Succubus Summoning 213


He felt resistance as if it was pressure squeezing his skull. He pushed harder with his will and felt the bubble of magic energies give and then break. The spectral light surrounding the chair winked out and Phil felt relief as the crushing force pinning him to his seat went away.

Astrapia lifted her head. Fury raged in her shark-black eyes. Phil's magical flames had scorched an ugly red trail across her scalp. Silky black hair was already growing up through the blistered skin like fresh shoots.

He didn't have much time. Phil went down on one knee and placed a palm flat on the stone floor. Yes, it was there, burrowing through the dark places, waiting for his call.

"Ĝiškimiti za bursaĝ ul Urpâdu ni Guberim li Išduum Qištu!"

Green vines burst out of the stone flagstones. They coiled around Astrapia's body and bound her to the floor before she could stand up.

Seleucida paused from sexually draining Verdé. "The Vines of Dārû Qištu? How can a nov—"

Phil extended his left hand. Vines erupted from the wall, wrapped around Seleucida and Paradisea, and yanked them away. They were pinned to the wall as if chained there. Thick green fibrous ropes wound across their mouths, gagging them.

"Well done. Well done," Astrapia said.

The succubus, fully regenerated in all her icy beauty, was trussed up like a roast hog with her butt sticking up in the air. Despite this she still had the supernatural succubus ability to look intensely alluring no matter how undignified her current state. She looked less a prisoner and more like an alt glamour model engaged in rope bondage.

The cold fury had left her face and she was all warm smiles as she spoke to him.

"Congratulations. You passed the test. You have demonstrated your power as a warlock."

He'd done it! The realisation flowed through him in a giddy wave. Phil could scarcely believe it. He'd defeated them. He'd used his own magic and defeated succubi.

"And now you can claim your spoils."

Astrapia gave the luscious curves of her ass a little waggle, as much as the vines would allow. Nestled between her legs like a hidden treasure were the clamshell folds of her sex.

"It is the law. The strong have supremacy over the weak. You defeated me and now I am yours to do with as you see fit."

The clamshell folds of her sex rippled and parted enticingly as Phil stared at them.

Yes, it was true. He'd beaten her.

He looked around the room, at the other two succubi chained to the walls with green vines.

He'd beaten them all.

What a rush.

He wasn't a useless dork in a dead end job. He wielded magic. He summoned daemons. He defeated daemons. He was a warlock.

He looked at the three daemonesses trussed up helplessly by his magic.

That was him. He'd done this.

He was good.

No, better than good... fucking awesome.

"I am yours, but... please don't be too hard with me," Astrapia said.

There was a rightness to her words. This was how this world worked. He'd seen it time after time.

And now he was part of this world. He was a warlock... a real warlock.

Astrapia wiggled her ass again. Her sex winked wider, giving Phil a tantalizing glimpse of her moist pink interior.

And now it was time to collect his deserved reward. All he had to do was step up, place his palms flat on the smooth curves of her bum and thrust.

Yeah right. Like he was that stupid. He knew how succubi operated.

Phil turned and went to Verdé.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

She nodded. Phil noticed there were faint little crow's feet at the corner of her eyes, but their presence was fleeting and they were gone by the time he helped her to her feet.

"Thank you," she whispered and placed a soft kiss on his cheek that made him feel like the whole of his body had been wrapped up in a pleasant warm glow.

She put her robes back on. Phil looked anxiously at the bound succubi. He didn't know how long the vines would hold them.

"We should leave," Phil said.

"You know, there is a perverse irony to this situation I would find highly arousing if I wasn't so exhausted," Verdé said.

"You're missing out," Astrapia called out to Phil. "You have no idea of the pleasures my pussy can bring you."

"We really should leave," Phil said.

Verdé put her arm around Phil and rested her head on his shoulder as they walked—too slowly for Phil's liking—out of the room. He kept glancing behind him as they walked back to his room. It was one of the few occasions where he was glad to find Rosa waiting in his bedroom.

She was not alone. Standing next to the red-headed succubus was a stern-looking woman wearing full plate armour. Rosa was tall by human standards and the woman standing next to her was easily a full head taller. Or rather, daemon. Her lips were cobalt-blue in colour and the teeth behind them were pointed, as were her ears. Her skin, where it was visible, had a blue rather than pink tinge. Her armour was white with gold trim and so elaborate it looked more like a piece of art then a suit of protective gear. It had been polished so brightly it hurt the eyes to stare at for too long.

Who was she? She resembled some kind of fantasy paladin or valkyrie.

Rosa looked at Verdé. "What happened to you?"

"Playtime with some bedmistresses from the Palace of Infernal and Iniquitous Pleasures," Verdé said.

Rosa raised an eyebrow at Verdé before continuing on with her introduction of the armoured daemon standing at her side.

"Anyway, I found someone. Valkarykarynarökris Helvargan will give our novice his final—"

The armoured daemon, Valkarykarynarökris, stared at Phil with piercing blue eyes. Her gaze was so intense Phil had the uncomfortable feeling she was stripping the skin, flesh and bone away to stare right through to what lay beneath.

"It is not necessary," Valkarykarynarökris said, cutting Rosa off mid-sentence.

Then she turned on her heels and left the room through the portal Cέrμləa had created, leaving two speechless succubi and a baffled Phil behind.

"My, how rude," Verdé said.

"That's pride daemons for you," Rosa said. "No wonder no-one likes them."

