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Succubus Summoning 114




This is the conclusion to the story that begins with Succubus Summoning 101.

Apologies for leaving you all on that big cliffhanger. Originally this was supposed to follow a couple of weeks after 113, but then real life intervened again and free time ended up in short supply.



"It's time," she said, her lips curling up in a cruel smile.

Her words sent splinters of ice through Phil's naked skin.

A few months back Phil would have expected finding himself naked and lying underneath a beautiful, voluptuous and above all naked blonde girl to have provoked a range of strong emotions. Most of them would have been the obvious ones, but he wouldn't have been too surprised if a little fear or apprehension entered the mix. Back then he'd still been a virgin, so a few worries were understandable.

Worries, yes. Even some fear. But complete outright terror?

No, he wouldn't have expected to feel that.

This wasn't a normal blonde girl though. This was Nurse Honey -- Mamǝḵā Bēyˁṯān -- and despite her delectable appearance she wasn't human but a succubus: a daemonic sexual vampire. Phil was in deadly danger.

"No," he opened his mouth to cry.

Mamǝḵā Bēyˁṯān was faster. She scooped up his head and smothered his cry in the soft flesh of a large breast. Phil knew what was coming even as her breast shivered and her nipple squirted thick honey into his mouth. It was sweet like the most exquisite sin. Phil tried to swallow but the substance was as sticky as tar. It blocked his throat and flooded his mouth as Mamǝḵā Bēyˁṯān pumped more and more fluid between his unwilling lips.

Strangely, even though his throat was completely clogged with cloying sweetness, he had no trouble breathing. Air passed through the barrier with ease, but it came out the other side tainted, filling his lungs with heavy, soporific nectar.

Mamǝḵā Bēyˁṯān kept pumping thick honey into Phil's mouth until his eyes glazed over. He gurgled as the constant oozing stream welled up through his nostrils and bubbled out of the corners of his mouth.

Her prey subdued, Mamǝḵā Bēyˁṯān released his head and tenderly lay it back down on the bed. Phil blinked in confusion. His body felt as heavy as a sack of sand, as if he hadn't slept for a week. His mind was clouded, dragged down and submerged in tar as sweet and as thick as molasses. It was hard to think.

He was in some kind of danger, he thought dimly. He had to... what?

"Relax," Mamǝḵā Bēyˁṯān said, her voice soothing. "I'll take care of you now..."

She sat on top of him and brought the dripping lips of her pussy close enough to kiss the tip of his engorged erection. Thick amber ambrosia oozed out from between her labia and ran down his shaft, sending shivers of pleasure ahead of it.

"... forever."

Mamǝḵā Bēyˁṯān smiled and sat down on his erection, drawing his cock up into the warm, honey-filled embrace of her vagina. She engulfed his full length before languidly lifting her hips in a slow, teasing stroke. Phil felt the suction as her sticky pussy exposed the skin of his shaft in grudging centimetres.

Overcome with bliss, Phil stared into her radiant face as she rose above him. She met his gaze and smiled beatifically down at his prostrate form.

An angel.

No. She might have the face of an angel, but looking at her Phil saw only death.

She descended back down on him. Ripples of warm honey bubbled out over his crotch, popping with wet sounds as Phil's cock and balls were inundated. Waves of pleasure cascaded through his body. No, it was something more insidious and solid than simple sensation.

Warmth flowed through Phil's body. Her warmth, he realised. Her honey. It was creeping through his body, oozing through the moist spaces within him, tickling his inner organs as it squeezed between them.

"Soak in my pleasure," Mamǝḵā Bēyˁṯān purred. Her voice was soothing, but her smile was cruel and her eyes shone with naked hunger.

She picked up the pace, her soft fleshy buttocks slamming down on him harder and faster. More of her honey flowed into him. It inflated his dry balls and seeped through his body, enveloping and smothering his organs. She filled him with a warmth that left him soporific and enervated. He felt like he was slowly sinking into the soft bed.

Mamǝḵā Bēyˁṯān sighed in bliss. She slid slowly up and down his cock. At the apex her pussy fluttered and a thick glob of liquid ran down his erection and covered it in an amber sheaf.

"Yes, release yourself into me," she sighed.

Phil felt the stirrings of an orgasm rising in his balls. More than that he felt an odd sensation within his body as her honey wrapped snugly around his organs and began to gently, but insistently, tug.

