tagNonHumanSuccubus Ranch Ch. 10

Succubus Ranch Ch. 10


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Greg sat on the porch, staring at the two cars still remaining in the parking lot. The sun was slowly rising in the desert, burning off the chill of the night air. It sparkled off the grit in the parking lot, and the tear that was rolling off his cheek. He didn't know what to do at the moment; but he did know that he would never see his five friends again.

"Friends," he whispered. "Ha. Some friends they were."

Greg remembered meeting them several years ago when he started working as a garbage collector. The city was now five drivers short for their trucks, and if he was smart, they'd be six people short. Otherwise, he was in for a long time in jail cells and interrogation rooms with pissed off police officers.

"Wanna talk about it?" asked a man's voice from behind him. Greg turned around and saw the co-owner of the brothel standing in the open doorway. Just the sight of this bald, physically fit man standing there caused Greg to jump to his feet and fall down the stairs. The blood stain just below the rib cage was still present on the black shirt Jason was wearing.

"You do know that you can't leave without keys for one of the two cars you and your friends came in, right?" Jason asked the man lying on his back at the foot of the stairs. "There's only one way to get those keys, and that is to come back inside and get them."

"She'll kill me," Greg stammered, fighting with the urge to scream out that Jason should be dead.

"Like you guys tried to kill her?" Jason responded, pulling a cigarette out of thin air. It lit itself when he sucked on the opposite end of it. "Like Charlie tried to kill me, perhaps?"

"I didn't know they were that bad," Greg yelled, sitting up, but remaining on the ground. Jason sat down on the top step and smoked his cigarette. "They've never been that brutal before."

"Oh, they've done worse before," Jason answered, blowing out smoke. "You just never saw it."

"If I knew, I wouldn't have come here with them last night," Greg said. "I never wanted to be part of this."

"Well, you were, Greg, and now it is up to you to put it right," Jason replied.

"How do I do that?" Greg climbed to his feet, resigned to wanting to do right and not end like the other guys.

"Go inside, go to her room, apologize to her, and ask nicely for the keys to one of the cars," Jason answered. He flicked the remaining portion of his cigarette out toward the parking lot. Greg watched it fly into the air, disappear before it fell to the ground and looked back to where Jason had been sitting. The man was gone without a sound.

"Shit," he exclaimed, and slowly walked back up the stairs toward what was sure to be his doom. His mind thought about the events of the night before that led to him and five other men walking up these same stairs.


Greg, Charlie, Max, Larry, Joe and Gary shared the pitcher at the table, like they always did on Friday nights. They sat together in a side booth, laughing loudly about all the shit they saw this week in peoples trash cans. It was unbelievable what people threw away, and at the moment, they were playing the typical game of who saw the weirdest shit.

"Okay, okay, I got you on this one, Larry," Charlie yelled over their laughter. He leaned toward the center of the table conspiratorially and the rest of them went quite all of a sudden and leaned in to hear the great secret of what Charlie had found this week.

"Tuesday, I found an arm in one of the cans at a house," Charlie whispered. They all looked at him with awe before all but Charlie burst into laughing.

"You're fucking with us," Max said, reaching for the pitcher and his mug.

"It's the God's honest truth," he bellowed. "I swear to fucking God that there was an arm sticking out of a can when I pulled my truck up next to it."

"Sure there was," Joe said, raising his glass to his mouth and draining the last of it.

"It was a fucking arm," Charlie yelled. "With fingers and everything. Hell, the goddamned thing even had a ring on the fingers."

All heads in the bar turned to them, and the rest of the guys had gone silent at the Charlie's insistence of his find being real.

"You really found an arm?" Greg asked, his voice full of awe at such a thing. "Did you call the police?"

All of the guys looked Charlie, and he kept a straight face as he leaned in again to tell them exactly what he did about the arm.

"I took it home and made a roast out of it," Charlie answered, then all five of the men laughed and pointed their fingers at Greg. "You fucking noob, no one throws away body parts anymore. They know the cops will definitely catch them that way."

