tagFetishSuch a Deal Ch. 05

Such a Deal Ch. 05


Once again I tried to take this monster cock in my mouth with no luck.

"Well," Mark stated, "If she can't suck it, then she can fuck it!"

He effortlessly spun me around and placed his glistening cock at the entrance to my anus, and said, "Ok sissy, ask Angel's permission and beg me to fuck you and it better sound sincere or you can count on getting those two-hundred blows from Pam, which I'm sure she is dying to give you!"

"Please say no," Pam encouraged me, I need the practice.

I gave up. I was broken and they knew it. I decided to let them do with me, what they want.

"Please, Angel," I pleaded, "Let Mark fuck me with his big cock. I need it, please!"

"Of course darling," Angel said in a teasing voice. "Who am I to stand in the way of my little sissy's happiness?"

"Please Mark," I begged. "Please fuck my little man-pussy with that beautiful black dick. I want it, I need it sooo bad!"

"Ok bitch," Mark answered, "But hold on tight cause you're going for the ride of your life. After me, you'll be able to take horses and bulls. You'll long for black cock, dream about it, beg for it!"

With that he thrust his cock deep inside my ass. At first, I felt faint. My head was spinning and I felt like I was being torn in half.

I might have blacked out for a minute of so, then I became aware of his rhythmic assault upon my lower intestinal track.

I relaxed, completely submitting to his pounding. Then a strange thing happened. As his huge cock massaged my prostate gland through the thin membrane separating it from my rectum.

I felt a pleasurable feeling growing inside my cock and balls.

Oh my god! He was making me cum. I was his faggot bitch, responding to his cock's manipulations. I could comments coming from the others in the room.

"Look at that little sissy go!", "She loves it!", "I think she is going to cum!", "Looks like Mark turned him into a fucking faggot!"

Fuck them! I didn't give a damn what they said; I was too much in my own pleasure zone to care.

Then I heard and felt Mark coming deep inside me. I was coming too! I thrust back to meet his strokes. Our duel orgasm seemed to last forever.

Finally he collapsed on top of me. I couldn't move. We laid there, his cock slowly shrinking inside me.

I lay beneath his big black body feeling my own sticky cum against my stomach, cock and balls as it rubbed on the marble floor.

I could faintly hear cheers and applause from the group and we both recovered.

As I regained my senses I could hear Angel's moans of pleasure. I looked over to see Alex sitting on the couch with Angel sitting on his cock facing me.

She was bouncing up and down like a kid playing with their "Bouncy Ball". She was making a noise that was somewhere between a laugh and a squeal.

She smiled at me and said, "Maybe I will marry you. I can see this marriage could have lots of advantages.

I was flooded with mix emotions, excitement, jealousy, shame, pride, confusion, just to name a few.

As I contemplated these thoughts, hypnotized by the sight of my fiancée cuckolding me before my eyes I noticed they both were about to climax.

I had never seen Angel climax before due to the fact that we had decided to not have sex until after the marriage.

He climax was amazing! It seemed to go on and on without end. Her groans, echoed through to room and halls of the house. Her eyes were closed and her breathing deep and rapid.

After they both recovered, Angel smiled at me and beckoned me with her index finger saying, "Come over here cucky and clean us up. This will be a regular job for you from now on. You might say, it's the icing on the cake."

I crawled to where they were sitting and saw copious amounts of cum dripping down from their genitals.

"First lick him clean, then me'" Angel ordered.

I took his flaccid cock in my mouth and started my clean up duties.

"That' right," chided Angel, "Clean it real well, and then thank him for fucking your fiancée and giving her such a wonderful orgasm."

After cleaning his dick and balls I said, "Thank you for fucking my fiancée and making her cum so hard."

"Good boy," Angel added, "now me. First lick my thighs and pussy lips, then you can put your tongue deep inside my pussy and try to get as much out as possible."

She laughed and said,"We bear-backed and I'm not on any kind of birth control, so unless you want to be a nanny to little black baby, you had better do a good job!"

Once again this brought roars of laughter for everybody in the room.

Her last comment made me increase my licking and sucking efforts.

Angel continued to mock and tease me while I sucked her clean. "I'm afraid your little dick won't do me much good after Alex's beautiful cock. See how stretched out he has made me? You are pretty good and licking pussy so you can be my little pussy-licking, sissy-bitch from now on, ok?"

I continued licking as I nodded and gave my muffled consent. I knew that our relationship had changed completely and would never be the same again.

I had gotten what I asked for, in spades!

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