She looked at Phil.

"Do you think it counts?" she asked Verdé.

"I think so," Verdé said. "Is that all of them now?"

"Hmm, let me see," Rosa said. "Carnivrillarofax... Mr G... Ûmūn Šag..." She counted them off on her fingers. "...Puff and Pfaffle... Cέrμləa."

"Tsk, Ab'ĝalga," Verdé corrected.

"Ab'ĝalga," Rosa repeated. "And Valkarykarynarökris Helvargan just now. I think that's all of them. Well, aside from that dominion."

"No-one counts that dominion," Verdé said.

Phil listened to them without having the slightest idea what they were talking about. He had other things on his mind. He kept glancing nervously at the door, expecting a vengeful Astrapia and friends to burst through the door at any moment.

"Well, if that is all of them..."


Both turned to Phil with broad smiles on their faces.

"Congratulations, fledgling. You are now officially a warlock."

"Um, isn't that something the college determines after seven years?" Phil said.

The two succubi laughed.

"This calls for a celebration," Rosa said. "Let's go find some yummy students and screw them to—"

"Meditate," Verdé interrupted.

Rosa glanced at Phil. "Oh yes, meditate." She looked Verdé over. "You look like you could do with a spot of meditation."

"The bedmistresses play a little rough," Verdé said.

Rosa raised an eyebrow again.

Phil said. He glanced again at his door. "Shouldn't we be worried about those bedmistresses?"

"It will be fine," Verdé said. "Little skirmishes like this are a regular part of the daemon world. They rarely go further."

"If you're worried we can have Nÿte talk to Mother Diabolica," Rosa said. "She might even let Nÿte bring one back for you to play with. Was there one in particular you'd like to fuck?"

Phil didn't have the slightest clue how to respond to that, so he didn't.

Fortunately he didn't have to, as a young girl with blue hair, horns and red eyes appeared on the other side of the doorway to hell.

"Ah, Cέrμləa is here to give you your lesson for the day," Verdé said. "We'll leave you with her while we go off and..." she shared a glance with Rosa. "...meditate."

"Yes, and discuss some other things," Rosa said, giving Verdé a pointed stare.

"I know what they mean by meditate," Phil said after they'd left. "I'm not that stupid. It's not as if I could stop them anyway."

"You should be happy," Cέrμləa said. "Congratulations are in order."

"I don't suppose you feel like explaining what it all means," Phil said.

"Those that would wield daemons must demonstrate they can overcome all their daemons, not just the most prominent," Cέrμləa said.

Phil wrestled with understanding, before giving up. "Um, I don't suppose you could be more specific?"

"Sure," Cέrμləa said. "The first daemon a human attracts to them is one that reflects the greatest weakness in their character. That daemon can grant power, but mostly it's only interested in the human's soul unless the human shows promise. Weak masters are of no use to us.

"Given you were a lonely, horny teen with no knowledge of the opposite sex, your daemon was always going to come from the Dominion of Lust. You survived the first trial, but a warlock must prove they can withstand the temptations of all the other dominions. The exception to this is the eighth, the Dominion of F—"

She put a hand to her mouth.

"Oh wait, it's far too early to talk about that one. You all should forget I even mentioned it.

"Anyway," she continued. "You were given trials corresponding to each of the other dominions. You survived them. You are now, by the accords of hell, a warlock."

Phil went over her words. "That was surprisingly clear and understandable," he said.

"It was?" Cέrμləa said. "Hmm. Oh well, you should probably take it with a pinch of salt. I'm not the most reliable when it comes to explanations."

So much for clear and understandable, Phil thought. Shaking his head he stepped through the portal and back into hell. At least he was still alive.

Cέrμləa lingered on the threshold and stared through the doorway into Phil's bedroom on Earth. She reached out with a finger and tapped on the open doorway as if it was a sheet of glass. Glowing ripples of blue light spread out from the point of contact even though, to all extents and purposes, there was nothing there but empty air.

"Soon," she whispered.

And that's that for the Succubus Summoning 201 arc. I hope you've all enjoyed it despite the rather infrequent update schedule. It's not the end of Phil's adventures with deliciously salacious succubi. I'm going to take a break from this series to write up some other story ideas that have been sitting patiently in the back of my head, but then I'll return with Succubus Summoning 301 to pick up some of the story threads I've deliberately left open.

I'm aiming to collect all the 201 chapters together into an ebook/print book. (Feedback on the ending or anything is welcome - If I've screwed up here, there's still a chance to fix it before the final book version!)

Thanks for reading!

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I hope you will make more of this story also I hope to see
Astrapia again

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by Anonymous09/19/18

The Wait Continues..

How I yearn for Chapter 301.

Without doubt, the most riveting read I've come across on Literotica.
You should continue Phils story in an Ebook. You'd have my purchase for sure.

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by Anonymous05/08/18

sad to see

it is really sad to see such an amazing story within such an interesting world lay dormant.
i really wish the author came back and wrote more about this world and phil and the succubae, after teasingmore...

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by Anonymous03/03/18


Hey man, i really like your writings!
I kinda disliked most of the sex scenes because i didnt find them arousing but then i warmed to the idea that a compelling story doesnt have to get me off. I likemore...

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by Anonymous02/16/18

very nice world building

great story. the sex scenes are good enough, but more than anything you managed to paint the picture of a world i wish to know more about.
phil is a engaging main character and in contrast to many othermore...

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