tagErotic HorrorSuccubus Summoning 113

Succubus Summoning 113



This is a continuation of the Succubus Summoning series that begins with "Succubus Summoning 101"*/

The air was different.

It was a subtle change, but Phil still sensed it.

For as long as he'd been held captive in the succubi's castle there had always been the ever present aroma of sex and arousal in the air. The scent was still there, only now it was a lot stronger. The air was thick with it. It caught hold of him and started a niggling little itch in his balls. It wasn't as if he was lacking for sex at the moment. On the contrary, he was getting so much it was killing him.

Phil looked out of the window. The sky had also changed. It was a darker, more sensual shade of pink. The orbiting celestial bodies were different as well. The fiery planet and giant iron ball were gone. In their place were pastel balls of red and pink, and what looked like great gossamer bubbles.

So quiet as well. Where were the wargen? Normally the grotesque monsters would be shuffling around the grounds. An expectant hush had descended over the entire castle.

The silence was broken by the sound of flapping wings. Phil backed away from the window as Verdé landed on the sill and gracefully stepped into the room.

"Hello fledgling," she breathed. She advanced on him, her hips swaying.

"Um hi," Phil said. He backed away until his calves came into contact with the side of the bed. "What do you want?"

Why did he bother asking that question? He knew what she wanted. It was the same thing she always wanted. She was a succubus; she wanted to fuck him. It wouldn't be a bad thing, but succubi were daemons; they used sex to suck out the life force of their victims. Phil knew this and yet his treacherous cock was still rock hard and twitching in anticipation. It didn't help that -- horns, wings and tail aside -- Verdé was absolutely gorgeous.

And completely naked.

"Do you know what that sky means, fledgling?" Verdé asked, still advancing on him.

"No," Phil replied, inching away from her around the bed.

"The spheres are in conflux. The conjunction is upon us. The dominion of Lust is unbroken," Verdé continued.

"What does that mean?" Phil asked.

The geography of Hell was a complete mystery to Phil. It changed every day.

Verdé continued to slide towards him. She fondled her ripe breasts and pouted full, luscious lips.

"While the planes of lust are aligned there is no outside influence from the other dominions of sin. My sexual desires and those of my sisters are increased tenfold. The wargen won't approach the castle today. They're hiding in the woods."

"Tenfold?" Phil asked.

Verdé's arousal was clear to him. Juices dribbled out from between her labia and ran down her inner thigh. She smiled and beads of her aphrodisiac venom formed where her fangs rested on her sumptuous lips.

"Now is the time to show you can fly fledgling," Verdé said. "You have no time left."

Phil understood. The castle contained five succubi with turbo-charged libido and he was the only available male.


Phil dashed for the door.

Five succubi in heat. There was no way he'd survive that. He had to get out of the castle and take his chances in the forest.

He got halfway across the courtyard before Rosa swooped down out of the sky and gathered him up in her embrace.

"Fleeing prey, my favourite," Rosa laughed as she carried him up into the lurid pink sky.

Phil struggled, but Rosa wrapped her arms and legs tightly around him. She crushed her soft lips against his and kissed him until the fight left his body. His body went limp in her embrace.

"We've never fucked while flying have we fledgling," Rosa laughed as her broad wings held them motionless in the sky. "This is going to be fun."

Phil's thoughts were clouded and his limbs felt weak. Rosa's hot kiss had drained all the resistance from him. Her powerful thighs wrapped around his waist and he shivered in pleasurable surprise as his erection slid into her moist vagina.


Hot and tight.

Rosa's body boiled with lust. Her heat enfolded his body and overwhelmed his senses. Still flapping her wings to keep them airborne, she thrust her hips against him. Her lust was contagious. Phil pushed back against her, feeling his cock slide against the hot walls of her pussy.

Rosa laughed with wild abandon and swooped around the black stone minarets of the castle. The horizon and the sky became one dizzying blur to Phil as he span in Rosa's embrace. Faster and faster she flew, until Phil felt the wind streaming through his hair and down the naked skin of his back. Higher she took them, until the castle became toy sized beneath them. They were suspended in the sky, their bodies slamming together in passion.

She planted another fiery kiss on Phil's lips as their bodies slowly turned and ascent changed into a steep dive. Rosa cried with passion as the wind whistled past them. Phil's heart thudded in his throat as they hurtled downwards. He saw the dark stone walls of the castle rushing up to meet them.

Did Rosa know? Did she care? Her wings were folded back against her body as they continued their steep dive.

