tagNonHumanSuccubus Rising Ch. 01

Succubus Rising Ch. 01


The Country side was far from silent once the moon was in the sky. The birds flew and the wolves howled. The insects chirped their mating calls. The wind blew the leaves of the trees to make them rustle. And the only light that was up was the light that the moon emitted. Everything else was quiet as when it gets dark that means it is bed time.

Only in one small cottage there was sounds of a whisper.

"Come on Sita. No one will know.. and I leave when the sun peaks through the hills. It will be another month or two before I'll see you again." The voice was clearly male, pleading to a young woman.

"No, But *I* will know. You know that I am to be a virgin when I am wed. Why don't you go to my father to ask for his blessing.. I am sure he would say Yes because I talk about you a lot! Surly mother can help make his decisions. Then I will be yours, truly and honestly."

"But it will not be until then that I may ask, and someone might come in the meantime and claim your hand before I get the chance to. I just want to know that you are truly mine."

"I promise that I will be yours, but the answer is no on this night. You must talk to my father. But we are going to wake them if you keep pleading with me. You must sleep for your journey!"

The young man sighed and the sounds of his feet hitting the ground here audible. "As you wish, my love. I will wait. Just promise me that your heart will be forever mine."

"I promise." She said softly at his dark retreating form.

Sita moved to settle herself into bed. She should of been asleep hours ago. And her talking to Adrian almost woke her sisters. She frowned as she thought about it. She was nearing the age of twenty and she was not yet married. That and she still had to share a room with two of her sisters so there was no way of her having any privacy at all. Anywhere. By daylight, she was with her mother doing chores and cooking, and the only time she got to go out was when the merchants first came and then to church. She was under constant supervision.

Which is why it made her heart race when Adrian made his nightly visits when he could. He would tell her she was the prettiest girl in the land, and he had seen many pretty women. But she.. He wanted her to be his wife. To travel with him as we set out with his own family to see the world. That is what she wanted most.

Sighing to herself as she settled into the rough bed of hay and goose feathers, she closed her eyes and began to drift off. Again, she dreamed of him. Only this time it wasn't like her usual dream where they went to the fields to eat the packed lunch she had made where they would talk and talk. This time she was laying in her own bed. Only they were alone and the room was dark.

She felt his hand trail up her leg, and shockingly, under her thick wool night gown. His fingers were cool against her skin and she felt like she was burning under him. Slowly his other hand joined in as he stroked her legs, slowly pushing the hem of her night gown up as his hands traveled up to her thighs. "Oh, Sita.. You're so beautiful. And sweet, and caring.. I cannot wait until we are wed. I must have you tonight."

His voice was husky. with a hint of a growl under his words as if she were his favorite slice of pie. Soon enough, she lay under him, with him over her, his knees and legs trapping her underneath him. Her gown was bunched at her hips and her undershorts were showing, and she blushed. "We shouldn't be doing this.." She whispered before he silenced her with a kiss. His tongue probed deep, tasting her, teasing her tongue with little flicks of his own.

Moaning softly into his mouth, she reached up to curl her arms around his neck and shoulders. And she jumped when she felt him pry the laces of her undergarment open so that he could stick his hand in them. His fingers gently cupped her kitten, slowly rubbing circles around her kitten, the very carefully slipping his middle finger inside, pressing against the small sensitive nub nestled between them. She was already wet for him. And her breathing got faster as she became more and more excited.

Still he kissed her, swallowing her gasps of pleasure as he caressed her with his fingers. Then bravely, when he felt she was comfortable with him touching her like this did he slip a finger inside her. Biting her lip, She braced herself. What she didn't expect was the feelings that she got when she stroked her and they seemed to grow when he moved his finger in and out of her.

Pressing her breasts against him she pulled him down closer to her having the need to feel the weight of his body on hers.

"Tell me you want this..?" Adrian whispered into her ear. "Do you want me?"

She nodded and sighed, feeling his heavy weight pinning her down into her bed. "I do.." She replied, lowering her arms to unbutton the top of her gown. She unbuttoned each until the buttons ended. Shyly, she pulled the Edges of the fabric apart, Exposing her large breasts for him to see. Already her dark pink nipples were hard and exposed and he leaned down as if he were compelled, and captured one into his mouth. He sucked roughly and wildly, like she were a drink he was craving for days.

Managing to pull himself away from her for a few moments, he lifted himself back so he could slip himself between her legs. Reaching under her to lift her hips, he curled his fingers around her shorts and pulled them down and from her legs, dropping them to the floor beside her bed. Looking down she seemed to have lost her confidence and she was blushing madly, being so exposed to him. Though there was something alluring about her gown bunched up and her top open for him.

Reaching down, he traced a finger along side her breast and smiled. "You are so amazing."

