tagErotic HorrorSuccubus Summoning 104

Succubus Summoning 104



This is a continuation of the story begun in Succubus Summoning 101, 102 and 103.


"We promised we'd do every filthy little thing with you," Rosa whispered in his other ear. Her hand tickled his balls.

Phil only half heard. His ears pricked up at sounds he heard from outside.

Footsteps on stone flagstones.

A Wargsnouts' security patrol!

He was saved!

"Help me!" Phil screamed. "There's two succubi in here. They're going to kill me!"

Shocked, Verdé and Rosa stared at the door.

The footsteps grew closer.

Moments ago Phil Rowling had lost his virginity to perhaps the most beautiful girl he'd ever encountered in his life. He'd also nearly died.

Verdé, the girl with the green hair, was stunningly gorgeous. She was petite, but perfectly proportioned. In fact you could probably argue her breasts were quite generously proportioned. Her skin was tanned and flawless and she had the easy smile of the girl-next-door.

She also wasn't human.

The horns, wings and tail were a bit of a giveaway when it came to that.

Verdé and Rosa were succubi, daemonic sexual vampires. Phil Rowling and Jake Pulman were warlocks in training. On the basis of some poor advice from one of their less reputable teachers they'd taken on some extra-curriculum homework and summoned the two demons to broaden their 'education.'

Jake's twisted and above all dry corpse was a reminder of exactly how smart that had been.

Phil had thought the same fate was about to befall him. He'd been helpless as the succubus had climbed on top of his body and took him to orgasm again and again until he could feel his life draining into her. She'd only stopped because she wanted to take a longer time to savour her 'meal'.

It didn't matter now though. He was saved. Any minute now the security team would burst in, wands blazing...

The footsteps moved away.

The two succubi stared at each other and laughed.

"Silly warlock," Verdé said. "Did you not think we'd take steps to mask our presence?"

Rosa tapped him on the forehead. "Use that noggin baby warlock. Verdé's cry of passion should have woken up the entire school."

"Globe of silence," Verdé explained. She gestured with her fingers.

Oh very funny, Rosa mouthed as a ball of darker air formed around her head.

"And you baby warlock," Verdé slapped him on the side of the face, hard enough to sting his cheeks and leave a red mark. "What's with screaming out like that?"

She sat astride his chest and her angry face hovered inches above his.

"I just gave you the best fuck a man could experience and you cry to be rescued at the first opportunity. Was I not good enough? Do you think you could find something better in the human world during your pitifully short lifespan?"

"I want to live," Phil said. A single tear rolled down his cheek.

Verdé stopped her rant and sat up on Phil's chest. A strange mix of emotions swam across her perfect cheerleader's face. For a moment, just a small moment, Phil thought he could see past the brightly coloured fish in the shallows of her soul to the slow moving leviathans turning in the depths.

She leant down and delicately licked the tear from Phil's cheek. She dipped her head down and gently kissed the same patch of skin. A little crackle of energy radiated out from where her soft lips brushed his cheek.

"We are predators and you are prey. It is the oldest law," she whispered softly in his ear.

"Then you can't begrudge the prey for wanting to try and escape," Phil whispered back.

"No I don't baby warlock, but your end will be easier for you if you surrender to the pleasures we offer you."

Her face rose back up until she was staring down at him, her long green hair forming a curtain around both of their faces.

"Please," she whispered.

Phil was stunned to see a single tear on the succubus's cheek.

He only caught a brief glimpse before she swivelled off his body to kneel next to him on the bed.

"It's your turn now Rosa," she laughed.

"Finally. My poor pussy has been feeling all left out."

Phil didn't get a chance to contemplate Verdé's strange expression. Rosa hopped up onto the bed with a deft little flap of her wings. Both feet touched down on either side of his hips as Rosa squatted above his cock, her back to him. Her dark red wings folded up into an 'M' shape. She stared back over her shoulder, her blue eyes glinting with mischief.

"I think it's time for a little cowgirl," Rosa said.

"Don't ride him too hard," Verdé said. She moved round on her knees until she was directly behind his head. She put her hands on either side of Phil's face. "I don't want our little stallion getting worn out too early."

"Just enough to break him in," Rosa smiled.

She thrust down and Phil felt another burst of pleasure as his cock slipped between the folds of her labia and slid up into the luxurious tightness of her pussy. Her flesh hungrily gripped his cock and sucked it deep into her hot centre. As her succulent ass cheeks crashed against his body he felt powerful muscles within her vagina grip and tug his cock.

His body felt the urge to ejaculate again and Phil fought it with every fibre of his being. He had to stop the drain of fluids from his body if he wanted to survive.

Verdé pulled Phil's head up into her lap and her hands massaged and stroked his temple. She curled her body over him until her face, upside down, once more hovered above him.

"Don't fight her," Verdé said softly.

Rosa rocked back and forth on his erection. His whole length was fully inside her and he felt the muscular walls of her vagina push and pull his cock in an attempt to find the best fit. The fleshy walls suddenly convulsed and Phil felt a bubble of her juices roll down the outside of his shaft.