The black walls and spiky towers filled Phil's vision now and still Rosa showed no signs of slowing down. Too fast. She wasn't going to be able to pull up in time. They were going to be dashed against the walls. They were going to die.

They were going to....

They didn't hit.

Phil opened his eyes and almost wished he hadn't as narrow stone walls whizzed by in a blur. They were plunging through some kind of chimney system inside the castle. Rosa navigated the turns and sudden forks with a speed that left Phil breathless. Mere inches separated his naked flesh from the hard stone as it zipped past.

They fell deeper through the castle until the walls opened out into a cavernous pentagonal room. Phil saw a floor covered in blood red sheets and scattered with pastel cushions rushing up to meet them before his view changed with a lurch. Rosa had flipped him mid air and he was now looking up at a ceiling covered in swathes of plush velvet and embedded with large mirrors.

Their descent abruptly slowed as Rosa opened her great red wings above him. Not enough Phil thought. They were still falling too quickly. He was still going to hit the ground har---.

They hit the floor with a soft whumpf. Sheets and pillows were thrown up in the air by the impact. The floor gave beneath him and he realised he'd landed on a gigantic bed, luxuriously soft and very deep. He sank into the surface with Rosa's hot body riding on top of him, the impact driving his cock deeper into her tight pussy.

Their downward momentum was halted and then reversed as the bed sprang back. Phil was bounced upwards and into Rosa's embrace. Her pussy squeezed around his cock and Phil groaned as he exploded within her, the head of his cock wedged deep into her hot flesh. At the same time Rosa's vagina shuddered and shivered around his member as she too was claimed by a violent orgasm.

She rode him as the bed swayed and undulated beneath them, her hot pussy fluttering around his cock. Phil bucked and thrashed in helpless pleasure as she stretched out his orgasm until the ecstasy became almost unbearable. His balls convulsed as her dripping vagina hungrily sucked the seed from his body.

Phil thought he might expire from the pleasure, but gradually the wild pitching motions of the bed died down and his orgasm slowly petered out with it. He gasped great lungfuls of air as his jangling body recovered from the release.

"Whew, that was good," Rosa said. Beads of sweat spilled from her forehead and formed on her full breasts.

Once Phil got his breath back he took a look around at his surroundings. He was in a large pentagonal room with stone walls. The entire floor seemed to be taken up with this gigantic bed. Soft cushions and pillows were piled high all around him.

"Well done Rosa. I see you've captured our little plaything."

Phil looked up and saw Nÿte lying in a large alcove set in one of the walls. It was the first time he'd ever seen her completely naked and her pale white body was breathtaking. Her jet-black hair was untied and rained down on her pale shoulders like a waterfall of shadows. The inviting curves of her creamy white breasts rested against the floor of the alcove.

She was not alone.

Nurse Honey sat in another alcove on the other side of the room. She smiled down at Phil, her face that strange cross of angel and porn star. Glistening fluids oozed from her exposed pink nipples and dribbled over the luscious curves of her full breasts.

Between them, in an alcove of her own, sat Cέrμləa. This wasn't the Cέrμləa that resembled the innocent child, but the adult Cέrμləa with the improbable curves of a comic-strip goddess. Her blue hair cascaded down her back in a luxuriant mane. Promises of forbidden lust glittered within the depths of her ruby eyes.

Verdé was here also. There was a hint of sadness in her face.

"Too bad little fledgling," she said. "I don't think you'll ever get your chance to fly."

All five of them, their eyes gleaming with lust, Phil noted.

He was dead for sure.

He didn't feel Rosa's fangs enter his neck. He only realised she'd bitten him when he felt her aphrodisiac venom pour into his bloodstream. He lay there, his eyes wide, gasping and twitching as Rosa continued her venomous kiss. His blood heated up until it felt like warm lava running through his veins. His balls shivered and convulsed. It was a little uncomfortable to start with as his balls felt dry and depleted, but then the venom took hold and they began to swell up like ripe juicy plums.

Rosa murmured appreciatively as she caressed his sac.

"That will keep you going for a while," she breathed in his ear.

The bed swayed as the other four succubi dropped down on it.

This was really bad. Phil knew it was really bad. The message hadn't reached his cock though. That was standing up as straight and as hard as a bar of iron. Sparks crackled across the pleasure receptors in his brain as Rosa's venom coursed through him.

"The five of us all together," Verdé said. "Our little fledgling really is in for a treat."

