tagErotic HorrorSuccubus Summoning 102

Succubus Summoning 102



This is the follow-up to Succubus Summoning 101 for anyone that wondered exactly happened to Phil when the second succubus showed up.



Phil turned. There was a naked girl with long green hair standing next to his bed. She beckoned to him with one index finger while the other slipped down between the plush lips of her labia.

Oh fuck.

The girl standing in front of him was completely gorgeous. She had the smiling innocent face of a well-tanned cheerleader and the soft, lush curves of a porn star.

Another girl, equally as sexy, lay on the bed behind him.

Both girls were naked, as was Phil Rowling. Under normal circumstances this would qualify as a wet dream come true. Unfortunately for Phil this was a nightmare given flesh.

They weren't girls.

They were succubi, daemonic sexual vampires. The girl in front of Phil had wide green bat wings folded behind her back. A smaller pair of wings grew out of her head, just behind dainty little pointed ears. An equally dainty pair of green horns grew out of her forehead. The final touch to her demonic appearance was provided by a slender green devil's tale, complete with arrow-pointed tip.

Phil and his friend Jake Pulman had got stoned and then thought it would be a good idea to summon them for some night time 'entertainment'.

It had gone wrong. Badly.

Jake's body, little more than a husk, was lying on the bed next to the other succubus. She'd sucked him dry and Phil had a horrible feeling it was now his turn.

"You took your time," the red-haired succubus on the bed said. "I've already finished mine."

"I was busy." The green-haired succubus replied. Her wide green eyes sparkled and Phil wasn't so sure he wanted to know what 'busy' meant. The succubus smiled hungrily at him. "So what do we have here?"

"Baby warlocks, playing with things they don't understand," the succubus on the bed replied.

The green-haired succubus stared down at the line of an arcane chalk circle. It was supposed to restrict her to the bed and force her to obey his commands.

"I see," she said, lifting a dainty foot over the line. "I doubt this circle would hold even a feculoid imp. Are you sure they aren't seeking suicide by succubus?"

"No, they're just really dumb," the red-haired succubus said. "They thought I couldn't drain them through my ass."

Fuck you Scrote you lying bastard, Phil thought. You put Jake up to this.

"That's good," the green-haired succubus said. "I find it very unsatisfying when they actually want you to drain their life."

"They all want us to suck them dry," the red-haired succubus replied. "Ultimately."

"Ah, but taking unwilling prey to that moment of sweet surrender is the true pleasure." The green-haired succubus looked at Phil and smiled. "For both parties," she added meaningfully.

Run, Phil thought. Run now. The door was only a few metres away. The east tower was mainly deserted, but if he shouted loud enough maybe someone from Wargsnouts's security might hear him.

Come on. Run.

His feet refused to move. He was frozen to the spot.

"Look at him," the green-haired succubus said. "The poor baby's practically shaking in terror. That's so typical of you Rosa. I bet you sucked his friend dry without even bothering to introduce yourself first. You're so greedy sometimes."

"Hmpth," the other succubus, Rosa, snorted. "Next time they might let me finish a sentence before they push me face down into the covers and fuck my ass."

Run damn it, Phil thought.

The green-haired girl was right in front of him now. She was a couple of inches shorter than Phil and looked up at him with bright green eyes.

"Hello baby warlock, I'm Verdé." She put her arms around his waist and pulled him forward into her embrace. Her green bat wings opened wide and enfolded him.

A cloud of her exotic perfume surrounded him. It suffused his nostrils and sent his blood racing while detaching his brain behind a soft focus filter. She pulled him close, squashing her full breasts against his chest as her wings rubbed against his back like a latex skin. She teasingly rubbed her soft mons against his crotch.

"I'm going to fly your body straight to heaven," she said, flashing him a sunny smile.

And take my soul straight to hell, Phil thought.

Her hands slid up his body until they rested on either side of his face. She leant up on tiptoes and planted her soft lips on his in a passionate kiss.

Oh fuck. Phil's senses were spinning from the close proximity of her presence. She radiated waves of lust that subsumed him and drowned all conscious thought. All he could hear was the rushing sound of his blood pounding in his ears. He knew she was deadly and had seen what her friend had done to Jake, but he still couldn't bear to break out of her embrace.

And they thought they could control this?

Verdé broke off the kiss with a start. Her delicate nostrils shrank as she sniffed the air around Phil.

"Oh Rosa, I think our baby warlock is a virgin."

Phil's face burned with embarrassment. He hadn't told anyone, how could he? He was eighteen and still hadn't made it with a girl. It was mainly because of this that he'd agreed to go along with Jake's dumb plan in the first place.

"I'm... uh... kind of shy around girls," Phil mumbled.

"Oh baby warlock," Verdé said, kissing him lightly on the cheek. "We'll soon get that sorted out. I do love making virgins go pop."

"And pop and pop and pop." A husky whisper close to his ear and the feeling of two soft globes pushing against his back announced the other succubus had got up and was standing right behind him. Two hands came round and gently played with his nipples. He was sandwiched between the pair of them.