His cock eagerly twitched, but Phil fought and successfully held the orgasm back. He gritted his teeth with the effort.

"Rosa's not as patient as me. If you fight her she'll hurt you," Verdé said.

Now that his cock was fully lubricated with her juices Rosa began to move up and down his erection. With each down stroke she slammed her ass against his groin and powerful muscles contracted around his cock, trying to squeeze out his seed as if his erection was a tube of tomato paste, able to provide nourishment on demand. Up and down she went, sucking his cock in deeper and squeezing it harder each time her buttocks crashed against his lap.

Phil arched his spine and quivered as he tried to hold on. No more. He couldn't let them take any more.

"Don't fight her baby warlock. She's going to take your seed anyway. Let it be pleasurable rather than painful."

Rosa growled and speeded up her motions. Her hips slammed into Phil with greater force and frequency. Her muscles gripped his cock tighter and sucked harder.

Phil squirmed as he tried to hold on. His balls were burning and his cock was starting to throb from the friction. Her muscles tightened around his erection and sucked with enough force he could feel it all the way down in his balls.

"Relax," Verdé said. She pouted her lips in a kiss and gently blew on Phil's face. The fragrant scent of meadows on a lazy summer day settled over him. It flowed through his nostrils and into his lungs, washing out all his tension on the way.

Phil stopped squirming. When Rosa came back down and her muscles clenched tightly around his cock he responded with a spurt of semen right into her hot centre. Relief surged through his body and fireworks of ecstasy sent bright streamers flying across his brain.

Rosa accepted his gift with a soft sigh. She loosened her grip on his cock and the muscular walls of her vagina instead caressed his flesh with tender precision. A flood of her juices bathed his cock, settling into and soothing his raw skin. Languorously she writhed on his still-hard erection, pumping more and more juices over his battered cock until the blissful feeling flowed through the rest of his body like a tide.

She lifted her body up his shaft and came down again. This time the motion was slower and gentler. When he felt her ass settle in his lap he again responded with another spurt of sperm deep inside her vagina.

She had him now, Phil realised. His cock was a spigot she could switch on any time she wished. He didn't care. Every time she turned the valve a euphoric blast of pleasure rushed through his brain.

Rosa could have drunk and drunk at the tap until Phil dried up into a desiccated husk, but she allowed herself only two more slow pumping strokes before she climbed off him. Phil's cock whimpered with loss on leaving the warm embrace of her pussy. In contrast the open air seemed horribly cold and exposed.

"There, see how much more pleasurable it is when you surrender," Verdé murmured.

"I can't do that," Phil said.

"We'll, help you, don't worry" Verdé said.

Rosa sat at the foot of the bed and stretched her legs wide to reveal the gaping red slit of her pussy. Purring, Verdé gently lowered Phil's head back down onto the bed and crawled down his body, making sure to rub him with her breasts and pussy on the way. His erect cock caught underneath her stomach. Teasingly, she pushed it down and let it spring back into place as she crawled past.

She reached Rosa and dipped her face down into the other succubus's lap. Phil couldn't see what she was doing. All he saw was the back of her head bob up and down and Rosa close her eyes in pleasure.

It was another opportunity to escape, Phil realised. Tentatively, he tried to pull up his legs. This time his traitorous limbs responded. They were weak and shivering and felt a lot like drunken workers waking up from a stupor to return to work, but at least they were his, for now anyway.

Rosa was trembling in pleasure. Her head was thrown back and a sheen of glistening sweat covered her naked body. She arched her back; gently pushing her pelvis into Verdé's lapping tongue.

Phil pulled his trembling legs up into a crouch and gathered his strength. He didn't think he'd be capable of any sudden movement without falling over, but if he was quiet enough and just slipped away.

Carefully, he dipped a toe over the side of the bed.

Rosa opened her eyes and stared at him.

Phil froze, caught on the spot like a rabbit caught in the headlights of her icy blue stare. Rosa's lips twisted up in a smile as she held Phil in place. She panted as Verdé's tongue found a particularly tender spot, but her eyes never moved from Phil's.

Phil couldn't move; couldn't look away.

Rosa slowly ran her pointed red tongue over her luscious red lips. Her hands came up and gently cupped the full swell of her breasts. Clawed fingers traced circles around her dusky brown areolae. Beads of perspiration formed on the curved surface of her breasts like fresh morning dew.

Look at me, her body whispered seductively. Am I not beautiful? Am I not desirable? Why would you run from this?

Because I'll die, Phil thought, trying to break the paralysis.

Rosa sighed and her body trembled as Verdé's head continued to bob up and down in her lap.

Her eyes still fixed him to the spot. What is worse, those eyes asked, to die in glorious ecstasy within our arms or to live out a dull, grey life, always wondering, never knowing, what pleasures you could have experienced?

Phil tried to turn his head, tried to turn to look towards the door, towards freedom, but Rosa's blue eyes held him captive. His leg came back up onto the bed.

Verdé reached back between her legs and spread wide the folds of her pussy. She wiggled the firm cheeks of her ass invitingly.

