Succubus Ranch and found that all the forms were filled out in proper order, as well; but his journalistic senses told him that something just wasn't on the up and up with this business. The further he dug into the papers for the business, the more shocked he became. The other brothels had had a few errors here and there in their papers. Some even had a complaint or two from angry customers about contracting an STD after a visit to the brothels.

Succubus Ranch had none of that. Their papers were too neat and perfectly in order. They seemed cleaner than the best operating room. Alex began to distrust it completely. He looked and was unable to find a list of clients, as was typical for all the brothels; but there was always something in the papers about some high official visiting one of these places and getting busted for it. As he was coming to expect, there was never a bad article that contained the brothel's name in it.

The most recent article for Succubus Ranch told of a concert with a small time band playing. Looking at the picture of the all girl band, Alex decided that his next story would be on the quick rise to stardom for D'Vnt Sound. It seemed like they had exploded right after this concert at the small brothel in the middle of nowhere. That would mean that someone high up in the record industry had been at the brothel during the free concert.

Tearing his eyes away from the picture of the four hot and sexy band members, Alex began his background research on the co-owners of the ranch. Jason Maurice and Maradith, no last name, proved to be a much more interesting read than what he had been expecting.

Maradith's name was completely non-existent until the opening of Succubus Ranch. It was as if she had sprung up from the hard packed dirt of the desert to stand beside Jason and become his business partner. He had checked all the city, state, national, and even international sources to find who this Maradith was. She proved to be absolutely nobody. She didn't even exist.

Jason Maurice, however, was a completely different story. The only son of Mikail Maurice, graduated with high scores in high school and much better than average college scores. Jason served as an intelligence officer in the Marine Corps and had risen quickly in the ranks to captain before leaving the service with an honorable discharge. His accommodations and medals were easy enough to find and it was a long list.

Jason had been living in the Midwest for a couple of years on the salary of a stay-at-home job. Then, it seems, trouble found Jason. His name was on a couple of police reports for missing people. It was a bit of a happy surprise to Alex to see that the two people missing was a pimp and his good friend or bodyguard. Then there was an incident where a serious fire had burned down a large club and Jason was the only survivor, buried under the many bodies and protected from the flames and heat.

With some passing of cash, Alex had received a copy of the medical reports, and once again, Jason was part of a missing person report. Apparently one of the nurses in the wing where Jason was staying disappeared at the same time that Jason had snuck out of the hospital. No report was filed on his non-payment because they had received a check for much more than the amount owed from an anonymous source on Jason's behalf.

Since that time, the investigations had been marked as solved but no resolution was filed with them. It was as if they had found the people, but the police had decided not to let anyone know where they were now. There was definitely something strange going on here.

Alex had tried to track Jason's father and get some answers; but that quickly became a dead end. Even Jason's father had disappeared off the planet. Mikail had left a forward address that listed him as living at WolfCastle in RavenBlack City; but there was no such place. Frustrated, Alex decided that he was just going to have to get the skinny on these two strange characters.

That was why Alex was now parked a good distance from Succubus Ranch, watching the cars come and go, customers, both men and women, enter and then exit several hours later with big smiles. He waited until it was nearly 3:30 in the morning, when there was on two cars in the parking lot for the southern plantation style mansion.

Alex climbed out of his car and began to walk toward the brothel. He was thankful for the night vision goggles he received from the military for not turning a situation he uncovered into a major disaster in the media. They handled the situation internally without the public knowing that several thousand service members' lives would have been at risk by a few high ranking officers.

He wore them now as he walked nearly a football field off the road. With the eerie green glow that was giving him sight, Alex could easily make out the building and everything else that was around him...except for the old man.

"Don't go in there, young man," said a raspy voice nearby.

Alex stopped and turned his head in all directions, seeing nothing but the flat expanse of the desert and a few plants that were no where close to him. When he started to move again, the voice spoke once more.

"You will not escape them, once they have you in their embrace," it said.

Alex did a quick 360 turn and didn't see anyone. He quickly pulled off the goggles and saw the old man no more than two feet on his right.

"How the hell are you able to do that?" Alex whispered, not wanting to be detected by anyone at the brothel. "And who the fuck are you?"

"Do not go into that house of ill repute, young man," the old man said aloud, his voice not too loud, but definitely not a whisper. "It is a trap for all those that enter."

"All the more for me to go in there, then," Alex whispered, taking a step toward the man. "I'm a reporter and I'm trying to get some dirt on this place. There's just something wrong here and I can't find it without actually going in there."

Alex gestured with his hand toward the building and looked at the old man in the darkness. As he looked, a quick question came to his mind.

