tagLoving WivesSuccumb to the Temptation

Succumb to the Temptation


This is another story based on a dream. It is a little longer than I had hoped but it was fun to write. I welcome any constructive comments or positive comments, others will be deleted.


Here I am walking through the park after work on a beautiful sunny day and I'm surprised to see Katie and Jenni walking towards me smiling and waving. It had been years, and I was happy to see them.

"Oh my god, Tim, it is so good to see you."

Fumbling over my words a little, I mumble back, "Oh yeah, you too!"

"Tim, do you even remember us?"

"Absolutely, Kasey and Jessica, right? Just kidding... It is great to see you both Katie and Jenni. What have you two been up to? Are you both still at UCLA?"

The laughed almost in unison, "NO! We graduated from UCSD last year."

"Oops, sorry. It's hard to keep track of everyone."

Jenni asked, "How is Lucy? We love her, she is the best!"

"Its, true" I agreed "Let's all take a photo together and we can send it to her."

"Yeah, perfect. I'll take them on my phone and then send them to you. Whats your number?" Jenni said

We took a series of photos which was not surprising, they used to take a lot of selfies back in the day and post them on social media. First it was just me and Jenni, then me and Katie, then we had to set up the camera so we could take photos all together. They also wanted to time photos just right so we were all jumping or they wanted to do a turn or something. I started to feel like more of a prop for their shoot. All of this happened with people walking by and I was starting to get a little embarrassed with all the looks.

After the photo shoot and a little more catching up, I said I had to run to make my train and get home to Lucy. Once on the train they sent me a text that said "Don't forget to show Lucy these" and an invite to an online folder with about 10 photos of us. They looked all grown up in their spring dresses. I looked a little tired but still nice in my work suit, clearly showing my age. It was at that moment I starting seeing them as the adults they were, which also changed the way I saw them. For the first time I saw just how sexy they looked. The dresses they wore were really short and were showing a fair amount of cleavage. They really looked like LA models or some other young hot woman you might see on TV. I was starting to stare at the photo in all the wrong ways, so I turned off my phone and started to read my book for the rest of the ride. I guess college really changed them.

When I met Katie and Jenni, I was a leader in a High School aged after school program where my wife and I volunteered. We were the youngest leaders and had just graduated college which meant that we connected with the students the best. This meant that we had to lead all the difficult conversations because the students would actually listen to us. This also meant that when it came time, they made us lead a discussions about safe sex and relationships. It got pretty awkward at points. The students often had many questions which meant we would split the students up into smaller groups. In the small groups is how we really got to know the students. All this to say Katie and Jenni were the most outspoken and always had lots of questions. They wanted to know everything and sometimes asked about our lives directly. We always tried to draw the line there. Tried...

So it was good to see Katie and Jenni again but the last I saw that inquisitive duo they had just finished High School and were going off to college, apparently at UCSD. We both had hoped they went to a smaller school because we were worried that they might get into all sorts of trouble. They were very outgoing, flirty and very sheltered. That can be a dangerous combo when going off to college far from home.

Once home, I told my wife that I ran into Katie and Jenni on my way home and they wanted me to show her the photos. Her response to the photos was confusing, "Oh wow, I bet you enjoyed that."

"What do you mean?" I said a little defensive.

"A couple of young ladies running up to you and giving you hugs and a bunch of attention."

"I feel like I'm in trouble and I am not sure why. I'm going to just go shower and I'll be back down in a minute" I said as I start heading up the stairs.

After I get out of the shower I see I have another text from Jenni. It read "Did you show the photos to Lucy?"

"Yep" I typed

"Great, I'll upload some more just for you."

"Cool, thanks" And then I set down my phone to get dressed again.

As I start walking down the steps my phone buzzes again and it's a notification from the online folder saying that more photos were added. "Technology is so needy" I think to myself. But I click anyway and the first photo I see is me standing next to Jenni but she had pulled her top down and was flashing the camera. The next one was me and Katie, but she was holding the hem of her dress up to show her white lacy panties. It was photo after photo with me standing next to them as they exposed themselves publicly. I stopped in my tracks halfway down the stairs. I didn't know what to do. Did they want me to show these to Lucy? Well that seemed like a dumb idea instantly. I tried to delete them from the folder but couldn't.