Cold perspiration rose on his forehead as realisation of the danger he was in finally pierced the fog clouding his mind. Panicking, he looked around. The other succubi were too busy pleasuring each other to pay attention to him.

Mamǝḵā Bēyˁṯān put a soft hand on his temple and moved his head until he was staring up into her white eyes. She folded her wings until they fell down on either side of Phil like the canopy of a hospital bed.

"I offer intimacy such as no mortal can ever experience," Mamǝḵā Bēyˁṯān whispered.

She sighed as her pussy pulsed and shivered around Phil's cock. The air was saturated with the cloying aroma of sin and sex. She sat down on him all the way and slowly rocked back and forth, stirring his cock in the oozing well of her pussy. Her honey saturated him and flowed through his body in pleasurable little ebbs and eddies.

Phil felt another little twitch in his balls. It was answered with a stronger twitch throughout his body as Mamǝḵā Bēyˁṯān's secretions tightened their grip. It was like being cocooned in thick honey, only the cocoon was beneath his skin.

"Yes, you're close. I can feel it," the succubus sighed, her eyes half closed in pleasure.

She picked up the pace of her thrusts, getting faster and faster. Phil lay helpless beneath her. The room was filled with wet squelching sounds as his cock entered her sugar-dripped vagina again and again, faster and deeper.

Another ominous twitch tickled his balls. He felt electric shivers of pleasure escape his sexual organs and crackle through his body, carried by the waves of Mamǝḵā Bēyˁṯān's smothering honey. Part of him was being drawn out, trapped like an insect caught in gum.

"Yes. A little more, fledgling," Mamǝḵā Bēyˁṯān murmured. "Release it."

She arched her back and raised her wings. Her body came down on him faster and faster, her large breasts bouncing with each impact.

Phil heard screams. They were faint at first, but they grew louder as though they were approaching him fast down a long tunnel. Or he was racing to meet them. It was hard to tell. There were no words, only incoherent cries of loss and longing for freedom.

Phil squirmed beneath the demon. His hands clenched and unclenched against the sheets of the bed as he fought to hold back the mounting orgasm that would tear out his soul with it. Still she remorselessly fucked him, her dripping pussy stroking his cock to maddening peaks of sensation.

"Don't resist, fledgling." Mamǝḵā Bēyˁṯān urged. "Pump your soul into me."

Phil was surrounded by a mad chorus as he sank deeper into Mamǝḵā Bēyˁṯān's sticky grip. This was the true heart of the demon: a roiling pandemonium of innumerable lost souls trapped in a hinterland between this life and the next, enslaved to an existence of eternal servitude within the flesh of a monster that wore the face of an angel.

This was to be his fate, Phil realised. He couldn't stop it. His stupid cock was throbbing with the urgent need to come, to spray his seed deep into her luscious flesh again and again, heedless of the knowledge his soul would come out with it.

Mamǝḵā Bēyˁṯān moaned and sighed, urging him on even as he squirmed and struggled beneath her, caught in a battle against his animal natures he had no chance of winning. Her honey pulled against him and he felt his consciousness start to peel from his flesh.

No, Phil thought, feeling his hips thrust against her in defiance of his brain. The wails of the damned filled his ears.

"Yes," Mamǝḵā Bēyˁṯān hissed.


Verdé slid down next to Phil on the bed. She wrapped a protective arm around Phil's upper body.

There was a long pause as the two succubi stared at each other: Mamǝḵā Bēyˁṯān imperious, Verdé defiant; neither willing to give way. Phil was happy for the brief respite given to his trembling body.

Nÿte walked up behind Mamǝḵā Bēyˁṯān and whispered something in her ear.

Mamǝḵā Bēyˁṯān was motionless as she considered Nÿte's words. Finally she nodded.

"Yes. She was his first. It is fitting that she should be his last."

Mamǝḵā Bēyˁṯān lifted herself off Phil with consummate grace. Whatever was smothering his organs released its grip and slowly receded back through his body. Denied sensation, his body slowly subsided back from that final, soul-shattering orgasm. It was testament to Mamǝḵā Bēyˁṯān's erotic skills that the relief of his escape was almost overshadowed by the regret at not getting to spurt his seed into the warm clutch of her vagina, even though he knew that release would damn him eternally.

Phil barely had a chance to let his jangling nerves settle before Verdé gathered him up in her arms. Her wings wrapped around them like a burial shroud. She planted a series of frantic kisses across Phil's face and the passion of her attentions caught him by surprise.

