tagErotic HorrorSuccubus Summoning 101

Succubus Summoning 101


"Dude, are you sure about this?" Phil Rowling asked.

"Yes, now come on," Jake Pulman hissed. He looked down either side of the narrow stone corridor before beckoning Phil into the room.

"What if we get into trouble," Phil said. Wargsnouts College for Warlocks was a big break for him. He really didn't want to go back to flipping burgers.

"Dude, it will be fine," Jake said, grabbing his collar and pulling him into the room.

On the other side of the wooden door was a small room with two single beds. Heavy red velvet drapes were drawn across narrow windows. The covers on the bed were the same shade of blood red. There was a small sink in one of the corners and a basic bedside cabinet stood next to each bed.

"What's this place?" Phil asked.

"It's a spare bedroom for visiting lecturers," Jake replied. "The ones doolallie Dahl doesn't like. It hasn't been used for a while. Did you get it?"

"Yeah," Phil said. He reached into his bag and pulled out a book that looked as big as two doorstops welded together.

"Wow dude," Jake said, his eyes lighting up. "The Daemonica Malefique."

They laid the book down on one of the beds. It was bound in leather, or at least they hoped it was bound in leather and not some other... less wholesome material. The title looked like it had been scorched into the cover with a brand.

"You know what this is?" Jake said, looking up over the book. "It's our ticket to one truly bodacious night of hedonism."

Phil only partially shared his friend's enthusiasm. The book smelt scorched and there was another odour as well, something like sulphur.

"No one saw you take it?" Jake asked.


"Excellent. Then there's nothing to worry about. We'll do the ritual, have a bit of you know what," Jake winked, "and have the book back before anyone notices it's missing."

Jake pulled out a piece of chalk from a box of various vials and other wriggling things and began to draw a circle on the stone floor beneath one of the beds.

"Are you sure this is safe?" Phil asked. "I mean we've only just started Practical Daemonology."

"Dude, just chill. I talked to the Scrote. He does this all the time."

"The Scrote's a filthy bastard," Phil said.

"Yeah, but he knows his shit," Jake said. "He said most of these rituals are just a pile of crap anyway."

"But aren't 'they' dangerous," Phil said.

"Not according to the Scrote. They're only really dangerous if you're dumb enough to fuck them. When it comes to anything else they aren't very powerful."

"Yes, but aren't we summoning them here so we can fuck them?" There was some logic Phil was missing here.

"Ah, but only up the back passage," Jake said, craftily tapping his nose. "You see, it's only their pussy that's dangerous. Their pussy's their mouth. Stick your dick in there without some heavy duty command clauses and they'll suck you dry in an instant. It's safe if you do them up the ass though. That's what the Scrote said."

"I suppose the Scrote would know."

"Absolutely. Rolly was sent up to his tower to serve detention once. He said he heard all sorts of noises while he was waiting outside the door. He thought the Scrote might be giving one of the juniors a real ass-slapping, but then he heard a girl giggling.

"Now Rolly's a bit dim, so he knocks on the door anyway. He said the Scrote answered the door with half his shirt hanging off and his hair all over the place and looking pissed of at someone disturbing him. And Rolly, not having much sense, starts babbling about detention while this slender female hand with black fingernails comes into view and starts tweaking the Scrote's nipple.

"And all fat Rolly can think of is how happy he is that the Scrote's cancelled his detention."

"The Scrote is one filthy bastard," Phil said.

"That's what I mean," Jake said, "The Scrote's an expert on all this. If he says the only thing that's important is the summoning ritual then he's probably right."

Jake opened up the tome and flicked the pages until he reached the right spot.

"Dude, now that's what I'm talking about."

The page was illustrated with a spidery line drawing of a scantily clad girl with horns, bat wings and a tail.

"Just think about it. Soon one of those is going to be right here and ready to satisfy your every little twisted desire."

Phil felt his cock stiffen with excitement at the prospect.


"Everything," Jake confirmed. "The Scrote said they're complete masters of giving pleasure."

Turning the pages revealed a succession of more explicit pictures. It was very... ahem... educational.

"But remember to stay out of their pussy," Jake said.

"What about blow jobs?" Phil asked.

"Dunno," Jake said. "The Scrote said nothing about that. I think they have fangs though. We should probably wait until we've had a bit more practise before trying that out."

Phil flicked through the pages.

"There's an awful lot of pages in this section," Phil pointed out. "Maybe we should..."

"Dude, the book's like a bazillion pages. By the time you've read it you'd be as old as doolallie Dahl and wouldn't be able to do anything with one of them anyway. I ain't reading it all. You?"

Phil shook his head.

"So just chill," Jake said. He held a penknife in one hand and a squirming white mouse in the other. "It will be fine. Now hurry up and draw your pentagram."


Phil was such a damn pussy sometimes, Jake thought as he brought the knife across the mouse's throat and let the blood spatter into a small wooden bowl. What was the point of being a warlock if you couldn't summon up a bit of daemonic tail now and again?

Everyone knew the stories about the Scrote, about the sighs and moans people heard from his quarters going deep into the night. There were rumours he kept a pair of them in his room for continuous access.