Lucy yelled "Tim, can you come help me with this?"

I panicked and uninstalled the app from my phone even though I'll need it for work tomorrow.

"Yes, just a sec" I said trying to make sure there would be no evidence.

As I walked into the kitchen, Lucy saw I was flustered and joked, "We spend all that time at the gym and those stairs still get ya, huh?"

I laughed nervously and she gave me a peck on the cheek. "Tonight you need to make dinner cause I have to help our son with some art project for school." I was happy she would be otherwise occupied so i could hide in the kitchen and try and figure out what I was supposed to do. No ideas came and we had a normal rest of the night. Maybe if I just ignored it, it'll all go away. That always works, right?


The next morning on the train to work another text from Jenni. I knew this was trouble.

"What, no response? ;-);-)"

"Jenni I can't have those, it's not right"

"Meet us in the same spot today and

I'll show you how to take them off, sorry.

We thought you would like them"

"I do but I was your counselor.

I mean, I can't have them or it looks bad.

What would Lucy think?"

"We don't want to get you in trouble,

I'll show you how to fix it today."

With a deep sigh and a little weight off my shoulders I relaxed the rest of the way to work. It took all my will power not to open that folder again. Throughout the day I kept getting distracted thinking about the photos, so I tried to bury myself in work.

Finally on my lunch break, I had to stop working. The photos came to mind again and I gave in and opened the folder. I was always the only one that brought my lunch to work, so I knew I'd be alone. So I opened the folder on my work computer. Man they were beautiful, their flowing hair and dresses were breathtaking.

I was about half way through the second batch of photos they sent me when I noticed that somehow they were both flashing their bare pussy. Which means at some point they had both slipped off their panties. How is that possible without me knowing? I was standing right there. AND their turn poses made their dresses fly up just in time for the camera to capture their bare asses.

Was I that out of it? No wonder people were staring at us when they walked by. Did anyone I know walk by? Did anyone from work walk by? I sat back in my chair stunned and a little panicked.

That's when the chat box popped up attached to the shared folder.

"I thought I might find you here :-* "

This is the chat I use to collaborate with my co-workers. This is my work computer. What am I doing?

"Katie and I have a surprise for you after work.

It'll make everything better.

Trust me."

This is starting to feel weird. Yes it's super hot but I'm not exactly sure what is the best way to respond to all this. I closed everything down and decided that I would try and talk some sense into them when I met them after work. This felt like a trap and I don't want to fall victim. I was their leader after all, I'm sure they will understand. With that I felt some small sense of control again and was able to get back to work. But every couple of minutes I would think back to the folder...

Once I finished up for the day and said my goodbye to my boss, I left the office and headed for the park. I was a little nervous for the difficult conversation I was about to have but felt a sense of conviction. They were already five minutes late when my phone went off, it was Lucy at home.

"Hey, guess who it is? Your lovely wife said Katie and I should stay for dinner? Isn't she just the best" In the background I can hear Lucy asking for the phone. They all sound like they have been drinking.

"Hey hun, sorry. I hope you don't mind but I just thought it would be nice to catch up with a couple of our old students. Sorry I should have given you more notice but the girls were in the neighborhood and came over last minute. Where are you now?"

"Uh, okay." I said while realizing they have taken this to the next level. "I'm still at work" I said realizing I might be able to make the early train and surprise them.

"Great! I mean, okay let me know if your timing changes so I can, uh, plan for dinner?" Lucy said unconvincingly before adding, "and call your mother and have her pick up our son from school. Tell her I will pick him up tomorrow morning. Okay see you later honey."

"Okay, love you." I said while not entirely sure that my wife heard it before hanging up.

At this point I knew I would be walking into trouble. Luckily the train station is just past the park and I ran for the platform. I just barely caught the earlier nonstop train, which would get me home much faster than normal. I had to hurry home.

The whole way home I was trying to figure out a plan to get Katie and Jenni out of my house. I don't know is what their motives are but they seem to be fighting dirty. I seriously can't think why. That's when I got another message form Jenni.