"Are you...are you Mikail Maurice, the father of the man that runs this business?"

"I am not the man you think I am. I just am."

"Well, Am," Alex said with a huff, "I have a job to do and I'm running out of time to do it. Now if you will excuse me and leave me alone, I can get it done without being seen."

"He quickly put on the goggles again and looked over at where the man was standing and saw nothing there in the green glow the goggles gave off. Slipping them off to ask once again how the old man did that trick, Alex felt his heart start racing. The old man was gone. He quickly took another step where he knew that the man must have been standing and looked everywhere for him and didn't see anything but darkness. Looking down and around his feet, Alex didn't even see any impressions but from his own shoes.

"Fuck it," he whispered, sliding the goggles back on and making his way toward the building once more. This is no time to get the jitters, Alex told himself. He didn't get them when he covered the soldiers in Somalia, or the gangs in several urban cities. He surely wasn't going to get them now standing outside a house filled with tired and sleepy prostitutes.

Alex picked up his pace and covered the last hundred yards within a few minutes. He stood next to the building, looking around and finding that sneaking inside was going to be just a little harder than he thought. The first floor was raised off the ground and the second floor was definitely out of the question. He could see small windows around the foundation; but the rooms in them were either darker than the night outside, or the window panes had been painted black to keep people from peeking in.

Walking as quietly as possible around the back of the building, the reporter got his break. He saw a light from one of the small windows and took off the night vision goggles and put them in his small shoulder pouch. He snuck up to it and kneeled down to listen. To his surprise, the window was partially open and a woman was inside talking to someone. Her voice was one of the most beautiful voices he had ever heard.

"...you that you and the rest would do well after the concert, dear," said the voice. "The executives said you were a hit that was just waiting to be discovered. Now, go back to Cary and let me talk to Cynder again. Oh, and tell Michelle that Jason looks forward to her next visit too."

During the pause while the voice waited for Cynder to get onto the phone, Alex looked through the window and saw the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life standing in the middle of the room, holding a cell phone up to her ear. Alex felt himself growing hard at just the sight of this woman and didn't even care that this had never happened before. There was even a very arousing smell coming through the window, causing him to take deep breaths through his nose to get more of it into his system.

"Hello, Cynder," the woman said, her voice now dripping with sex. "Yes, lover. You will see me again soon. Jason and I have booked the rooms for all of you when you get back from your European tour. You and I will enjoy several nights, and days, of pleasure."

Alex's mind quickly pieced together several things from this portion of the conversation. One, this was the band D'Vnt Sound that the woman was talking to. Two, this woman was Maradith, the unknown co-owner of Succubus Ranch. Three, he could actually get a harder erection listening to Maradith talk than he had ever had in his entire life.

"I need to go, dear," Maradith cooed into the phone. "We have a surprise guest coming soon and I'm just making the finishing touches on his room. No, I can't tell you who he is, Cynder; but I think you will meet him when you visit. He is sure to still be around at that time. Oh, we have many guests that come and stay for a full day, week, month and even years. There's even a few that never leave."

Maradith giggled and Alex was surprised that even her soft laughter was extremely arousing.

"No, he's not coming here to stay; but he will make you even more famous after he is through spending the next month with Floratine. She doesn't like to let her guests go until she's sated and it usually takes about that long. I will make sure that he is released from her sweet embrace after you arrive so all of you can talk with him.

Alex leaned back and adjusted his erection through his pants, giving his dick room to straighten out in a much more comfortable direction.

"Okay, dear. You girls be safe and enjoy your time there in the mother country. Jason and I will see all of you in your dreams. Yes, every night, not just tonight."

Alex looked into the room and saw Maradith standing in the room again, looking around it. For the first time, he looked around and observed the room as well. He couldn't understand why, but the floor looked like it was a green shag carpet. The walls were painted to show a deep jungle, with the trees packed closely together. It looked like a night scene with what little he could see between the painted trunks. Even small yellowish eyes were painted here and there.

As he followed one large painted trunk down and saw the door standing open in the middle of it, Alex caught Maradith's movement toward the window, making him jump back and hold his breath. He didn't want to get caught peeping in and overhearing a personal conversation; but the thought of Maradith catching him and possibly beckoning him inside for punishment made his cock twitch with lust.

"He will be here soon, Floratine," Maradith's voice drifted through the window. "Just be patient; and remember, he may be your fist, but you can not keep him forever. You must let him go on with the rest of his life. I am sure he will return and request to be with you again and again. Eventually, he will give himself completely to you and you will be allowed to keep him in your embrace for all time, but not this time."