"Do you remember the young warlock that accidentally ported himself here during the last conjunction?" Nurse Honey said.

"Mmm, he was tasty," Rosa said.

"How many times did we make him come?" Nÿte asked.

"Twenty-seven," Cέrμləa answered.

"Halfway through he thought he'd died and this was heaven," Nurse Honey said.

"He smiled even as I drained the last drops of fluid from his body," Rosa said.

Phil noticed the skulls then. There were hundreds of them, all piled in alcoves around the edges of the room. Was this a boudoir or a mausoleum? Phil thought, a chill running up his spine. Candles, coloured and scented, were mounted on and inside them. Molten strands of gaily coloured wax formed a vivid contrast with the macabre objects they dribbled over.

"Don't be frightened," Verdé said. "They died in bliss, as will you."

"What shall we do first?" Cέrμləa asked.

Nÿte whispered in a language Phil didn't recognise and sounded so foul the words took flight from her mouth like plague-ridden beetles. Shadows coagulated out of the air and wrapped tightly around Phil's arms and legs. He was bound, spread-eagled, to the bed by strips of solidified darkness.

"Now now," Verdé said. "I thought we agreed to play nice."

"Of course dear Verdé," Nÿte replied, her voice slippery like scented oil. "I won't put so much as a single scratch on our little fledgling."

She ruffled Phil's hair with a black-taloned hand.

"Nurse Honey, would you care to join me for a little smothering?" Nÿte asked.

"Oh, I do enjoy breath play," Nurse Honey replied. She lay on Phil's legs, her soft breasts resting on his thighs.

Nÿte stood over Phil's head. He could see right up between her legs to the moist gash of her vagina. It was dripping with her juices. He watched as it slowly descended towards him, her pale white cheeks filling his view.

"I'd recommend taking a deep breath about now," Verdé said. She rested on her elbow next to him. "It might be a while before you get another."

Phil followed her advice just as Nÿte's buttocks pressed down on either side of his face. His nose and mouth were smothered beneath her flesh. There was nothing Phil could do. He lay there, bound and helpless, as Nÿte sat on his face. He couldn't see or breathe.

Nurse Honey moved up until her breasts were level with his groin. She squashed them against him and he felt a warm sticky fluid flood out over his cock and balls. A warm glow emanated from his crotch as her exquisite honey sank into his flesh. The pleasure grew greater as Nurse Honey squeezed the soft pillows of her breasts around his straining member and moved them up and down. Phil moaned into Nÿte's smothering pussy as Nurse Honey slathered his cock in syrupy liquid and buried it in her cleavage.

As blissful as the pleasure was, Phil was running out of air. A tickling sensation was building in his lungs. He opened his mouth to suck in air and got only a taste of Nÿte's spicy juices. Her pussy was suffocating him.

Nurse Honey continued to masturbate him with her breasts. She pushed her nipples inwards and squirted thick dollops of warm honey over his balls.

Phil felt light-headed. He tried moving his head to the side to steal a breath. Nÿte simply shifted position so his face stayed wedged between her cheeks.

He was going to pass out.

Nurse Honey pressed her breasts together firmly around his cock and rubbed them up and down his shaft. Her soft pillows stroked up and down his cock.

He was going to come.

Phil squirmed helplessly beneath the two demons, his lungs burning for air, his balls aching for release.

Nÿte lifted her ass a little, enough for him to steal a quick breath. At the same time his balls contracted and his hips bucked as he spurted a thick load of cream over Nurse Honey's neck and breasts. Relief at both the incoming oxygen and ecstatic release flooded his system.

"Such an eager boy," Nurse Honey purred.

"You like being smothered by my pussy don't you," Nÿte said. "I think I'll keep you under a little longer."

She sat down again, hard. Phil only managed a quick gulp of air before his nose was once again pressed against her moist pussy. She rocked on his face, grinding her sex against him. The little air Phil was able to inhale was saturated with her arousal. The scent made him light-headed and caused his balls to itch.

He felt someone plant kisses up his inner thigh. The kisses alternated between hot and cold. One boiled with ardent desire, but then the next was as cool and refreshing as a mountain spring. The kisses moved up his leg until he felt plush lips press against the twitching head of his cock. The constant temperature changes sent shivers of pleasure down his shaft. He writhed under Nÿte's pussy as the lips teased his cock.

Nÿte allowed him another sex-saturated breath as Cέrμləa took his cock all the way into her mouth. Phil squirmed as the shock sent electric shivers crackling through his body.