Phil went onto his knees and slowly shuffled forwards, his erect cock pulling him forwards like a leash. Between his legs his balls, still full of Rosa's venom, pulsed and twitched with a grotesque life of their own, feeding off his body like a cancer as they churned out spermatozoa after spermatozoa.

What was his life anyway? Before Wargsnouts he'd been doing nothing more than flipping burgers in a dead end town. At Wargsnouts he was a screw-up that couldn't even get the simplest of rituals correct. How long before they tossed him back to a life of fast food service and trailer parks?

The gaping pink slit of Verdé's pussy beckoned to him. She turned back to smile at him, her face both innocent and experienced at the same time.

Phil continued forward, his cock throbbing with a need to once again be sheathed within the succubi's soft flesh.

It was still his life goddamnit. As worthless as it seemed now it was still all he had. He didn't want to spurt it all away down some demon's cunt for a few seconds of ecstasy.

Phil placed his hands on Verdé's buttocks. The flesh was soft and warm beneath his touch. He guided his erect cock to Verdé's outstretched lips.

This was not his choice.

The thought left his mind to be replaced by a cool tide of pure bliss as he thrust forward and felt his cock enveloped by the warmth of Verdé's pussy. Sighing with pleasure he thrust back and forth, feeling her slick flesh slide along the full length of his shaft.

Verdé sighed beneath him and rocked back against him. Her tail curled around the back of his thigh and the tip gently tickled the underside of his balls.

He had the control now, Phil thought. He slowed down and took long, deep strokes, relishing the feeling of Verdé melting into orgasm around him. She sighed and moaned into the sheets as he pushed back and forth into her succulent vagina.

At the end of the bed Rosa watched them with a contented smile.

"That's it baby warlock," she said. "It's about time you took on some of the work."

She spread her labia and closed her eyes. Her tail curved around and thrust back and forth into her pussy.

Phil had control now. He quickened his pace, slamming his hips against Verdé's soft buttocks. Yes, he had control. He could... unh... pull out any time.

Verdé's pussy tightened around his cock with gentle little squeezes, sending pulses of pleasure running back into his body. She reached back with one hand, pulled his left hand off her buttock and brought it round to cup her full breast. Phil felt the soft weight in his hand. Verdé squeezed her hand over his, forcing his fingers to dig into her soft flesh. She growled her pleasure into the sheets.

She did the same with her other hand, letting her shoulders brace her body against the bed. Phil was pulled forwards until his chest lay against her smooth back. He continued to thrust into her soft pussy, letting waves of pleasure flow down his shaft.

He could pull out any time.

Verdé extended her wings and then folded them back down over Phil's body, pinning his body against her back.

"You're such a control freak Verdé," Rosa commented. "Can't you let the poor human at least think he's fucking you?"

Verdé gave an animalistic snarl in reply. She gripped Phil's hands tighter, forcing him to roughly grope her breasts. Her wings pulled down on him, keeping him pinned against her back. The tip of her tail found that soft spot underneath both of his testicles and pushed hard against it. Her vagina constricted around his cock.

He couldn't pull out.

Phil was on top, but not even close to being in control. Powerless, he rocked against her back. She pushed up and back against him, her soft buttocks splaying against his crotch.

Phil gave a low moan as his poisoned, swollen balls constricted hard and his cock fired a jet of semen into her tight pussy. His upper body collapsed on her as the jet became a river, then a flood.

Verdé growled and wiggled her ass. Her pussy vibrated around his cock, milking it as it ejaculated a constant stream of seed deep inside her. Phil's body sang as it emptied its life into her warmth. He was a bag of water that had been punctured and all of his fluids were draining out of one tiny hole. It felt wonderful. His hands were cupped over soft breasts, her soft ass cheeks were pushing back against him and his cock... his cock was enveloped in pulsating bliss.

Phil lay against her and let his cock gush and gush. His swollen balls had shrunk right down and the feeling of relief was heavenly. He wanted to feel his whole body empty the same way. He dived headfirst into an ocean of pleasure and let his body fall gently into endless depths.


Phil surfaced from her ocean of bliss, taking gulps of fresh air as he returned to the plain interior of the little room. The end of Verdé's tail was pushed firmly between his balls, choking off the stream to a little dribble.

She stared back at him, her green eyes once again completely unreadable.

Her wings unfolded, taking their weight off his back. Her vagina unclenched, releasing his cock with a soft popping sound. Feeling completely boneless, Phil slid off her back. He would have collapsed onto the bed if it hadn't been for a slender, but strong, arm wrapping around his chest and pulling him back to upright.

"Still with us baby warlock?" Rosa whispered in his ear, her hot breath tickling through his hair.

She reached down between his legs with her other hand and cupped his balls in her hand. They were already swelling again, churning out more and more sperm despite the protestations of his body.

"Oh yes, you've still got plenty to give," Rosa whispered. She kissed him wetly on the side of his mouth with her full lips.

Phil continued to stare into Verdé's eyes. Once again he thought he saw something there, something hiding in the depths. The moment passed just as quickly as before, leaving Phil to stare at her bright, cheerleader mask.

"Your turn," she smiled breezily at Rosa.

To be continued...

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