There were the other stories as well, like about those two tax collectors that had pissed him off. They'd found them one morning, dead in their offices and smiling ear to ear like one of the Joker's victims from the first Batman movie.

Sure, 'they' could be dangerous, but only if you didn't know what you were doing.

Jake looked back at the tome to check he had the right ingredients.

Blood, check.

Rose petals, check.

Silver, check.

Ginseng root, check.

Semen of a virgin.

Jake held up a small vial.

Heh heh, thank you Rolly.


The semen was pretty much the only thing that mattered according to the Scrote. The older and more desperate the virgin the better, he reckoned.

Jake didn't particularly want to dwell on exactly how the Scrote got hold of that particular ingredient. Again there were stories.

Now all that was required was the right incantation...

And poof...


Phil was busy with his own preparations when he heard a popping sound, as if a quantity of air had suddenly been forcibly displaced. With it came a strong blast of heady, sultry perfume.

There was a demon girl sitting on Jake's bed.

There was a naked demon girl sitting on Jake's bed.

There was a sexy, naked demon girl sitting on Jake's bed.

"Wow dude," Phil said with awe.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Jake said. "May I present, for your viewing pleasure, the succubus."

She looked a little like one of those manga cartoons made flesh. Her face looked sweet and innocent, especially with those big blue eyes. Her bright red hair was cut in a small bob and two dainty little horns poked up out of her forehead.

Her body was a complete contrast to her childlike face. Her breasts were large and full, just like the porn stars Phil liked to watch. She sat slightly cross-legged, exposing a lush pussy framed with a strip of soft red hair.

That smile might have looked innocent enough, but what she was doing with her finger most definitely wasn't.

A dainty pair of red bat wings stood out from behind her back. A second pair, a miniature of the first, sprouted from behind her ears. An arrow-pointed tail flicked about in front of her lap.

"What pleasure would you like mas... yelp!"

Quick as a flash Jake, naked now, jumped onto the bed, grabbed the end of her tail and pulled her over. He flipped her onto her front so she presented her rump to him.

"You've got to show them who's boss," he said.

He hooked one arm around her slender waist, lifted her tail with his other hand and then thrust forward.

The succubus squealed with shock as he rammed his cock into her tight little ass.


Excellent! It had worked, Jake thought as the succubus popped into existence on the bed. Now he needed to be quick. The Scrote was very clear on that. While physically weak succubi had incredible seductive powers. Given half a chance they could completely enslave a man by enflaming his lust.

As soon as she appeared Jake didn't waste any time. He dropped his trousers and leapt up on the bed. After flipping her and lifting up her tail he saw the tight little bud of her anus winking invitingly open at him.

He didn't hesitate and lunged forward, ignoring the squeals of the demon beneath him.

Oh fuck, that felt good.

She looked so tight at first he was worried about whether he'd be able to get his cock inside her, but her ring was so soft it gave as soon as the head of his cock pushed against it. Inside she was so moist he just slipped right in and then...

Oh man.

"Dude hurry up and get your's here. You have to feel this, it's fucking incredible."

Inside she was warm, soft and very tight. The muscles inside her ass tried to push him out, but that only made it feel even better. She was so slippery as well, his cock just glided against the stretchy walls of her ass. He gripped her tail and slowly began to thrust back and forth.

Beneath him the succubus screamed into the cover of the bed.


Phil finished his incantation and looked over to where Jake was fucking his succubus in the ass.

Jake had one arm on her back and was leaning down with all his weight with every thrust. The succubus was whimpering into the covers, her eyes scrunched up and tears running down her cheek.

"Dude, I think you're hurting her," he said.


Dude, I think you're hurting her.

Of course he was fucking hurting her. She was a fucking demon. She wasn't exactly going to respond to politeness and manners. Phil could be such a pussy sometimes.

"Don't be such a pussy," he said. "She's like one of those Japanese porn stars. They always look like they're in pain when they're really cumming like a fucking train."

Ah, her ass felt so tight and soft against his cock he could already feel the twitchings of an orgasm growing in his balls.

"And it's fine?" Phil quizzed. "She's not sucking out your soul or anything?"

"For fuck's sake dude. Quit worrying and get your succubus over here so you can join the party."

Oh fuck, she was so tight. Jake didn't think he was going to last much longer. According to the Scrote you never had to worry about cumming too soon. It didn't matter. They could keep you hard for as long as you wanted them to.

"I told you dude. Her cunt's her real mouth. It's safe if you do them up the... oh man... I think I'm going to... ahh!"

His cum boiled up from his balls and he shot a great rope of semen into her tight ass.

Wow, it was every bit as good as he thought it would be. His cock throbbed pleasurably in the aftermath of a monstrous orgasm.


Phil looked at his empty bed.

Jake had just cum in his succubus, or at least Phil assumed Jake's goofy expression meant he'd just cum in his succubus. That was fast. Phil was still waiting for his succubus to get here.

He looked again at his empty bed. Where was she? Had he got the ritual right?


"Hmm, you like to play rough," Jake's succubus said with a throaty chuckle. "I like that."