The conflicting sensations drove his mind crazy. He writhed helplessly as Cέrμləa's tongue tickled up and down his shaft. He was startled when the tip of another tongue tickled against his member. He was in Cέrμləa's mouth, how...

Then he felt another, and another, and another, until a multitude of tongues were tickling against his sensitive skin. His cock was surrounded by a snake's nest of warm, throbbing tongues. They licked his shaft in synchronised waves, bearing him up like a cork in rich champagne as he floated and swirled in languid bliss.

Nÿte pressed her ass firmly into his face, completely shutting off all air. Black spots danced across the lobes of Phil's brain.

Cέrμləa's many tongues coiled around his cock and tugged.

Phil moaned into Nÿte's suffocating ass and his hips spasmed upwards as he ejaculated explosively into Cέrμləa's mouth. She gulped down his seed and used her lapping tongues to tease out the orgasm until a secondary shock ran through Phil. He shuddered as he pumped a thick stream of cum down Cέrμləa's waiting throat.

The lack of oxygen and violence of the orgasm was too much for Phil. He fainted.

He wasn't out long.

Rosa breathed lightly in his ear, bringing him back to consciousness.

"No sleeping on the job fledgling."

She and Nÿte lay on either side of him, their hot bodies pressed against his. His head was currently cradled in Cέrμləa's lap.

"Wasn't my fellatio simply divine?" she smiled down at him.

"You cheat," Rosa said.

Cέrμləa stuck her tongue out at the other succubus. The end split into two waggling forks.

"Would you like to take a turn?" Nÿte asked Verdé. Her black-clawed fingers fondled Phil's cock and balls.

"Mmm, yes please," Verdé replied.

She crawled up over Phil's legs on all fours, her breasts swaying hypnotically beneath her. He was no longer bound by Nÿte's magic, not that it made any difference. He wasn't getting away any time soon.

"I think he needs a little perking up," Verdé said, pouting at Phil's flaccid cock.

"Allow me," Cέrμləa said.

She lay Phil's head back down on the bed and then leant over and pressed her soft lips against his in a gentle kiss. As she broke off, she pursed her luscious lips and blew a cloud of perfumed blue smoke into Phil's face. His head was enveloped. He inhaled and immediately felt light-headed and giddy, as if he was drunk but without any of the bad effects. Lust surged through his veins as her perfume diffused through his body. It was the same as the venom in Rosa's and Verdé's fangs, only in a gaseous form, but by the time he realised this he was already breathing in a second fragrant cloud. It wrapped his mind in a comfortable fog.

A tongue tickled lightly at his scrotum. Verdé kissed then drew one of his balls into her mouth. Phil squirmed in pleasure as she sucked it. He didn't feel her fangs go in, only the explosion of pleasure as her venom flooded his sac. His balls swelled up immediately. His limbs trembled as the extra succubus venom overloaded his nervous system. His cock went from limp to rock hard in an instant.

Verdé smiled down at him, her emerald eyes sparkling as she lapped a drop of pre-cum oozing from the tip of his twitching cock.

"Better," she said.

"I can really perk him up," Nÿte said.

She turned Phil until his ass was exposed. Her black tail reared up over his legs. The end was bloated with venom like a scorpion's tail. A noxious black liquid, smelling like the sweet nectar of a night blooming flower, oozed from the tip. Phil's eyes widened as he realised exactly where she wanted to insert it.

Verdé wagged a disapproving finger.

"Our fledgling is a little too innocent for that," she said.

"He's a bit too tight," Rosa added.

"That's easy to fix," Nurse Honey purred. "He just needs a little lubrication." She rubbed erect nipples against Phil's buttocks.

Before Phil could protest he was rolled onto his front with Nÿte underneath him.

"While you're here," she whispered like silk into his ear.

She opened her legs and Phil's cock slid smoothly into the tight sheath of her vagina. Getting out would not be so easy as she crossed her legs over the back of his thighs, trapping him between her legs. Phil wasn't that keen to leave anyway. Her pussy was exquisite; tight and ever so tactile. She rocked her hips beneath him and the muscular walls of her vagina stroked up and down his shaft with the dexterity of a hand. She delicately nibbled the lobe of his ear.

"He is very tight isn't he," Nurse Honey commented. A deft finger gently massaged the sphincter muscle of his anus. "We need this to be more relaxed." Phil shivered as he felt Nurse Honey probe his ass with the tip of her tongue.

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