Greg felt his face flush with anger at being made fun of, but he bit his tongue and chuckled at the fact he was the butt of their joke. As he raised his glass to his lips, Gary pulled it back from his mouth, causing him to spill it on his shirt.

"Go get another pitcher, noob," Gary said, not a bit of joking in his voice.

Greg knew not to mess with Gary. He got up and went to the bar with the empty pitcher. He came back with a full one and saw bald physically fit man sitting in his seat. As he got closer, the man stood up, turned around and smiled at him as he took a drag on the cigarette hanging from his lips.

Greg sat down in his seat again as Gary grabbed the pitcher. Charlie took it from him before he could start pouring and filled his own glass first.

"Who was that?" Greg asked.

"That was a man with an offer we just can't refuse," Gary said. "We're going to go get laid tonight, my newbie friend; and we're going to do it at one of the best known brothels in the country, to boot."


"That was Jason Maurice," said Charlie, setting his half empty mug down. "He runs the Succubus Ranch, the best little whore house in America, and he's offered us a night of our greatest fantasy, if we come to his brothel tonight. He even said that if he can't meet our fantasy, then he'll give us $10,000 cash each."

"The poor bastard's going to loose some money tonight," Max said, drinking his glass empty. He quickly refilled it from the pitcher and handed it to Larry. By the time Greg got a chance to refill his glass, the pitcher had little more than a sip left in it.

"You fuckers," Greg said, starting to get up to go get another pitcher. Charlie reached across the table and put his meaty hand on Greg's shoulder and pushed him back into his chair.

"Drink your beer," he said, his menacing tone. "We've got a date with a lot of cash."

The men all finished their drinks quickly and got up from the table at the same time. As they walked out, many heads turned away from them, everyone noticing their silence compared to the boisterous laughter they were having earlier. As soon as the two cars were out of the parking lot, people in the bar let out a sigh of relief, knowing that the looks on the faces of five of the men meant that someone was in for some pain tonight.


"I'm glad you guys could make it," Jason said. "I see you brought a friend along."

"Don't worry about this runt," Charlie said, pointing his thumb at Greg. "You got enough money to cover for him too, if his fantasy isn't fulfilled?"

"Right here," Jason said, pointing to a table next to the front door. On it was a large stack of cash in eight separate piles. "You're fantasy is in room four down that hall. I figured you might bring a friend, so I added more to the ... oof!"

Jason's eyes went wide as he doubled over a bit. He looked right at Greg as he let out that last noise, and the look was an accusing one. It was the movement of Charlie's arm that made Greg look lower than that face and see the knife being pulled out of the man's abdomen.

"We'll take all of it," Gary said into Jason's ear. "Thanks for telling us where our victim is."

Greg felt the beer from earlier start to rise and he let out a belch that was going to precede his stomach contents.

"You puke, you fucking noob, and I'll stick you next," Charlie said. Larry, Max and Joe quickly moved to beside and behind Jason. The grabbed his arms and around his chest as Gary raced to a door nearby. It was opened and closed quickly after the four men hefted Jason into the closet. Charlie reached over and wiped his knife off on Greg's shirt. "Now you're stained and an accomplice. You tell anyone, and we'll all say it was you."

The other four had reached the table and were starting to stuff their pockets with the cash as Charlie threatened Greg. Then Charlie pushed his way through them and stuffed his pockets with the last of the cash before turning to all of them.

"Come on," he said. "Let's see how many cunts that fucker thought would be able to take care of our 'fantasy'," Charlie said, laughing as he walked down the hall Jason had pointed toward, looking at the numbers on the doors.

When he reached the one with a four on it, he barged through it without knocking, Larry, Max and Joe following close behind him. Greg had been shoved along by Gary behind him; and he was now pushed into the large dark room by Gary before the man closed the door behind him.

In the middle of the room was a very large mattress lying on a concrete floor. Above it was a bare, blinding, light bulb that gave off just enough light to show the woman sitting atop the bare mattress. The very young looking woman's clothes looked more like tattered rags hanging over her filthy body. The long dirty brown hair hung across her face as she looked up toward the six men that had just invaded her room. The look in her eyes was full of fear, and Greg saw her body start to shake with fright, as if she could read the minds of the other five men.