"You don't mind sharing a little taste," Rosa said. Her soft tongue ran up Phil's neck and tickled his ear.

"Hmm, you did hog yours without leaving any for me," Verdé said.

"Oh please, just a couple of pops. I'll make it up to you."

"Okay, but we take it slow. I want to savour this one and I know how greedy you are."

The tongues of the two succubi met and tangled over Phil's shoulder. He shuddered as he realised they were discussing him the same way a butcher might discuss carving up a choice hunk of meat.

"Two succubi at once, you're a lucky boy baby warlock," Verdé murmured into his lips. "You get to go out in real style."

Verdé's hand groped down into his crotch and her touch cracked like electricity as she played with his balls and cock.

"We're going to do every little filthy thing you ever wished you could do with a girl to you," Rosa whispered in his ear.

Phil's arousal battled with his fear. His balls and cock were excited; they knew he was finally getting some sex before he reached his nineteenth birthday. His brain was terrified; it knew he wouldn't be reaching his nineteenth birthday. His body was the battleground as the competing emotions quivered and shivered through his flesh.

"So what do you want first baby warlock?" Verdé asked, staring up into his eyes with her clear emerald eyes.

For them to let him go, his brain thought.

His arousal won though and instead his lips whispered, "Blow job."

Verdé smiled and then pouted her very full and exquisitely soft green lips. "So you want to feel these wrapped around your cock?"

She pushed back her lower lip and let it rub behind a very long and sharp looking incisor.

So they did have fangs, Phil thought. An icy current of fear flowed through his veins. He wasn't sure he wanted his cock anywhere near her mouth.

She kneeled down in front of him and gently gripped the base of his cock. She gave the tip of his erect member a lick with her long tongue, scooping up a little dribble of pre-cum.

"Please don't bite me," Phil pleaded. He couldn't back away; the other succubus had her arms around him and was holding him in place.

"You'll change your mind on that," Rosa whispered in his ear. He felt two light pinpricks resting lightly on his shoulder.

"Ready, baby warlock?" Verdé smiled at him. "Here I come."

Phil wasn't ready. There was no way he could ever be ready for this. She wrapped her hot lips around his cock and swallowed him right down until he felt the warm tissues of the back of her throat grip the end. Then she sucked in her cheeks and began to bob her head up and down.

Oh fuck that was incredible, Phil thought. Her lips felt so soft as they brushed down the length of his cock. Inside her mouth her tongue wrapped and twined around his cock like a snake.

The sensation was so overwhelming Phil thought he was going to cum straight away, but she didn't fellate him for long before releasing his cock from the hot prison of her mouth.

"That should be hard enough," she smiled.

She gripped his cock again and brought it back to her lips, but this time she didn't swallow it. Instead she only opened her mouth a little, enough to show a single slender fang.

Oh fuck she was going to bite him, Phil thought.

She didn't. Instead she slowly inserted her fang into his jap's eye, careful not to break his skin. It was an odd sensation as the fang entered his urethra. She squirted a warm liquid through the fang and Phil felt it run down the inside of his cock, spreading fizzing bliss in its wake.

"Succubus venom," Rosa whispered in his ear. "It will keep you hard all night and make sure your balls never run out of cum. It will also drive your senses into ecstasy."

Phil didn't hear her. A warm oil was gently sliding down the inside of his cock and fireworks were exploding in his brain.

Verdé took his twitching cock back in her mouth and began to vigorously bob her head back and forth. She stared up at Phil with bright green eyes as her soft lips kissed up and down his member.

The sensation was too much. Her venom reached the base of his cock and soaked into his balls, sending livid red firecrackers sizzling up his nerves. He shut his eyes as he felt the muscles in his calves and buttocks tighten like over wound springs.

"I think he's about to pop," Rosa said.

Oh fuck, he was going to explode.

Verdé swallowed him deep into the back of her throat. Then she bit into the base of his cock with her fangs. At the same time Rosa sank her fangs into his shoulder.

Phil didn't feel any pain. He didn't even feel their fangs enter his body. All he felt was the warmth spreading through his body as their venom entered his bloodstream. His eyes rolled up and he grunted involuntarily as a monstrous orgasm crashed through his body like a cyclone. His hips jerked forward as his cock spurted deep into the back of her throat.

She moved with him and greedily drank down his sperm with muscular movements of her throat. The orgasm went on and on as her pointed tongue tickled the underside of his throbbing cock.

She sucked harder, gripping his cock with her lips. Phil's cock kept spurting and he felt like he was emptying his entire body down her gulping throat.

The succubus suddenly pulled her head away, snapping the energy conduit between them.

"Oh, I nearly got carried away there baby warlock," she said, licking her lips.

Phil fell back. His legs felt like they were made out of rubber bands. He would have fallen had the red-haired succubus not supported him. Their venom ran through his veins like fizzing champagne.

