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Such Lovely Feet


We arrived back at my house at about 8:15 pm after a wonderful meal at a popular local restaurant. It had been a long day for me and I was feeling a little worse for the wear. I excused myself and went in and took a quick shower. I was gone less than 10 minutes and I returned feeling much more relaxed and ready to spend some quality time with my sexy man .

After showering, I dressed in my normal "at home" attire: a pair of loose fitting, purple, shorts (no underwear, of course), a white tank top (sans bra) and, as always, I was barefoot. I am NOT a shoe person! Sure, I love to buy them and I always have the INTENTION of wearing them, but I just can't stand to have my feet confined! I've been this way as long as I can remember, even pictures of me as a little girl show me shoeless!

As I came back to the living room you smiled and said, "Now you look comfortable, Babe." You patted a spot on the sofa and motioned for me to join you. As I sat down you scolded me, saying, "I want you to put your feet up and relax a bit. You are supposed to be taking it easy until after your surgery."

I started to protest, but you gave me the, "You KNOW I'm right so don't even argue" look that you're always so great at, so I just leaned back and sighed. I brought my legs up onto the couch beside you and made myself comfortable. You lifted my feet into your lap and began gently caressing them. "You have really gorgeous feet, did you know that?" you asked.

Over my lifetime I'd received many compliments on my feet. Many people, both male and female, had made comments on their "perfect shape", the symmetry of my toes, and the luster and shine of my nails. I get a weekly manicure and bi-weekly pedicure...it just so happened today was pedicure day. Today my nails and fingernails were lacquered a beautiful mauve color.

"Would you let me do your nails for you sometime, Linda?" you asked quietly, continuing with, "I think well cared for feet are extremely sexy; yours are definitely a ten plus. Do you ever do your own nails or do you always go to a salon?"

I knew how much you loved my painted toenails, you'd commented on them often enough in the past, but I hadn't realized JUST how much you enjoyed them. You'd mentioned your foot fetish in passing conversation before, saying how much you really got into sexy feet.I had never particularly thought about feet, my own or others', in a sexual way, but the way you now held mine in your strong hand, staring at it, massaging it tenderly, I couldn't help becoming aroused. Wanting to share in all aspects of your sexuality, I explained that I couldn't do them myself because my hands shook when I tried to apply the color, but went on to tell you that I would love for you to "pamper my feet" anytime you want.

With my feet still in your lap, you took one into your hand and begin rubbing the arch with your thumb. You passed your finger tips sensually over my toes and stared lovingly at the perfectly trimmed and polished nails. Seeing the look in your eyes, along with the growing bulge in your pants, I realized you weren't just appreciating my pretty, well-formed feet from the perspective of a pedicurist.

Just then, you lifted my foot to your face and placed a tender and erotic kiss on it's sole. Kissing my foot again, you purred, "Mmmmmh, such beautiful feet," You continued kissing my foot gently all over as I watched. You treated my feet so lovingly and reverently that it took no time at all before I could feel the moist heat begin to radiate from my pussy. As I watched you, I knew that this was going to be an evening of exploration and I looked forward to our new discoveries.

Starting with the ankle and working your way to the sole, you began to lick my right foot- finally making your way to my toes, licking each one individually. You then began to suck my toes, each one in turn, slowly and sensually, looking me straight in the eye as you went down on my toes. When you were finished with my right foot, you reverently lifted the left to your hot, steamy mouth and repeated the process.

"Do you like sucking on my toes, Ron?" I asked, the lust and desire obvious in my tone.

"Yes, I love it!" you panted breathlessly. "Do you enjoy it, Linda?"

There would have been no sense in denying what my body was so obviously screaming out. Reaching out and raising your chin until our eyes met, I answered honestly, "I've never been turned on by anything or anyone more than I am at this very moment."

Without breaking eye contact or lessening the adoration you were lavishing on my feet, your hand came to my face and brushed gently across my cheek. As it slowly drifted down, it grazed my nipple, sending shockwaves of desire rippling through my body. It was you, though, who groaned loudest and I knew you wanted to make love to me as badly as I needed you.

Still holding my foot, you brought it down past your stomach and between your legs. Understanding your need, I stroked and caressed your bulging cock with my foot until your pants were stretched tightly against your straining rod. Sitting forward, I reached out to you and unzipped your pants. You sighed loudly as I pushed your underwear down beneath your balls. A small drop of precum glistened brightly at the opening of your stiff manhood, so I leaned down quickly and licked it away. If my feet had gotten you this excited, that in turn, had gotten me extremely turned on as well.

As you gasped and panted with excitement and lust, I continued stroking your cock, only now using both feet. I wrapped each foot around your hard length, and then held them firmly against your shaft. As I became more used to the motion, I used my toes to gently caress the tender flesh of your now purple head. I really got into watching how unbelievably excited you were getting. Suddenly, you pulled your cock from between my soft feet and again raised my foot to your mouth. Groaning greedily, you took my toes into your mouth and sucked on them again.

Wanting to please you as you were pleasing me, my feet resumed the attention they were lavashing on your hardness, redoubling the furious pace that I had set before. My pussy was sopping wet, the lavish flow seeping down my cleft and onto the couch. Watching the lust and excitement on your face, combined with your loving foot adoration had me as hot and wet as I had ever been! I knew that when you came, I would cum right with you.

I knew you were getting close- the pitch of your voice and the words you whispered always gave you away! All of a sudden you pulled away from my feet and grabbed your dick firmly at its base and squeezed hard!

"Lay back, Linda! I want to cum inside you. I want to feel my cock slide between your hot, slick pussy lips and bury myself inside you as deep as I can get!" Your words were urgent and I knew I had to be ready quick. Just as my head touched the cushion of the couch, I felt your hand push my shorts to one side- exposing my shiny, wet cunt to you and your probing rod. Without a pause, you found my opening and pushed into my wetness with one hard stroke. I heard the intake of your breath and then you held tight to me.

"Here I cum, Baby! Oh God....Here I cum!" With those words, I felt you throb deep inside me, your fluid filling me and triggering my own orgasm just seconds behind yours. I felt your body tense and then relax time and time again and I knew that your orgasm had been a strong one, but I knew you had to have felt the strength of my orgasm brought on by your attention to my feet, as well.

It seems we have one more thing to add to our sexual repertoire and the list keeps growing daily!

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by Anonymous06/22/17

Feet can be sooooo sensious!

Ohhh, this story really hits a nerve with me. I adore beautifully cared for feet and when the toenails are perfectly polished it sends me into a whole new level of excitement! The author did a greatmore...

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