Jake felt her sphincter tighten around the base of his cock. It wasn't hard enough to hurt, but it was tight enough to let him know he wouldn't be pulling out any time soon.

She gave her ass a little wiggle.

Ooo. That felt good. A little too good. The air had suddenly got thicker with her strong musky perfume.

Had they made a mistake somewhere?

Muscles that had been trying to push him out suddenly switched direction and began to pull on his cock.

Ooo fuck. That felt nice. Real nice.

"Hmm," the succubus said. "No binding conditions, no protective wards, no departure clauses, badly formed summoning circles. You guys are new at this aren't you?"

She thrust back into Jake and her rectal muscles gave his cock a naughty little squeeze.


Something was wrong, Phil realised. The succubus was rubbing a large breast with one of her hands and smiling. And Jake -- well Jake didn't look in control.

"I love baby warlocks that try to fly before they can crawl. They always taste so sweet."

The succubus stretched her back on the bed like a cat and rocked back into Jake. He closed his eyes and grunted.

"That's it big boy," the succubus crooned. "Feed me more of your tasty cum."

"Uh, but isn't your pussy your mouth?" Phil asked.

The succubus stopped and laughed.

"Whoever told you that baby warlock? We feed through all our orifices."

She began to push harder now, pouting with her full lips as she exerted herself.

"I have your friend trapped baby warlock. He's feeding me right now."

Jake bobbed helplessly against her ass as she rocked back against him.

This was bad, Phil thought, real fucking bad. What should he do?

He could always run...

"Don't you be thinking of going anywhere just yet baby warlock." The succubus flashed her blue eyes at him, instantly freezing him to the spot.

Phil watched as her thrusts got slower and more deliberate. She had both hands braced against the bed and her heavy breasts swayed back and forth as she rocked into Jake. Her pussy was sopping wet and dripped juices onto the bedspread.

"We don't normally feed through our asses," the succubus said. "Our pussies are so much softer and juicier. The men like it more and it's easier to take control of their sex drive and hold them in place while we drain them."

She picked up the pace.

"Still, we can feed through our asses just as easily. It's just a case of finding... aah... the right rhythm."


Jake was completely lost to her lust. It was like a gloved hand wrapped completely around his body. Every breath pulled more of her thick perfume into his body. He was lost to all other sensation but the feel of her tight ass sliding around and gripping his cock.

"Yes, feed me," she sighed.

Her ass muscles milked his cock with long slow squeezes. He was helpless as his body responded, firing another massive load of semen into her convulsing warmth.

She didn't even pause.

Jake was completely trapped. His cock wouldn't go down and he couldn't pull it out of the tight prison of her ass. He was also prisoner to the sensation of her flesh sliding against his. He was little more than a passenger as his body began to boil over in yet another orgasm.

They were becoming more frequent now as her lust tightened its grip on his body and began to squeeze.

"Ah, that's it," the succubus sighed. She began to rock back and forth with an easy rhythm.

She took complete control now, forcing Jake's orgasms into synch with the motions of her body. She rocked back and Jake felt her soft ass cheeks press against his lap. Inside her his cock dived deep into her exquisitely tight passage and spurted another massive jet of cum into her greedy ass.

She rocked forward and her ass muscles released their grip on his cock long enough for him to feel his balls boil up to full with another load of juice.

Then she'd rock back and her ass muscles would grip his cock and suck until she'd emptied another load from his balls.

He couldn't pull out and her gently rocking motions were expertly milking out his life.

"My ass is sucking you dry," the succubus laughed. "Doesn't it feel delectable?"

She rocked back and Jake grunted as his cock spurted another load into her ass. *****

The succubus had found a nice easy rhythm now. Phil watched in fascinated horror as her body slowly rocked back and forth, each time pumping another orgasm from Jake's helpless body as her ass pushed back against his lap.

How was it possible to keep someone cumming like that?

Then Phil saw the effect on Jake. It was like seeing the air slowly pumped out of an inflatable doll. Each time she rocked back against him and his body twitched with another orgasm his skin seemed to suck in a little more. He was hollowing out right before Phil's eyes.

"Dude, I don't feel so good," Jake said. He collapsed forward onto the bed, practically nothing left but skin and bones.

"Hmm, he was filling," the succubus purred. She turned on her side and looked hungrily at Phil.

The paralysis broke.

Jake was dead. She'd sucked him dry. He had to get out of...


Phil turned. There was a naked girl with long green hair standing next to his bed. She beckoned to him with one index finger while the other slipped down between the plush lips of her labia.

Oh fuck.


"Mr Stine!" Headmaster Dahl approached his head of Daemonological Studies over the lunch break. "My assistants inform me two of our students have gone missing and security was called out to dismiss two very full and contented looking succubi from the east tower. I hope you've not been giving our more impressionable students certain... ideas again."

"Boys will be boys," Mr Stine smiled.

"That may be, but somebody has to explain their disappearances to the authorities and the school could well do without the scandal, especially after that incident with the IRS. I trust you will show a little more decorum in future."

Stine stalked off muttering.

They were warlocks. Was it so much to ask to be allowed to be a little evil now and again?

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