She stopped kissing him and stared deep into Phil's eyes.

"You gave me your virginity," she whispered. "I'll always treasure that."

She whispered words of magic under her breath and hugged Phil closer for a longer kiss. Her soft lips pressed against his and she exhaled a breath that travelled through him like a fresh breeze. The honey clogging his throat melted away and Phil felt a sudden burst of energy as bracing as bathing in a clear mountain stream.

It was not wholly beneficial.

He felt her breath wash through him, picking up the flotsam and jetsam of his being and concentrating it down in his balls. He'd escaped one predator only to be delivered into the embrace of another.

Verdé was tender as she laid him out on the enormous bed. She straddled him and guided his erection into the moist grip of her vagina.

Fuck. Phil nearly came there and then. As perfect as Verdé's pussy normally felt, it had never felt as tight, or as soft, or as wet as this. She wriggled on his lap and a strange musculature enfolded and manipulated his cock until it was manoeuvred into such a snug fit it could have been part of her own body.

"Does that feel nice?" Verdé asked.

She inched up his shaft before coming back down in a long, slow stroke. Her vaginal walls vibrated against his cock. The head pushed up against and into a soft organ that gave like a cushion and enfolded his tip with fleshy suction.

Phil said nothing. His breath was taken away by the sensation.

The suction was soft and insistent. It travelled down the inside of his shaft, pulling lightly on his balls at first, but then spreading through his body with little rippling caresses. The sensation was strange, but quite pleasurable.

"It won't hurt if you don't fight it," Verdé said.

She whispered more words of magic under her breath. She ran her hands over Phil's naked chest and he bucked as if jolted with electricity. It was a pleasurable shock though, sending warm shivers of pleasure running through his body. In their wake his skin became highly sensitized, so that the pleasure of every caress and stroke was magnified a hundredfold.

"What will happen to my soul?" Phil asked.

He felt the force -- gentle now, but increasing in power -- pulling inside him. He remembered the eternal screams of torment inside Nurse Honey's body. He thought also of the pitiful remains of Jake grafted onto the side of a wargen.

Verdé kissed a finger with her full lips and ran it lightly down the side of his face. Her face was sad.

"It will be destroyed," she said, "consumed by the fires within my body."

She rose up and down with long, delectable strokes. Her vaginal muscles tightened around his cock and drove it deeper into a warm, fleshy organ. The head of his cock was gripped by a strong suction that travelled all the way through his body until he could feel it right to the end of his fingernails and in the roots of his hair.

"You will cease to exist," Verdé continued. "No possibility of reincarnation, afterlife or any of the other mysteries that await mortals when they move from this life to the next."

She sat up straighter, wriggling to find an even snugger fit for Phil's cock within her soft flesh. Her breasts sat up high on her chest, firm and flawless. Her wings unfurled behind her.

Preparing to feed.

Not that Phil could do anything about it. He squirmed in helpless ecstasy as her soft flesh stroked against his over-sensitized flesh and the sensation overwhelmed his mind. Verdé stretched her wings behind her as she slowly rocked on his cock. She reached behind her and caressed his testicles. She whispered more words of magic and Phil shivered in pleasure even as he felt her draw more of his essence into his balls.

"It will be a glorious end," Verdé said, still rocking on his cock as her fingers fondled his balls. "Your final release will be like five thousand heavens in one burst."

She paused and stared directly at Phil, her eyes suddenly as hard and as cold as the precious stones they resembled.

"But it will be an end."

Her pussy squeezed his cock and Phil moaned in pleasure. He thrashed his head from side to side, the sensations so strong they threatened to claw away his sanity and leave behind a primal beast, good only for mindless rutting.

The other succubi had returned to their alcoves. They stared down in respectful silence. Phil was alone on the enormous bed with Verdé.

And the bones of the succubi's other victims.

Verdé speeded up, the force of her thrusts driving Phil deeper into the luxurious mattress. Phil's breaths came out louder and harder as his body burned in a conflagration of lust. It was getting harder to hold on. His cock, no his entire body, throbbed with the urgent need to spurt its load. That load was not confined to the contents of his balls. It was his entire body. It was all through his every cell, thought and even in the ethereal fragments of his spirit. Every spark of his being awaited the gates to be opened to rush headlong into her fire.

Verdé lifted herself high above him, letting his engorged cock slide slowly out of her moist grip until only the head lay lodged between the plush lips of her pussy. She rocked there, letting her folds slide against his swollen glans.