"Well, it looks like Jason knew our fantasy quite well," Gary said, walking around Greg with his hand reaching toward his crotch.

"Nothing like a good old gang bang rape to get the juices flowing," Larry said, advancing on the girl. Charlie grabbed his shoulder from behind, and the girls wide staring eyes turned from the advancing attacker to look at the man that was making an attempt to save her, or so she must have thought.

"You know the rules, nutjob," Charlie said, stepping forward. "I never get sloppy seconds."

"No, no, no," the girl started to whisper and whimper. She began to crawl backward on the huge mattress, finally showing off the very slender, almost bony, legs. They were covered with dirt, and even her toes looked covered in filth.

Charlie grabbed the girl's ankles and yanked her back just as she had reached the edge of the mattress. Her hands slipped out from under her, and the girls head fell back hard, hitting the concrete floor with a loud "thunk". The noise seemed to echo in the room, then there was no noise at all. The woman lay on the mattress unconscious from the blow, and Charlie pulled out his knife again.

"I'm glad this bitch shut her fucking mouth," he said. "I hate it when they fucking scream too much."

He then slid the knife up to the edge of the rags that covered her and began to cut them away. Beneath the grimy items, the woman's body looked just as filthy as the rest of her did. Under some of the dirt, it even appeared that she was covered with bruises under all that dirt. Greg suddenly felt his gorge starting to rise again. He didn't want any part of this.

Gary looked over his shoulder at Greg, as if reading his thoughts and grabbed him by the upper arm with a death grip. He yanked him forward into the group of other men and whispered into his ear loud enough to be heard over the ripping of the rags.

"You're going to fuck this girl when we're done with her, fuck face," he intoned with malice. "We ain't going to let you leave here saying that you didn't have anything to do with it."

A groan from the mattress caused their heads to turn back to 'the show' and they saw that the girls head was rolling from its sideways angle. Her eyes fluttered open just as Charlie pulled his dick out of his pants, positioning himself between her bare legs.

"Grab her hands, boys," Gary said, pushing Joe and Max forward. The guys quickly grabbed the girl's frail looking wrists just as she started to move the rest of her body. Larry moved forward and took off his belt as he did so. He kneeled with his knees besides the girls head. His knees rested on her hair, holding her head in place. He quickly slipped the edge of the belt into the girl's mouth as she started to open it to yell out, blocking the scream.

"Don't think about screaming, you cunt," Gary said as he moved forward, pulling a knife out of his pocket. "You make any unwelcomed noises, and we'll make sure the last noise you make is a gurgling sound as you choke on your own blood."

The three men holding her down chuckled as Charlie slid himself forward. The girls shut her eyes tight, a single tear cleaning a path in the dirt on her face as it slid down the side. They opened wide when Charlie's hips thrust forward as he impaled her with his dick. She only let out a grunt at the motion, her hands tensing into fists as her whole body went stiff as a board beneath the big man. Then she went limp as a wet noodle as Charlie began to piston his cock in and out of her.

"Back up, Larry," Charlie grunted. "I think this bitch is going to be a good little girl, won't you?"

The girl nodded her head, her eyes looking up at Charlie with fear, and a touch of anger. Larry removed the belt and got off the girls hair as Charlie leaned forward and pressed his lips hard against hers. He kissed her only for a few seconds before he pulled his face away and shoved hard and deep into her pussy, groaning with pleasure.

"God, this bitch's cunt is fucking tight," he said as he stayed deep inside her. His body shook with the orgasm that seemed to race through his whole body, and then he lay down fully atop the young woman. Greg thought he heard a whispering noise coming from the mattress for a brief moment before Charlie spoke again, his breath sounding ragged.

"Let her wrists go, boys," he spoke, sounding tired but there was a hint at his lusts not being fulfilled just yet. "We're going to roll her over so everyone gets a shot at her goods."

Joe and Max let go of her wrists, and Charlie rolled over onto his back, pulling the girl atop his cock. Though she had looked little more than a very frail young woman earlier, the girl's lithe back atop Charlie's body now looked quite beautiful, even with all the dirt on it. Greg felt his own cock starting to grow with arousal as he watched the woman's hips begin moving with the guidance of Charlie's hands.