"You're welcome. Your wife is beautiful, you should really fuck her more."

I open the online folder to see a new photo of my naked wife laying in the sun, her knees bent a little and out to the side, and her glistening pussy on display for all to see. That's when I come back to reality and realize that I am on a packed train and many people behind me could see what was on my screen. Did I just show off my exposed wife on a packed train? Also, I need to call my mom before I forget.

When I pull up in the driveway, I collect myself and take in a deep breath. "This is war." I say to myself and open the door not knowing what to expect beyond besides trouble. As I enter the house, I listen carefully but the whole house is quiet, I can't hear anybody. I look in the living room, nothing. I look in the dining room and find two empty bottles of wine. I go into the kitchen and find 3 shirts, only one I recognize. Then I hear a big splash and some giggling in the back yard. Needless to say I quicken my pace for the back door. As I open the door all my defenses are dropped as I am gifted the most amazing sight I have ever seen.


Ring ring


"Hey Lucy, guess who it is?"

"Not sure, may I ask who is calling please?"

"Oh sorry Lucy, it's Jenni and Katie!!!" There is a faint "Hi Lucy!" in the background.

"Remember us? Didn't Tim tell you he ran into us?"

"Ooooooh, yes he did! Wow, it's good to hear from you."

"Well, we are in your neighborhood and were wondering if we could stop by?"

"Oh, uh. Sure! I was..."

"Great we will see you soon. Bye!"

"Wait what time will you...hello?"

Lucy thought that was a pretty weird conversation but she always had a soft spot for these girls. They were always so nice to her. Also, after Tim had showed her those photos she has started to think about how much she missed them. So she decided to get as much work done in her home office before they got there, whenever that would be.

About an hour later Lucy heard the doorbell ring. "Well darn it" she thought. After going to the gym this morning, and doing the cleaning the house, she had barely got any work done. Luckily these reports were not due until next week and hopefully Katie and Jenni leave after a quick cup of afternoon tea. Then she would be able to get back to work. "Okay, here we go." she said to herself before opening the door.

"We brought wine!" They said in unison as they danced through the doorway. 'Oh, geez.' Lucy thought to herself.

"Come on in, I'm not much of a drinker. It tends to make me tired. Can I make us some tea?"

"Nope, we are celebrating." Katie said. "We haven't seen you forever! We brought this especially for you!"

"Okay fine but just one small glass."

They spent the rest of the time catching up on school and each other's lives. Lucy had to admit it was nice seeing them. It was like she had girlfriends again. Ever since she had her son, she had felt a little isolated from her friends. Before Lucy knew it Katie was opening a second bottle. As she did, she hit Jenni with her elbow which splashed wine on Lucy's shirt. Katie felt so bad she practically ripped Lucy's shirt off and was demanding to hand wash it. So they moved to the kitchen to continue talking while Katie washed the shirt clean.

Lucy was starting to feel self-conscious, she was wearing one of her older beat up but comfortable bras and not one she had planned on anyone seeing. She said she was going to go grab another shirt when Jenni then suddenly let out a loud party girl "whoo!" and took off her shirt too! Lucy just stood there stunned by both the scream and that Jenni apparently had no bra on. Her B cup perky breasts where just sitting in front of her, higher and perkier than Lucy ever remembered hers being.

Jenni said "Katie! They have a pool! Let's go skinny dipping. Just us girls, please!?!"

Katie added "Oh my gosh, please please please!" And she took her shirt off and revealed her D cup breasts in a tiny lacy bra that was just about busting at the seams. All Lucy could think was "That doesn't seem very supportive." then she took her final sip of her third full glass of wine. That's when it hit her: She was drunk and wasn't going to her any more work done today.

"Okay fine girls but we can't swim too long Tim will be home at 6 and I still have to make dinner."

And that's when all three started skipping, running, giggling, and working their way out to the pool.

Jenni grabbed her phone on the way out and then she asked for Katie's phone. She set them down and then pushed all three of them into the pool still partially dressed. Lucy was surprised but was having fun playing around and pretending like she was in her 20s again. They splashed around and drank wine while they peeled their wet clothes from their bodies.

