tagMind ControlSuch Stuff Ch. 06

Such Stuff Ch. 06


Part 6

The Green Maiden

Lizzie was out in the rain walking the dog. It had started as a pleasant walk and she had walked a lot further than she had planned to do, right out into the country. Striding out, playing with the dog, she had not noticed the clouds building up behind her; she had only seen the sunshine ahead until the first drops of rain started to fall. She had been soaked in an instant. Of course it had not worried the Labrador at all, it had kept running to and fro, sniffing here and there, always ready and indeed expecting to fetch sticks for Lizzie. A rather wet Lizzie had shrugged her shoulders and with a degree of resignation had begun to trudge homewards, her now heavy and wet jeans sticking to her thighs and flapping around her ankles. Her blouse and bra were soaked and through the wet material you could make out, if you looked closely, her pointy nipples (hard and extra pointing due to her being a bit cold).

Lizzie really was not much worried until she saw a walker coming in the opposite direction. This walker had on a bright yellow waterproof over black trousers. It was probably the colours that unnerved her, after all many people had yellow waterproofs, her father did for one, and it was surely very unlikely to be that man from the bookshop: it may have been very unlikely but it was in­deed he.

"He, almost seems to know where I am, be able to read my mind," she thought, "odious. Oh no, I'm going to have to speak to him."

He came up to her and smiled, "Hello Lizzie. Well, fancy meeting you out. It's a bit wet isn't it? His eyes behind his steamed up glasses seemed to be look­ing at her chest rather than her face. She hurriedly folded her arms across her wet blouse and breasts. The Labrador sniffed at him.

"How was the mushroom?"

Lizzie coloured, there was surely no way he could know about her dreams. No, of course not, he was referring to the supermarket, "They were good, a mushroom risotto."

"Back in Oz tonight?"

"What? I mean, sorry..."

"You were reading the Wizard of Oz, weren't you/"

"No, no I said I had read it. I'm actually reading 'Anna of the Five Towns'.

"Ah, Arnold Bennett. Not such a happy story. I'd stick to Oz!"

Lizzie was keen to make her excuses and head on home. "Well, maybe. Anyway, see you in the bookshop. I must be getting home as I'm rather wet (did she detect a flicker of a smirk, she shouldn't have used that word, blast!), the rain caught me and I'm getting cold and am soaked, 'bye."

She felt he was watching her as she walked off, but she didn't dare turn round as she would then have had to wave and that would only encourage him. Odious. Why did she keep tripping over him?

Asleep again, Lizzie did not dream of poor sad Anna, who should have found so much more happiness, but was once again in the Land of Oz. Her dreams did seem to sway between Wonderland and Oz. Would the Five Towns, Stoke-on-Trent have been more interesting? Certainly it would have been different—probably grim.

Lizzie found her dream had moved on a long way in the book, her journey along the Yellow Brick Road was over and she was now in the Emerald City, a guest of the great and terrible wizard. She was in the palace with her friends, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion. She gazed around her tak­ing it all in, not least being amazed at how very green everything was. It really was very green indeed; she thought to herself, everything seemed to be in one shade of green or another. Even her friends had taken on a green tinge. She stood there wondering what was to happen next when a soldier, dressed in a smart black uniform with a lot of green on it, blew upon a yellow whistle, and at once a young girl, dressed in a pretty green silk gown, entered the room. She had lovely green hair and green eyes, and she bowed low before Lizzie as she said, "Follow me and I will show you your room." Lizzie did not like to disobey, but she was puzzled by the soldier's yellow whistle, which did seem a bit out of keeping with the fundamental basis of the Emerald City.

Lizzie walked after the green maiden, turning back to look at her friends and the soldier, who did seem strangely familiar, and followed the green girl through seven passages and up three flights of stairs until they came to a room at the front of the Palace. It was the sweetest little room in the world, with a soft comfortable bed that had sheets of green silk and a green velvet counterpane. There was a fountain in the middle of the room that shot a spray of green water into the air, to fall back into a beautifully carved green marble bath. Beautiful green flowers stood in the windows, and there was a shelf with a row of little green books. In a wardrobe were many green dresses, made of silk and satin and velvet; and all of them fitted Lizzie exactly.