Charlie was grunting when his eyes closed as he pushed up into her downward thrusts. Greg stood his ground as he saw the other four men moving toward the fucking couple on the mattress. The woman's body arched upward, and she opened her mouth in what looked like a moan of pleasure; but Larry put a stop to any noise she was about to put out. Instead, he shoved his now erect cock deep into her mouth.

Joe and Max were on their knees on the mattress, their erections sticking out proud. They both reached down and took the girls hands and lifted them to their cocks and guided them into stroking them. Gary moved behind the young woman, blocking most of Greg's vision of what was going on.

Greg sidestepped a little until he could see the woman again, surrounded by the five men. Gary thrust his hips hard forward and the woman's eyes opened wide as she was shoved nose first into Larry's pubic hair. Both Gary and Larry moaned as they were taken deep into her body and Charlie hissed through his teeth beneath her.

"God, she's even tighter now," he grunted, his hands moving off her hips and groping hard on the woman's breast.

Greg's arousal grew to a painful edge as he watched the five men rape the woman between them. Larry was now thrusting into her mouth, both of his hands were wound through her hair and pressing into the back of her skull. Max and Joe moaned as they stared at the woman's feminine hands while she stroked up and down their cocks. Every now and then, her thumbs would roll across the top of the heads, collecting the pre-cum there and use it for lubricant to keep from chafing the cocks she was gripping.

Gary's hands had grabbed her hips and just barely held them as he thrust in and out of her ass without any lubrication; but his grunts and moans were enough to let the room know that he wasn't complaining about the feeling of her ass wrapped around his dick. Gary shut his eyes tight as he thrust hard and deep inside her, holding his perfectly still, except for the small shiver that raced up his spine, causing his body to shake a little. Then Gary started thrusting again, his eyes only opening half way and his mouth opened wide as he moaned in excited lusts.

Charlie had gone completely quiet under the woman's body. His hands were now lying at his side and his mouth was wide open with something of a constant groan of pleasure. His eyes were also only opened a little bit; but they had a glassy look to them, as if he were possibly high on some really good shit. His body went rigid for just a moment, and the woman moaned around the cock in her mouth as she bounced her hips up and down the shaft that was still hard and cumming inside her pussy.

The moan vibrated Larry's dick inside her mouth and he shoved her head hard against his dick once more, feeling the head of his prick sink past her tongue and into the young woman's throat. Instead of trying to fight and pull away, she sucked and swallowed, the motions of her throat coaxing the orgasm out of Larry's balls. She moaned again as Larry released deep into her esophagus, his head thrown back and his eyes shutting tight from the unbelievable orgasm.

A single tear ran down from the side of his eyes before his head leaned forward once more and fell forward. His eyes opened only a little way, and they seemed to be glued to the woman that was still sucking his cock. The woman's enthusiasm at her rape seemed to push Joe and Max over the edge. Their cocks shot their load into a high arc through the air. It landed perfectly on the girl's upper back in long ropes. A second and third shot expelled from their dicks, the second landing on her upper arm and the third on her forearms.

As their dick's seeped more cum, she rubbed her palms over the heads and started stroking with more vigor. Max and Joe remained kneeling there, their hands by their sides and their heads leaning forward and half-lidded eyes staring glazed at the woman jacking them off.

Greg pulled his dick out of his pants and started stroking the erection that was feeling painfully neglected. He didn't understand it though. The idea of anyone raping a woman, let alone five men, had never turned him on before. It repulsed him, and he still felt the urge to vomit at the thought that he was watching five guys that he knew took part in the murder of an unarmed man and were now defiling a poor frail young woman.

His eyes stared at her as he thought this, and it began to sink in what looked so wrong about the scene now. She no longer looked thin and frail. The woman's body had seemed to fill out some; and her arms looked less like toothpicks now. Some of the dirt on her flesh even seemed to have disappeared as she had begun to sweat with the exertion of fucking the five men.

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