"Whatever happened to taking it slow," Rosa said. "He's half empty already. He won't make it past missionary at this rate."

"How much venom did you put in him anyway?" Verdé retorted. "If I fuck him like this the only pop will be his brain coming out of his ears."

Phil was shaking in the other succubus's arms. His cock was so hard it hurt. A fire was ablaze in his body. The flames warmed rather than burned, but consumed him nonetheless.

"We need to let him release outside our bodies," Verdé said.

The two succubi exchanged sly smiles.

"Titty wank!" they laughed together.

Verdé stayed on her knees and crawled up his body until her chest was level with his crotch. He gasped as his hard cock was squashed between the soft pillows of her breasts. Verdé cupped her breasts in her hands and began to move them up and down. Behind him Rosa pushed her body against his, forcing him to thrust into the lush valley of Verdé's cleavage.

Phil closed his eyes in pleasure as he felt her soft breast flesh smother and move against his cock. He fell back and let Rosa support his weight. Her own soft breasts squashed against his back.

A cool slippery liquid flooded around his cock. Phil opened his eyes in surprise. Strands of glistening fluid led from Verdé's nipples to his cock.

"You didn't think our breasts contained milk did you?" Rosa whispered in his ear.

Verdé smiled and buried his cock in the lubricated channel of her cleavage. She made little noises of pleasure as she rubbed her upper body up and down against him. The lubricating oil coated Phil's cock in a tingling sheath.

Another massive orgasm was rising within him. He could feel it start, twitching, in his toes and rise inexorably up his legs as his cock glided effortlessly between her two soft pillows.

"I think he's going to pop," Rosa said.

"Ugh," Phil grunted. The orgasm burst from him and he watched his cock spurt a thick rope of semen up between her breasts. It spattered her chin and fell back across her chest in sticky strands.

"Told you."

"Yum, tasty," Verdé said, standing up and licking the sperm off her chin. "So what shall we do next baby warlock... ooo."

Verdé's eyes popped wide in surprise. Her cheeks flushed in arousal.

"You let me lick that tasty virgin cum off your breasts," Rosa said.

"Ooo," Verdé answered. Her eyes closed in pleasure. She stepped back and Phil saw that Rosa's tail had crawled up between Verdé's thighs and was pumping back and forth within her. Wet juices were already dripping down the tail and the inside of Verdé's tanned thighs.

"Have a rest and enjoy the show," Rosa smiled. She transferred Phil's weight to the bed behind her and he fell down like a raggedy doll with cut strings. His knees felt like they'd been replaced with two cups of jelly. He lay on his side on the bed, unable to gain any control over his quivering legs.

Still working her tail up and down Rosa pulled Verdé to her and began to lick Phil's semen off her breasts, letting her long red tongue playfully linger around each nipple. Rosa's eyes closed in ecstatic bliss at the taste of Phil's ejaculate.

"You sneaky slut!" Verdé said, her own tail whipping around behind the red-haired succubus.

"Not the ass! Not the ass! Ooo..."

Both succubi fell to the floor in a confusing tangle of flesh, bat wings and thrusting tails. The musky odour of their sex filled the air.

On the bed Phil was still trying to recover from the after-effects of the two orgasms and the succubus venom fizzing through his veins. The weakness he felt was a result of the energy Verdé had drained from him and it would only get worse if he let them take him to another orgasm.

This was his best opportunity to escape, he realised, while the two succubi were occupied with each other.

Come on legs, work dammit, Phil thought. He tried to will them to lift him off the bed and walk towards the door. Instead they only twitched spasmodically.

Looked like he had to do this the hard way then.

He rolled off the bed and began to crawl towards the door.

Behind him the air was filled with a musky tang as the succubi continued to pleasure each other.

"Hey, no magic. That's chea... ooooo..."

Come on, Phil thought, gripping the rough stone floor and pulling himself towards the door. Not far now. Come on.

He knew he hadn't done much with his life so far. He knew he'd been an under-achiever, content enough to let the flow of life carry him along like a piece of flotsam and jetsam. He knew he'd let himself follow in the slipstream of other people, too content to let them make his decisions for him.

When Wargsnouts had approached him, told him he was blessed with the spark to be one of the select cabal that hid within the shadows of humanity, he'd gone because anything had been better than flipping burgers.



The succubi moaned, lost in the throes of mutual ecstasy as they pleasured each other.

Come on, Phil thought.

So what if he hadn't done anything with his life so far. It didn't mean he wouldn't ever do anything with his life. At some point he'd figure out what to do with himself.

He wanted that future.

Come on, dammit.

"Hey, our dinner is getting away."

No. No. No.

Phil heard a rattling of leathery wings. A shadow passed over him. Verdé touched down on her hands and knees between him and the door. She was the same level as him, her smiling faces just inches from his own.


"Going somewhere baby warlock?" she smiled, showing two sharp little fangs. "Don't you like us?"

to be continued...

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