"Make yourself perfectly at home," said the green girl, "and if you wish for anything ring the bell. Oz will send for you tomorrow morning. Perhaps a bath after your long journey?" The green girl showed Lizzie that the bath water was hot and helped her off with her gingham frock. Lizzie stretched as she stood there, and looked down at her naked body. Strangely, like everyone else in the Emerald City, her skin had a green tinge and the curls around her sex, usually golden, were now a bright emerald green. The green girl looked ap­preciatively at Lizzie. "You have a beautiful body, would you like me to bathe you?"

She held Lizzie's hand and helped her step into the water. Lizzie lay down feeling warm and very content. The girl talked about this and that and the Emerald City as Lizzie lay in the warm green water. The green maiden very gently began to sponge Lizzie's shoulders, it was very soothing.

"Sit up a bit and I'll soap your back." Lizzie was feeling very relaxed and did as she was told. She felt the green maiden's fingers spreading the soap and massaging her back. It felt lovely, she closed her eyes.

"Lift your arms." The girl's soothing hands washed under Lizzie's arms and then Lizzie felt the girl's green hands spreading soap across her breasts. The touch of her palms sliding across Lizzie's nipples gave Lizzie a little elec­tric jolt of surprise and pleasure. Her nipples began to rise.

"What lovely breasts you have, mine are really round but yours are much more sort of conical. A lovely shape." Her soapy fingers slipped up the sides of Lizzie's breasts, coming together on her rising nipples. Lizzie sighed, she felt very relaxed and happy.

The green maiden let her legs into the water so she could reach Lizzie easi­er.

"You can lie down again if you like."

Lizzie stretched out once more. "It'll be easier if I just slip my dress off so it doesn't get wet," said the green maiden pulling her dress over her head. She had indeed got round breasts. Perfectly round breasts with very large dark green aureole. Lizzie thought they looked lovely and wished she had a reason to touch them.

The girl began washing Lizzie's feet and legs. Lizzie lay back in the marble bath with her eyes closed enjoying being pampered and bathed. The girl's mas­saging fingers moved up from her knees to her thighs. Lizzie found herself being quite turned on by this; she became quite tense wondering and waiting for the massaging fingers to touch her, to wash her, 'there'. She drew up her legs a bit and allowed her thighs to open. The girl's fingers were nearly there, Lizzie held her breath, and expelled it as the green maiden's fingers touched her outer lips with their, now green, curls.

"Come on stand up." Lizzie did as she was told and stood in the middle of the green bath, the fountain playing, and with her legs apart. The green maid­en applied more soap and began to wash her bottom. Lizzie almost jumped when the green girl's fingers found her little wrinkled hole. The soaping fin­gers moved on, the kneeling girl gently massaging Lizzie's sex. Lizzie was very excited and, actually, rather perturbed.

"I know it's only a dream," she thought," a lovely dream, but I shouldn't be turned on by a girl, even in a dream and even by this pretty green girl."

"Would you like this?" asked the green maiden pointing at a green object by the bath. Lizzie had not noticed it before but placed by the bath was an emerald green glass penis, a dildo. It had a slight curve to its underside and, as the green maiden brushed it with her finger, it began to rock, the acorn shaped glans at one end rising one moment, the twin balls at the other end at the next. The light caught it and the green light flashed onto the shiny tiles as it moved. Her fingers touched it again, playing with it, stroking it as if it was real. She spun it slowly round before forming a ring with her fingers and drawing them along it simulating the action on a real penis. The green maiden picked it up and looked at it, the light from the window shining through it and onto her face highlighting her eyes.

"Would you like this?" she asked again, closing her eyes and bringing it to her mouth. Her little pale green tongue flicked out between her lips and touched the end of the dildo, "it's very smooth, it slips in easily." Her eyes opened and she looked sidelong up at Lizzie.