Once all the clothes were off, they laid them out in the sun to dry. Katie laid out first fully embracing the warm sun and then Lucy and Jenni joined her on the lounges. Taking in the warm rays felt great and they were having fun chatting and drying off. It wasn't long though before the wine got to Lucy and she started to doze. The warm sun on her naked body felt comforting and relaxing.

Lucy woke up a couple minutes later when she heard Katie and Jenni laughing about something on their phones. She ignored it, assuming it was a boy they had on the line and instead got lost in her own thoughts.

Lucy looked over her own naked body and then theirs, she felt good about how she looked next to these young fit 22 year olds. She worked out regularly and took good care of her temple. They were both skinny and had toned bodies but Lucy was proud that she had a little more curves then they did. It was the focus of most of her workouts and she wanted her ass tight and round. Lucy did notice that both Katie and Jenni had no body hair, not even on their arms. She could see their labia clearly and found the different size and shape interesting. She personally liked to keep a little strip of hair at the top of her pussy because she loved when Tim played with it. It made her feel sexy and like a woman.

Katie's alarm went off on her phone.

"Does that mean you need to go?" Lucy asked both hopeful and sad.

"I am way to drunk to go anywhere, is it alright if we stay for dinner? That'll help us sober up."

"Of course!" Lucy said excited "I know Tim will be excited to see you. He certainly was last time." Jenni and Katie smiled at each other.

"Oh my gosh, I have the best idea." Lucy said "I don't know if you ladies would want to help me with this but...No, never mind."

"Come on just tell us, trust us. Whatever it is we will do it."

"Okay, well Tim sorta has a wondering eye, if you know what I mean. I just want to see if he would ever actually act on it. I know he has been looking at porn more and having sex with me less."

Jenni started giggling and said, "Whatever it is yes! Whats your plan?"

"Well, I was thinking more of a test of his will power. You think you can tease him enough to really test his self control?"

"Oh, don't worry about that" Katie said, "Jenni is a huge cock tease. It's kinda her specialty."

"Shut up Katie!"

"Really? You think it'll really work then?" Lucy asked sitting up.

"Oh, it'll work. I love this idea." Jenni said as she laid back opening her legs a little to make her point.

"Wait, Tim should be home soon. What's the plan?" Lucy said

"Okay lets call him and see where he is. Then we can see how much time we have to plan." Jenni suggested.

"Good idea." Lucy said. After their quick phone call they resumed their planning, fully exposed to each other and the sun.


I opened the back door to see my wife exiting the stairs from the pool with water streaming down her beautiful naked body. And right behind her two more goddesses rose out of the water, completely nude. I stood still and amazed. This sight is greater than any on earth.

"Oh, Tim you scared me. Why did you just creep in like that?" She gave me a look that clearly told me to stop staring but how could I? "Well Tim? Don't be a pervert, hun. Close your eyes and turn around while we collect ourselves and go in to change. Come on girls, I'll find something for us to wear while Tim puts our clothes in the laundry. Thanks babe."

Instead of closing my eyes I turn and face the window, making sure I can see everything in it's reflection. I saw them grab some towels, their phones, and walk in. Watching those beautiful examples of the female form move made me instantly hard. After they closed the door, I looked up the sky to thank God for this blessing and saw my newly installed HD security system and made a mental note. Save that day's file. Foreverrrr...

After they went in I grabbed the two pair of short shorts, my wife's jeans and underwear, and a pile of what looked like lacy scrap fabric or something. I put the clothes in the washing machine with some of our clothes in the hamper and the shirts in the kitchen.

It wasn't long before my wife came down in a beautiful summer dress. It one of those thin soft fabric dresses that are short, tie behind the neck and flip up a little with each step. This one was navy blue with little flowers all over it.

"They are having the hardest time picking out something to wear, so we need more wine."

"Uh, sure. But what happened? Also, where did you get that dress?"

"I guess Katie maybe had too much didn't want to drive home. I think they were in the neighborhood or something and wanted to stop by, or something. Is that what you're taking about? Wait what are you talking about? Oh, and I bought a few dresses last year but never found a time to wear them. I don't know, they talked me into putting it on for you. Do you like it?" She said with a nervous drunk giggle.

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