Reaching down to push down his own pants and wiggling out of them she blinked at the sight of him. He seemed so large, much larger than his finger, and somewhere deep in her belly, a pressure was forming. She felt her wetness slip down between her thighs and since he was between them, having her spread open for him, she was shy to admit that maybe he could see it too. "Oh, Adrian.. I.. I don't think this will work."

"Don't worry. Trust me."

Once again he settled between her thighs, kissing her between her breasts. Lifting her thigh, he eased his way against her, so that his manhood pressed against the opening of her kitten, to show her how hard he was for her and how much he needed her.

Capturing her lips once more, he moved slowly against her like he would be when thrusting only, the tip of his manhood played around the edges of her kitten til her body was arching against his, her hips pressing up and her legs tightening around his hips. Her body seemed to be moving on it's own as his kiss seemed to put her in a daze. She felt this need, deep inside of her. It made her breathless and wanting him.

Breaking away from this kiss, she licked his lip and nodded to him. "Adrian.. now. I need you now."

Not responding by way of words, he lifted her hips up just slightly, and he watched as her breasts bounced as he lined himself against her and pushed through her maidenhead and into her. She squeaked slightly and gasped as he held himself still, feeling her kitten clench desperately at his manhood.

Holding himself over her, he began to move. It was difficult at first to free himself but with each careful thrust he began to feel her body respond to him and soon she was keening to him softly. The bed was squeaking with each of his thruts and the small sounds of his body hitting hers filled the room.

Groping her breasts and squeezing the nipple in between his fingers, he leaned to suckled her other breast as he pushed himself in and out of her. Her wetness making him feel warm and massaged as her kitten's walls rubbed against his sensitive manhood.

She felt like she was going to die. The way he nipped at her breast, the way he tugged and pinched at her. And especially the way the hardness going in and out of her, it made her want to scream. As he thrust deep into her, she let out a small cry to him as her body jerked and bucked against him. The pressure that was building inside her was released and she could feel herself tighten around him, the heels of her feet digging into the small of his back, as if urging him to go faster. Deeper. Rougher.

Biting the curve of her breast suddenly, he moved faster now that she achieved her first orgasm. His hips moved faster and rougher against hers, and the only sound was her bed, instead of tapping against the wall was now hitting the wall with each of his thrusts. Her kitten would make a wet sound when he entered her and he gasped as he watched her breasts bounced each time their bodies met.

She gasped and moaned loudly to him, as she tried to hold onto him. Her nails dug into his shoulders and she arched her head back as the pressure built up once more. Only this time she seemed to be matching his thrusts and soon she could hear him grunt slightly and the heat in her lower belly growing deeper.

Soon she could feel him swell inside her, his manhood twitching and rubbing against her inner walls, hitting against her barrier as she suddenly spilled his seed into her womb. She felt the warmth of his milk coating the inside of her body and she coo'd at him lovingly. Kissing him, and stroking the scratches she left on his back.

"Adrian~" She cut off, suddenly getting a strange sensation flowing through her body. She seemed more.. energized. She leaned up to kiss him once more and he chuckled. Nuzzling her neck and giving her breasts another lick and squeeze he lifted himself up and gathered his pants. "It's almost dawn Sita. I must go before they find out where I am at."

"But Adrian.. This is a dream." She smiled at him, sated and laying there, almost wantonly. her breasts were slick and their juices flowed between her legs and down her thighs, pooling at the bed.

Adrian laughed and leaned over to kiss her on her forehead. "It's not a dream Sita.. not anymore. You called for me in your sleep.. Your aura.. You're like me and soon.. soon we will be together."

Getting up he slipped out the window. Sitting up, she frowned, looking around. Around her, the beds of her sisters were empty, then suddenly the door to the bedroom burst open.

"What the damnation is wrong with you girl!?" Her father boomed out, throwing a blanket out at her then grabbed her arm to drag her out of bed. "Selling yourself, using the room you share with your sisters as your brothel! You slut!" He dragged her through the hallway and into the family room, where her sisters and mother were sitting by the fire. Apparently her noises had awoken them and they went and got her parents.

"Who was he!?" Her father shouted at her. "Who did you allow into your bed, under our roof!"

Tears welled into her eyes. She didn't know what was going on. She felt their juices still but she could of sworn it was a dream, that it wasn't real.

"Adrian.." She whispered.

"The merchant's son!?" Her father moved to look out the window, and the sun was coming up. "They are long gone now.. I want you out of my house. Pack your things and go. If you will invite the merchants between your thighs, then you aren't welcome here anymore."

Her father wasn't yelling anymore, but sounded heart broken.


"Just go."

Turning, she went back to her room, to gather her things. In her heart she felt heart broken, but the rest of her body,.. felt alive. Something changed in her. And her tears dried up and she packed what she could. She was free now. And she would Find Adrian.


He paused on the trail, a small smirking smile crossing his lips. "She's awake~" he whispered to his horse as the wind picked up. "And she will find me."

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