Lizzie did not know what to think. Feeling a little unsteady on her feet she sat down on the edge of the bath, her thighs a little apart with the tiles warm against her naked bottom. The green maiden continued looking at her quizzi­cally, Lizzie's thighs opened a bit further. An invitation? The girl took it as such; her hand stroked the inside of Lizzie's thighs encouraging them to widen and to open her sex. Lizzie's little green inner lips separated opening the path for the emerald dildo. The girl brought it closer, until it touched Lizzie's sex. It was colder than Lizzie expected, she jumped a bit.

"It will warm." The green girl pushed the pretend penis slowly into Lizzie; she watched it as it steadily slid in until all that were exposed were the emer­ald green glass balls. It fitted her exactly. Lizzie was breathing fast. The girl took her hand away and smiled up at Lizzie. Then once more she took hold and ever so slowly pulled the dildo out emptying Lizzie, gradually the dildo reap­peared from her between her legs, still shiny but now wet from Lizzie. The green maiden did not stop and push it back in but pulled it out all of the way and then, holding Lizzie's gaze, smiled at her, winked and turning the dildo head towards her licked it up and down as if she was trying to excite a real green boy. She put her lips around the head, closed her eyes and slowly sucked half of it into her mouth holding it there for a moment before replacing it in Lizzie. This time, when she pulled it out, she offered it to Lizzie, holding it by the balls and pointed it straight at Lizzie's mouth. Lizzie bent her lips towards the dildo and took it in tasting herself on the cool glass shaft.

"You hold the penis," said the green girl. Lizzie took the dildo from her. "Would you like to put it in me?"

Lizzie nodded, it seemed wrong to decline. The girl rose and stood in the water in front of Lizzie; her legs apart; her own green curls shaved to form a di­amond shape, or was it meant to be an emerald? It was certainly emerald green in color. Lizzie held the wet dildo vertical and pointing up between the girl's legs, the girl smiled and nodded, and Lizzie pushed it upwards and into the girl. It slid in easily and was soon hidden but for the green glass balls. The girl closed her thighs and shivered, her nipples now standing proud from her large green aureoles. She bent forward and kissed Lizzie on the mouth, her tongue snaking through Lizzie's lips and touching Lizzie's. The Green Maiden stood upright again and put her hands on Lizzie's shoulders. Lizzie reached out and touched her round breasts.

"Now we are sisters in Oz." Moving her legs apart she reached between her legs and pulled the dildo from her and again pushed it into Lizzie. She began rhythmically to push the smooth glass penis in and out. Lizzie closed her eyes keeping hold of the girl, stroking her lovely round breasts and hard nipples, the feeling building in her, her sex getting wetter and wetter, the smooth penis moving faster and faster, her breathing becoming quicker and quicker. She squeezed her own breast hard pulling on the nipple, her fingers pushing into her sex as she sat on the edge of her bed, panting as she felt her own orgasm very, very near. It was so close, "Beware the Writer," said the green maiden, oh the feeling was so good, yesss, Lizzie's orgasm came, green sparks flying through her head, her now warm fingers lost in her wetness.

Lizzie collapsed back on her bed, pulled the duvet up and curled her body, feeling damp and exhausted. Another fantastic dream orgasm... but from a girl??!! She licked her hand. "Phew! Fucking hell that was something else!" She examined her feelings, no she liked boys best but the green maiden was, well she was very sexy. Lizzie would like to know her better, to see her again... no dream about her again. She smiled, her 'sister in Oz' indeed! Dreams could be so strange, so inventive, so, frankly, odd. It was not, however, a dream to tell her mother about in the morning! Lizzie felt herself becoming sleepy and she began to drift off, warm and satiated, if a little damp, when her eyes were sud­denly wide open. "Beware the Writer," now what did that mean? She shrugged her shoulders and slipped into a deep sleep.

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