It wasn't enough. He wanted to be all the way inside her so he could feel that exquisite, silken flesh brushing against every millimetre of his erection.

Verdé looked down at Phil, her green eyes bright and piercing.

"If I complete this stroke there will be no going back," she said. "Once your cock is all the way inside me you'll start to come and you won't stop until I've drunk every drop of your life, essence and soul. Is this what you want?"


He ached to come. He needed to come. He'd give anything for the blissful release.

No. The price was too high. This wasn't just his life, but the complete destruction of his soul as well.

Verdé didn't complete the stroke. She stayed above him so that only the tip of his cock rested in her moist vagina, delaying the final thrust that would plunge his full manhood all the way into her hungry sex. Her face was completely cryptic to Phil. He got the odd feeling she was waiting for something.

Oh fuck, he needed to come so badly. His semen felt like it was boiling in his balls, bubbling and seething with a longing to escape. His hips twitched with anticipation. He couldn't stand how she was teasing him like this. He wanted to be in her warmth. All the way. If she wasn't going to finish this final stroke he'd thrust up to meet her with his hips.


What was she waiting for? He was at her mercy. She could take him at any time. All it needed was a push, a squeeze, a suck.

Yet she held her body above him. Why?

Was there something he'd missed? Something he hadn't understood?

Her face was still unreadable. The brief pause, surely Phil's final moment, stretched out as the gears of his mind cast aside the fleshy chains of sensuality and began to whirr.

"Is this what you want?"

Why ask when she could just take?

He thought back to Nÿte's comment when she'd pulled him on top of her.

"You silly boy. Your body will not be able to withstand the five of us together."

How could he be silly? It was hardly his choice to be here.

She'd said something similar on the night they'd first fucked.

"You dally too often with Rosa and Verdé. Keep on this path and soon they will suck out all your life and consume your soul."

She'd looked surprised when he'd said it wasn't his choice.

And Nurse Honey:

"The fledgling should show more restraint."

As if he'd brought it on himself.

And Rosa's rage when she'd been throwing fireballs at him:

"Stop pretending!"

"Don't lie."

What did she think he was supposed to be? He was nothing to them; a toy, plaything, leftovers they could finish at their leisure, or at least that's what he thought.

He remembered Cέrμləa.

"You don't know?"

What didn't he know?

And her other comments:

"Why do you fear us?"

You're going to kill me.

"If that is your desire."

And Verdé now:

"Is this what you want?"

He thought back to that room in Wargsnouts'seast tower and the ill-fated ritual that had got him in this mess in the first place. He knew how dangerous they were rumoured to be. He'd been extra careful in performing the ritual. He was sure of that.

"Is this what you want?"

Why would she ask?


A sadness settled in Verdé's eyes. She started to lower herself down on Phil's cock.

"Stop! I command you." Phil said.

Verdé looked at Phil and smiled. Her pussy released its tight grip on his cock.

"As you wish... master."

She dismounted him and lay next to him on the bed, her head nestled against his neck. She could have been his lover, albeit one with horns, wing and a tail.

Phil lay back. For the first time he noticed just how fast his heart was beating. He struggled to adjust to the fact he was, against all probabilities, still alive. He ignored the grumbles from his cock and balls as another potential orgasm was starved of sensation. They'd had enough fun already this night. His erection slowly deflated and the essence Verdé had concentrated in his balls dissipated back into the rest of his body.

A swarm of questions whirled through his mind. How? Why?

"I'm your master?" he asked, still not quite believing the words could be true.

"You did summon us," Rosa said, landing lightly on the bed next to them. "I assume that was your intention."

"But the ritual..."

"Was fine," Rosa said. She lay down on Phil's other side so he was pleasantly sandwiched between their bodies.

"Apart from the protective circle," Verdé said.

"Yeah, that was a bit crappy," Rosa said. "We'll get Cέrμləa to help you with those."

Phil's mind span with the new information. He was their master?

"Why bring me back here? Phil asked. "Why nearly kill me?"

"The summoning forms a special link between warlock and succubus," Cέrμləa said from her perch up in the alcoves. "It allows us to satisfy their every desire."

"Even the ones they don't know they have," Nÿte said.

Phil contemplated their words.

"My desire was to die?" he said, chilled by the thought. "What about Jake? What about all these people," he looked at the piles and piles of skulls around the room, "they wanted this to happen?"

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