Alex's cock began to throb at the thoughts of being in Maradith's embrace. He had never known a woman that could affect him this way. Her perfume was rising through the window, a sweet succulent smell that enticed the senses. He wanted to taste it on his tongue. He caught himself moving to look into the window again, his hand reaching for it, to open it completely and slip inside and admit spying on Maradith so that she could hold him and forgive him for his crime.

"What if he doesn't like me?" asked a voice that sounded odd, but was just as enchanting as Maradith's. "What if the sight of me frightens him?"

With the pheromones you're putting out right now, he won't be able to resist," Maradith giggled. "After he enters your room, he won't be able to escape until you decide to let him go. Enjoy your first client, my dear Flora."

Alex remained perfectly still, his hand still inches from the small window and looking down into the room. He saw Maradith moving away from where she had been standing until she reached the doorway. She turned and gave a quick look around the room and gave it a nod of approval, looked once at the window, winked, and then turned around and walked out. When she closed the door, the lights immediately went out, leaving Alex staring at the same place with confusion on his face.

Did she just wink at me, he asked himself. Did she know I was here? Who was she talking to, since no one else left the room with her? Being the good investigative reporter, he had to find the answers to his questions. He opened the window as far as it would go and leaned in and looked around the dark room.

Though the light was out, it seemed there was some soft light source inside. He was looking down into a square room from about six feet above the floor. He didn't see anything inside that showed it as any type of room, just the painted walls to look like a wild jungle and shag green carpet to give the appearance of grass. There was no one in the room either. In short, it was just four flat walls with a mural on them.

Alex turned around and slid his legs inside first, figuring he could easily slip over the edge and hang by his fingers and drop the last four inches without any trouble. As he slipped in and hung over the edge, his shirt pulled up some and slid up to expose the bare skin beneath. As he slipped a little further in, he felt the cool stone wall against his stomach. When he was hanging on the edge by his folded arms, the window slammed shut mere inches from his face and things seemed to change with the loud clap of the windows closing.

The first thing he noticed was the irritation of the wall against his belly. It had gone from being cool and smooth to being slightly warm and rough. It even seemed to bend away from him a bit on each side. As his ears adjusted to the silence of the room, he began to hear sounds that are best described as nocturnal wildlife.

Feeling that the world was spinning a little, Alex lowered himself as far as his stretched arms would go and found himself hanging onto the side of a tree. He could smell the bark that was touching his nose. He looked up and saw his fingers were curled around a giant knothole in the side of the tree. He put his feet on the tree and pushed off as he let go and landed just a couple of inches on the soft ground from the large trunk.

Alex straightened up and followed the trunk of the tree with his eyes, seeing that the top of it was more than 40 feet. The knothole, that he knew had to be the window he just climbed through, was about six feet up the trunk. When he brought his eyes back down from the treetop, he looked at the tree itself. It looked far too real to be a simple part of the mural he had seen.

Alex walked up to it and placed his hand on the trunk and felt the rough bark and slight curvature. He slid his hand along it and was shocked when his arm went past where the wall should be. He pulled his arm back and stepped back from the tree, looking at the knothole again.

"If I was looking through there, then directly behind me is another tree that has the door in it," he whispered aloud. He did his best military about face and saw he was looking at another large tree trunk. He walked right up to it and almost laughed when he saw a broken stump of a limb right where the doorknob should be. He grabbed it with his hand and tried to turn the stump before cursing when the rough bark cut his palm.

"Shit," he exclaimed, holding his wrist and looking at his open palm. "What the fuck is going on? I'm not Alice and this is definitely not Wonderland; and I know I have never done LSD, so I'm not tripping."

"Oh dear," said the odd female voice he heard earlier. "You've hurt yourself. I didn't want you to get hurt."

"Who's there?" Alex looked all over the place but couldn't seem to tell where the voice was coming from.

"I'm Floratine, but you can call me Flora, if you want," said the voice. "Please don't be frightened. I won't hurt you. I just want to help you."

"Show yourself," Alex called out, looking everywhere, but not seeing anyone in the small clearing that he was standing in.

"Not until you calm down first," Flora said, her voice becoming softer. "Take slow deep breaths and calm yourself; because if you keep stressing, you'll make that wound bleed more. You need to relax."

"How can I relax when one second I'm sneaking into a room and the next, the room becomes a deep, dark, frightening jungle," Alex said, just at the same time that a wolf's howl echoed from the distance.

"Okay, let's see if I can help you to relax then," Flora said. She began to hum a medley that Alex had never heard before; and the sweet smell of the perfume he caught outside the window began to feel the air. He instinctively breathed in a little deeper to catch more of the arousing scent with his nose.

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