tagFetishSuch a Deal Ch. 06

Such a Deal Ch. 06


Here I was, in full sissy regalia, desperately sucking Alex's semen out of my fiancée's pussy trying to prevent her from becoming pregnant and avoiding becoming the nanny to a little half-black baby.

This wasn't quite what I had in mind when I answered the dominatrix ad in the newspaper. I thought maybe a spanking, some groveling, a little pussy worshipping and then back to my normal life with my fiancée.

I had no idea it would involve a complete transformation leaving me looking more female than male, and an evening of torture and cuckolding involving my fiancée fucking and sucking two black men, while my mistress and her spoiled brat niece whipped the crap out of me and smothered me with their cunts.

At least Angel still wanted to marry me but I knew our relationship had totally changed. Instead of being her knight in shining armor, I was her sissy-cuckold maid and slave.

I guess I should be thankful she was still willing to marry me and even with this new status, it was better than losing her forever.

That weekend continued with my total debasement, cuckolding and training.

By the time Monday came around I was a completely broken man, willing to do whatever my future bride asked.

When it was finally over, Angel led me to our car. She was wearing only a t-shirt and I was still in drag. As she drove home, she explained her feelings regarding the experience.

"Kelly," Angel stated. "What we did this weekend was fun. However, I don't want it to be our full-time life style. I realize you were testing your limits and I admire you for confronting your fantasies. There is nothing wimpy about that. In fact, I don't think you are wimpy at all. Most guys wouldn't have the balls to take the chances and the punishment you just did!"

I couldn't believe my ears. Angel had humiliated and cuckolded me in front of strangers, called me a faggot, sissy and a wimp and now she was saying she was proud of me and thought I had balls!

Angel continued, "I love you Kelly, more than I have loved any man and I want to spend my life with you. Knowing that you are willing to experiment and try any kind of extreme role-playing with me only makes my feelings for you, stronger."

She then added, "But never, NEVER, withhold any secrets from me again and grow the beard back it looks good, we can always shave it off again if you are bad."

With that she grabbed one of my ponytails and pulled my face to her lap, saying, "Lick me some more, I think you missed a spot!"

I continued licking and sucking her pussy as we drove home.

When we got back to the apartment we showered and washed our sins away. I looked in the mirror. My eyebrows still looked weird but what the fuck, the difference between a good eyebrow trim and a bad eyebrow trim is about three weeks.

I asked Angel, "You mean you aren't addicted to big black cock after taking on Mark and Alex?"

"Of course not silly," She replied, "It felt wonderful but sex without emotional love and involvement is just that, sex. What we have is much more meaningful and speaking of which, I think it's time we consummated this relationship."

Angel dropped her robe, undid mine and wrapped her arms around me. After several long passionate kisses, she dropped to the floor and took my average-sized, now fully erect cock into her waiting mouth.

She engulfed my entire penis and started manipulating it with her tongue. I don't know where she learned to do what she was doing, but frankly my dear, I didn't give a damn.

I was doing my best to keep from coming but she then said, "No darling, don't hold back, I want to taste you. I want to feel you explode in my mouth and down my throat until you have emptied you balls completely. We have all night to fuck, give me your cum."

So, what's a guy to do? I shot load after load through those sweet lips as she sucked me hard, swallowing again and again, not to lose one precious drop.

My legs became weak and wobbly, I fell back on the bed, completely spent and exhausted. As I lay there in afterglow, I was aware of the warm washcloth she was applying to my genitals. Then she cuddled up beside me and we both fell asleep in each other's arms.

After about four hours, I again felt her warm tongue playing with my cock. She then wrapped her thumb and index finger around the top of my scrotum and gave it a gentle tug and she sucked me hard. Once I had achieved sufficient wood, she mounted me and slowly lowered her juicy cunt down on my throbbing dick.

Although I have an average sized penis, she was reacting like I had twelve inches. Moaning and groaning, with eyes closed. It felt wonderful being inside her. I grabbed her hips and rotated her pelvis so her clit was rubbing against my pelvic bone.

After a couple of minutes of this action, I could feel it was working! She was getting enough vaginal-clitoral stimulation to make her cum.

Her birdsong was much different from the noises she made with Alex. It seemed to come from much deeper place inside her. At first she made moaning sounds, then a loud groaning noise that was a mixture of pain and pleasure.

Her orgasm inspired mine. I was sure I didn't have a drop of sperm left in me after her super blow-job. I was wrong.

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